DGM Chapter 3

Chapter 3 The Magician’s Journey


On the Apprentice dorm’s first floor lobby, there are three display cabinets.

In one of the glass cabinet is a document, handwritten by the previous generation’s old Lord of Gerastone City. In another cabinet is a very beautiful crafted sword. It is said to be a gift from a dwarf blacksmith. In the last cabinet is the magic bracelet, one of the remnants of the 10 Grand Magicians’ works from over 200 years ago.

Magic concentration in this world now is low. It is not the legendary era, where the 10 Grand Magicians were at their peak of existence in the mortal world. It was Flaming Lesser Magic Academy’s pride.

The true value of these things were not high, but they show the historical background of the Academy of Magic, it is the meaning of their existence.  So a simple alert magic was set, and will cause violent damage to the offender and raise an alert when triggered.

But Link knew that the display cabinets had a key, and he knew where that key was.

It is important for the lobby of the first floor to be a lot more spacious than the other halls because late at night it must be lightly illuminated.

Link gently walk down the lobby, until he reached Mrs. Fairfax’s door. He lightly knocked on the door.

“Tuk tuk tuk”, in the quiet night, the knock on the door was particularly clear.

With only one knock, Mrs. Fairfax immediately responded, “Who is it?”

The elderly really sleep lightly.

Link sounded anxious, “Mrs. Fairfax, it’s me, Link from Room 309. I have something urgent to talk to you about, can you open the door please?”

This old woman is really kind-hearted, she would not reject a young person’s request completely, even if this request disturbs her rest.

“Oh, yeah, I’m coming.”

From behind the door came a rustling sound, it’s probably the old woman putting on her clothes. The world of women’s clothes is very cumbersome, but the old lady must be good with her hands and feet, because he only had to wait for 3 to 4 minutes before he heard footsteps from behind the door.

Link took a deep breath as he raised his Crescent Moon wand at the door.

Soon, the door lock turned. The door creaked open, and Mrs. Fairfax’s wrinkled faced appeared from behind the door. “What happened … …”

Her words did not finish, a misty light was issued out of his wand.

   Sleep Technique

    0 Rank magic

   Role: To make a person fall asleep, the stronger the opponent than the user, the worse    the effect.


The Sleep Technique is a real magic. Link carefully understood the feeling of releasing magic. He found this feeling to be really wonderful, handy, and the spells in the game feels exactly the same!

‘If this is the case, escaping Gerastone is not a difficult task.’ Link’s mind was filled with confidence.

This magic consumes 1 mana point, casting it spends 2 magic, but it was worth it. For this kind old lady, Link could not knock her down crudely. He could not bring himself to treat her that way.

Mrs. Fairfax is only a Level 1 magician. She just joined the ranks of official magicians. Her magic talent was very ordinary, barely qualifying as a magician.

Especially at that moment, when she was awakened in the middle of the night, her mind was not yet clear. With Link’s casting speed drawn quickly, the magic wand flashed less than one second to her, she had no time to react. Her soft body fell down.

He performed the magic surprisingly quick. Link wielded his wand without it going amuck like his legendary gameplay innate skill. In this world, it was just as effective.

Link looked at the old woman’s body as he moved her into the room and on the bed.

According to his estimation, the effect of this sleep magic will last for about an hour. It was 9:55pm, he had enough time.

Mrs. Fairfax is the dormitory manager, and she kept the key in a display case.

Link looked around the room, then finally saw a small drawer by the window. There was a big string key in it. Since the old woman was somewhat forgetful, the labels on the keys was clearly displayed. This pleased Link greatly.

After easily finding the key, Link opened the 3rd display case and got the magic bracelet.

The bracelet was made with fine gold and red copper alloy. It emitted a lavender gloss fragrance, with a design of runes of magic etched throughout it. As the magic flowed, the runes shone in a silver mist. It looked very beautiful.

‘Guardian Bracelet’

Quality: Excellent

Effect: After firing, a 2-level guard enchantment is generated.

Number of uses (1/1)

(Author’s Note: the school ‘s pride, the great magician Arlan’ s early works, is imperfect.)

“Although it is a one-time use item, it’s enough!” Link put the bracelet on his wrist.

In the end, he gained extra strength from these dorms.

Looking at his pocket watch, it displays the time: 9:58, leaving him a half an hour, and he still had one last thing to do. That is, the original young Link’s Legacy, take Celine.

He took large strides to the second floor, without looking around specifically, he went straight to Celine’s door.

This is Link’s third time knocking at a door tonight.

There was no response from behind the door, the young woman must be  deeply asleep.

“Ah,” Link softly sighed, as he aimed the Crescent wand at the lock and started to cast Master’s hand.

Within one second, ‘click‘ sounded lightly. The door lock was opened. Link pushed the door open and entered. Then he closed and re-locked the door from the other side.

Afterwards he turned around and looked at the room.

The room has very simple layout, in addition to a bed, the only furniture is a dilapidated dressing table, with a  mirror placed above it. A comb sat on the table, next to an open book, next to a piece of half eaten dry bread.

Celine was lying in bed, her body covered with a thin patch quilt that was too thin. The protection against the cold was very limited, and because of that her body was closely rolled up.

This is the difference between commoners and aristocrats. Ah, although people with superior talent get reduced tuition fees, but life is still tight. The original Link did not have that much talent in magic, but because he is an aristocrat, he didn’t need to worry about food or clothing. So at the very least he wouldn’t freeze or starve.

Link came to the dresser chair to sit down, and quietly looked out the window, waiting patiently.

It is 10 o’clock, half an hour to escape. To create the right time of escape was too soon, so Link did not rush to wake Celine.

At the dressing table, he readily read the magic book on the table. The book is called “Evil Spirit Magic Analysis”, a very thick book, Link tried to read a few pages.


Link was surprised to find that he could read the book, and even understand it with no effort, and even found the theory of the evolution of magic had a few flaws in its equation.

His brain became unusually good.

He did not believe a blind cat can’t catch a dead mouse, and turned a few pages. The result was as expected. In the original eyes of the young Link, this was a very deep magic theory book, but in the eyes of Link, even the books from heaven were unexpectedly changed, and he found them as simple as books for kindergartners.


“I was right, the God did say I would safely penetrate time, and he considerably strengthened my soul.”

Link started to get really excited, as he turned a page after page quickly. He understood the book so quickly, and not only that, he discovered that he had a photographic memory.

When he turned over the book after he finished reading it, Link had a completely different understanding of this different world.

According to the book description, Feiloma World is an isolated island, surrounded by an endless sea of evil spirits. Evil spirits from the sea can really drift away and spread to Feiloma’s world, nourishing the world’s creatures.

This state, magicians describe it with the word ‘immersion’. The whole world is soaked in this evil spirit from the sea.

Although this dissociation of evil spirits density is well below the evil spirits of the sea, it does make the world colorful. The biologies of the world uses these ‘evil spirits’ energy to create a bright magic civilization.

This is the magician’s world view.

“This is really unusual. In the game, I have been praised as the God of law, but today, I really do understand a little bit of the nature of magic.”

Link looked at the magic wand in his hand, he found that the principle of the magic wand is actually not that difficult, but magic is a clever application of compression theory, he can easily feel the magic wand’s defects.

‘If I study the conditions, in three months … … No, no, a month is enough, I can certainly come up with a better magic wand than this!’ Link had the confidence.

Once in the game, Link used known magic, but I do not know why, the so-called God of law was only a compliment to a player of the game, now in a different world, to get the glorious Lord’s gift can he really become Law God of the Capital.

“I have to find some magic books after I escape from the city of Gerastone, and I have to learn more about evil spirits after I complete the task of the game system. I must make myself stronger!”

If he only relies on free points to upgrade, then he, in a very short time, could learn a lot of magic, and obtain formidable strength.

But the game system gives these types of magic that has a fatal problem… They are absolutely only the public version of the magic, as the game is so, the player’s magic is the most common.

With the same magic, the player version of the power is always inferior to the BOSS, or even the elite monster.

Those powerful magician had their own unique magic skills. The same magic in their hands can give far more than the power of the player. These super-magic skills, were built with the deep understanding of magic. It is definitely not given by the game system.

Such as his last confrontation of the abyss with Lord Nossamas. His super magic skills, could be instant casting, and casting with almost no signs.

At that time, the entire combat team, 90% of the people were being killed by the dead directed by him.

The game system and free points in the end is only auxiliary, ‘I also have to make my own magic road!’

After understanding his own development path, Link’s mind became tranquil, with no trace of anxiousness.

Once again he took out the pocket watch to look. It was 10:25, time was running out.

Link turned and walked to the bed, gently patted Celine’s smooth plump flush cheeks, softly saying, “Celine, Celine, wake up.”

Having said that, this girl really looks very beautiful. Tall, her looks and temperament were at the top of the crop. It is no wonder that the original Link was crazy about her.

However, he did not know why he always felt that the girl’s face was somewhat familiar. But he could not remember where he had seen her.

‘Really strange.’ Link was a little confused.

Celine slept very heavily while she muttered out a sentence, “Mother, let me sleep for a while longer.”

The tone of a spoiled little girl that has not grown up yet. Listening to it, Link could not help but smile.

However, Celine quickly reacted, as he saw her body suddenly become stiff, and then suddenly turned her head. A pair of clear sapphire eyes, had no time to stare at Link,  no shred of drowsiness remained.

“How could you be in my room?” She looked a little surprised, but not flustered.

Link had been withdrawn to one side, his voice solemnly said, “Get up quickly, the school is in trouble, we have to hurry and leave!”

“What did you say!?” Celine’s face expressed some shock, but she began to put on her dress from nearby her.

“Do not wear those, wear light robes and pants!” Link immediately reminded himself to look out the window, as his pupil shrunk. In the misty moonlight, he saw a lot of fast-moving shadows.

The dark wizard assassins!

They have already begun to act.
In the dark corners, there were many shadows doing high-speed silent running, including two shadows who are rushing towards the magic dorms.

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