CGA: Chapter 29


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Chapter 29 Great soldier

“Imagine you discover your friend has a secret, will you confront him? Will you stay silent? Either way, you know, nothing will be the same anymore. Once, there was a guy, a friend, he caught a girl stealing his laptop. Well, he turned that girl in to the police. I said to that guy, he must have forgiveness, never to ruin anyone’s life by sending them to the police.”

“You are supposed to let her go after having s*x with her. She will choose to make you happy than face the cops. So next time when you find your friends secret, make out a good bargain. Never ruin their lives by sending them to jail.”

In this place, people sure love to kill each other. Jaime saw soldiers getting killed like dogs. Their movements were simply too slow for the academy students. The students were more spirited after they knew how easy it was to kill them. They were simply born to bully.

“Stop all of this!” General Long Chang flew and landed on one building roof. “Why have you, Academy of White Lion, started a war with my soldiers?”

Teacher Kok laughed. “It is your soldier who started war with us. He said that I am the robber and wanted to process me. Don’t you think that you are giving no face to us?” He caught Ji An and threw it to General Long. “Ask your own subordinate.”

“You started this war?” General Long Chang eyes coldly asked Ji An.

“General, it wasn’t like that. They just appeared and killed the soldiers without saying anything. They started the war first.” Ji An scared.

Teacher Kok laughed loudly. “So? I appeared and started the killing? It is okay too. I started the war, so what!”

“Good! Good! Good!” One loud voice came and caused all of the people to feel shocked. “I, General Guan, truly like the spirit of White Lion Academy. My daughter is one of the students of the academy; today I will protect my daughter and lend her my entire five thousands soldier to clean up this city from General Long soldiers.” One general with twenty of his subordinates stepped on the building roof looking at General Long.

Suddenly another voice came. “I, General Song, will also lend my soldiers for the academy to clean up that scum. General Long Chang son, Long Yu stole my thirty sixth son’s weapon. It was my birthday present for him. Now, it is good time to pay back an old debt!” One more general with his ten subordinates landed on the building roof.

Ji An face turned so white, he knew today, all of his brothers will die because of him. But will he admitted his fault and let the academy take his own head and stop the massacre?

“General,” said Ji An knelt. “This academy teacher was looking down on General Long, so I asked them politely to give face to General. Instead of taking our good will, they spit on me and killed ten of my brothers. All I ask from them is to just give face to General Long who I love. I am willing to die to protect the dignity of General Long.”

“Well said.” Teacher Kok nodded his head.

“Good soldier,” said General Guan.

“Well spoken.” General Song agreed.

General Long almost vomited blood. He was so angry, by knowing his lowly soldier truly caused this big trouble for such a simple reason. With the biggest academy and two generals willing to have war with him, he won’t be able to smile even if he wanted. He didn’t catch the thief, yet invited three tigers to his house.

General Long used his sword to cut Ji An hands fiercely. “You speak the truth or I will kill you. There is no way the biggest academy in this city will give no face to me. Who are you! Are you a spy who tried to cause us to fight each other?”

“Arrggh…. No, I am really your soldier.” Ji An never thought he would anger the general.

“Then tell me the truth what happened!” General Long Chang eyes became red.

Sacrifice yourself and stop the war Idiot! And you will be the only one needed to die today.

“No! Don’t tell him,” said the Teacher Kok. “Our students need more killing experience.”

“Soldier, have faith in what you believe!” General Guan spoke.

“Soldier, tell your general. You were not the first to start the war, or all of your families will be hanged under military law. Don’t put your ancestors to shame.” General Song also spoke his mind. “Tell your general you are not wrong!”

Ji An was scared that his family would be killed too. “General Long, it was White Lion Academy who started the war! Believe me!”

“Good!” Teacher Kok shouted. “Don’t stop! Start the massacre of General Long’s soldiers!”

“Give command to all soldiers to start killing General Long’s soldiers.” General Guan eyes locked on General Long. “They rampage through the city and cause trouble!”

“All troops, move out!” said General Song and smiled.

Well, General Long was never the favorite between all of the generals. But he was not the worst one. It is just when a wild wolf is being injured, his friends won’t let go of the chance to take a chunk out and eat his meat, and leave only the bones. The Long family has a few good places for earning money; like the merchants hall, transportation business, and owns a big place in the city. Killing General Long will let the other generals take his business area and cut their competitor.

If it can profit them, they will even put their nose in the fire. Then why not show their nose in ganging up on a weak general while the Academy of White Lion will take all the blame.

General Long wanted to cry but he couldn’t. He didn’t know how all of this could happen.

He stood there and let all of the soldiers fight. General Guan and General Song were both in the Patriarch realm. As long as General Long doesn’t move, neither would they.

“How can these all happen!” cried General Long in anguish and agony.

Suddenly a voice transmission entered his ear.

“Long Yu stole everything of mine two weeks ago. One empty storage pouch, so I take his everything. About this war, Ji An started it, not me. Don’t blame it on me. I am innoncent.”

General Long quickly searched the surrounding, trying to find who sent him the voice transmission. That time a black thing suddenly appeared and shot at him. General Long caught the black wooden box. It is a box to hide five storage rings for the Long’s family emergency fund. Except it was empty now.

General Long hand shook, he shouted. “Thief I am going to kill you now!” He wanted to go on a rampage and turn everything upside down to find the thief. Never did he think, that as he started to move, General Song and General Guan launched their attack together and hit his chest hard.

General Long flew far away, vomited blood and quickly escaped, he couldn’t win this fight. He speedily flew to his residence.

“Where is Long Yu!” Long Chang never felt so angry before and vomited more blood.

Long Yu appeared with a trembling body.

“Tell me have you ever stolen an empty storage pouch two weeks ago.”

Long Yu face hardens and knelt. “I have never stolen anything. I promise. Father always gave me enough money to buy everything I wanted. Why do I need to steal?”

“Call out Lao Du and Long Yu’s two bodyguards!”

In no time, Lao Du and the two bodyguards appeared. Without saying anything General Long used his sword to remove Lao Du legs. “Two weeks ago, did Long Yu steal a storage pouch?!”

Lao Du was crying in pain and quickly said. “Yes, yes, young master stole an empty storage pouch from a young beggar at the Thousand Treasures Pavilion. Young master asked the bodyguards to gang up on the young beggar.”

General Long Chang trembled in anger. “I asked you to watch young master and you let him steal a thing and cause trouble for me!” The two bodyguards died on the spot, hit by General Long terrific aura. “And you Long Yu, have I ever not giving you enough money to buy everything you wanted? And still you stole that worthless storage pouch. And caused our Long Family to cease… tell me what I should do to you!”

“It can’t be because of me!” protest Long Yu. “That storage pouch, I stole was from a young beggar! He is at most on the elementary realm at that time. No way is he the robber.”

Long Chang kicked Long Yu very hard. “You should start using your head, why would a mere beggar have cultivation! He must be with a powerful sect; did you see how they cleaned out everything in one night? They, at least, needed forty storage pouches! How many sects do you think can have forty storage poaches in this continent?”

“And you, have you ever stolen General Song sixth son’s weapon!”

“No, I have not!”

General Long Chang looked at Lou Du.

Lou Du frightened. “There was a saber that young master brought. He told Master that he bought it from auction. The truth is he stole it from Song Ye, thirty sixth son of General Song.”

Long Yu could only be silent.

General Long Chang sat on his chair and his face suddenly ages, like he just passed twenty years in one day.


That night, there was no more General Long or Long Family in White Eagle City. General Long’s residence was emptied. No one knew where General Long and all of his family went. The last news heard was General Long and some of his soldiers leaving from the north gate under heavy protection. They never came back again.

As for the demonic beast hunting, it was totally out of the question. The students of the academy were totally fine, just having a little scratches and they already swallowed ten healing pills.

How can these kind of people die?

The reason they cancelled the hunting beast is because their clothes were full of sweat and blood and they wanted hot water to take a bath.


The next day, Jaime followed ten young disciples walking through the forest. Same group from yesterday, four guys walked ahead and never stopped braging about how they killed soldiers yesterday.

“I killed twelve!”

“I killed twenty!”

“No way! I just killed thirty and I am already so sad. I was supposed to kill hundreds of them.”

“Then why not kill them more?’

“It will cause me to sweat and be dirty, so I stopped at thirty.”

“Today, if I find a demonic beast, I will kill it alone. Please give me the honor.” One young master bowed politely.

“How can I, I will kill the beast first. My sword is already hungry for blood.” One young master swung his expensive sword.

“Me, I will take it down in one hit.” One young master hit the air a few times.

“This daddy will kill it!” One young master hit his chest with proud.

The young girl students also had nonstop chit chatting about who is the most handsome guy in academy, who is the coolest, and so on. Jaime sighed and could only follow them in silence.

“Yoo.. A Niu, don’t worry about your safety, we will protect you!” said one guy to Jaime. “Just make sure you cook our prey tastefully. We will surely pay you handsomely later!”

“Yeah we will protect you!” said another guy.

“Don’t worry, we are good people,” said one girl.

“Demonic Beast!” shouted one guy suddenly.

“My prey!” one guy’s eyes shone.

One Hundred Horn Rhino rushed at them angrily. It was surely big and appeared really scary with its hundred horns erected.

“Run!” Not knowing who shouted that word, the ten of them turned around and started to run.

“It is so scary!”

“Run, I don’t want to fight demonic beasts anymore!”

“It is so big!”

Jaime sighed. The same person who said he wanted to protect him turned out to be the first to run. The demonic beast rushed at him and the ten people were already gone from Jaime’s eyes.

“Seems like I need to show off my real power a little!”


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  2. General Long Chang sat on his chair and his face suddenly ages, like he just passed twenty years in one day.

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