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As stated on the homepage. We aim to have many translators and authors gathered here. Any genre is okay with me. Wuxialovers is currently looking for Translators. We are currently looking into expanding our team and site to bring more CN/KR/JP and other novels.

We are a professional and passionate team that works closely together to help each other in our varying projects.

Joining Wuxialovers you can expect complete and total ownership of all your works. You choose what project you would like to work on as well as any current open project.
Flexiable hours and work schedule, if you cannot make a release on set date just inform us.

Our group is extremely friendly and helpful, we hope that within us you can find a group of friends and family that would allow everyone to grow together.

We do not particularly mind what type of novel you wish to translate, we just hope for commitment and communication.

If you are interested just leave a message down below and we will get back to you.
or email the leader at

Current Projects Looking for Recruitment

Sky Traversing Sword Master – Translator (one is needed, ours quit), Editor (after Translator is recruited)

World of Blood and Darkness– A tentative project that only has 1 chapter done and was never release. Translator and Editor.


22 thoughts on “Join Us!

    1. You can always help proofread ^_^. I don’t have another story for an editor. But I am actively looking for more people to join this site. If you want to proofread just let me know. I usually proofread before posting so a proofreader will give me more time for the site. More details on how you can help if you join ^_^


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