CGA: Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Xiao Yun’s Dungeon Heart

“A man can’t always run from a fight, sometimes they need to fight! Sometimes the best way to win a fight is to never start one. But if you do come up against somebody you know you can’t beat, be smart. Run the other way. It is not shameful… to run away and call for ten more people to gang up on him and beat him badly! Bully him then, bully him now. Maybe someday you can be a king of bully. It is not something to be ashame about, look at the king who uses one millions soldiers to bully.”

Jaime moved himself away from Feng Chu, making a gap to avoid the sudden attack. “Feng Chu don’t you have any desire? I can help you with your desire. What about beautiful girls?” Jaime tried not to fight because when he fights, the three realms will be shaken nonstop and mountains will erupt and its ashes will cover the whole universe.

Feng Chu laughed. “Brother, it isn’t good to follow your desire, find your life’s purpose in happiness, not desire. Wanting anything from you is a shameful desire.  A martial artist should not want anything, nor have a desire, so you can cultivate smoothly. If the heart’s desire is not calm, you will face a problem. So you must first control your own sight. Sight is the king of mental wandering; mental wandering through the sight enslaves the mind. Thus restraining the sight, one will be inclining towards the mind. I don’t lay my eyes on beautiful girls.” Feng Chu gave his teaching to Jaime which caused him to be on the verge of vomiting blood.

“Good, good, I had never thought that I will be facing someone this good. When I raise my hand you will truly regret what you have done to me!”

“Try me!” Feng Chu started to move.

“Feng Chu, look!” Jaime raised his hand and pointed outside the arena. Li Xing and his friends were grabbing one young boy that looked feminine. “Is that not your lover Guan Gu?”

Feng Chu shocked. “Why you are talking rubbish. He is a man why must I love him? You are insisting me to take your lowly life!”

Jaime laughed, “If you surrender, your lover will be saved. Don’t you see that I already know your secret?”

“Have you finished your talking? This daddy won’t buy it.” Feng Chu moved his sword angrily.

“Nope,” said Jaime. “Look behind your lover, there are two young boys that fit your criteria. You can take those two with you too.”

Jaime grinned widely. Before going to the arena, he had learned everything about Feng Chu and his secret desires. Even if he had everything provided by his Master, clearly his Master won’t give him a guy! So he forced eight disciples to grab those three feminine guys for him.

“What the fu*k are you talking about!” Feng Chu became really angry but his eyeballs kept stealing a glance at the two boys. Suddenly he unconsciously started to drool with the saliva falling to the ground.

Jaime stopped moving and smiled.

“I won’t fall for your trap!” Feng Chu’s sword moved to Jaime’s neck and stop at his skin. “My master promised me, he will give me thrice what you can offer me.”

“Do you think he will give you guys to play with? He will kill you.”

Feng Chu eyes became red. “I said! You have to give me thrice what you offer me now!”

“Deal!” said Jaime. With the book of karma it is very easy to find people with the same hobby as Feng Chu.

“That guy whose grabbing my lover. I want that handsome guy too?” Feng Chu eyes filled with lust and his drool dropping.

Li Xing?

“He is yours!” Jaime looked at Li Xing and suddenly Li Xing sensed the danger and a chill ran down his spine.

“I surrender!” shouted Feng Chu causing all of the audience to be shocked.

“Patriarch Jaime caused his opponent to surrender again!”

“Long live Patriarch Jaime!”

“Why are you calling him a patriarch? He is just on the earlier Junior Realm. Couldn’t all of you see it?”

“Hmm… how do you think a Junior Realm defeated a Patriarch Realm! He hides his cultivation to fool stupid people like you!”

Elder Hu and Elder Zhou stood in disbelief. “Your disciple took the bribe! Did he think that we couldn’t give him thrice of what Jaime promised to him?”

“Master! You only need one more step to be the tournament winner.” All of the disciples of eighth division were already in celebration mode.

“Who will be your next opponent, Master?”

Jaime laughed, “No matter who will be my opponent, I am going to find his desire and bribe him! I am the king of bribes!”


In the arena for the last fight, Jaime suddenly knew what the meaning of having no desire was. No matter how many times he checked the book of Karma, the person in front of him really had no desires about anything. The real snow queen!

“Don’t you have a desire?! Are you still a human?” Jaime protested.

Xiao Yun eyes coldly locked on Jaime. Her killing intent rose. “To kill you!”

Damn how can I meet this girl at the final. Where are all the men! Her level was just 35. There are so many disciples that have a higher level than her!

What Jaime didn’t know, the most powerful disciples had been killing each other since the start of tournament. Elder Meng let all the core disciples bellow 30 years old on his side to fight hard for the first position. Yet Elder Hu asked all the best disciples on his side to stop this movement. At the end, the two sides end up killing each other. Exhausted, losing chunks of meat and pouring blood, leaving only Xiao Yun at the final stage.

Elder Meng sent a transmission voice to Jaime. “I am sorry it is all now in your hands. If you lose, Elder Hu will be the leader of Double Moon Sect, please win!”

“Easy to say, why don’t you win by yourself!”

Jaime bowed. “My wife Xiao Yun, long times no see. How were you doing without your husband? This one really misses you. I always pray for your wellbeing. Have you gotten my messages? I sent them to the moon, stars and wind every time I remember you. This heart is bleeding without you. You are the one who my heart is always longing. Don’t you know, my breath always finds its way to you when it escapes from me. Xiao Yun my wife…”

Xiao Yun stepped forward. Her killing intent rose to a new level. It caused chills to run down Jaime’s spine.

“Liar!” Xiao Yun said one word only and kept moving step by step.

“Wait, when have I ever lied to you? I really love you. It just Zhou Wei tried to kill me and forced us to separate. We are wife and husband, give me more time, we will make up again.” As he saw Xiao Yun getting closer, Jaime started to sweat. “Wait, you can kill me. I won’t fight back, just let me sing a song for you.”

Without waiting for any agreement, Jaime started to sing a song.

Right from the start you were a thief, you stole my heart,

And I your willing victim.

I had let you see the parts of me that weren’t all that pretty,

And with every touch you fixed them.


Now you’ve been talking in your sleep, oh, oh,

Things you never say to me, oh, oh,

Tell me that you’ve had enough

Of our love, our love.


Just give me a reason, just a little bit’s enough,

Just a second, we’re not broken just bent,

And we can learn to love again.

It’s in the stars, it’s been written in the scars on our hearts,

We’re not broken just bent,

And we can learn to love again.


I’m sorry I don’t understand where all of this is coming from.

I thought that we were fine (oh, we had everything)

Your head is running wild again, my dear we still have everythin’,

And it’s all in your mind (yeah, but this is happenin’)


You’ve been havin’ real bad dreams, oh, oh,

You used to lie so close to me, oh, oh,

There’s nothing more than empty sheets,

Between our love, our love.

Oh, our love, our love!


Just give me a reason, just a little bit’s enough,

Just a second, we’re not broken just bent,

And we can learn to love again.

I never stopped, you’re still written in the scars on my heart,

You’re not broken just bent,

And we can learn to love again!


Oh, tear ducts and rust,

I’ll fix it for us.

We’re collecting dust,

But our love’s enough.

You’re holding it in,

You’re pouring a drink!

No nothing is as bad as it seems.

We’ll come clean!


Just give me a reason, just a little bit’s enough,

Just a second, we’re not broken just bent,

And we can learn to love again.

It’s in the stars, it’s been written in the scars on our hearts,

We’re not broken just bent,

And we can learn to love again.


Oh, we can learn to love again,

Oh, we can learn to love again.

Oh, oh, that we’re not broken just bent,

And we can learn to love again.


Suddenly Xiao Yun’s cold heart was beating slowly with warmth and she stopped her movements. Her eyes looked uncertain for a second.

Book of Karma started to shine and a screen appeared in front of Jaime.

[Xiao Yun’s heart opened a tiny crack and is ready to be conquered. Are you willing to enter Xiao Yun’s Dungeon heart?]

Xiao Yun went back to her cold attitude and her killing intent.

“I surrender!” said Jaime to the referee quickly. “She is the winner!”

The referee smiled. “Sorry for the final stage there will be no surrendering. It is just kill or be killed!”

The referee was bribed by Elder Hu.

As Xiao Yun moved, Jaime shouted. “I am going to Xiao Yun’s Dungeon Heart! Please take me to anywhere but here!”

A bright light covered Jaime’s body making him disappear. As he reappeared, everything looks different.

“Where is this place?”

Jaime looked around. He only could see a snow field and a tree full of snow. It was night time, with the sky full of stars and the moon. After walking for a while through the thick snow, he met a little girl.

The little girl was about 7-8 years old. She cried and at the same times said, “My parents died, my brother left me here, no one needs me.”

Jaime moved to the little girl, patted her head and said. “You know, life is harsh so be strong. No one will need you! So, good bye, take care of yourself.” Jaime left that little girl and moved out; he was still busy trying to find a way out, no time to babysit some little girl. He is not into any kind of lolicon. The law protects them!

Moving towards the harsh snow field he searched all over. After an hour he met the little girl again.

“How can this be!”

The little girl was still crying. “I am alone and no one cares about me. Mommy, Daddy, big brother! Uncle said he will take care of me but all he wants is to sell me!”

Jaime sighed and patted her head again. “Yeah, life is harsh. Even when people say they love you, you must still be careful; maybe they only need your money, your body, or your kindness. Be alone and never believe in anyone. So no one will hurt you.”

“But someone called me his wife, do you think he really likes me?” said the little girl.

“Bah… he is making things up! He is lying to you. Don’t be a stupid girl and believe in his words.”

“But, he is kind to me!” protest the little girl with her big eyes. “I think I can believe him.”

“There is no kindness in this life girl. Life is harsh, general.* He is saying a few things and gives kindness because he needs something from you.”

Jaime left the girl and quickly moved out again. This time he made sure he recorded the surroundings so he won’t go back to where he started. But even after everything he did, walking for hours, he still walked in a circle and met the little girl again.

This time the little girl didn’t cry but was standing with a cold face.

“Little girl do you know a way out from here.”

The little girl showed cold eyes. “Yes!”

“Oh you should have told me a few hours ago, now please tell me where is it.”

“Find your own way out. There is no kindness in this world.”

Jaime looked absolutely dumbfounded. “Yes, there is kindness; life is good for a good spirited one. When you help people they will help you. This is the most important things for living.”

“Help yourself.” The little girl turned around and walked away.

Jaime gave a chase and said, “Okay, okay, my mistake, please tell me a way out, I promise will do anything for you.”

“I don’t need you, humans are born alone and they die alone. Never ask anyone, cause no one will come for you!” The little girl yelled and her eyes burst in to tears.

“Little girl don’t be like that, we are the same lost wandering souls. Let’s work together to go out from this place.”

“I was born here and have stayed here for as long as I can remember, I don’t want to go out. Take care of yourself. Life is harsh, general.”


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Translator’s Note: “Life is harsh, general.” It is a saying in Indonesian. When a general loses the war, his solider will shoot him, saying: Life is harsh, general.

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  1. ano123

    Thank god, she doesn’t fall for him just because of his flowery speech.
    There are too many xianxia’s, who make the romance part so idiotic, which makes me wonder why they even bothered to put it into the story..

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    1. Flowery speech? She was actually about to give him a chance, but he kept screwing with her inner heart or whatever you call it and pretty much telling her that he himself was lying… No flowery speech to make her fall here.


  2. Is he really that retarded? Why is the author doing that? does he think it’s funny? He knew he was going to invade that girls heart, and fine, I can understand if he doesn’t realize it the first time, but when she starts talking about trust and the guy who said he loved her, he should realize who she is…


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