CGA: Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Dream Big


“Once there was a big earthquake that happened in a small province. All of the houses fell. They were pretty much crushed. Since almost all of the houses were made of wood, they caught on fire in no time, after being destroyed by the earthquake.”

 After the earth calmed down, and the fires died away, and all the tragedies were in the past, all that was left were the ashes. One man was looking at his grocery store, which was already razed to the ground by the disaster. He said, ‘I will never give up on this place. I will stay here and build bigger shop than the previous one. To make my wife happy forever and after!’ He worked hard for years. Little by little he collected his money and built his shop twice as big as the previous one. Then a group of bandits came and they said, ‘In this poor land you worked hard to build the biggest shop ever just so I can come and take it. Thanks, I will receive your gift. Now you can get out with your life intact.’ So what do you think he had done?”

“He said to the bandits, ‘I have always dreamed to be a bandit and lead a life as a freeman.’ Then he started to serve them with everything he had. He took out all of the best liquors he had to make them drink. When bandits had fainted from being drunk, he burnt the entire shop and said. ‘When it burns to the ashes, I will build my shop twice as big and twice as safe as the previous one! So my wife can be happy and safe!’”

“After a few years, he built another shop, twice as large as the previous one. At that time, his wife poisoned him and took over his shop. She even had a younger boy to warm her bed. When she was dying from old age, she was asked why had she killed her husband. This is what she answered, ‘My husband was too busy building the shop all his life, and as he was exhausted working every night, he would reject me when I wanted to have sex! He was worthless; he can die another thousand times, for he couldn’t warm my heart and body.”‘

Jaime didn’t feel exactly the same, it’s just he worked hard to build the eighth division and  then some random guy appeared, wanting to take his place, and told him to get out naked.

“Master, we can’t go to the tournament. Only Elder Huang can stop it. Many elders are scared of Elder Huang! He was the strongest elder even before he started his closed-door cultivation. Only he has the power to stop this from happening!” Li Xian tried to convince Jaime.

Jaime thought for a moment and went back to the mountain peak. He went to Gong Na’s cave and forced him out.

“Master, what are you doing?”

“Now you tell me, what did you tell to the elder of the fifth division, Elder Hu? In the past he was your boss, right? Do you still contact him?”

“I don’t understand? What is Master saying? Even if he was my boss in the past, I have already forgot about him. When I lost to the Master, he closed the door on me. He was not willing to take me as his fifth division’s disciple anymore. After that we lost contact. What happened?”

Jaime frowned. “Tell me where is Elder Huang closed cultivation cave! We must drag him out.”

“Elder’s cave is special. No one can open it except the people inside.” Gong Na was telling the truth but Jaime didn’t seem to care and forced him to lead the way.

In front of the big cave with a big boulder closing the entrance, Jaime went to the small stone behind the cave. It was hidden for a hundred years in the thick bushes. Jaime used his sword to cut the bushes and touched the stone.

His hand moved, creating a small formation. Jaime forced his spiritual and mental energies in the stone. Suddenly, the illusion of moon appeared behind him and a complicated symbol appeared. The stone filled with an azure energy suddenly shined. The boulder at the entrance began to move slowly, uncovering a large hole.

Gong Na was surprised. “How come, Master can open it? The legend said that only the founder or the patriarch can open any cave in Double Moon Sect when the dangerous situation emerges!”

“Keep it for later, follow me.” Jaime rushed into the cave but what he faced really made him dumbfounded. There was no Elder Huang, but only a skeleton sitting in the meditation posture. Jaime stopped and seemed to be completely baffled. “Why did Elder Huang bring a skeleton to cultivate?”

Gong Na fell to his knees in shock and said, “Elder Huang has died!”

“How do you know that he is Elder Huang?”

“Master, this is the proof.” Gong Na took the space storage pouch from the skeleton and threw it to Jaime. “Only the elder can have a cosmos bag.”

Jaime checked the belongings inside and took out a small badge engraved with number eighth and some writings on ancient language. This is truly a badge that only the leaders of the division can have.

This old man may have done something wrong, using uncompleted cultivation method, and caused his meridians to explode, which lead to his death. It can happen to some cultivators.

“Say nothing about what you saw here. Close the door and do not let anyone to know about this. Go back to your cave and continue close cultivation.” Jaime body flashed out and left Gong Na alone.

“Yes Master.” Gong Na bowed, a sudden smile crept across his face.

“All disciples assemble in ten minutes and we will move out to protect the dignity of eighth division!” Jaime stared at the three hundreds  or so disciples and said, “All of you follow me to the tournament area. We will start a war with them!”

“Master, there are only three hundreds of us, how can we start a war against them?”

“Scare not! We will call for more allies along the way! ”

Jaime bought all of the disciples of the eighth division to the Moonlight Flower Field, leaving no one behind, except the 200 in the cave. When they moved along the road this group attracted a lot of attention. As they got closer to their destination, the road became more crowded. This was the only road, leading to the Moonlight Flower Field. Suddenly  Jaime’s eyes lit up and he gave a command, “Stop!”

There was a group of pretty women, who wanted to move past them. Jaime and the other male disciples opened their eyes wide.

“Master, they are from the fourth division, Violet Peak disciples. Most of them are the women who couldn’t cultivate past senior realm, so they are studying to make pills.” Li Xing was always at Jaime side, giving him important information.

Jaime looked at the group of women; their clothing was bright and was very clean, their hair was long and smooth was their skin, sexy lips on their faces and sexy hips under their waist. With their steps full of elegance they were walking. With mellifluous voices they were talking. With a smile on their faces they were filled with grace…..

A bunch of angels!

“You know,” said Jaime. “There are a lot of women, who will be passing this road, it is not polite of us to disturb them or suddenly bump into them.” Jaime looked at the women disciples at his division. “Why can’t any of you to look like them, to be clean and to have body with a nice smell? Look at all of you, you wear dirty clothes, reek of sweat, dont treat your skin, dont wash your hair and… Ah… Are you really the women? Who is your master? I really want to see his face.”

All the women disciples already had their hands on the swords.

You are our master, you asked us to sleep on the earth, train like a crazy ant. How can we have time for our beauty care?!

Jaime gave command. “We are in no hurry, please take a sit and enjoy the view.”

They sat on the side of the road, looking at the women as they were passing by. Jaime glared at the pretty women, young women, and good-looking women. The women below his standard were like an air in Jaime’s eyes.

“Psst… psst… pretty girl please look over here!” yelled Jaime suddenly. The entire eighth division was shocked.

Jaime looked at them, “What? You are still young, you are free to cause trouble and the adults will forgive you. Anyway, all women love to get attention and recieve compliments, they are hungering for love, please free yourself, little brats.”

The disciples looked as if they were absolutely dumbfounded for a moment. They were thinking, was their master joking or did he really mean it?

Jaime sighed and shook his head with dissapointment. “All of you are still young yet already scared to dream high! It really makes me uneasy about your future; you put shame on your master.”

“Dream big. Dream about having these beautiful girls crawling intimately on your chest! If you are scared to dream about having one of them in your bed, then dream about having five or ten of these angels in your bed together. Never be scared dreaming big! Understand?”

“Understood Master!”  male disciples shouted in unison and with shining eyes moved out like a pack of hungry wolves. They scattered on the roadside, taking their seats . In no time, they started to shout. “Girl! Pretty girl! Please look over here! Girl in white clothes! Oh my angel! Please come to me baby! Lovely girl with the ponytail! White skinned girl psssttt…. Fatty girl, you make me want to hug you!”

Suddenly, the entire road was full of callings from the bunch of barbaric idiots. At this moment the dignity of the eighth division was thrown out of the window. Now there were only a bunch of lowly youngsters with shitty mouths.

As the women were casually passing, they immediately changed their attitude. Some had their faces turn red, some felt proud with their chest sticking out, and some started bad mouthing and cursing. Any way, it was a good show for the eyes.

Some women took out their sword and wanted to cut these disciples. “If you lowly human beings want to tease me. You better be ready to die!”

“Fight!” shouted Jaime loudly, making all of his disciples shocked. “If you are a man, fight with her and make her be yours! Exchanging your sword moves and with your blood boiling you will became more intimate! Remember no one can kill your brothers and sisters! Now go and fight! Winner will get the loser, whenever you win or you lose, you will still end up with her.”

So they fought fiercely!

“You dare to look at my girl! You will die!” One male disciple couldn’t hold himself when his loved one got teased.

Jaime sneered and yelled. “Everyone listen to me! A great man comes to save the beauty. Don’t let him get what he wants. Gang up on him immediately!”

Ten or twenty disciples were high-spirited, ganging up on that unlucky fellow. The situation was really in a mess. The situation around the big road was getting worse and worse with the time. Soon, everyone from the eighth division was busy fighting, ganging up, and hitting. Some of the women disciples used that time to seduce some nerd disciples.

Jaime suddenly realized that a woman was like a timid cat in front of a guy. But when ten women make a group and gang up one guy, they suddenly transform into hungry wolves preying on a chicken, not even a feather of the guy can pass their blockade. Jaime shook his head as he watched more and more women disciples to come back with the pills, spiritual stones, swords, and even clothes. He was not clear how many unlucky guys they robbed clean with their femininity.

As the situation was getting worse and worse, Jaime saw a group of disciplinary committee members rush to them. “All of you! Use Double Moonlight Flash and head to Moonlight Flower Field! Remember that each of you have to run around Moonlight Flower field three times before stopping!” Jaime shouted and rushed to Moonlight Flower Field.

When the disciples saw their master making his way, they quickly followed.

“Don’t let them go, chase them! They stole my sword!”

“Wait, don’t go! You are in the middle of seducing me,” said a fatty woman in a dilemma.

“Don’t think you can run away after hitting me! Brothers chase them.”

“All of you chase them, they are taking our sisters!”

“Sisters, help!”

Jaime looked at one of his disciples who was embracing a women disciple and running very fast. “Why are you taking her?”

“Master, this disciples dreamed to have one hot baby and now I am working to make dream come true!”

“Well, good luck to you!” Jaime shouted loudly. “All of you listen; this is a real man, not scared to make his dream real! All of you have to learn from him.”

With red eyes, some male disciples randomly embraced a female disciple as they passed, taking those pretty girls with them.

“Good! Never be scared to dream big. There will be hardship to make it real, but it is worth it!” Jaime glanced behind him and hundreds of people were following them with madness. In front of them was Moonlight Flower Field, crowded with people. “Break through and run around the field.”

Nearly one thousand people charged through the thousands of people, causing a bigger chaos. As Jaime, his disciples, and their pursuers rushed between the people in the crowd, it caused more problems and a bigger mess.

“Who dares to hit me! Wait! After them!

“Say sorry before you leave!”

“Who stealed my money! Stop!”

The whole tournament was now a real big mess. People were hitting each other, running, and chasing.

When the elders arrived, they were shocked with what they saw.

“All of you stop!” shouted an elder infusing his voice with spiritual energy, stunning everybody, so all of them immediately stopped.

“Good chance! Hit them now!” Another shout caused people to be dumbstruck, but some of them quickly used this moment to hit hard their standing enemies.

“Bastard! You dare to hit me! I’ll fight back!” They stopped listening and charged at their opponents.

“Stop!” shouted the Elder again, but this time no one dared to stop, as their enemy will use this chance to charge at them again. They will better keep fighting.

“We need to take care of this mess with our own hands.” The seven elders and their elite disciples rushed to stop the chaos. As they started to intervene, suddenly a fire lit up from the tents and stores, that were spreading along the Moonlight Flower Field. A lot of chairs started to burn too, causing the chaos to become uncontrollable.

As for Jaime and his disciples, they were already running back to their division. They knew only one thing; the tournament won’t be starting today.


It took half a day to calm down the chaos. Elder Hu’s anger was reaching the skies. “Who dared to cause this mess and ruin the entire tournament?!”

“It was the disciples from the eight division, who caused the mess!” Some of disciples reported, already being beaten black and blue!

Elder Hu fiercely glanced at the Elder Meng.

“So you are trying everything to cancel the tournament!”

“Eighth division caused trouble for the sect and has to be punished; all the divisions must send their disciples to punish the eighth division now! If not, the division that refuses to help will be accused of protecting the eighth division and will be charged with fine to repair the damage they have created!”

Elder Hu sneered at Elder Meng.

“This time, you won’t be able to stop me from conquering the eighth division.”

In half of an hour one thousand disciples moved out to attack the eighth division, most of them were the outer disciples. Seventh Elder was leading the way.


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  1. Jaime looked at one of his disciples who was embracing a women disciple and running very fast. “Why are you taking her?”
    “Master, this disciples dreamed to have one hot baby and now I am working to make dream come true!”

    Are they cavemen or something? I’m imagining them wearing unprocessed bone accessories, with a big club and badly processed leather clothes, clubbing women and carrying them away to their caves… Hilarious.


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