Getcha Skills Chapter 1

As my conscience comes back, I find myself in a field once again. Edia said to walk straight for a couple of hours, so I should probably get going. While I’m walking, I should probably attempt to gain some skills. Let’s see, what would be useful here?

Oh, I don’t even know what level of technology the setting is at. Crap, that might have been good to ask. Well, I guess I’ll learn soon. She mentioned towns and villages, so it’s definitely pre-modern. That gives me some idea of what to expect.

Well, math is always good to know, so lets see if there’s a skill for that. I recited the multiplication table in my head for almost twenty minutes, and suddenly, {Skill Acquired: [Mathematics] Skill Rarity: [Rare]} popped up in front of me. So mathematics is a rare skill? That puts the technology level at most up to right before schools became required, so it could be somewhere around the mid 1800’s. That means that there might be shotguns and rifles where you don’t have to manually load every bullet into the chamber.

While thinking that, I reach out my hand to touch the screen, but the screen closes before I could interact with it. Ah, it’s like a game. It’s surreal, to the point where I’m not sure if I’m sane or not.

I continue walking forward without turning to look around at all. While doing this, I begin throwing rocks to see if I can get a skill that can go with throwing knives or something similar. It took about twenty minutes to get [Mathematics], so it should take about that long, but you never know.

Oh, Edia said something about levels, right? I wonder how I can check those out. I think “Status” in my mind, and what do you know, the status shows up.


Name: [Byron Darius]

Level: 1

Age: 16

Race: Human

Stats: [HP: 90 (Base 20)] [MP: 80 (Base 20)] [SP: 58 (Base: 10)(Max: 60)] [ATK: 35 (Base 10)]

               [M. ATK: 50 (Base 0)]

Attributes: [Strength: 7] [Vitality: 9] [Agility: 6] [Wisdom: 8] [Intelligence: 10] [Luck: 4]

        [Charisma: 8]

Skills: [Mathematics: Level 1] [Analyze] [Language Translation]

Title(s): None

Skill Gacha Token: 1 (Use ten to get 11 skills, 1 guaranteed to be rare or higher)

Inventory: Other World’s Clothes, 70 Copper Coins, 20 Silver Coins}

Are those stats good? Or rather, what do all of those stats do? I wonder if Analyze can be used on the attributes?

{[Strength: Determines physical strength and attack power. Each point adds five points into ATK.]

  [Vitality: Determines amount of health and how much one can take any status effect such as poison. Each point adds ten points into HP (Health Points).]

  [Agility: Determines speed and fine motor functions, as well as stamina. Each point adds ten points into SP (Stamina Points)]

  [Wisdom: Determines decision making skills, as well as mana regeneration and amount of magic power. Each point adds ten points into MP (Magic Power).]

  [Intelligence: Determines ability to memorize things, as well as magic attack power. Each point adds 5 points into M. ATK.]

  [Luck: Determines how lucky a person is. Each point increases item drop rates. Does not affect the skill Gacha.]

  [Charisma: Determines how easy it is to get out of bad situations through negotiation. Affects how successful haggling is.]}

Oh, that’s informational, as well as being a lot of exposition. Well, whatever. At least Analyze is exactly as I thought, just like Appraisal-sama.

After having confirmed all these things, I have acquired the skill [Throwing Knives]. I guess rocks are considered knives by the system. Or maybe it’s just the action of throwing that determines the acquisition of the skill. I’m going to continue regardless to increase the level of the skill, as it’s a skill that has multiple levels.

In the distance, I can see the town, so I’m probably safe to wander around after a small distance. Oh, there is something that looks like a goblin close by. Let’s analyze it.

{[Race: Goblin]

  [Level: 2]

  [Equipment: Sharp Stick]

  [HP: 50]

  [MP: 10]

  [SP: 30]}

It seems pretty weak, I wonder how much damage I can get using some rocks. I walk over, and throw a rock at it, aiming right for it’s head. A number [15] pops up above it’s head. I guess that’s how much damage I did, as it’s HP dropped by 15. I throw a few more rocks, some of them missing the mark, but I was able to land a few hits and kill it.

Walking over, I discover something incredible. It’s body slowly begins to turn to dust and fly through the air, leaving behind only a few items behind. The items left behind are [Goblin’s Ear]and [3 Copper Coins]. It dropped copper coins? Is that a currency here? Probably, as it’s dropped by monsters and is in my inventory. It could have been stolen from someone it killed, or it just found it on the ground somewhere.

{[Throwing Knives] Leveled Up!}

A level up! I guess combat skills earn more experience whenever they’re used in battle. That’s good to know.

Well then, I guess I should get to this town!

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5 thoughts on “Getcha Skills Chapter 1

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  2. Titan

    The stat points relative to the attribute points doesn’t seem consistent with the descriptions of the attributes.

    What is the meaning of (base) and (max) stat points by the way?

    Good luck with the story, will read to see where it goes.


    1. The meaning of (base) is the basic amount of each attribute someone of the human race can have. The (max) meant the maximum amount available at that moment. It would’ve been better to put it as (number/number), but didn’t for some reason. And I totally missed that. Will fix in a moment.


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