Getcha Skills Chapter 2

As I continue walking towards the town, I hear some shouting behind me. I’m not entirely sure what it is, but it sounds like shrieks of pain. I should head over there, but I should also be careful, as I’m still only Level 1. It could also be something similar to a Siren from Greek mythology, drawing it’s prey in before devouring it, though I’ve heard that Sirens didn’t actually eat humans but you get the point.

I pick up a handful of rocks to carry as weapons in my left hand, and a single rock ready to be thrown in my right, and begin walking over. As I get closer, I see a large group of goblins attacking a carriage. The goblins are carrying a variety of weapons, like daggers, swords, and axes.

There are knights wearing fancy silver armor and carrying many different kinds of swords. They seem to be holding out well against the goblins, but there are just so many that they will run out of stamina eventually.

How can I help them? I’m only Level 1 right now, and my only weapons are rocks. Well, I guess I should analyze one or two of the goblins to get a general idea of their levels.

{[Goblin] [Level(s): 3, 4]}

They are higher level that the goblins I fought before, but not by much. I think I can do some damage to them with my rocks. I move a bit closer, wind my up my right arm with rock in hand, and throw it as hard as I can. The rock zooms out of my hand and hits one of the goblins in the back of the head, knocking it down to the ground. Small letters pop up above its head. [23] and [Zzz]… It seems to have been knocked unconscious.

I… I did it! I stand up and raise my hands up to the sky.

“Yes!” I shout loudly without thinking about anything else. I look back towards the group of goblins, only to see them all staring directly at me.

“Oh no… oh no no no no no no no no!” I say, watching a few of them race towards me. I begin running away, loading another rock into my fist with a speed I didn’t think possible before.

The goblins are picking up speed, drawing even nearer. I quickly throw a rock with all my might towards the closest one. The rock hits it between the eyes and kills it. The goblins are even more enraged than before, with all of them now running towards me.

“H-Help me!” I shout to them, loading another rock in my hand.

A goblin sprints up next to me, wielding a small dagger. It swings at me quickly, leaving almost no breathing room. I pull my arm away, but the dagger scratches my arm. A small [3] pops up above the cut. The damage notification.

I punch the goblin with my right arm, slowing down slightly to increase my strength. My fist speeds out, hitting the goblin in the nose with a rock. It shrieks in pain from having it’s nose crushed. A [57] and [Stunned] pops up above its head. It lurches over, holding its nose with its hands. I wind my arm up and throw the rock at the stunned goblin. It hits the head, dealing [25] damage. The goblin falls over, dissolving into dust.

Two down, but a lot more left to go. I continue sprinting, but the goblins have gotten even closer. Suddenly, four in the back dissolve into dust in an instant. The cause is one of the knights from before, slashing the goblins from behind.

I load another rock in my hand, and launch it at yet another goblin. This one dies in only one hit. A critical hit. I look down to my left hand while circling around to stay near the knight. Only three rocks left. I look up to see how many goblins are left. At least ten. If I can just continue to keep the enemies focused on me while running away, or at least split them up, then we can do this.

I toss a rock into my right hand, wind up and release it at another goblin. [34] pops up above its head. It falls on the ground, struggling to get up. The knight swings his/her sword down on its neck, dealing [75] damage. I put another rock in my right hand. Only a couple rocks left. Instead of throwing them, I switch to hand to hand combat, as there are only a couple goblins focused on me now. One carries an axe, the other a short sword.

I rush towards the one with an axe, as that’s more likely to deal a lot of damage. It raises the axe up above its head. I swing my right hand towards its nose. The hit lands. Its nose broken, it drops the axe leaving a loud, horrifying shriek.

Pain rushes through my leg. I look down towards the source. The goblin with the short sword has bitten my leg.

“Gaaahhhh!” I shout to the sky.

About ready to try to shake it off, I remember what you’re supposed to do if a cat bites you. I patiently wait for the goblin to let go. The goblin, after a full minute of agony, lets go of my calf. It begins to try and stand up, but I swing my leg up, striking the bottom of it’s jaw. It flies up in the air a short distance. I patiently wait for it to fall down as I swing my right fist towards it. The hit connects, turning it to dust.

I quickly turn around, remembering that there’s another goblin that I had stunned, but there’s nothing there. I look up above me to see if it’s there, but it’s gone.

“Don’t worry,” A voice behind me says. “I killed the one with an axe.”

I spin on my heels to face the voice, fists still up. The owner of the voice is the knight who had been defending the carriage from the goblins. I slowly lower my fists, dropping the rocks.

“Thank you.” I say, smiling. All the adrenaline rushes out of my body as the fight has ended. The pain in my leg increases, and I can barely stand on it. I stumble down to the ground as the knight catches me.

“Hey, are you all right?” The knight asks, holding my arm.

“For the most part. One of the goblins bit my leg though.” I say, nodding towards my leg, which is bleeding profusely.

“That’s bad. Luckily, my party has a healer that can help. Hey, Aelesia, can you heal this guy’s leg?” He says, looking towards a woman in robes.

“No problem.” Aelesia says, jogging over towards me. She has long, blonde hair and brown eyes. She squats down while saying [Heal]. A white light wraps the wound and it begins to close, repairing itself quickly. My eyes widen at seeing this. This can only be magic.

“Are you okay?” She says, staring at me after having stood up.

“Oh, yes. The pain’s already gone now.” I say, putting weight on the formerly injured leg.

We walk back to the carriage a short distance away. There’s someone, who appears to be a merchant, assessing merchandise to see what’s been taken.

“Hm? Is this the person that helped us with the goblins?” The merchant asks.

“Yes.” Aelesia says.

“Then thank you.” The merchant says. “If there’s any way I can reward you, I’d be happy to.”

“There isn’t really anything that I’m wanting right now. You already healed my leg which had been injured during the fight, and I didn’t even do that much during the fight. I only killed four goblins on my own, and helped to kill three more.”

“However,” The knight says to me, “You did help distract the goblins, which took a lot of pressure off us.”

“Well, yeah, but…” I say, trying to find a way to refute him.

“Then how about we give him a third of the drops.” The knight says.

“Good idea, Phil.” Aelesia says.

After splitting up the drops, I received 7 [Goblin Ears], 41 [Copper Coins], 2 [Bronze Short Sword]s, 3 [Bronze Axe]s, and 4 [Bronze Dagger]s.

I put all the items into my inventory in front of them.

“I-Is that [Storage Box]?” Phil asks, mouth wide open.

“Hm? Y-Yeah.” I say. It’s not technically a lie. I do store things in what could be described as a fictional box. [Inventory] is probably a Legendary skill, so it’s probably best to keep that secret.

“That’s amazing!” The merchant says, running towards me. “Could you put some of these materials in your [Storage Box]? I’d pay you, of course.”

“How much would you pay?” I ask, folding my arms.

The merchant rests his chin in between his index finger and thumb. Steam seems to be coming out of his head before finally coming to a conclusion.

“How about, three silver coins.” The merchant says, before folding his arms.

“Hey, hey. Don’t try to rip him off, Baynard. Using that skill as a service is worth at least 20 silver coins.” Aelesia says.

“And just because you tried to rip me off, I’m charging 30 silver coins.” I say, grinning from ear to ear.

“Tsk. Fine.” Baynard says.

The merchant guides me to a few small boxes, and shows me which ones I need to store. I’m storing three boxes of fine wine. This feels like I could be arrested or fined for this, but I’m probably past the age of adulthood in this country.

“So, where are we heading?” I ask Baynard.

“To the town of Berkton. You can see it right over there.” He says, pointing towards the town I had seen earlier.

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