CGA: Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Kiss my ass


“Before being my disciples, all of you must understand. Cultivation does not make you strong! It is just a simple tool. A sword does not make you strong! It is just a stupid thing! If you have a sword and it makes you feel strong, it is just an illusion. You are still a coward inside your heart. So if you want to be strong, you must have a strong heart first.”

“When you fight with a sword, you are strong. When you lose your sword and you use your bare hands to attack your enemy, you are stronger. When you lose both of your hands, you use your feet to attack! When you lose your feet, you use your teeth to attack! When you lose your teeth, you still use your eyes’ look to attack! You will never give up, you will never turn your back on your enemy, you will attack them no matter what! That is how you will be the strongest under heaven! Because you have a strong heart, an unwavering heart, so you will be invincible!”

Or die faster…

Most of the disciples felt their blood boil. They thought having a strong heart was awesome. For Jaime, a strong heart, weak heart, when people die, everyone is the same; all go back to the earth. But giving motivation before asking them to work for free sure was a good investment.

“I want you to show me your strong heart! I want each of you to catch and kill a demonic beast in front of me!”

The fire of motivation died in a second. All of the disciples stared blankly at Jaime.

“No way we can do it, demonic beast are at least double or triple our strength!” The disciples whispered to each other in trembling voices.

“We have no cultivation and are weak.”

“We never learned to fight before.”

“We haven’t reached elementary realms yet, most demonic beasts are in elementary realm or higher!”

Jaime stared at them. “This is the test of your heart, if you cannot do it…. Just move back, it is not because of your weak talent or weak body. It is all about your weak heart! That weakness will cause you to never be strong. Even if a god comes and bestow you all with the best cultivation ever, he won’t be able to help you if you don’t help yourself first! Your time is one week. You are hundred and twenty so hunt 120 demonic beast.”

“We can’t do it. We are doomed… it is too hard… a demonic beast…” most disciples were already scared to death.

F**k these cowardly young masters. How can they be so stupid like 1 point intelligence demonic beast? What do they eat every day! Sweet Potatoes! If I don’t help them, they won’t help me either.

“You want to be strong, but before facing a problem, you have shown your ugly heart! How can you become strong if you don’t push yourself out of your weakness! When you are weak, use your brain to kill the strong! Do you know what kill the pig mother! Its stupidity! You are a bunch of pigs, do you want to follow you mother to hell!”

“You are 120 disciples; can’t you just gang up on one demonic beast together? If you feel ashamed of using 120 to gang up on one, just make your group ten or five and start hunting one demonic beast at the time. Find the most stupid demonic beast to gang up on. Find the easiest one to bully. You can also make traps; pitfall-traps, net traps, bow traps, honey traps or sweet beauty traps. As long as each of you can kill one demonic beast in front of me, I don’t care how you are going to do it. Overcome your weakness and have a strong heart!”

Suddenly there were a lot of smile on their faces, they were young masters from rich families, and they were masters of ganging up and bullying the weak.

Jaime added his speech. “I will write down some herbs, if you can collect the herbs and give it to me in a week; you will also get  cleaning meridian and blood pills. After that you can start to cultivate. The cultivation I will give you is not Double Moon Sect Cultivation. It is ten times much better than Double Moon Cultivation!”

Some of the future disciples stared at Jamie in disbelief.

“How do you think I could fight with thousands of people? The Double Moon Cultivation? Hmmm… even if I have time, I won’t cultivate that broken cultivation. Each of you, who want the complete information of Double Moon Cultivation can pay me 1,000 spiritual stones, I will give you a whole level of cultivation, from Elementary Realm straight to the Patriarch Realm. I don’t even want to waste my brain cells to keep that good for nothing cultivation information.”

The self-proclaimed Jaime’s disciples couldn’t help gasping for breath. Some of the people outside the self-proclaimed disciples heard it and felt interested, because 13 chapters of Holy Double Moon Cultivation are known as one of the top five best cultivation in the whole continent.

“Master.” An outsider raised his voice.

“You haven’t paid five spiritual stones, so you can’t call me master. Just call me senior.” Jaime showed an arrogant face.

“If you really have a tenth times better cultivation, can you show it to us? So we will believe you.”

“Hmmm…” Jaime sneered. “Of course I can show it to you. But how much are you willing to pay me? I will consider it for 1,000 spiritual stones.”

“I don’t have that much money.”

“Haven’t your parents taught you? No money, do not talk. Hide yourself in the corner and collect your money like working ants before you start talking!”

The outsider became angry. “You speak rubbish. Your story and cultivation are all bullshit! People becoming your disciple only paid 5 spiritual stones and you asked a thousand spiritual stone from me just for a show, I am sure you are just a scammer! You can’t show me anything because you have nothing!”

Jaime laughed. “Do you even know how being a master and disciple is a bond that is worth millions of gold? Eh, millions of spiritual stones? Being disciples mean they must listen to their Master. Being Master means he must give all of his best to his disciples. How can I be stingy to my future disciples? Not saying taking five spiritual stones from them, if they show a strong heart, I will even give them five thousands spiritual stones instead.”

“After being my disciples, I will teach them everything I know, not only the best cultivation; I will also teach them how to make pills, learning formations, and all my knowledge. So when they become strong, they won’t put my name to shame! When they put their name in history as the strongest martial artists, my name will be in history too! How could I be stingy to my disciples if they will make me big too! They are my blood, son, daughter, my pride, my life, and everything of mine! I will even die for them, for their glory!”

“We are your disciples, Master!” The self-proclaimed disciples yell loudly together, having knowledge of cultivation, to make pills, and formations are already too good to become true for them. But a master acknowledges them as a son and will die for their glory. They never found one before.

“Wait!” shouted Jaime. “Before accepting you as real disciples, I want you to understand what the meaning of a Master and Disciple relationship is!”

“Please enlighten us Master!”

“When a master asks you to take a beautiful lady for him, as disciple you must fulfill that request.”

“Yes we acknowledge it Master, we will bring back a beautiful lady for you right away.”

“Not one! But three!” said Jaime looked down to them. “You have to take three of the most beautiful ladies for your master!”

Many of the disciples were shocked and answered. “Please enlighten us, Master.”

“The first one is to show your obedience as a disciple. The second one is to show your loyalty and the third is…” Jaime hit his chest proudly, “is to kiss MY ASS!”


“When you kiss my ass and make me feel wonderful, I will give you everything you want. Those are the three good steps of being good disciples that you must always remember. Do you understand! When I asked you to kill my enemy, first you kill him for obedience, second you rob all his belonging and give it to me for loyalty, and the third you rob his families belonging and give it to me, for what?”

Jaime asked loudly but no one answered.

Jaime sighed. “It will take a very long time for you to understand this relationship.” Jaime wanted to tell them about his past life when he had to suck up and ass lick all his professors to have a good grade and pass his grade. When his professor said ‘one beauty’ he had to give ‘five beauties!’

“There is no such thing as a free lunch! And don’t ask for  pity. I am not a God and you are neither my son nor a prince! I owe you noting! If you want power, want to be strong. LICK MY ASS, SUCK MY D*CK, when I feel happy, I will give you what you want. If you feel wrong to do it just go back to your mommy and wish for some good master to come at your door and give you all you need. Go get a demonic beast in a week and come here if you still want to learn from me.”

Jaime turned back but suddenly Fatty Chen gave a cough. “Oh, I forgot to tell you, Fatty Chen is selling healing pills and strengthening pills. They are half price of the market price for disciples that already paid five spiritual stones. So stock up your pills before getting injured by demonic beast.”

“You are a scammer! You want to scam our money, show us proof that you are strong enough to be a master!” One of the outsiders of Jaime’s self-proclaimed disciples shouted.

“A true man needs no proof! I owe you nothing! I don’t even want you to be my disciples. Nor am I willing to show you my kindness! You don’t believe me then go back to your cave and still be weak! Who do you think you are! The lowest disciple without any disciple’s attitude wants me to lick your ass and give you proof! F**k Off! Don’t come to me crying later!” Jaime was really angry. “Fatty Chen never sell pills to outside of our future disciples!”

Jaime looked at his future disciples. “Disciples nowadays don’t know what hardship is! In my time, before I meet my Master, I had to travel to a continent, brought a thousand beauties, and millions of spiritual stones. When I gave all of those to him, you know what he said? He said he needed ten times more. I worked so hard and said NOTHING. I gave him ten times the gifts and you know what he said?”

“Kill sixty demonic beasts without any cultivation to show him my strong heart! I killed all of them without any complaint. But you … ahhhh…. you are too useless. I just asked for one from each of you and you already scream like a lady” Jaime turned around.

“Wait, you scammer! Who do you think you are, so we will let you keep talking bullshit here! I am going to beat you into a pulp. Let me see what you can do to me. I, Li Xing, will have my foot on your head” That outsider, Li Xing, called his friends and one hundred Rainbow Peak disciples answered the call. They quickly encircling Jaime, letting him have no way out.

Jaime’s face became pale.

Most of them were only level 2-9 but if one hundred of them attack together, with his level 10, he will be a meat pulp. Jaime checked his back and found no way out, Li Xing’s followers already surrounded him tightly.

His future disciples seem under a dilemma because they really wanted to see Jaime in action, their future Master. Jaime couldn’t ask them for help. So he was alone now and no one was going to help him  face the one hundred people’s attack.

Li Xing laughed “Let see how you run! You thousand killer! Scammer! Kill him!” Together, one hundred people rushed to attack Jaime.


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