DGM Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Survival or Mission

There are two kinds of magicians.

The first, a scholar-type magician. This type of magician is proficient in the theory of magic. Knowledgeable in things that no one bothers to learn. Their magic is excellent, but they are not soldiers. Once a situation is critical, things will go wrong.

Tragically, the magicians of the magic academy were all of this type.

Link left the room, and on the second floor in the hall, he saw on the floor the bodies of the apprentices. Each closed door was also flung open. Inside, the apprentices were hiding.

In one room, Link saw Grant, dead. He was apparently awake before he was killed, and his body fell to the ground, with a deep bloody hole in his chest.

Dead bodies on the ground, filled the air with the smell of blood. Link felt a little nauseous, but his mental capabilities were extremely powerful and was able to hold back. Unlike Link, Celine only turned pale for a moment before turning back to normal.

It appears that compared to her weak appearance, this girl’s mind was way more powerful.

Link picks up a wand from the ground and handed it to Celine, “You hold on to this.”

Celine nodded then took the wand. She took a deep breath, before trying to do a ‘fireball’. She spent more than a second before finally succeeding.

“Very good.” Link praised, for a general magic apprentice, this was not bad.

“I’m far worse than you.” Celine smiled, looking more relaxed.

They went down the stairs to the first floor, and saw Mrs. Fairfax, with an arrow in her chest, eyes wide open. She was already dead.

Sighing in his heart, Link walked past the old lady, ready to leave the dorm.

Upon reaching the door of the apprentice, a striking glow suddenly appeared before Link’s vision.

Mission 2: Block communication

Task content: Destroy the transmission system in the magic academy tower, to prevent the dark elves from using the magic tower to contact the Dark Elf army outside the city of Greystone.

Task reward: 20 points.

Seeing this task, Link suddenly smiled in his heart. 20 reward points. That was a lot of points, but he was already going to the transmission towers to escape. If he destroyed it, how will he escape?

‘Well, let’s take it one step at a time. First, lets just get to the tower. As for the mission, if the situation does not allow, then he’ll just give it up. “

Points are important, but life is more important. He had to do what he had to do to live.

After some consideration, Link chose to temporarily accept the mission.

Subsequently, he took Celine and moved forward.

Outside the dorm, the sound of fighting was very sparse. The Academy Instructors were just too weak, and have also been attacked. Their numbers are small and they are not the well-trained dark elven assassins’ opponent.

In the apprentice dorm door, Link held his wand towards Celine and himself separately, casting the Secondary Invisibility Technique.

Secondary Invisibility

Level 0 magic

Role: The power of gathering shadows over the body. Has a subtle effect in the dark, but be wary of lightning.

This is the most basic stealth technique, and it cannot hide footsteps or smell. Light and dogs can easily crack the magic, but in the middle of the night, this magic was enough to use.

“Keep up.”

Link ordered as he delved into the darkness towards the direction of the academy’s transmission tower. Celine stayed closely behind him.

The Apprentice dorm is not far the Starlight Garden. Using magic water, even seasonal flowers are in full bloom all year. Peonies, roses, lilies, tulips, and everything, it is very beautiful, This beautiful garden has been destroyed.

“It’s Mr. Glass,” Celine whispered.

Mr. Glass, was a level 3 illusionists. He was a master of change spells, with a basic combat capability equal to zero. An arrow was in his heart, deeply.

Obviously, his illusion cannot hide him from the dark elves.

Link has long been prepared. He knew, if there is no accident on the way over there, they will see a large number of magisterial bodies.

It was only a prelude to the Gerastone massacre.

Sure enough, after they have gone a little bit further along the road, they saw the young and beautiful female teacher, Vera. She was only wearing a thin veil pajama. She probably rushed out of her house when she heard the noise, only to be caught by a dark elf.

Dark Elves probably don’t appreciate her beauty. Her flat belly was stabbed with a sword, with her body twisted down to the ground. Currently, she was not dead yet, as she was still breathing. However, her stomach continued to have blood pouring out, soaking her pajamas, like a flirtatious bloody beautiful rose.

It seems that she heard some movements, as her beautiful eyes turned towards the sound. Her eyes had a strong desire to live.

She is still young, less than 30 years old. She has a strong magic talent, and is a Level 2 Spell magician. She has a limitless future for achievement.  She is beautiful, and the academy had significant expectations for her. She was completely spoiled by them at the same time. Her life was full of sunshine, she did not want to die!

But her injury is too fatal, and who could save her, Link was also helpless.

Seeing a dead body is one thing, but seeing someone dying without being able to help, especially one of their good teachers in front of their own eyes… the impact was too great. Link’s pupils contracted, as he pulled Celine’s hand and unconsciously tighten around her hand. At that moment, he realized that he could not return to Earth. The future, he and Feiluoma, the countless lives in this world, were all struggling in this darkness.

‘I’m not coldly sitting back watching the game, but a participant.’ Indeed, a brilliant master. He is miserable!

Celine felt the change in Link’s mood. She was much more calm than Link, and gently pat his hand, then sighed “She is hurt too badly, we cannot save her.”

Link nodded with a heavy heart, then went towards the female instructor. Lifting his wand, he spent two points to cast a sleeping spell.

Since he could not save her, then let her go quietly.

Sleep, Vera slowly closed her eyes, and her body stopped struggling.

A few steps away, he saw old Mr. Elson with his head cut off directly. It fell three meters away from his body’s location.

They were very good people during their lifetimes. To see this as their outcome, Link felt the deep darkness of this brutal war. War is like a sickle, life is like wheat, one blade can cover a large area.

‘It’s really a dark world ah.’ Link sighed deeply in his heart.

After leaving the garden, there is a small forest. Trees in the forest is sparse, with 200 years old trees. It included a trail. Every once in a while, there was a magic lamp in a High Elf-like style. It is very quiet and beautiful.

Originally, this is the academy’s rendezvous hot spot.

But when Link walked into the woods, he could see seven bodies lying on the ground on the trails. They were late night rendezvous couples.

Tonight, this forest has become those lovers’ graves.

“These Dark Elves are really a group of disgusting pieces of shit!” Celine’s face showed obvious dislike with the color on her face.

Just then, Link suddenly stopped, stepped back, and then took Celine in his arms. With one hand he covered her mouth. Then gently nudged her until they were hiding behind a tree.

“Hush ~”

Celine blinked her beautiful eyes, suddenly not speaking.

After waiting for a while on the trail, a team of Dark Elves ran by quickly. Seeing the direction they were going, it was the apprentice dorm.

There were at least thirty magic apprentices in the dorm.

Celine whispered, “Link, are we going to save them?”

Link gently shook his head, he could do nothing. Celine understood, then with her bright eyes she turned and asked, “Why did you save me?”

Link was stunned, then replied, “We are friends, right?”

She did not expect this answer, her eyes began to shine, “You are a good friend. Can I ask you a question?”

“Go ahead.”

“How come you suddenly know so many magic skills? Also, how are you so good?” Her eyes were full of curiosity.

“I … it could be called divinity. I woke up, and then suddenly had more in my mind.” Link took his time to consider his answer.

“Oh, I see.” Celine looked away. She didn’t ask any more as she pointed to the Tower’s location, “Then, let’s set off.”

The Dark Elves team had passed, Link nodded his head, and continued to move forward with Celine.

Through the grove, along the shadow at the edge of the promenade, they had moved more than 30 meters then they turned left towards the Tower’s location.

The Transmission Tower is a very expensive building. The Transmission Tower in the Magic Academy is small, so the physical distance that the Tower could take you is 10 km, but even such a building cost more than 10,000 gold coins. That is equivalent to half of Gerastone City’s tax collection.

Of course, the construction is very expensive, its role is not small. Its main role is not to send physical beings, but deliver messages. The message transmission distance is very far. They could send something more than 500 km away. It is very useful.

Because of this function of the Transmission Tower, the Dark Elves also attached great importance to it. Before the tower, Link saw his opponents. Three powerful Dark Elf warriors were standing in front of it.

They will protect the Transmission Tower so it will not get damaged. If Link’s memory serves him right, then soon, there will be a dark elf magician coming over. He will use the Transmission Tower from a station in a city 50 km away. The Dark Elves army will send detailed information.

Three warriors. One of the warriors had a magic resistant armor wrapped tightly around himself. Even his face is not exposed, the hands were also holding a rune shield.

Link’s pupil shrank. He knew this warrior. In his past life when he ran away from the mission, he met him.

His name is Ryan Giggs, the Commander in Chief of the attack on the academy. He is a Level 3 warrior, with fighting spirit. He has various powerful combat skills, and a body covered in anti-magic equipment. He could ignore any direct magic attack below Level 3.

In the past game, he was a magician killer. Any escapee from the Magic Academy, Gerastone City should detour around these Dark Elves.

The two soldiers next to him are his men, and are Level 2 warriors. Their equipment isn’t as powerful as Ryan Giggs’, but their anti-magic ability is also not weak.

Now, Link has 18 points, 7 magic skills. Expecting him to use these forces against those three powerful Dark Elven warriors, seem to be an impossible task.

But he had no choice.

Taking a deep breath, Link began to buy two new Level 0 magic skills. He quickly completed the purchase, and then he spent three points increase his magic limit by 30, so his body magic limit is now 61. He currently has 37 magic usage left. As for the magic to restore speed, time was pressing, and it was temporarily unavailable, so Link did not add it.

After preparation, he had 13 points left.

With eyes indicating to Celine to continue to hide in the shadow, Link himself came out of the shadow, so he was exposed in the moonlight.

Absorbed in looking at his opponents, Link didn’t notice Celine’s hesitant look on her face. In the end, that beautiful girl ultimately chose to stay hidden in the shadows.

“Well, what a fool. I’ll look for an opportunity to help.” The girl thought.

At this point, Links eyes were only on his opponents.

He waved his wand and said, “Hey, you elven bastards, what are you doing here?”

His voice was not too loud, but it was enough to make the three Dark Elves hear him clearly. The Dark Elves turned around and looked. All eyes were fixed on Link.int, Link’s eyes were only on his opponents.

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TN: I am aware that I messed up the terminology for the rpg terms. I will go back and fix it. Please bear with it for this last chapter. Thanks.

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