DGM Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Magician’s 1st Combat

Of the three magic apprentices, Link seems to be the most calm. His hand still holding the beautiful wand, is the most compelling.

The Dark Elven assassins standing in front of the room said something while his hand lift to dock his bow with an arrow. With a “thwack”, he shot his arrow towards Link’s head.

If his magic level was sufficient, Link would use a low level force field to resist the attack, but that particular skill needed 10 free points to buy, it was too expensive.

So Link chose to use a level 0 magic, ‘fireball’.

The wand lit up in his hand. In front of it, the little white glass bead little fireball accumulated at the tip. In the instant the dark elven was about to release his arrow, the fireball flew towards him.

“Hmph, your magic is good, but you want to block my magic arrows? Too naive.” The Dark elf assassin chuckled in his heart.

In the next moment, the arrow and the fireball flew, but the two sides did not collide, they were a few centimeters away from each other. Missing each other as both flew by. But as the fireball passed by the arrow’s feathers, the unchanged ball suddenly broke out.

‘Bang’, the noise it gave off was not light. In the air, the magic arrow’s tail feathers suddenly swayed as the air flowed in all directions, hitting the arrow’s feathers.

Yes, in order to deal with the Magic Academy, the Dark Elves assassins were equipped with magic weapons. If Link aimed at the arrow’s head, the result would be that his fireball would have easily been stamped out. But now, he used the power of the impact of the magic shot to break the magic arrow’s flight. It played out miraculously!

The arrow’s trajectory immediately went awry. As it reach Link, it was already 20 centimeters away from Link’s cheek. Still startling Link, as he felt like he lost a few hairs.

“Huh?” The Dark Elf was surprised that he missed.

He once again took an arrow to dock on his bow.

However, he had never had a chance. Link would never be beaten without fighting back, his fighting style was a tooth for a tooth!

The dark elf sneered as the floor beneath his feet suddenly moved, a thorn stabbed out of nowhere.

Earth Thorn

Level 0 Earth Elemental Magic

Function: From the ground up a half-meter-long, a hard stone stabs out ……. Do not step on.

Just like the fireball before, the thorn appeared quickly and very suddenly. The Dark Elf archer didn’t have time react, and his light shoes that help him move secretly did not have much defense at all.

“Pop” The spikes pierced through the Dark Elf’s heel. It poked through until the shank came out from the other side.

This injury, how painful is it?


Even after being trained specially, the Dark Elf assassin couldn’t stand it. He screamed out loud, as his bow and arrow fell to the ground. His whole body involuntarily sat down on the ground, overcome with shivers.

“Scoff” It’s another Earth Thorn!

The thorns appeared very cleverly. It seemed to have anticipated the Dark Elf assassin’s movements. As the Dark Elf slumped on the ground, the spine directly faced his anus on the ground, before it shot up. (TN: ahahahahaha)

“Plop” The Dark Elf that sat on the ground suddenly received a great shock to his body. His eyes became wide circles as his body stiffen, motionlessly. This continued for two seconds before the Dark Elf’s head weakly hung down.

He died.

The body hung from the half-meter thorn, holding up that legendary strong man.

Those two thorns, launched swiftly and quietly. There was no time to even resist.

This encounter only happened within a couple of seconds until when the Dark Elf died. His companion in the hall still couldn’t react.

He did not expect such a result from the few magic apprentices in this room. He had thought that it would be a simple massacre in this room like all the other rooms.

“You’re dead!!”

Holding a magic breaking dagger, rushing towards Link. His running speed was very fast, at least 15 meters per second or more. He looked like a moving shadow.

He used the combat skill: Speed Burst

For a low-level magician, they are most afraid of a magic breaking weapon with a fast opponent. If the opponent closes in it is basically equal to  tragedy.

“Watch out!” Celine yelled from behind.

Link’s face had no fluctuations as his eyes full of coldness, completely ignoring the assassin in front of him. When the assassin began to fly over, he summoned his magic list.

“Buy Level 1 Magic: Vector Resistance Field.”

Immediately buy Magic, spend 10 free points.

Vector resistance field

Level 1 magic

Magic Consumption: 6

Function: Pushes an object in a direction that the caster specifies

If the power of a Level 0 magic is only equivalent to a large firecracker, then Level 1 magic is a real show, having the power to make ordinary people feel its terror.

When the assassin arrived one meter in front of him, the dagger in his hand was ready to stab. As he took another step, Link had the Crescent wand in his hand, waving it in the air gently as the shot was true to its intention and hit its mark.

Level 1 magic, successful release in 0.3 seconds!

The air in front of Link’s wand suddenly blurred, as it gave off translucent ripples. The shape of these ripples gave radiance as it went to the direction Link wanted.

As soon as the magic was casted, it hit the assassin. Not too early nor half an instant late. Right on time.

The fast forward moving assassin that was shooting forward like an arrow hit the wall. The high-speed body slammed forward to a stand still. After a moment the Vector resistance Force strength reached its peak. All you could hear was a “bang” as the assassin’s body bounced right back!

Originally, the elf was a Level 2 Warrior elite assassin. He was usually able to forcibly resist level 1 magic, but the ingenious Link release his magic at the right time.

He released the force field the moment the assassin lifted his foot, his the body was in an unbalanced state. This cause him to not be able to release his power.

It was the strongest stat of the magic while the assassin was in his weakest state: meaning, magic’s victory!

With the upper hand, Link immediately followed up. He would never give an opponent the opportunity to retaliate.

While the assassin was still in mid-air, Link gently pointed his wand towards the assassin and shot of a fireball.

The fireball from the wand compressed, to greatly enhance the temperature. It turned to an incandescent color.

The assassin was amazing, although he bounced back a moment ago, he was able to stable his efficacy without being distracted. He instinctively raised his dagger to slash at the orbs.

If the fireball was released by an ordinary magic apprentice, it would have dissipated under the magic breaking dagger.

But the release of the fireball, its magic level was beyond the assassin’s imagination.

The incandescent color of the glass bead like fireballs were dancing. It’s flight path was not straight but a continuous spiral. It was silent, fast, and then slow, randomly. One could not predict the ball’s position at all!

The moment the assassin made a slashing move with his dagger, the small fireball made a beautiful arc, and lightly escaped the dagger, accurately slamming into the assassin’s eyes.

As a Level 0 magic, a fireball’s power is not very strong, even if the wand increases its power. If it exploded on an ordinary person, they would certainly die. But if it exploded on the physically powerful Dark Elf, it probably would only explodes one of his calluses.

But if the magic hits the fragile eye, then the result would be completely different.

The assassin suffered this tragedy in the air.

His eyes stuck out from the mask that was covering his face. Link fired fast, and the attack soon arrived. He had time to close his eyes, but can the fragile eyelids withstand a fireball explosion?

‘Bang!’ The assassin’s eyes were bloody in no time. His mouth could not help but utter a scream. His sight turned black, he could no longer see. His whole mind filled with confusion.

But the screams lasted only for a half a second as the assassin’s body hit the ground. On the ground, the thorn were waiting there for him.

Tragically, the blind assassin did not find this out.

“Shlock!”  The thorn stab the assassin through the heart, his chest torn out. His life ended.

At that point, the two assassins were finished.

Magicians and assassins, natural enemies. The two sides of power were completely different. Low-level magicians may kill high-level assassins, high-level magicians may also be stamped to death by an assassin’s dagger.

When the two clash, one wins and one loses. Their level was secondary, the key battle is experience and skills.

In this battle, Link’s performance was near-perfect.

Before and after the battle, Link used a total of five Level 0 magic, a Level 1 magic, and used 16 magic energy. During the whole process, he did not move from his spot. Not that he couldn’t move, but that he didn’t need to.

Information flashed across Link’s vision.

Task completed, player Link’s free points +15.

Link looked at his free points as a warm current flowed through his body. Originally he had 14 points, he bought 1 magic skill for 10 points, now adding 15 points, he now had 19.

The magic apprentice at the door saw the whole process, she swallowed her saliva, and looked at the other dead assassin. She started to stammered, “Link, you ….. you … … you ..” …. “

This little unknown guy? That spell casting technique, was simply inconceivable!

She did not know how to describe the shock of her mind, and the shocked of Link even using magic, but he used magic in a kind that… … the type of control of power.

‘Just like a God!’ She finally found a right adjective.

Link, without any fluctuation to his face, thought that this fight was just child’s play, “Celine, keep up!”

“Oh, yes,” said Celine, glancing at Link, and following him a few steps, then suddenly asked, “Where are we going?”

Actually, the Dark Elves attack really surprised her tonight, but she didn’t really believe him. She just followed Link because she was curious. Who knew that this magician changed so much.

“To the Academy Transfer Tower.” Link had long since thought of a good escape plan.

Outside the city the Dark Elves army were around. The city was full of Dark Elven assassins. He now had a little bit more freedom with his 19 points, but the magic level was still less than 3 points. He also had another person with him. It was impractical to break their way out. The only way was to leverage the power of the Transmission Array.

Thinking about it, Link spent a point to purchase to increase his magic limit. 1 point increase will exchange for a 10 level limit increase, so Link’s magic limit was now at 31 points.

Because of his previous consumption, his magic value was not full, he only had 13 energies left, the rest was recovering at 0.2 per hour, this pace, in a battle, was almost negligible

At this time, to restore magic with a faster speed is important, and now his recovery rate is at 0.2 per hour, in this rhythm of intense fighting, it’s almost negligible.

‘There were 18 points to deal with any unforeseen contingencies. It should be enough.’ Link had a little peace of mind.

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