Etranger Chapter 12.1

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12. Cleansing -6  Part 1

“Hey, Lieutenant Kim, wake up, yeah?”

“Mm…yes sir…”

Biyeon got up while rubbing her eyes. It looked as though she had gone to sleep late,

The bright morning sun dug its light under the tent and into the pit. There was a man in front of her who was already armed and dressed in a complete combat suit.

“Don’t be startled.. It looks like a guest has already arrived. The game has already begun.” San quietly whispered to her.

“What? “ Biyeon exclaimed while getting up.

“For now equip your gear…

Since I had blocked off the pit with a thick layer of stones and logs, it should be relatively safe here. Let’s start with a meal first. We still have what we made yesterday, so let’s eat before we go hunting…”

San began to prepare a simple meal in the pit while Biyeon rushed about grabbing her gear. According to what he thought, the battle would be very important. But more than that, their survival comes first. So he felt that arranging something so as to preserve their combat power was more important.

According to the rules of the game, the penalty for failing the hunt is to be hunted in reverse. Simply put, they will be fighting and fighting until they die.

‘If I die I’ll die, but at the very least, I suppose that I shouldn’t die because of a lack of energy…’

Biyeon swiftly grabbed her gear and made preparations to go outside. For her, the first thing she wanted to do was not to eat, but rather to satisfy her curiosity. Looking out from an opening in the pit, Biyeon’s gaze faltered for a moment. Her face was distorted with fear.

The depiction of the monster shown in the phone could not compare to the reality of the monster in front of her eyes, and she began to feel fear towards the beast. It was a horror you couldn’t experience as a spectator behind a screen…


Feeling something tapping her shoulder, Biyeon turned around.

San was standing there. His expression was composed. Maybe it was because he was intentionally trying to look like that, but there was ‘something’ about him that felt like you could lean on.

“I have never seen anxiety and fear solve a problem.

For now, just fill up your empty stomach…”

“Yes…understood sir.”

They both ate without speaking. Considering how meticulously San was yesterday while preparing the rations, the two ate the aromatic crispy rice cake(?). [TN: Author himself puts in ‘(?)’] Drinking water and eating some fruits as well, their hunger was satiated. As expected, after their stomachs filled up, their hearts calmed down a lot as well. As their absolute fears dissipated, their attitude shifted to something more along the lines of worrying about countermeasures.

“What are you planning to do, sir?”

“We have take advantage of the time while we still have energy. Is there any advantage for us if all we do is stay here?”

“By the way… How did those things get in, sir? Our surroundings should be blocked off.”

“Who knows. I gave up on common sense pretty early. I’ve decided to just deal with any situations before my eyes. It’s just that there’s been so many of those that it’s become a pain in the neck.  For now, I just want to observe how ‘he’ moves naturally. Furthermore, we can survive better after judging. Regardless, if we can’t clear them away, won’t we be unable to find food or rest?”

San grabbed a gun and a knife, turned off the safety on the gun, and adjusted his belt for easy access. He snapped on some leather gloves. Lastly, he lifted the parachute helmet.

San tilted his neck. Helmets are very good for defense, but it hinders your sense when taking part in active hunting. It might feel unfortunate, but he had to choose to wear it or not.

Instead of the helmet, San put on the field cap. Instead…

“Lieutenant Kim, make sure that you absolutely wear this helmet. As I said yesterday, follow me and cover my back. This is something I must do. We have to do well… who knows where we might mess up.”

“Yes sir…”

“We’ll go according to the operation we planned out yesterday. We’ll grab em one by one. ”

“I… understood sir.” Biyeon barely answered.

San suddenly turned around and looked at Biyeon. His eyes narrowed.


Although she had been following him and mustering up her courage, San had a close up view of her, and saw that her lips had turned dark and her face had turned ashen. Even her hands and feet were shaking. If it’s like this, the fight would be difficult.


Walking out of the pit, San stood up straight. Following behind him was Biyeon, who was standing with a stooped back. San’s gaze pointed forward, his left arm holding the gun, pointed forward, his right arm stretched outward. San shook his right hand and called out to Biyeon. Biyeon approached him.


San put his right hand on her right shoulder and pulled her towards him. Biyeon exclaimed when San suddenly pulled her into a hug. She could feel San’s rough breath. His breath stopped right in front of her lips.

She felt the heavy noise from his body ringing in her ears. At the same time, she snapped back to attention.


“Calm down. Just calm down. There’s no need to shake…

According to you it’s just a game right? In that case, we can’t die!”

Biyeon raised her eyes and look at San right in the eye. They were incomparably calm. Her trembling body calmed down like magic. San stared into her eyes for a long while, still holding tightly onto her. Until Biyeon awkwardly tilted her neck down…

“Have you come to your sense yet? We are soldiers. Forget about everything but the battle. Just focus solely on your mission! Alright… From now on, let’s go play!

Ssyang! Does a man die twice…”

“Man… what?”

*  *  *

San jumped out from the pit. Biyeon followed behind him. Their first target was within their site. It was about 70 meters ahead.


At the same time San and Biyeon jumped out from the pit, a sharp whistle like sound rang out.

It swiftly raised its head. Looking around here and there, he found the targets coming towards him. As one began to move, four more appeared out of nowhere.

“This, what a bother! It’s not two of them! “

San dropped down and lay prone on the floor.


Task force sharpshooter Kang San’s K1 Rifle spat fire. These were the first gunshots in this world. The target? The reptile known as an Argon.

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