Etranger Chapter 14

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14. Cleansing -8


From the very first spar, their attempts were chock-full of frustration.


The reason was simple. Contrary to their expectations, the basic movements they made were wrong and all over the place. In their accelerated state, the speeds at which their bodies moved at was different from the speed at which their minds operated in. If they moved slightly, they would go rampant, and if they tried to take a step, it was like a crazy car was running loose.


‘Huh- this… It’s not as easy to control as I thought… it feels like I’m behind the wheel of a car for the first time…’


After practicing some moves from taekwondo and military martial arts, San tilted his head in puzzlement. Even though he had practiced a variety of moves, nothing seemed quite right. When he stretched out his arm, it felt like a stretched rubber band was suddenly let go.


To his eyes, his arm moved at a regular speed, but the problem lay in his mind. Any movements he made were a half-beat or beat ahead of what he thought. Eventually, he would have to slow down so that his movements and thoughts would sync up, which would ultimately negate the advantages of being in the accelerated state.


‘My mind can’t keep up with my body…. it seems like the two are independent of each other. How does it make sense that my thoughts can be slower than my body? ’  


Biyeon also felt the same difficulties as San. When moving on instinct and reflex, there doesn’t seem to be much of a problem, but when trying to consciously move her limbs, her movements became awkward and twisted. She felt like someone had lathered her surroundings with soap, causing her to feel like her movements slip and slid here and there.


“To move your body according to your thoughts… you have to predict your movements instead of just looking at the end results of your movements… the speed of your thoughts is still the same….” San muttered to himself.


“I think I may solved that problem sir.”


Biyeon said before San could finish what he was saying. San stopped moving and looked at Biyeon.


“The speed at which your mind thinks is actually just a limitation placed by expectations based on your experience. The problem is the familiarity you would usually have based on your experiences. Those familiar feelings are interfering with your new senses. We’re going to have to train from the basics to get used to the strength and reactions of our muscles and nerves. After All, the speed of your mind is the speed of light sir.”


Biyeon calmly told San while looking at him.


“And… so in the end, we’re going to have to undertake continuous training and practice?”


“Yes sir.” Biyeon replied, her eyes round.


“I see… well then let’s start with the basics. Regardless, we have to get used to the sensation as soon as possible to increase our chances of survival, right?”




The two of them moved to the point where their limbs started to cramp up. Their attitudes were devoted. In some ways, they were devoted to the basic motions. Every step they took forward was treated as though they were relearning how to walk. They were going about it methodically, as though they were trying to balance themselves on a wobbly wagon in order to correctly carry out their movements.


Could you somehow develop a new sense? They had to observe all of their movements as they moved around at unfamiliar speeds while also tuning their consciousness towards their new speeds. For now, this was the only thing they could do to survive.  


Fortunately, there were no more unexpected guests that morning.


*   *   *


“Are you kidding me? Kill all of them!”




Those ‘things’ were falling from the sky.


There were also other ‘things’ flying in air while constantly screeching at them. They were extremely large.


“It looks like a huge sea urchin with wings” San muttered to himself.


“It looks like it’s 10 meters long, but if you take into account its 4 wings, it’s like 30 meters long.”


Biyeon said while looking up at the sky with a tired expression on her face.


The group of creatures that had fallen from the sky were approaching them. There were around 30 of them.


“Is that an arpin?”


“I believe it is sir.”


The front of them, the disgusting beasts were slowly approaching. It was a bipedal creature around 1 meter tall reminiscent of a monkey, except it was completely red and devoid of any fur. It had a long, protruding snout, and its arms were covered in a carapace like some sort of crustacean. There were sharpened saw-like appendages where its hands would be.


“Let’s see… these guys also give off a dangerous aura… hut!”






San quickly grabbed Biyeon’s collar and pulled her towards him, wrapping his arms around her, spinning around, and rolling onto the ground.




Still being held close to San’s bosom, Biyeon lifted her eyes and looked at San. However, San was not looking at her. [TN: NOTICE ME SENPAI] With one hand still wrapped around Biyeon, and the other on the floor while supporting his body, San fixed his gaze in front of him. His eyes were cold.


His expression gradually became more twisted. He turned towards Biyeon with a grin on his face.


“There are a lot of them, and only two of us. But it’s not like they have ranged weaponry. Ja! Lieutenant Kim, what kind of terrain do you think will be advantageous for us?”




“You said you’re an intelligence officer? “


“Probably a narrow area where we can clearly see the enemies, but only a few can access at one time, sir.”  


“Then the pit…”


“It is appropriate sir.”


“Then run!”


Biyeon ran first.




San got up and provided some covering fire for her before he began to back up.


The pit that they had built was surprisingly well matched against the enemies, its wall somewhat high.


Furthermore, the interior was built with stone walls inside that could serve as a sort of maze where they could only enter one by one.




After rushing through 50 meters of rough terrain, she stopped at the pit to catch her breath and prepare for battle. She first had to cover her colleague. She entered a shooting posture and aimed towards the front. San was getting closer. As he rushed towards the pit, a strange sense of relief washed over him.




Going down in a shooting stance, Biyeon went off to the side, feeling heat from her side. San had also entered a shooting stance by her side.




“I got hit with some needles. Also th… the world is spinning… was it poisoned?”




“This guy…how much time does he have? Let’s get ready for battle!”




San shook his head left to right. San started to shoot towards the front. Biyeon also silently held a shooting stance. However, she took a glance at San. There were three needle like sticks lodged in his back. He was probably hit by that when he grabbed me and spun…




San’s rifle barrel lit up. One of the beast’s head exploded.




They were clever. They lowered their posture entered a crawling sort of posture. However, a crack rang out as San took a step forward. That’s good. It’s alright even if they don’t die. As long as they get hit. The problem was that the world was spinning.


‘Well… heuk-‘


Although his mind was hazy, San bitterly swallowed down any groans, and kept shooting. Regardless, he didn’t look back. He continued to fire without stop. He knew that he had a capable teammate that was doing something. He chose to believe. He was confident that he could leave his back to her.


Biyeon was boldly plucking out the needles stuck to his back. The needles had serrated edges like a saw. So every time she pulled out a needle, a clump of flesh would follow. Biyeon frowned. It would be excruciating. However, San’ shots were still steady. He did not groan.


Biyeon pulled out a blade. She decisively tore off the clothes on his back and took a look at the wound. The color of his blood was different. His dark red blood was turning green. He was definitely poisoned. From the straw-like needle she pulled out, there was still poison dripping out.




San was still steadily shooting. In front of his eyes was a warped world. Warped. The excruciating pain emanating from his back woke him up. He saw them. He pulled the trigger. One of the beasts burst out of the distorted world. His smile spun. ‘But… I want to sleep. Just like this…’


San snapped awake again. He felt a warm sensation coming from his back. ‘I feel strange… it’s good.’ He suddenly remembered his wife. Having snapped back to his senses, he pulled the trigger again. One of the beasts got destroyed. However, despair seemed more prevalent than joy. They were basically at the door. There were still more than ten.


They seemed to be smiling. It had a sharp developed upper lip that blew out stingers, below were sharp teeth to bite with, and it had saw blade like limbs to shred at flesh. ‘That sounds nice too… if only I could sleep…’


Biyeon was sucking out the poison from San’s back. The taste of blood and poison filled her mouth, her eyes tearing up. ‘Helpless… I should help him shoot, but if the poison spreads any further, he won’t be able to use his limbs and he’ll die.’ Strangely, it was scarier than dying. If she ended up alone in this world…


When she felt his movements slowing down, she knew that she had to come forward. She grabbed a gun and approached San’s side. His eyes closed and clutching his head, San listlessly collapsed. She yelled into his ear. uIt was voice choking with tears. He probably didn’t even know she was screaming. She had a life-saving message to tell him.  


“Accelerate! Please, accelerate! Accelerate to the second state!”

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    1. Paul

      It was the novel I first started as a brand new translator, and it wasn’t the best pick to start with. The author tends to be vague when referencing, well, everything, so the translation was difficult for me.


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