CGA: Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Dark skinned Princess

“Life is so simple! We live, we die, we long for something, fight for what we believe in, and jump into fire for what we believe! And we die with a smile on our face, because we had done our best in that life.”

“For humans, killing people is easy. Killing your own heart is the hardest thing to do, because your heart won’t say logic to you and just betray you for no reason. Trust is something so fragile. For someone you love, you hide the truth from them, sometimes for a really selfish reason. And loyalty is something very delicate. You have to keep feeding loyalty till its fire dies, exhausted. But when it meets love, loyalty will just bend to it without reason and forget what it ate to grow up.”

Jaime looked at the demonic beast and took a deep breath to fill his lungs.

“Arrgghhhh help meeee!!!!! Jaime screamed loudly and ran as fast as he could. “Help meee!!! Help meee!!! I am going to die!! Pleaseee help me anyone!!”

The demonic beast groaned. It ran faster and faster to chase Jaime.

As Jaime ran to his group, they kept shoo-ing him away.

“Go away! Don’t run here, find another way! If you come here, I am going to kill you. Take the beast away from us!” They swung their swords at him.  

Jaime quickly turned the other way and kept running.

“Help! Help me!” shouted Jaime while running.

“Hei!” One young girl suddenly ran next to Jaime. She ran side by side with him. “Young man, need my help?”

“Who are you? You are just as young as me!” Jaime glanced at her. “Your skin is dark are you okay? You didn’t get burnt?”

“No, I was born like this.”

The two of them quickly jumped to overcome a fallen tree, the demonic beast just crushed it as it is passed.

“Do you need my help?”

“Sure.” Jaime nodded quickly.

“How much you are willing to pay?” ask the dark-skinned girl. “I can help you, with the right price!”

“Damn, you are extorting me! I am just a lowly servant. How can I have money?”

“Then, bye!” The girl gave the sweetest smile ever and ran ahead of Jaime.

“Damn you rich girl, you are a rich academy student. Yet you extort me!” The demonic beast’s horn touch Jaime butt. “I have no money but if you kill this demonic beast, I am going to cut its demonic core for you, I will cook for you, just keep me safe!”

The dark-skinned girl grinned and took out her two swords. She jumped back and threw her two swords at the beast, the swords pierce its skin a little bit. Using her body force, her foot stepped on the sword’s handle and pushed it deeper.

The sword sank into the demonic beast’s body. The Hundred Horns Rhino squeaked then fell miserably.

Jaime sat, exhausted and gave applause. “You are doing great. Really great, two thumbs for you.”

“Shut your mouth and no need to kiss my ass. Just quickly take out it’s core. I don’t have all day, my time is expensive, you won’t be able to afford it!” The girl forcefully pulled out her swords.

“Good, really good, this daddy is rich beyond your imagination!” Jaime was angry.

“Rich your shit, you are just a lowly servant backpacking kitchen ware. What you have, how can I not know. Keep your bullshit and pay me for helping you.” The girl glanced at Jaime angrily. “Move your ass now or I will kill you! It is already my bad luck meeting you.”

“Yes Ma’am!” Jaime ran to the demonic beast and quickly stabbed on its head. Quickly took out its core. “This is your core miss.”

“Hmm, I must approve of you,  you really have the skill.” She didn’t believe that Jaime could take out the core so fast without seeing it.

“Are you okay?” Teacher Huo appeared before them. “I heard that you asked for help, turned out you are okay.”

“Teacher Huo, this lovely dark-skinned young woman, the most beautiful young girl ever, with the sexiest body I ever saw, she help me.” Jaime bowed to that young girl. “Teacher Huo, how is my group? Are they running back to academy?”

“No one is allowed back to academy before twenty days. They are waiting for you now.”

“Teacher Huo, you are as beautiful as a goddess of the moon which our villages always pray. Your kindness and your beauty shines like a sun.” Jaime eyes shone. “That group, I don’t want to be with again. I better choose to die than be with them. Once they promised to protect me from danger. Yet, they left me behind. When I ran to them, they chased me out. I don’t want to follow them again. My parents only have me for the clan successor. Please, just let me back to academy. I am really scared already.”

Teach Huo looked Jaime full of sympathy. “En, you can go back to the academy.”


“Teacher Huo, who is this young boy?” The dark-skinned women asked.

“Ah… Chu Mie, this boy is a helper of Chef Bai. He was helping the group without servants cook demonic beast.” Teach Huo looked around. “Where is your group?”

“I left them; they are simply too slow and dragged me back. I don’t have a helper to cook my demonic beasts, can he follow me?” Chu Mie eyes shone jovially.


“No!” Jaime cut Teacher Huo speaking.

“A Niu, Chu Mie already helped you, she can protect you. I will talk to your master Chef Bai, just follow Chu Mie okay. Chu Mie will give you 20 tael of gold after this…”

“He is not my master…” Jaime spoke but Teacher Huo was already gone.

Chu Mie smiled smugly as the result was announced. “Be grateful, because you are going to work with the greatest, Chu Mie. Be honored, because I let you follow me, at the end of these hunting days, I will give you more than 20 tael of gold. I will let you have 20 tael of gold and 1 bronze coin. See how good this sister is to you?”

“You are super stingy!” cursed Jaime but kept following Chu Mie. One demonic beast core has a price of one spiritual stone which equals 100 tael of gold.

As they both walked together suddenly there was a shout, “Help me! Please help me!”

Chu Mie was grinning from ear to ear. “Money! Brat keep following me!”

“You keep calling me brat, our ages are the same little miss!” Jaime protested but Chu Mie had already jumped far away to the source of the voice. Her body was really light like a bird.

Who is that little young girl?

[Chu Mie, 14 years old, Level 19, an only successor of a small kingdom of Deserted Forest. It is a small kingdom created by five different tribes to support each other out from extinction, yet they can’t stop their kingdom from declining slowly. Kingdom of Liberty is their sworn enemy.]

Jaime scratched his head. In Dragon and Phoenix continent, there are three big kingdoms which were really powerful. They are White Lion Kingdom in the central continent, Wu Imperial in south continent, and Ice Wind Empire in North continent.

Yet there are almost one hundred small kingdoms that spread throughout the entire continent….. they are not actually kingdoms for sure. It’s just that when big kingdoms appeared, small tribes began to join together and protect their own territories from being dismissed. They built a small kingdom. Small kingdoms are like a Lord of one province and they pay tribute to one of the three biggest kingdoms. As for the fight between small kingdoms, big countries usually didn’t care about it. They only care when they don’t pay the tribute.

“Give me one spiritual stone so I will help you kill the demonic beast,” shouted Chu Mie at one group which was fleeing from the demonic beast chase. “Do we have a deal?”

“Quickly, quickly kill the demonic beast. I will give you the spiritual stone!”

Chu Mie grinned with delight and quickly swung out her two swords. She handled the demonic beast on level 18 beautifully.

“A Niu! Quickly take the core!” Chu Mie shouted as she went to the other student to collect her money. Jaime took out his knife and got the beast core in 15 seconds.

“A Niu follow me, there is another scream. I must save them before they get hurt! I am the heroine saving the handsome!”

Jaime rolled his eyes. “You mean, quickly take the chance and the money before a teacher comes to help them!”

They did that heroine saving handsome till late at night.

At night, Jaime cooked some of the demonic beast’s meat for dinner and was surprised as he glanced at Chu Mie. That girl was really a princess and her eating etiquette was so….. elegant.

She sat on the ground; raised one of her legs, used bare hands to grabbed the meat and ate like a hungry ghost. Her mouth was full yet her hand took another piece of meat and burped loudly.

“This stuff really s’good!” Chu Mie burped again.

“Ah, my eyes hurt. You really are a shame for a pretty woman.” Jaime couldn’t handle it again. He got the tent from his back pack and built it. Jaime entered the tent and felt comfy.

“Ahhh~~~ thanks for the food and my tent!” Chu Mie entered the tent and slept.

“Wait! Wait, whose tent do you think this is?” Jaime protested.

“My tent of course.” Chu Mie grinned. “Ah, how about this is our tent, you know, our love nest.”

Jaime eyes completely opened as big as a full moon. “We aren’t married yet, we haven’t even whispered to each other softly, or start kissing shyly. What do you think people will say if they found out we are inside the tent together, at night!” Jaime stood angrily. “What people will think about me and my virginity?”

He hastily exited the tent. “You are a crazy girl! You are beautiful like a goddess yet your attitude is like a barbarian girl!”

Jaime took out his storage pouch, and searched General Long’s items. Inside, there was a tent talisman. It was a small talisman as big as a small stone. As Jaime poured his spiritual energy into the talisman, the tent suddenly became bigger and bigger. Most high-ranking military servants have that talisman.

“Wow, it is truly good stuff.” Jaime was amazed by the stuff in the tent as well. From outside the tent it looked like a usual tent. Jaime then entered Chu Mie’s tent because he wanted to mock her. But then he saw Chu Mie crossing her legs and counting her spiritual stones and demonic beast’s cores on the floor. She was grinning nonstop and her eyes looked possessed.

Crazy girl!

Jaime was scared and chose not to bother that abnormal girl anymore. Jaime entered his own tent and quickly crossed his legs. He hadn’t counted his robbing spoils since he got them. He took out storage pouches and checked its sign. Every storage pouch had a sign of  which room the stuff was taken from. One room, one storage pouch, there were thirty-six storage pouches.

Jaime grinned nonstop and his eyes looked possessed.


After fifteen days, thirty people encircle Chu Mie and Jaime.

“Chu Mie I think I let you break loose for too long already. It is time for you to give me your demonic beast’s cores.”

“Gou Jie!” Chu Mie saw a man, that moved to her. His face was full of arrogance and he thought, that the world revolved around him as the core.

“First prize for this year’s hunting demonic beast is a Golden Lion Hawk beast. That beast is mine to soar into the sky, so don’t ever think of taking it from me!” Gou Jie checked out Jaime while he spoke.

“Young master!” Jaime quickly bowed. “This lowly servant only follows Miss Chu Mie to get a little bit of money. If you throw me a little money I will quickly walk away. If you don’t throw me money, I will walk away too. See you…”

“Traitor!” shout Chu Mie to Jaime.

“Traitor with a longer life is better then dead body! Have a nice day facing thirty people; half of them are on a higher level than you!” Jaime ran away and Gou Jie’s people let him go. Since the beginning, they never put their eyes on Jaime who brought only a big backpack.

Chu Mie eyes redden. She wanted the first prize so she could go back to her kingdom quickly. Using a horse or demonic beast through land, she would need six months to reach her kingdom. Flying with a demonic beast; it will only take one week! She had been waiting for years and trained her body to the maximum without rest all for the first prize. How can she let it pass like this?

She was more than willing to die with Gou Jie then let that arrogant young master have it!


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  2. At night, Jaime cooked some of the demonic beast’s meat for dinner and was surprised as he glanced at Chu Mie. That girl was really a princess and her eating etiquette was so….. elegant.
    She sat on the ground; raised one of her legs, used bare hands to grabbed the meat and ate like a hungry ghost. Her mouth was full yet her hand took another piece of meat and burped loudly.
    “This stuff really s’good!” Chu Mie burped again.

    Wow, about as elegant as my real life sister 😀 Really, I stopped caring about girls burping a long time ago, haha. But this made me laugh big time, nice one author.

    I wonder if she’s the 2nd of 1000 that he will conquer, hahaha. I kinda hope he will help her, let’s see. He should be really high level now after helping kill so many, plus that a lot of people died in the city and he should’ve leveled up a lot there too…


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