CGA: Chapter 17

Chapter 17  To die with the dignity (re-upped)


“Oh warrior, walk your path to war, seek justice, die for loyalty, and win for glory. Cut your enemy’s neck, let their blood pour to the earth, raise their souls to heaven. Oh mighty warrior, walk the path to death without fear! Glory awaits you, heaven waits for you, but no one waits for the coward. Move by yourself, take out your sword, don’t be a sissy. You are born to be a man!” Jaime stood on a big boulder and looked at the one thousand disciples.

“If you stop attacking, you are a sissy! Wear women clothes next time! If you are a man and not a pig, come at me, kill me and attack me.” Jaime laughed happily. “All of you are brainlessly stupid. What are you glaring at with your angry wide eyes! Come at me if you are a man. What have you been painfully training for all this years? For fighting a staring war?”

Hundreds of disciples moved their swords, full of killing intent towards Jaime! As they were closing in on Jaime, they suddenly stopped. They attacked nothing but an invisible wall. They tried hard and kept attacking with all they had, yet nothing happen.

Jaime kept dancing on the boulder while insulting them, being as infuriating as possible. He has turned on the defense formation and caused a layer of energy to cover the whole division.

Elder Hu came and shouted, “All of you the shame of our divisions. Get away!” He slashed his sword filling it with his entire power. It created a big wave, which shot everywhere. He launched an attack to the wall but the invisible wall still stood there without any cracks. Elder Hu face turned red with embarrassment, he launched a few more attacks.

“Look how that monkey dances, don’t you agree he is dancing quite well?” said Jaime to his disciples. No one dared to speak a word. Elder Hu was known as short tempered and could easily kill a person he doesn’t like. Elder Hu almost vomited blood. He already tried his best, yet he couldn’t even leave a scratch. Let alone the other disciples, he didn’t know where to put his face in front of his own disciples.

“I will kill you.” He stopped his attacks and glared at Jaime, as if he wanted to eat him alive.

“Go back to your mommy’s tits and suck it for one thousand more years then come back, maybe at that time I will let you kiss my ass!”

Elder Hu eyes turn red, his killing intent raised to a whole new level. He started to launch his best attacks, without caring about his health anymore.

Jaime took a chair from his space storage pouch while looking at Elder Hu struggle. “A monkey dancing again! What are you doing? Quickly give the applause so the monkey will dance even better to entertain all of us!”

The disciples started to give applause and some quickly mocked and made fun of Elder Hu. “Monkey, Skinny Monkey, Chubby monkey, Dance, Dance monkey! This father will give you banana after you dance well.”

This made the others disciples face turn pale, leaving Elder Hu to vomit blood and fall.

“The chief monkey fell down, so what are the monkey minions doing? Not taking action?” Some elders and the one thousand disciples tried their best to attack the defensive formation again but they couldn’t even move a single step. At the end, they just stood there, glaring at Jaime with anger. Because that little monkey kept insulting them for a few hours, it made them want to vomit blood.

Jaime sat just ten steps away from the elders but no one could touch him.

Elder Meng looked at the young guy, “Elder Fan, don’t you think that this young boy looks like the one you took from the village a few months ago?”

Elder Fan said nothing.

Elder Guo from seventh division, Sword Peak, moved to the front. “Who are you, why are you causing trouble for this sect?”

“Me? Causing trouble? Who do you think the real one causing trouble for this sect? Every one of you wanted to destroy the eighth division with its one thousand year history. Haven’t you ever thought that you are the ones causing trouble for this sect?!” Jaime shouted back to them. “Didn’t the founder of this sect ask every one of you to take care of this sect?”

“At the founding of this sect, there were 12 divisions!” Jaime showed the illusion of the 12 moons behind his body. This caused all of the disciples to become shocked, even the elder were shocked. “Now it is only eight divisions and all you want is to make it seven! What are you, if not unfaithful disciples of your own sect! I caused a mess in the tournament to protect eighth division. That makes me the guardian of this sect, but all of you want to destroy eighth division! What does that make you if not traitors!”

“Even a dog won’t bite his owner. So what are you, want to destroy your own sect, are you still human! Do you still have a face to meet your master! Even your dead masters will regret taking you in as their disciples if they knew about this! Fuck off!”

Elder Meng and some of the other elder didn’t agree about this tournament, so they kept their mouths shut.

“What do you know about this sect, you are not from this sect!” Elder Zhang from half-moon division, the second division, who was Elder Hu’s best friend, yelled. “You even asked other sect members to help you build this formation so other sect members can take over this sect! You are an enemy; you work with the Demon sect.”

“So what makes you think you are from this sect!” Jaime was truly angered. He crushed the chair beneath him. He stood and hit the formation stone. In no time there was an illusion of the twelve moons that appeared on the invisible wall with many colors.

When Elder Meng watched the illusion, he became dumbstruck. “This is impossible…”

All eyes fall to Elder Meng.

“This formation is our sect’s long lost formation. Twelve Moons Capturing Dragon formation.”

“You!” said Jaime to Elder Zhang. “You don’t even know the formation of Double Moon Sect! Where are you from? Demon Sect? You are the one that not from this sect! What made you become an elder of Double Moon sect! You are a demon in disguise!”

The formation was already long gone from the history of Double Moon Sect so not many people knew about it.

“This Twelve Moons Capturing Dragon formation was the masterpiece of the founder. It needs 12 divisions to create the defense formation to protect whole Double Moon Sect. Even a dragon won’t be able to destroy this formation. And yet! All of you, killing each division, causing this sect to become eight divisions, how can this formation protect our Double Moon sect once again?”

“Now I ask you all! You are elders of this sect, have you ever had your hearts on this sect? Have you ever thought about what is best for this sect! How can we build our sect into its golden age again if all of you keep killing it! All of you have caused this sect to become the bottom sect on this continent! Do you all still have face to meet your ancestor!”

Jaime continued his speech. “Have you forgotten the dignity of Double Moon Sect! What we are really protecting and learning from this Double Moon Sect. They are power, honesty, compassion, courage, fairness, sacrifice, honor, perseverance, love, justice, loyalty, modesty. Each division protected those values! Do you know what you had lost! 12th Division, sacrifice! 11th division honesty! 10th division justice! 9th division honor! And now you want to destroy eighth division! Loyalty!”

“Walk over my dead body if you want to destroy this sect! While I am alive no one can make it step backwards even one step!” Illusion of twelve moons around Jaime suddenly shone brightly and it resonanced with the illusion of twelve moons on the invisible wall. It caused illusions of twelve big full moon shone majestically in colorful bright light and gave a feeling of sacred to everyone there. “As long as I am alive the dignity of Double Moon Sect will never die!”

Elder Meng looked at the young boy in front of him, but at the same time he felt like he himself was a young boy listening to his master. That young boy gave an aura of ancestor. Tears suddenly fell from his eyes. That young boy loved this sect so much and his loyalty was unshakeable. The truth is his own loyalty to this sect was already shaken without his knowing.

“The tournament is cancelled! All disciples back to your division!” shouted Elder Meng, he knew this was the right thing to do. He should have done it a long time before.

“You can’t cancel it!” shouted a voice which caused all of the people to tremble. An old man with blue clothes landed in the middle of them.

Elder Hu suddenly smiled. He had prepared everything and even if Elder Meng wanted to stop it he couldn’t. “Greeting to Patriarch of the Hou Clan!”

Hou Clan was ranked five of the six big sects in Dragon and Phoenix continent. It had two Patriarch realm’s martial artists. They were stronger than Double Moon Sect, which didn’t had Patriarch Realm martial artist.

“Patriarch of Huo Clan, what are you doing here?” asked Elder Meng politely. “About the tournament, it is our sect inner affair, why can’t we cancel it?”

Patriarch of Huo Clan released his aura and intimidated Elder Meng. “I, Huo Xie, already accepted an invitation from Double Moon Sect to watch the younger generation’s tournament of Double Moon Sect. I traveled thousands of miles to come here just to give face to Double moon Sect. If you cancel the tournament, don’t you think that you will be insulting me?”

The Patriarch of Huo Clan sneered. “If you are insult me, do you know what the consequence is?”

Elder Hu quickly said, “Of course the tournament won’t be cancelled. Everything will be on schedule! We will go back and begin the tournament, but maybe there will be someone who will cause the trouble again.” Elder Hu gave an eye signal to Huo Xie.

Huo Xie smiled; he received an invitation from Elder Hu with a gift waiting for him. “If this little ant will cause you trouble, I will take care of him for you.” Huo Xie raised his arm and hit the formation wall. Still unbreakable but already showed a crack.

Jaime knew the luck wasn’t on his side this time. The wall won’t able to hold under Patriarch Realm’s domination.

“Book of Karma quickly find martial art’s movements, that are the best in this world ever.” Jaime needed something that could move faster than Double Moonlight Flash movements, since all of these elders knew this movement. If he wanted to run from them he would need a high speed movement that was much be better than the Double Moonlight Flash.

If not, it will be like: I run, you catch me. Since we have the same movement and same speed, it will be fun. Let’s play running and catching in the flower garden together, with butterflies joining.

Book of Karma was glowing and caused a screen to appear, Jaime checked the bottom of list.

[845. Movement of Wind. Sixth generation of the self-proclaim best chef in the world, second son of the self-proclaim best cultivation maker of the Dragon and Phoenix cultivation, chose to be a thief and created the self-proclaim number one movement under heaven. Self-proclaim best thief in the world. Movement of Wind, ride the wind and fly to where your heart is longing. Exchange the information and experience of one movement with 10 levels and 100 mental energies.]

Jaime looked at Huo Xie attacking again and the defense formation started to crumble!

“Good! I’ll take the movement of wind, I’ll take it.” Jaime’s level fell to level 20.

As he saw Huo Xie destroying the wall and moved to catch him, Jaime quickly flew into the sky and shocked all the people. Usually only Patriarch realm can fly without the help of a flying sword or other talismans.

“You can run but I still will have your head,” said Hua Xie flying to catch Jaime.

“All of you Elders of Double Moon Sect! Will you let an outsider dictate you? Will you let him injure one of Double Moon Sect people without doing anything because you fear someone higher than you?! Look at what I have already said, all of you have no courage nor sacrifice!” Jaime was already scared to the death because his level was at 20 while Hua Xie level is 67. He could be killed easily.

Elder Meng and Elder Jie of Violet Peak moved in a flash to protect Jaime. “Patriarch Hua Xie, this is one of our disciples, let us take care of him with Double Moon Sect’s rules.”

“Hahaha.. if this daddy wants his head. What could you, in the elder realm, do.”

Elder Meng eyes became red and took out a sword. “If that is what Patriarch Hua Xie wants, I have to stop you with all of my might.”

“Do you think you can stop me? Don’t you think, when you provoke me, a whole Huo Clan will be angry too and destroy your little sect because of this little boy?”

“Even if we are a little sect, we won’t be so easy to be humiliated. All core disciples prepare the formation!” About thirty six disciples from True Human Realm and Senior Realm assembled and made a sword formation ready to attack.

Huo Xie laughed hard. “Do you think that you can stop me! You are a small sect, what can you do to me if I want to kill all of you now.”

At the same time, he sent a voice transmission to Elder Hu, “I will kill this Elder Meng and his followers, then you will be able to easily get a hold of all of Double Moon Sect. How much are you willing to pay for his head?”

Elder Hu smiled and send back voice transmission . “I promised Patriarch Huo ten thousands spiritual stones to become a watcher for the tournament, so I will give five hundred thousand spiritual stones for elder Meng and his followers’ heads. As for that little boy, I am willing to add one hundred thousand spiritual stones.”

“Good I will take their heads for you hahaha…”

Seeing Huo Xie started to attack, Elder Meng leaded the formations to attack. He knew he had nothing to win with this fight, but for the dignity of Double Moon Sect, he must keep a hold of it, even if he dies.

“Die with glory!!!!!”

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