CGA: Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 Defected Cultivation


“When you become a king you must think about your citizen’s health, your people’s growth and your lands fertilization. Because they are your cash cow! A healthy cow gives healthy milk. If the cow grows bigger, it gives more milk. Fertile lands will give whatever the cow needs to grow healthy and bigger. That only means more taxes!” Jaime crossed his arms and look down at Fatty Chen and his three sworn brothers. A skinny guy with a monkey face named Lu Tong, a small boy with a girly face named Zhu Bo and a handsome tall guy named Liang Xi. “I am the king and you took the taxes from them. Five spiritual stones for each disciple? Now, where is mine?”

Take the money and escape!

One glance and Jaime had known who they were. Four idiots from rich families! Each of them wearing expensive clothes, Jaime guessed they were 16 to 19 years olds, not yet twenty for sure. Jaime checked their levels. None of them had reached level 10 or the Elementary Realm. That is the only reason why those four idiots didn’t know his level. They hadn’t reached the Elementary Realm and didn’t know how to use their spiritual energy to probe the other’s identity.

Fatty Chen took out a space storage pouch and gave it to Jaime.

“Master, all of that money we collected was originally for you. We doubt that with just the four of us, you would like to teach us. So we asked the others to join hands and send bigger gifts for you, hoping you would be likely to accept us as disciples. There are 600 spiritual stones inside the storage pouch. It is not a lot but it is all we have. The pills inside, except for healing pills we used to heal Master, we dare not touch.”

“What is this place?”

Fatty Chen exchanged glances with the others. “This is the eighth division of Double Moon Sect, under Elder Huang. We are located in Rainbow Peak.”

I am still in Double Moon Sect and eighth division? They are supposed to be inner disciples, but how can their levels not even reach elementary realm.

“Why do you need me as your master? What about Elder Huang?” He can always use Book of Karma to know everything, but sometimes it is easier to ask without losing spiritual and mental energies.

“Elder Huang has been in closed cultivation for 100 years, and no one knows when he will come out from his cave.”

Jaime nodded while he started to understand the people in this universe. People learning cultivation and collecting spiritual energy into their body, usually live more than 100 years. For an Elder realm, they usually live more than 200 years.

“What about Elder Huang’s disciples? Your senior disciples, where are they?”

Fatty Chen appeared sad. “Under Elder Huang, there were five senior disciples. They were supposed to teach us. From the story I know, fifty years ago, our first senior disciples who are in the first step of True Human Realm, took a girl disciple from Violet Division and eloped. Since then he never returned. The second senior disciple became angry and went to search for the first disciple but never came back after that. From information we later received, he also eloped with first senior’s little sister.”

“Third senior disciple was the most talented and powerful one, he was in True Human Realm third step. Alas, Full Moon Division, the first and strongest division of Double Moon sect stole him and let him become their core disciple. Eighth division was left with the fourth and fifth senior disciples. Both of them were always like fire and water, they couldn’t hold it together. Each of them wished to be the leader of the other. They gathered their supporters and fought for forty-four days and nights.”

“Who was the winner?”

Lu Tong’s face turned ugly. “None of them, it was the fifth division, Black Crow’s division, which was led by Elder Hu. Elder hu is the mortal enemy of Elder Huang, Rainbow peak’s mortal enemy. He infiltrated his power into both side and made sure both of them fought to the death. Fourth and fifth senior disciple died by sneak attack and poison. After that, no one is controlling Rainbow Peak.

The Elders from the  first to seventh divisions decided to help eighth division, but the truth was, they took all the most talented and powerful disciples and left only the lowest level and the most stupid disciples.”

Jaime coughed and laughed, “So all of you are the most stupid and lowest level in this whole sect?”

“No!” shouted them in unison. Fatty Chen stood and said angrily. “That happened twenty years ago. I had not even been born yet.”

“So how are you here? How could people like you, that have not even reach elementary realm, be the inner disciples? To be an Inner disciple,  isn’t it a must have to be at least in the Junior Realm?” Jaime remembered that people under Elementary Realm or in the Elementary Realm usually stay outside the mountain peak as an outer disciple.

Fatty Chen faced became very red and he refused to talk.

Liang Xi the handsome answered.  “Once a year, Double Moon Sect will open its door for new disciples and prepare some spots for inner disciples. At that time, thousands of people will come to try their luck to become an outer disciple. Some outer disciples will also try their luck to achieve an inner disciple’s position. The condition to be an outer disciple of Double Moon Sect is talent. Everyone must be at a least a four star or five star talent.”

Jaime suddenly laughed. “You four didn’t even reach three star talent. How could you guys have entered? Didn’t you test your talent at the door?” Jaime knew their talent from the Book of Karma.

“We are from rich families,” said Lu Tong with a sad face. “Our families needed protection from the Double Moon Sect, and were willing to pay any price to let us in. And Double Moon Sect also needs money to run their sect. We reached a mutual agreement. So, Double Moon Sect let us in and in return our families will pay annual fees and our families will have protection from Double moon.”

“Why didn’t they put you in as an outer disciple?”

Fatty Chen suddenly looked scared. “No, no, no in that place, people can easily kill an outer disciple and won’t get punish. Only killing an Inner Disciple is prohibited. So part of the agreement is that we will be inner disciples. It is for our safety.”

“But they didn’t want to teach us anything.” Zhu Bo joined. “Since Eighth division’s elder is in closed cultivation, all of the elders throw new inner disciples without talent here. So in Rainbow peak, it just like a playground for good for nothing people. No one is willing to teach us anything. After 10 years, they will just kick us out.”

“But we want to use our 10 years’ time to make our bodies strong and be useful to our families. Please teach us Master. You are Bamboo Peak’s super strong senior and pill maker, please teach us anything. Anything to make us strong and be humans,” Zhu Bo almost cried while saying that.

“Honestly, I am not a Bamboo Peak disciple.” Jaime sighed.

“I knew it! After you fought with Zhou Wei, no way Master would still be a Bamboo Peak’s disciple. Please teach us Double Moon cultivation or making pills. When we are strong enough, we will trample all of Bamboo Peak disciples to take master’s revenge.”

“It is not like that….” Jaime began to think. There were hundreds of good for nothing disciples, almost all of them are low talented, but they are loaded and have powerful family backgrounds. Using them to reach his purpose was…

Jaime flashed a devil’s smile. He suddenly knew what to do with all of these people for his own good. It is time to start his first plan in conquering the world.


In the middle of Rainbow Peak’s field there were a hundred and twenty disciples gathering. Rainbow Peak division had a total of 543 disciples but only 120 disciples were willing to pay and study from Jaime.

The other disciples laughed at them and thought they were so stupid, getting scammed by Fatty Chen blindly. Jaime didn’t mind it because he agreed with them too; these 120 disciples practically were the most stupid from all of the disciples here.

Their desires to be strong lead them to their own stupidity.

Didn’t I always say that desire is a bad thing?

“All of you could say that you are my disciples, but for now, you are not my disciples yet. All of you are not worthy to be my disciples yet. I will not be stingy by saying I only need a disciple with high talent or loaded money. All of you are equal in this life. Your birth has nothing to do with me. What I need the most is your heart!”

The 120 disciples listened carefully to Jaime’s speech.

“A heart that is craving to be strong! Every one of you have a heart, it depends on how you are going to use it. I have Double Moon Sect’s cultivation here! From the very basic to the most powerful one that only legendary cultivators in ancient times could achieve! But it has nothing to do with you.”


Last night Jaime checked his Book of Karma about Double Moon Sect’s cultivation.

[ Double Moon Sect’s Cultivation. Fu Gu Chai the founder of Double Moon Sect lived till the age of 569 and create his masterpiece cultivation, which is known as Double Moon Cultivation. This cultivation became the core of Double Moon Sect, it had 21 chapters. Consisting of cultivation to achieve Elementary Realm, Junior Realm, Senior Realm, Human Realm, Eldest Realm and Patriarch Realm.

Exchanged with 2 levels and 20 mental energies.]

Jaime shocked because how low the exchange needed was.

“Inspect more detail,” asked Jaime to the Book of Karma. Maybe he got the wrong Double Moon Cultivation.

[Double Moon Cultivation is used by Double Moon Sect which is based in Double Moon Mountain range, from the Dragon and Phoenix continent.

Double Moon Cultivation didn’t complete the Middle Realm Martial Arts and is known as a Half Step Middle Realm Martial Art.

Middle Realm Martial Arts consist of ten small realm; Normal Human Realm (level 1-9), Elementary Realm (level 10-19), Junior Realm (level 20-29), Senior Realm (level 30-39), True Human Realm (level 40-49),  Elder Realm (level 50-59),  Patriarch Realm (level 60-69),  King Realm ( level 70-79),  Emperor Realm (level 80-89),  Ancestor Realm (level 90-99).

The martial arts of the three realms was divided into three levels. The first level martial arts are known as the Middle Realm Martial Arts, the weakest martial arts. Second level martial art is divided as Demigod Martial Arts and Half Demon Martial Arts. The third level and highest martial art is divided as God Realm Martial Arts and Demon Martial Arts.

Double Moon Sect’s cultivation is known as a defected cultivation, because it only focuses on Yang energy which is usually only used by males. For females, to use this cultivation they would have to bear the side effect and won’t be able to reach more than the True Human Realm. For females, to reach Senior Realms they would cause too many side effects, as the Yang Energy will disturb the Yin energy in female bodies.

The complete Double Moon Sect Cultivation has 21 chapters but for every Patriarch that died, one chapter followed them to the grave. The reason each Patriarch kept the last chapter to their grave, and didn’t let his disciple inherit it, was because they were scared their disciple would kill them. They were scared to let their disciple be stronger than them.

Till the time Jaime arrived in the Double Moon sect, the sect had only 13 chapters left. The cultivation has no information about reaching Patriarch Realm. The cultivation is named as the 13 chapters of Holy Double Moon Cultivation.]

“So the Holy Double Moon Cultivation appears to be a piece of junk! Book of Karma, show me the best cultivation ever!”

Thousands of names appeared on the list and Jaime check the number one cultivation ever.

  1. The Cultivation of King Rakhsasa. The Main God Brahma gave a boon to a Rakhsasa named Ravana after his meditation for 10,000 years.

That boon was the cultivation of King Rakhsasa, which was used by the king of three realms previously, Maharaja Vali. Maharaja Vali was known as the King of three realms and also the killer of god Indra, the king of all gods and goddesses. He controlled three realms for a thousand years until the Main God Vishnu took him away.

Ravana, the king of demons, also used this cultivation to trample the god realm, remove  god Indra from the throne, and became the king of three realms. He only could be killed by the Main God Vishnu as Rama.

Exchanged with : 10,000 levels and 100,000 mental energies.

  1. The cultivation of king of Deva, Indra…

“10,000 levels! Could a human  ever reach that awesome level? But, if I want to be a king of three realms, I will need to have that cultivation in 100 years.” Jaime checked the lowest list and was curious what was the lowest cultivation of the best cultivation ever.

[998. Dragon and Phoenix cultivation. Fifth generation of the self-proclaimed best chef in the world, son of the self-proclaimed best symbolist of the world. His wife created a cultivation for his people from a deserted land. Together, they created Dragon and Phoenix cultivation, this cultivation has complete information to cultivate in Middle realm martial arts. This cultivation consists of Dragon cultivation for males and Phoenix cultivation for females. And has Dragon and Phoenix cultivation for male and female to cultivate together. He was self-proclaimed as the most handsome guy under heaven and presented the cultivation of Dragon and Phoenix, as a self-proclaimed best cultivation ever under heaven.

Exchanged with 20 levels and 2.000 mental energies.]

“It tenth times better than Double Moon Cultivation!”

Jaime checked his level 10. He was still a long way from achieving level 20. Speaking the truth, he really wants that cultivation. Suddenly, he smirked.

He had an idea to use all of the self-proclaimed disciples he received to the bone!

For my glory!



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