CGA: Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Heaven-sent Robber

“When you are lucky, you can get everything you want easily. Money will come to you like water in the river, beauties will never stop chasing you, and people will keep offering food and drink for you. When your luck is gone, money will fly away from you, no matter how hard you try to catch it, you won’t be able to get it. Not saying beauties, even ugly bitches will act like a high angel looking at you like a cockroach. Even the food which is already in your mouth would be hard to swallow. Even if you eat it, you will vomit more than what you just put in your mouth.”

Jaime felt the same. Just one month ago he had millions of spiritual stones, now after one week of begging, he couldn’t even get one spiritual stone. Life is so hard to predict.

Before leaving double moon sect a month ago…

“Elder Meng,” Jaime patted his shoulder. “I have money from selling pills and taking from Elder Hu and Elder Fan. It is more than two million spiritual stones. All of this will be Double Moon Sect’s money; I hope you can use it wisely for raising this sect. There’s also some left over pills and Patriarch Realm Demonic beast’s meat and blood. I will leave it for you and this sect.”

Jaime took out one green jade information. “Inside this jade there are the original 21 chapters of Double Moon Sect’s cultivation. But this cultivation is known as a defected cultivation, so I modified that cultivation into Ying Yang Double Moon Cultivation. Yang Double Moo Cultivation is for men and Ying Double Moon Cultivation is for women cultivators. It has 30 chapters which including how to reach Ancestor Realm.” Jaime took some information from Dragon and Phoenix’s cultivation and refined it into Ying Yang Double Moon Cultivation.

“Patriarch Jaime!” Elder Meng quickly knelt. “With that much money and new cultivation method, we will surely raise our sect. I will take it to the peak in 5 years! You are the greatest!”

“Yeah, it is all my money.” Jaime left with only one hundred spiritual stones for himself.

As of how he had gone from all of his disciples…. it was for the sake of being cool. Like a hero closing the curtain. He took out three spiritual stones and used them for boosting his speed to the maximum. It would be funny if he wanted to disappear from the others, putting on the act of a super hero, only to have them all suddenly catch up with him, so lame.

Moving out from Double Moon Sect, Jaime walked to the nearest and biggest city and cultivated with spiritual stones on the road, from level 5 he rose to level 12. It was White Eagle City, third biggest city in the continent, located in the central west continent. In that place, there were sect branches, military generals, gangsters, bandits and all sorts of things.

“I need to see what kind of place this continent is before I make it mine.” Nearing White Eagle city, he was suddenly stopped by twenty ugly people.

“I opened this road, I planted this tree, I picked the stone and I cleaned the road every day so people can travel comfortably. If you want to pass this road you have to pay toll fees!”

“Then I won’t use this road,” said Jaime turning around.

“Too late, you are already on the road, we the Band of Eagle Bandits must be paid or you will regret it!”

“You dare!” shouted Jaime angry. This lowly people dare to rob him, the Patriarch of Double Moon Sect. “Let us fight!”

After a few great fights, which Jaime said, as the greatest fight he ever fought, exchanged thousands of hits and ten thousand of kicks, Jaime left black and blue with nothing in his pocket.

“I fought with twenty people in the Elder Realm, level 50, in my Elementary Realm, level 12! I accept my lost!”


“Brothers do you remember when we rob a young guy? Which turn out to be a rich kid with a space storage pouch and seventy spiritual stones inside it?” Asked one bandit felt nostalgic.

“Yeah the one we let off because we thought he was a kid of some powerful family and didn’t like to attract his family to kill us. Why?”

The bandit smiled, “It is just funny remembering how arrogant he was at first but after one brother hit him once, he quickly gave everything he had to all of us.”

“Yeah…. only one hit. He is smart.”

“Really coward! Huahaaha…”


“Now I am the poorest person in whole Great White Eagle city and focusing on being a happy beggar.” Jaime sat beside one building.

White Eagle city was surely an awesome big city with millions of people living there. People built their houses with stone and mostly wood. Rich people used stone houses, poor people had no house. This White Eagle city had a width of two hundred fifty kilometers, there were four walls surrounding the city. One of the walls was connected with the high mountain, which created a natural defense against enemies.

“This place truly is beautiful, but without money wherever you go will be same, full of hardship. Brothers,” said Jaime to one beggar right beside him. “I think after looking at so many beggars in this city, we are supposed do something big like creating beggar sect. You know, once there was a famous beggar sect with a king of beggar and their treasure hitting dog stick.”

“What good is that sect for?” asked the beggar.

Jaime smiled. “When we have brothers of beggars, they can share their food and money with us. It will make us rich!”

“I am your brother, when I share my food to you; I will get poorer and maybe will die of hunger because of you. Useless sect.” The beggar sneered. “You are trying to rob me!”

“That useless sect is one of the four biggest sects in the story of condor heroes and return of condor heroes.” Jaime protested.

“Well it just story! I too have a story, one big world, with trillions of people live thousand of years without working and food came from heaven.”

“Bullshit story.”

“Yeah like your story.”

As the sky was getting dark, Jaime stood, “Looks like we didn’t get anything today.” He walked across the street, at one corner, he knelt and took a ring. Staring at the ring he smiled. Walking about three blocks, he knocked on the small door gate.

“Who is it?”

“I found your ring and want to return it.”

A guy showed up and hit Jaime face. “So you are the little thief, who stole my wife wedding ring!” He forcefully grabbed Jaime’s hand and took the ring “This time I’ll let you go, don’t show your face to me anymore.”

He closed the gate.

“No, thank you after I found it?” asked Jaime in perplex.

“See what you get by being nice person?”

When you are unlucky, even doing good thing will turn into disaster!

“I want a demonic beast ink and demon beast skin for free.” Jaime operated the Book of Karma and got information about where he could get demonic beast ink. He quickly followed the information. In this one month Jaime learned how to use the Book of Karma to its maximum. The Book of Karma was full of information; he could get anything he wanted as long as he asked the right question.

Jaime was amazed by this book. It knew everything in the universe. Fallen money on the street, ring on the beach, dead body in the river, which house was empty, even which girl just had broken her heart, so he can take the opportunity.

With the Book of Karma, he was the king of information. King of everything!

In the back of the biggest academy of White Eagle City, Academy of White Lion, Jaime carried out a thorough search in the hill of garbage. This academy was the biggest and the richest academy which was only attended by rich family’s kids, highly talented disciples, successors of big sects, noble kids, or successors of a small lord. They were loaded and always looked down on everyone.

At the garbage hill, Jaime found five bottles of demonic ink which smelled like they had already turned bad, but they were still useable. It seemed like their owner threw them out as soon as the smell turned bad. After moving some garbage, he also got some low-grade demonic beast’s skins. “F**k it is almost fifty sheets of demonic beast’s skin, still new and packed!” Those beast skins were sent to one arrogant guy as a gift and he threw them away the second he knew the quality.

“I had enough with living poor!”

The next morning, Jaime stepped on thirty stairs into the biggest auction house in the city, Thousand Treasures Pavilion.

“Wait, where are you going to?” One entrance guard stopped Jaime at the entrance hall. In his eyes, a person with dirty clothes and still young, was more likely to harm his position as entrance hall guard.

“I want to sell a space storage pouch.”

“Really? Can I see it first? The item.” The guardian was shocked a little, because a space storage pouch cost about ten thousands spiritual stones, for the lowest grade. One spiritual stone is equal 100 taels gold. One tael gold is equal to 100 taels silver. And one tael silver is equal to 100 bronze’s coins. His monthly wage being a guard was only 3 taels of gold.

“Sure, why not.” Jaime took out one space storage pouch.

“Do you mind waiting here while I take it to the store manager?” He showed respect to Jaime. People with real power could appear like a real freaks. The head guard always told him, pay respect to every kind of people. Especially the freaky ones, the more of a freak they are, the more respect you must show. Because most of them are crazy and you may be jinxed for seven generations. If they turn out to be fake, it won’t be too late to kick them out later with some bonuses.


“Guard, no need to do it!” A very fat guy grabbed the space storage pouch. “Lao Du, isn’t this my stolen space storage pouch?

A thin and fox’s faces guy glanced at the pouch and to Jaime. “Young master, this is really your storage pouch. I remember this kid who stole it from you. He is the thief! I remember it!”

“Right, I remember it too.” The fat man took the pouch and shouted angrily. “What are all of you being paid for? Someone stole your young master’s pouch and you just stare at him! Go break his arms and his legs, what are you waiting for?”

Two people with buildup bodies quickly kicked Jaime out and threw him to the stairs. Not stopping there, they ganged up Jaime fiercely. The fat guy laughed happily and entered the entrance as his private bodyguards were having fun.

When people are in unlucky, even when they sell their own stuff, people will think them as thief!

“Guys please stop it. Your young master has entered the hall. Please let me take this little thief to the city lord’s prison.” The entrance guard offered his service. “Please quickly follow your young master, this little thief isn’t worth your time.”

One bodyguard kicked Jaime again and spit at his face. “You are lucky I don’t kill you. Don’t show me your face again, or I kill you.”

The entrance guard picked up Jaime’s body and moved away from the Thousand Treasure Pavilion. Jaime’s face was full of blood, black and blue all over his whole body.

“I know you didn’t steal that pouch. That fat guy is Long Yu, son of general Long Chang, one of the three great generals of this city. That Long Yu is already well-known for his worst attitude by stealing what he likes from other people. I, Xu Tie, am just a lowly guard of the auction house. Sorry I can’t help you much, if I dare to stand opposite of that Long Yu, I will be gone. I am just a small person trying to make living, please don’t have a grudge with me. Here, I have 10 taels silver please take it.” Xu Tie, the guard gave Jaime 10 taels silver and put him in the cheapest hotel.

In the small room, feeling the pain from his body, Jaime suddenly laughed. “If I can’t get money from doing good things, neither from selling stuff, then heaven has granted me the way to be a robber!”

Jaime eyes shone, he took out inks and beast skins. Working hard to create as many storage pouches as he could. “Tonight I am going to rob clean Long Yu and all his family’s belongings! You steal my pouch; I will steal your family and seven generation ancestor’s belongings.”

“Just try me!”  

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Editor’s note: revenge….huhuhuhuhu

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  4. I must say that it’d be nice if he was a LITTLE BIT braver and capable… Kill a few people, take their levels, why go around with such a low level? And when is he going to learn the experience of the greatest martial artist in the world so that he’ll be able to properly fight? 😀


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