CGA: Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 Winner Takes All


“Winners take all. Winners take everything, even the world! Winning tastes so sweet. Winners have a thousand beauties waiting. Everyone is born to be a winner.”

“Sure, except the loser. When you lose, you will lose all, you will take a beating, become black and blue, have crushed bones with bleeding injuries. Even beauties will hit you when you lose!” Jaime became angry, looking at the Patriarch of the Hou clan. “F**k, do you think I will take any beating! I will give you black and blue, a reality which you have never ever thought of having .”

Elder Meng and Elder Jie together with their disciples tried to stop Huo Xie but they couldn’t do much in front of someone from the Patriarch Realm. Elder Meng arms were already bleeding badly.

“I will kill all of you now!” Huo Xie launched his best attack. “Divine Crow Stealing Moon!” An illusion of very big black crow appeared and caused many disciples to faint. Elder Meng and Elder Jie vomited blood.

Before the attack reached them, twelve huge chains shot up to tie Huo Xie and dragged him to the ground. Huo Xie’s Divine Crow Stealing Moon was broken and disappeared in to the air. Huo Xie was flattened with the earth and tied tightly by the 12 illusions of chains.

“This is why it’s called Twelve Moons Capturing Dragon!” Jaime had repaired the formation sneakily and activated it to capture Huo Xie.

Elder Meng and Elder Jie were shocked. Their mouths were gaping while looking at Huo Xie in disbelief. Jaime quickly appeared at Huo Xie side.

“What are you doing brat!” Huo Xie angrily shouted. “I am going to kill you!”

Jaime said nothing but forcefully opened Huo Xie mouth. He threw black and blue pills inside his mouth. Having the black and blue that Huo Xie never ever thought of having. Jaime also forcefully made Huo Xie to swallow the pills. Huo Xie could only stare angrily at Jaime.

“Do you believe if you keep staring at me like that, I will kick your eyes black and blue!” asked Jaime.

“Do you da… Arggh!!”

Jaime has kicked Huo Xie eyes really hard.

Elder Hu couldn’t even move to stop the process. He only could glance at his ally being played behind the invisible wall.

“I will kill you!” shouted Huo Xie again. “Whole Huo Clan will destroy you and this shitty little sect.”

“Little Sect!” Jaime face turned red by anger. “All disciples assemble! It is very rare for you be able kick a Patriarch Realm. Make a queue and every one of you must kick his face!”

“You dare!” Huo Xie anger reached the highest level. How could he at Patriarch Realm be humiliated by mere lowly disciples at the Elementary Realm or Junior Realm.

“Tell me what I don’t dare and I will assemble them to pee at your face! Do you want to drink their pee! Do you dare or not to try me!” Jaime looked at his disciples which were already assembling. “Start kicking his face. He is at the Patriarch Realm; kick as hard as you can. Don’t worry, he won’t bite. If he dares to stare at you in anger just spit and pee at his face. If he shouts at you, take a poop and put it inside his mouth! Start kicking.”

One by one disciples kicked Patriarch Hua’s face and turned around to give a chance for the next one. Elder Meng, Elder Jie could only look at Huo Xie be humiliated. They couldn’t do anything since Jaime has turned on the defensive formation again. No elder will be able to get inside now.

Elder Hu face really paled. “Stop with what you are doing!”

“F**k you, if he wants to kill me, Elder Meng and Elder Jie, you didn’t even shout to stop. Now I want to kill him, you ask me to stop. Who do you think you are helping! Who are you? A traitor!”

“He is our sect’s guest!” Elder Hu tried to convince Jaime.

“Who sent the invitation and asked him to come and let him try to kill us?”

No elder answered that question.

“No one can answer, so he is an unwelcome guest. We have a rule about handling this kind of guest. He will be at the mercy of the one who gets him!” Jaime laughed.

“What will you do to him?” asked Elder Meng. “Remember our sect may invite disaster if we treat him bad.”

“Since when is our sect scared of a sect with only two Patriarch realms, even a sect with hundreds Patriarch Realm will be only able to eat shit in front of Double Moon Sect! All of you have no dignity! With Twelve Moons Capturing Dragon all Patriarch Realms will be like an egg meeting stone. Have you seen how Huo Xie met his end by this little formation? We will make this formation in the whole Double Moon Mountain and reactive the 12 divisions!”

Elder Hu laughed. “At what capacity would we let you do that! You are just someone unknown!”

“At the capacity of the leader of Double Moon Sect, I Meng Yu agreed with it!” said Elder Meng.

“And why do you think that you are the leader of us? We agreed, if one of us reaches Patriarch realm, then we will let him lead us. For now, the leader of Double Moon Sect will be chosen by how many Elders support him!” At that moment, three elders sided with Elder Hu. Leaving only two elders sided with Elder Meng. “Seems like I am the real leader of Double Moon Sect.”

“Hahahaa….” Jaime laughed. “Eighth division sides with Elder Meng! You are still not the leader!” Jaime took out the eighth division token, which was taken from Elder Huang’s skeleton. “Elder Huang gave eighth division to me! I am the elder of eighth division!”

Elder Zhang sneered. “If you want to be an elder, you will have to get the agreement from the other elders! Do you think it is easy to be an elder?”

“I agree with him to be an elder of eighth division,” said Elder Meng followed by Elder Jie and Elder Guo. They were first, fourth and seventh divisions.

Elder Hu laughed. “All of you already agreed before that, the eighth division will be belonging to the person who won the tournament! If you want him to be an elder, let see if your disciples have power to get it! As leader of Double Moon Sect I re-open the tournament, no one can cancel it! If that boy wants to be eighth division elder, he must follow the rules. He has to participate in the tournament!”

In Elder Hu mind, he needed Jaime to enter the tournament so he can kill him there without causing much trouble.

In Jaime mind, he will never put his foot in the tournament. No matter what happens, he doesn’t like to fight. Nor does he like being hit. He only needs to stay inside Rainbow Peak and no one can touch him! He is the king of Rainbow Peak!


Yet the next morning he is standing right in front of the tournament!

As for what caused him stand there, it was inner rage! Last night he finished interrogating Huo Xie, and he got to known who was behind this Patriarch Realm arrival. Elder Hu, the traitor that sold Double Moon Sect!

Knowing that Elder Hu was going to lead Double Moon Sect made him really angry.

So, he just went to sleep. He really didn’t care about Double Moon Sect. The experience of Fu Gu Chai was already long past, so he really didn’t care about it. Double Moon Sect can go to hell without his care! Why must he care about this shitty sect.

In the morning he woke, he was already in Moonlight Flower Field. Inside one of the tents, Li Xing and the others, were waiting for him to awake. Outside of the tent there was a noize of the crowd shouting and talking.

“How can I be here?”

“Li Xing, what are we doing here?” Jaime asked in confusion.

Li Xing looked puzzled. “Master, this morning you ordered all of us to go to the tournament.”

“I ordered you?” Jaime was extremely perplexed, he didn’t remember anything.

“Yes Master, everyone know about this.”

Am I sleep-walking? Is that because of Fu Gu Chai’s memories? I have no recollection about this. Has the experience of Fu Gu Chai created another personality in me?

“Let’s go back to Rainbow Peak, we won’t join the tournament.”

“But Master as you ordered, I have drawn your number. It is your fight now!” Li Xing didn’t know what happened to his Master.


“Yes Master!” Li Xing and some disciples dragged Jaime out and sent him to the arena. Li Xing and the others were already reaching level 20+ and they were much stronger than Jaime now. So Jaime couldn’t do anything to resist. “I am you Master, why do you need to drag me out?”

“It is like Master said previously.”

“What was I saying?”

“Master told me, if Master suddenly doesn’t want to fight, I and the other brothers must drag Master to the stage!”

“As Master, I don’t need to fight; it is all of you who need to fight for Rainbow Peak’s dignity!”

Li Xing and others suddenly become sad. “There were twenty-two brothers and sisters joining the tournament like master asked in this morning. All of them have lost in every tragic way a human could think. Now eighth division only has Master. Please win back our dignity Master.”

Useless disciples!

If I lose in this arena, I will lose my dignity and pride. But it is okay, it will help me to run from this place so they will not be bothering me anymore. Maybe I can go to the arena and shout, ‘I surrender’. So it will be finished in a moment before I get beaten black and blue.

Inside a 40 meter arena there were a referee and a boy standing, waiting for Jaime to go up. Jaime went up and checked the boy.

[Zhang Hu. Age, 19 years old. Level 21 Junior Realm. Joined the Double Moon Sect to find about his brother Zhang Lei whereabouts]

Seeing the information Jaime suddenly smiled. Maybe he could win this fight without any problems. Even if this one had a higher level.

Jaime bowed and said. “Nice to meet Brother Zhang Hu, seeing a little brother of Zhang Lei here really makes me nostalgic. Brother, your level is just 21 and to win this tournament is really hard for you. How about you let this big brother win?”

Zhang Hu shocked. “Do you know my big brother? Please tell me, I am already trying hard to find him. My mother and sister-in-law have missed him much. Please tell me.”

Jaime used his Book of Karma to find the Zhang Lei, brother of Zhang Hu. After paying 10 mental energies, Jaime knew where that Zhang Lei hid.

“I am a friend of your brother, if you are willing to let me win, I will tell you where he is. What do you think? I will give you 100 spiritual stones as compensation.”

Zhang Hu seemed to hesitate but he suddenly bowed after a long and deep thinking. “My brother whereabouts is the most important. I will surrender now.” He jumped from the arena and waited for Jaime.

The referee was shocked but quickly announce. “Jaime from eighth division won!”

Facing Zhang Hu outside of the arena, Jaime said, “In the north of Double Moon Sect, there is a city named White Palm and 20 kilometer from there, there is a village named Bird Forest. Your brother is there, five years ago, he went there on mission but his legs were broken. So he stayed there till now. Go find him and say I, his best friend, wish for his wellbeing.” Jaime gave him 100 spiritual stones.

Zhang Hu seemed happy and gave a bow before going to Double Moon Sect’s gate.

Li Xing and the other disciples didn’t know what their master was talking about so he could win easily. “Master, how can you win without a fight?”

Jaime smiled. “He is a good fighter, he knew that I concealed my cultivation and saw through my real strength, so he surrendered.”

“Master is the best!” All of them said in unison.

Jaime laughed and thought, that maybe he could win all 10 fights. Because in this tournament, if one can win 10 times, he will be the winner!

Second fight, Jaime faced up against someone from the second division.

“Brother,” Jaime bowed. “This senior disciple really likes you. You are so young but already at the second of Junior Realm, level 22. But you know the winner of this tournament will be a disciple at least at the senior realm. Why not give face to this senior disciple, so I will present you a [Sun and Moon] pill to clean your meridians and bones. So you will be able to easily raise your talent and make it easier to cultivate?”

That young boy was stunned. One cleaning meridian pill costs about 1.500 spiritual stones. As for cleaning meridians and bones’ pill, it will cost a lot higher. His eyes suddenly lit up. “This one surrenders.” He jumped out of the arena right at the moment he finished his speech.

The referee could only shake his head, this Jaime was too cunning. “Jaime from the eighth division won!”

Jaime gave the pill and the young boy jumped with joy. He couldn’t stop thanking Jaime, since his future became brighter.

Easy fight, this daddy will win throughout the tournament without fighting! MUAHAHAHA


Elder Hu looked at Elder Fan, “Have you ordered your disciples to kill him?”

“Zhou Wei,” called Elder Fan. A disciple appeared beside him. “Are you ready to kill him!”

“Ten thousand times.” Zhou Wei’s eyes were full of killing intent. “I will make him into pulp meat!”

“Xiao Yun if you meet him just kill him!” The Elder Fan glanced at one woman who was staring at Jaime.

“I will be enough.” Zhou Wei stood and moved. “Just set him to be mine in the next fight.”

“Easy.” Elder Hu laughed and sent a voice transmission to a tournament referee.


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