DGM Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Bloody Assassin

“Hurry up, they’ve come,” said Link softly.

“Don’t rush me, do not rush me. I’m  getting dressed.” Celine cried softly.

Link turned around and looked, and was suddenly stunned.

Under the hazy moonlight, in order to wear the robes and trousers, she had to first take off her night dress. Her nightgown was very thin, exposing her naughty waist and the perfect curve of her buttocks. From the back her waist looked amazingly slender and her skin was so white it dazzled.

Link felt his blood speed up and quickly turned back around before explaining in a strained whisper, “I saw the assassins coming. Make sure you stay behind me. In case conflict arise, I will protect you.”

The dark elf assassins that participated in assassination operations were elite. They were very powerful in the game. When fleeing Gerastone, these guys were the elites that cause ridiculous amounts of blood and death.

Ordinary magic apprentice had no power to resist them.

“Assassins? It’s really that bad.” Celine hurried to put on clothes. Links words were proven true by the faint screams that could be heard from outside the window.

When she was dressed, Link came to the door. Just three meters from the door he cast Master’s hand to unlock it.

Outside, several of the apprentices were awakened by the abnormal movements, but there were no assassins.

“To be safe, keep up with me!”

Link waved to Celine. Unless it was absolutely necessary, he did not want to meet any of the assassins. He wasn’t afraid of the assassins but that didn’t mean he wanted to use the extra consumption of magic.

Celine involuntarily followed. She found that this Link in front of her is not the same as usual. He completely changed and has a convincing character.

‘This guy has become really weird.’ Celine curiously looked at Link’s back. Although there are assassins, she didn’t seem to panic. Link was too busy concentrating on the situation in the hall to notice the young girl’s scrutiny.

Moreover, in that juvenile’s memory, the impression of Celine is gentle, and  calm. It seems that nothing could make her commit a faux pas, so Link did not think that there was anything special about this girl.

The Hall was a mess. The magic apprentices were looking around with confused faces. They still didn’t understand.

“What’s happening, why is it so noisy?”

“Damn, I was just in the good part of my dreams!”

“My God, outside is a mess!”

Seeing Link coming out  from Celine’s room, the apprentice turned around and looked at him surprised, but quickly turned to scolding loudly.

“Even a wasted wood, a pariah, could have a midnight liaison between a dog and a woman!” This was jealousy.

“Celine, why did you fall?” They did not understand.

The previous calm face of Celine had slightly suffused with red. She was about to open her mouth to make an excuse when sharp screams sounded from the Apprentice dorm’s first floor.

It was the sound of the dying to come. With great penetration power, it attracted everyone’s attention.

“What happened?”

“Damn it, that’s Mrs. Fairfax’s voice.”

With a bang, a  magic apprentice was rushed out of a room, shouting, “Oy, look out the window! Someone is attacking the school!”

For a while, several of the school’s buildings have been set on fire. Occasionally, there was even some magical explosions. Not far away, in the enchanted garden, you could faintly see someone fighting. Magical lights were constantly blinking.

The scenes were of extreme chaos.

“Oh Lord, who can tell me what ‘s going on?”

“My God, the Dark Elf’s lackeys, look,  they have come!”

In the lobby at the bottom of the stairs to the second floor stood two figures dressed in black leather. Even though they were masked, you could still see their dark red eyes and pale skin that show their race. Seeing the two men, Link was surprised. He knew that a fight was inevitable, and immediately pulled Celine to hide in a room.

He had to consider the overall situation, the hall area was too large. Too much leeway, so it would be easy to deal with those two people. If they enter the room, the door was narrow. Even if they came in, they could only do so one at a time. So he would just have to face one opponent. It would save the magic that he consumes at a time.

Screams could be heard from outside the door.

“Aah, he killed Mrs. Fairfax!” A magic apprentice shouted, pointing at a dark elf that had a dagger in his hand dripping with blood.

One of the assassin immediately responded to the apprentice’s shout. He raised his dark wizard’s bow and docked the string.

‘Thwack’, an arrow flew out and inserted into the apprentice’s neck.

The apprentice collapsed on the ground, his blood quickly spread as it’s smell quickly permeated the room.




The rest of the apprentices in the hall were stunned by the scene. Most of them panicked, some people ran back into the room, tightly closing their doors, some only knew how to squat on the floor screaming. There were some apprentices whose courage were slightly larger, and began to fight back!

But the magic apprentices had what type of magic power? Their counterattack was a joke to the powerful Dark Elven Assassins.

A wand in the hands of a magic apprentice towards the assassin threw a level 0 fire.

Barely bigger than glass beads, those orange fireballs issued a ‘hiss’ while quickly flying to one of the assassins. But the assassin stood motionless in the face of this fireball. In his hand suddenly appeared a black faint dagger, that chopped at the fireball.

‘Poof’, the fireball was cut in half, turning into gas then disappeared.

“Broken magic weapon!” A magic apprentice exclaimed.

Feiloma does have wars, but maybe only 3 soldiers have those kinds of weapons. Ordinary soldiers, when dealing with magicians, could only use various anti-magic items.

Broken magic weapons, element resistant armor, valuable elixirs, and etc. These are how soldiers deal with magicians by regular means.

Of course, if you move fast enough, eyes sharp enough, then one could dodge magic attacks, but to do so, the risk is great. If one were to run into a superb magician, a fireball can be made to charred the agile guys like a barbecue.

Those words became the magic apprentice’s last words. The assassin did not give the apprentice a second chance to cast, standing on the right side, the assassin raised his hand with an arrow, sealing his throat.

Then, the assassins began their massacre, ‘plop plop’, a string of shocked magic apprentices  fell to the ground. The assassins killed the same way they would kill chickens.

The assassins’ strength was powerful, not even experienced combat veterans, let alone these apprentices that have never met battle could resist them. In a blink of an eye, only a cat and a male apprentice hid in the room with Link.

He slammed the door  shut, and then squatted his head on the floor, his body shaking and shivering. He was frightened.

In another room, Celine was hiding behind Link, brow wrinkled tightly. This change was too alarming. This calm magic academy became a slaughterhouse within a moment. She found it difficult to accept.

‘The Dark Elves were a group of rough guys!’ In the three months Celine lived in the academy, she really like the quietness. The Dark elves ruined it all!

The most calm after this demonstration is Link. He was facing the door, holding the crescent wand, patiently waiting.

At this moment, fear was also in Link’s heart. It was his first time experiencing real killings, but he was able to use his strong mental abilities to suppress his fear, and it did not affect his judgment.

There were the screams one moment, and then a terrible silence. Apparently, the second floor of the magic apprentices had been cleanly killed. After a while the footsteps outside the rooms got closer and closer.

“Do not kill me, I do not want to die ah! I Do not want to die! Ooo ooo ~” The apprentice  squatting on the ground directly collapse into tears, snot running everywhere.

Celine’s look did not change, but her brow wrinkled more tightly.

Outside, the footsteps stopped for a full two seconds. Those seconds felt like two years to the magic apprentices inside.

Suddenly, the door began to crack with a bang!

The thin wooden doors simply cannot stop the dark elves’ assassin force.

‘Crash’ the wooden door was kicked in to become debris. Outside the door, was the dark elf that was holding the horn bow. He looked at the three apprentices with a sneer, “Little rabbits, let me send you to hell, okay?”

Link saw the assassin’s information displayed in his mind.

Dark Elven Assassin (Elite)

Level 2 fighter

Combat skills: speed outbreak

Equip: Standard Bows (Excellent)

In this era, for ordinary people, 2 elite assassins were very powerful, even more frightening is that tonight all Dark Elves assassins were at this level. Gerastone is a small town, there were not that many strong people. No wonder the whole town was ruined!

Link then saw there was also a message, there was a mission!

Series of tasks open.

The first step: counterattack!

Task content: Kill the dark elves that broke into the doors.

Award: 15 points
Link’s heart sped up, He was in urgent need of power now, this task was right on time!

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