CGA: Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Zhou Wei launches attack


“I am a natural-born slayer of the women’s hearts ~~~, the knight in shining armor that a thousand beauties dream of~~ If you don’t believe me, look at how crazy this girl is chasing me! Wanting my only heart~~” Jaime was running away wildly, while Xia Xia was closing in…. chasing Jaime’s only heart madly.

A few minutes ago, when Xia Xia launched her most powerful attack at Jaime, the lowly slave threw dust in her face and shouted. “Bone poisoning dust attack!” It never crossed Xia Xia mind that Jaime, who was already dead meat in her eyes, would launch a shameful attack. The dust hit her eyes and she missed her attack.

Jaime turned around quickly and escaped for his life. Under normal conditions he would never do such a reckless move! But that crazy girl already left him with no way out.

“Following her wish will only lead me to my death, not following is death too. Better chose the best way to death. Spit at her face and die peacefully!”

He clearly understood, poisoning Xiao Yun isn’t easy. Xiao Yun definitely would kill him. His only hope now was to run as fast as he could, because 200 meters from Xia Xia’s cave was Xiao Yun’s cave. If he could get to that place before Xia Xia could catch him, he may be able to keep his heart.

“You dare to poison me and run! I will eat your heart!” Xia Xia was chasing him blindly. Jaime’s training with demonic beast showed results in his legs. He ran like the wind, giving Xia Xia a little headache. “You think you can run away from me!”

Jaime knew 200 meters was really close, but at this time it felt so far away. Xia Xia was closing the gap really quickly and launching attacks. Jaime turned to the left to avoid her blind attack. They were already 50 meters from Xiao Yun’s cave.

“Miss Xiao Yun, someone here wants to poison you and kill your husband. Quickly go out and kill her!” Jaime shouted with his entire breath.

Xia Xia was shocked and stood still at her place. She never believed that lowly slave would dare  bring her to the Xiao Yun’s cave. If she knew he would go to Xiao Yun’s cave, she would have used all of her strength to kill that lowly human. Alas her eyes couldn’t see where she was going.

Using that moment of Xia Xia’s uncertainty, Jaime snuck inside of Xiao Yun’s cave and didn’t dare to move out! Xia Xia also didn’t dare to continue her chase. She was simply confused. She didn’t know if Xiao Yun will protect that slave.

And husband….?

Xia Xia laughed, that slave seemed that he wanted to be a lucky fisherman by forcing them to fight each other. Even if that slave told Xiao Yun that she wanted to poison her, who would believe a slave. She just needed to deny it.

“Xiao Yun! A slave runs into your cave. He threw dirt on my face. I have to kill him. Please kill him for me or kick him out.” The Bone Poison that Jaime threw on her before turned out to be normal earth dust. She was angrily swearing to chopped Jaime into a million pieces.

Inside the cave, Jaime saw Xiao Yun waking from her meditation. She asked nothing, just glanced at Jaime and walked out. Outside the cave, without saying anything to her, she flashed to Xia Xia’s spot. Still not saying anything, her hand moved and slapped Xia Xia really hard.

“You!” Xia Xia was shocked and didn’t believe what just happened.

Xiao Yun slapped Xia Xia’s face hard again.

“You!!” Xia Xia couldn’t evade the attack, Xiao Yu’s movement was too fast for her.

Xiao Yun’s foot moved swiftly and kicked Xia Xia. Making Xia Xia fly twenty meters back, spilling out a mouthful of blood.

“What are you doing to me? I am your senior sister! I will tell  Master Fan!”

“Silence! You bother me! Step away from my place!” Xiao Yun turned around and left Xia Xia alone. Inside the cave she just glanced at Jaime and went back to her meditation. Jaime peeked out of the cave, his eyes locked  with Xia Xia eyes.

Jaime raised his middle finger to Xia Xia and spoke slowly and softly. “You ugly Bitch, go to hell!” Xia Xia heard it and  again spilled a mouthful of blood because of anger. She really wanted to cook that little monkey alive.

Jaime knew his place; it was to live only in Xiao Yun’s cave.  He didn’t dare to move out from Xiao Yun place even a single step. He ignored all of his work to feed the 27 pigs, and focused all his attention to make more pills. Healing pills are his aim, for a person scare to die like him, they were a must have pills.

Every time he succeeded in making pills, he would faint for a half a day. He was inside Xiao Yun’s cave for a week. He made 100 First Dragon pills, 50 Strengthen pills and 200 healing pill. The strengthen pill he made was [Thousand Horse pill]; it was three times better than [Heavenly Ox pill]. As for the healing pills, he made [Heaven Drop pill], it is five times better than [Whiter Flower pill].

As for the [Frist Dragon pill] he only used one Dragon Fruit’s seed to created 100 low-level [Frist Dragon pills] which were like the pill sold at  Double Moon market.

In his free time, Jaime made a space storage pouch. He cut a soft demonic beast’s skin as big as two hands. He then drew complex looking symbols and formations in the middle of it. In his mind, he already had information and experience in making space storage pouches. He even could make the pouch with his eyes closed. But his problem was his low-level and insufficient spiritual and mental energies.

Working half a day without rest, he tried to squeeze every ounce of his energy to make one space storage pouch. Unlike normal storage pouches with space of 5-10 meter cubic inside the small pouch, Jaime only succeeded in making a space storage pouch with 2 meter cubic space inside. The space inside the pouch wasn’t even stable and could only hold for two or three months. Usually, normal storage pouch will last for thousands of years.

All of this was caused by his low-level, low mental, and spiritual energies.

In those few days Xiao Yun had succeeded in cleaning out her wild Yang’s energy, which were usually rampaging and causing her in pain. She completely drove them out from her meridians.

Now she wanted to break through the bottle neck of the Senior Realm. Jaime gave her 10 [First Dragon] pills, 10 strengthen pills, 20 healing pills, and he kept the rest for himself.

Even after throwing out all of his daily work, Jaime didn’t find other disciples daring to make a move and trying to take his head. Most of them knew what happened between Xiao Yun and Xia Xia. For now, they only could ignore Jaime. Since that slave was taken by the most talented disciple of Bamboo Peak, no one dare to complain.

But a new problem occurred; Jaime didn’t have enough food with him. Xiao Yun didn’t need food as much as him. She was a cultivation junkie. When Xiao Yun meditates, she didn’t eat anything and even when she went out to eat, she never brought back any food for Jaime.

He felt so hungry sitting there with all his belongings in his storage pouch that were not food. He patiently waited for the night to come so he could sneakily hunt food. As the nocturnal animals started singing, he woke up and  in the middle of the night, he quickly made his way to the river where he laid his fish traps down. Believing that Xia Xia was already being a sleeping beauty, he only needed a few minutes to pack all the fishes into his pouch.

At that time a pair of eyes looked at Jaime running in the forest and smiled. “You are out at last! It’s time to collect your bones!” The shadow let Jaime go far away from Bamboo peak, far from Xiao Yun’s detection.

Jaime jumped in the river; quickly he took out the fish traps out from the water.

“Hey slave!”

Jaime was shocked, his heart jumped out and turned back. “Xia Xia?”

The shadow walked closer.

“Zhou Wei?” Jaime didn’t believe what he saw under the moonlight.

“What are you doing inside Xiao Yun’s cave?” Zhou Wei appeared angry and full of killing intent.

“This lowly slave was cleaning the cave and the bushes around the cave.” Jaime walked backward; he could feel that Zhou Wei wanted to do something really bad to him. “I worked really hard to clean the cave floor; even flies would get a sprained leg when they land on the floor.”

“I don’t care.” Zhou Wei closed the gap and raised his hand to attack.

“Why!” Jaime turned his body around, running away with the river’s flow.

“You’re a cockroach! Dare to hang around Xiao Yun! It’s already enough for you to die a hundred times!”


“Brother, as I know, we are here for peeking at Xiao Yun’s body.” A Fatty hiding in the bushes stared at the river. “But, seem like we will watch Bamboo Peak’s disciples killing each other because of Xiao Yun!”

“He is Zhou Wei, a nephew of Elder Fan and the most talented disciple before Xiao Yun. I heard he is Xiao Yun diehard lover. Quickly run, if he knows we are here for peeking at Xiao Yun’s body, we will die for sure!” A skinny boy face paled. “We should go now!”

“We really have no luck, since two months ago Xiao Yun always takes a bath at night weekly, but has already been two weeks. She didn’t show up. Let’s run! We are too weak to face Zhou Wei, even hundreds of us will only be like chickens facing a lion.” Four people moved out from their hidden spot and escaped quickly.

Zhou Wei heard something from the nearest bushes and yelled. “Whose there! Get out here or this granddaddy will kill you!” He has putting all of his senses on high alert since the beginning, because he was really scared that Xiao Yun would rush to help Jaime. He didn’t want to be the second Xia Xia.

“Xiao Yun, I already told you! Our traps will surely catch whoever wants to kill me. This time not Xia Xia but Zhou Wei! Please kill him. He wants to kill me, your lover! Your future husband!”

Zhou Wei glared at Jaime who was escaping quickly, getting further and further away and became confused. Is this just a trap and Xiao Yun has already locked on him?

Zhou Wei quickly shouted to the bushes, “Junior Xiao Yun, I am not going to kill him. I’m just asking him about his work!” A few minutes later and the only answer Zhou Wei got was from a lonely owl. He was cheated!

“I will kill you slave!!!” If looks could kill, Jaime would have died a thousand times and turned into ashes. Zhou Wei flashed quickly following the river. Finally, he found Jaime struggling to swim along the river flow. Zhou Wei knew, fifty meters ahead of the river was a waterfall. Jaime will die if he fell….

Or he will live…

“Double moon fist crushes mountain!” Zhou Wei attacked with the strongest attack he knew. He had to make sure Jaime died. The attack waves hit Jaime’s back and caused the river around him to explode. Jaime shot inside the water and threw up a mouthful of blood. His rib bones broke into many pieces. He lost his consciousness while his body was taken by the river’s flow.

“Do you think you can run with your body intact?” Zhou Wei took his sword out and attacked again at Jaime’s body. “Double moon thousand swords!”

Zhou Wei sword’s attack turned in to hundreds of illusionary swords and hit Jaime’s body in the water. Jaime’s head separated from his body. His hands and legs were also all removed from his main body. Zhou Wei could see Jaime’s head fall in the waterfall, followed by his body and his separated hands and legs.

A smile hung on Zhou Wei’s face, he felt satisfied. He was a very careful person. If he wanted to kill, he will make sure his victim head separated from his body to dismiss any future trouble.

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