Etranger: Prologue

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One day I opened my eyes to see that everything had changed.

This world is not the world I am familiar with. Regardless, it is a blessing to still be alive. The problem is that there is absolutely no way to tell if the future is as blessed as well.

Quite frankly it’s scary. I want to cry.

What I need right now isn’t an answer, but a question. But even that must be the right question. In this game of survival, I just need to make sure to make the right choices. To me, the meaning of “us” means to move on.

18…. If only… If only…

GRYB(=Green, Red, Yellow, Blue = “Plague of Bullshit”)

[TN: Author puts ‘지랄염병’ and I’m pretty sure it’s just swearing. My friend says it means “Plague of BS”]

But at the very least…

Let us at least choose our death.

Otherwise, why don’t you do it for me.

–    From the first memorandum written on the third day since coming to this world    –


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4 thoughts on “Etranger: Prologue

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  2. Kyre

    Green red yellow blue hmmm? I’m kind of jealous of them to have these tame homophones for swears, that and… I think it was ‘ten thousand mud horses’ or something are great.

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  3. ────────────¸,o​¤°“°¤o,¸
    ─────────── (….◕​ ‿ ◕.…)
    ───────── oOO——`​♥´——OOo
    ───── Foя тнє cнαpтєя ──────

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