Getcha Skills Chapter 6

A/N: I’m still alive guys, I swear! I’ve just been busy. And lazy. Mostly lazy. Will probably start making this bi-weekly so I can work on short stories as well. Just posted a haiku I wrote on the site as well, so check that out. It’s called “Imagination” because I couldn’t think of a great name and… well, you know how great my naming sense is seeing as I called this series “Getcha Skills”. Anyways, enjoy the chapter. Have another one almost done as well.

All around me was a painful darkness. It felt… so lonely. So… empty. I couldn’t feel anything, as if just my consciousness was active. Suddenly, three figures came into view. There were two adults holding the hands of a young child, no more than 2 or 3 years old. The woman was dressed in fashionable clothing and had blonde hair and blue eyes. I couldn’t see much about the man other than his blonde hair and green eyes, all that took up his figure a silhouette. In between them, joyfully grasping both their hands in his was the small child, dressed in cute overalls with a white undershirt and black shoes. Time seemed to go on forever as the child seemed to grow for a while, before suddenly the silhouette of a woman appeared next to the man. The woman quickly took hold of the man, first grasping his other hand, then wrapped her arms around his. Her arms slowly slithered her way around his waist and pulled him away as the man was forced to let go of the child’s hand. The woman’s silhouette grabbed the man’s face and forced it to turn and face her, before the two quickly evaporated into thin air, leaving the mother and child all alone.

The mother soon relaxed her grip on the child’s hand, before long the two hands were barely touching at all. The mother’s eyes had tears pouring out of her eyes for the longest time, using her free hand to wipe them in vain, as they continuously kept pouring out. The child looked up to his mother, and the mother suddenly stopped crying as much. Her hand quickly took grasp of the child’s and they began to move forward as the child began to grow again. The child began to grow quickly as the mother eventually stopped crying nearly at all, however as the boy grew, the mother’s grip grew loose once again, and soon, another silhouette appeared, this time of a man who attach his hand to the mother’s, never going farther than that. The mother eventually let go of her son’s hand completely by the time the boy had grown to be about the age of 15. The woman and man evaporated into nothingness, leaving the boy all alone in the void, nothing separated him from the lonely dark.

Suddenly, my conscience jumped into the boys body, and all I felt was fear and despair. Voices screamed in my head that none of it was real, it was all a dream, that if I just curled up in a ball and died it would all end. They were overwhelming me, wanting me to stop. A knife appeared in front of me. It was small, no more than five inches long, and had the style of a steak knife that you would use to eat dinner. My arm reached out to grab it, but suddenly, a warm voice reached my ears. Welcome home! It said. The voice stopped for a moment before continuing. I’ve been waiting for you!

Who are you? I wished so hard to ask, but instead the screaming voices returned. Take the knife. They said. End it all! End the dream! None of it’s real! This will wake you up! My hand turned the knife so the point was facing straight at my heart. That’s it! The voices said. With this, you can go home! You can be with your mother and father again!

NO! I wanted to scream. THERE’S NOTHING LEFT FOR ME THERE! Please, the voice of warmth said, come home to me. The warmth the voice had been giving me just a moment ago vanished. A darkness surrounded me as my grip on the knife strengthened. Wake up! The voices said in unison. Wake up from this nightmare and return to your mother and father. They’re waiting for you! Don’t you want to see them again?

I-I do want to see them! I thought to myself as I began to move the knife closer to my heart. Just as it reached the point where I was about to stab it in, an indescribable feeling touched my face. I opened my eyes, and in front of me was the beautiful face of Edia.

“Don’t listen to them.” She said. “You’re still needed somewhere else. But, if you need a shoulder, you can always call on me! I brought you to where you’re needed after all. It’s the least I could do!”

The knife dropped from my grasp as I wrapped my arms around Edia’s neck and lay my face on her shoulder. Tears began leaking from my face as she wrapped her arms around my back and head.

“You are going through a lot, but don’t worry. I’ll continue to support you as you move through this new world. You have a lot to do, but I think you’ll be able to handle it so long as you take small steps forward at a time.” A smile appeared on her face as I raised my head to look at her. “Your journey has just started, so no ending it here!”

I nodded my head as feeling came back to my body.

———— ——— —————— —————————— —————————— ———

My eyes began to slowly open as I looked around. I saw a young maid, no older than 12 years of age leaning over me, fingers covered in saliva. “Th-Thank you.” I said weakly.

“Are you okay?” Isobelle said from my left.

“Y-Yeah, I think.”

“He should be fine, though a bit weak for a little while.” Baynard said with a grin. “Spasms can be pretty deadly though. Have you ever had them before?”

“No. Never had them before in my life.” I said with a frown. What are you, a doctor?

“Is that so… Well, you’ll probably be fine. We should keep an eye on you for a while though, make sure you don’t get any more of these fore a while. Especially since we don’t know why you got one.”

“Isn’t that because he got possessed by a demon?” Isobelle said with a worried face.

“What?!” I exclaimed. “Why would you think that?!”

“Well, that’s what the priest taught me. People who get convulsions have been possessed by demons. They exercise those demons regularly, too.”

“And you think I’m possessed by a demon right now?!”

“No.” Isobelle said with a straight face.

“Then why even bring it up?!”

“Because, at first, you had a dark aura spitting out from your body. Then, near the end a heavenly white glow wrapped around your body and wiped away the dark aura, leaving just you.” Isobelle said with a smile. “It seems the heavens smile upon you.”

“Yeah, well, I’m supposed to be a summoned hero, right? It only makes sense they would smile on me. They want me to succeed.”

“It would seem so.” Isobelle said with a smile.

“Is he feeling better?” A voice called from another room.

The young maid stood up and quickly answered the voice, “Yes, M’Lord. He seems to have already recovered fully.”

“That’s good. Bring them in.”

The young maid quickly wiped her fingers off on her clothes and beckoned our group into the room.


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