CGA: Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 First Troops

“Even if you asked the heavens to stop me, I won’t stop. In front of the kings, I’ll spit on their faces, in front of the god, I’ll trample his body. In front of Beelzebub, the king of demons, he will kneel before me and lick my ass. I am their king, I am unstoppable. No one will be able to stop me. Neither beauty nor goddess! No one will be able to dictate to me! They would need to walk over my dead body!” Jaime forced his disciples to punch a tree. Their hands were already hurt badly but Jaime kept forcing them to train.

“Master! Please let me take a rest!”

“You won’t be able to stop me! Keep hitting!”

“Master I have a few spiritual stones here, please take it and go somewhere else.”

Jaime looked at the spiritual stones, took them and went away.

Who didn’t love money?

Yesterday all of the disciples finished the three layers of formations. These formations have two functions, they can be used as a defensive mechanism or gather spiritual energy from the surroundings. If one checked carefully, he would see that the heaven and earth energy around Double Moon Mountain was slowly being collected at Rainbow Mountain’s peak.

The density of spiritual energy in Rainbow Peak will keep getting denser every day.

As they finished the work, Jaime started training them more seriously.

“From this day onwards, disciples who have herbs will start learning to make the easiest pills, healing pills. I have already bought 30 cauldrons. So gather in groups of five people. If you succeed in making pills in three days, I personally will give you a cultivation method that is ten times better than Double Moon Cultivation!”

Some disciples let out screams of joy and quickly grabbed their friends.

“For all of you, I will give you three of the best martial arts from Double Moon sect. Having one of them can already make you a king in the deserted place. But of course you need to show me if you have a strong heart and are willing to learn it.”

Jaime raised his sword and a double moon illusion appeared. After the illusion shattered there were thousands of energy swords rushing to the tree and destroying it into small pieces, even its leaves were cut several times. All of the disciples were dumbfounded by this act. It caused them to feel amazed and drool started dripping from their mouths.

“If you want to learn about Double Moon Thousands Sword, you have to kill ten demonic beasts using your sword and give me their cores.”

Some of the disciples turned pale, but with their cultivation at elementary realm, it was not impossible.

Jaime found a big stone, four times the size of his body, and hit it with a light punch. The stone trembled before it shattered into pieces. Disciples were in awe, imagining how this punch would hit their enemies. Their bones will be shattered. A bud of fear rooted itself in their hearts. Finally all of them were aware of Jaime’s strength.

“If you want to learn Double Moon Fist Shattering Mountain, you will have to punch ten trees and take them down with your bare hands.”

Jaime moved his body and in a second he swiftly passed through the four hundreds disciples, without touching any of them.

“If you want to learn Double Moonlight Flash Movement, you will have to run around this mountain ten times before sunset! If you can finish one of these requirements within three days, I will give you ten times better cultivation method, the cultivation method of Dragon and Phoenix!”

“Yes Master!” answered disciples, this time they really shouted from the bottom of their hearts. Deep inside their hearts, they had a yearning to become strong! Some of them were crying and one of them murmured. “After the six years I was here, at last the heavens gave me an opportunity to learn a martial art. I will work my hardest! Thanks God!”

The worst tragedy in life is not to work hard, but to not have the chance to work hard, striving to achieve something you really want.


Two elders were standing at the peak of a mountain, looking at Jaime.

“What do you think about him?”

“Well, he really learned Double Moon Cultivation. He might even have a deeper understanding than us! Can you also create an illusion of Double Full Moons?”

“Not that bright.”

“He is still young, not even in twenties, yet he is already at the Elder Realm. No one on this continent has ever had that much talent. His future will be unpredictable.”

“Do you think he is our enemy?”

The old man was silent for a second, “Hard to say, but an enemy wouldn’t teach our disciples about how to keep the dignity of Double Moon Sect. Maybe he is a disciple of Elder Huang or other elder. Look at the formations he made. It is making the energy denser on Rainbow Peak, I hope he will join us and raise Double Moon Sect’s name.”

“Well, we will need to slow the preparation for the tournament.”


On the other side, the other two elders also looked at Rainbow Peak “Look at the formation and the density of the energy. We must quickly finish the preparation and open the tournament! So we can take this place sooner. I can’t wait to let my disciples cultivate there”


Three day passed quickly, four hundred disciples, increased their levels again. Jaime was already using the [Sun and moon] pills on the formation which caused their meridians and bones to be cleaned without them knowing. He also went ahead and exchanged 20 levels to receive the Dragon and Phoenix Cultivation. This brought his level down from level 50 to 30. He was set to build his troops.

At that time, Jaime selected thirty disciples with talent in making pills and sixty-nine disciples with good talent in martial arts. Together, they were ninety-nine. Jaime took them to the peak of the mountain and joined them with the previous one hundred and one disciples.

Together, there are two hundred disciples.

“All of you have cleaned your body and meridians. All of you are ready for better cultivation.” Jaime looked at the stars. “Come with me, I will guide all of you to the realm that no one in this continent has ever reached. All of you will be the new stars that shine through the sky. Together we will trample the continent, storm the heaven, rule the demons, and make your family proud of you!”

“Thank you master!” shouted two hundred disciples in unison.

“Today, I will personally give each of you the Dragon cultivation method for the males and the Phoenix cultivation method for the females. This cultivation is ten times better than Double Moon Sect cultivation. If not the best cultivation in the whole continent. In our continent, no one will ever reach a step of demigod realm or half-demon realm. In this small continent, if someone reaches Emperor Realm, they would be known as the best of the best. But I want to tell you that you can achieve more than just Emperor Realm or even Ancestor Realm”

“Master, is that true?” asked Fatty Chen, his hands were trembling from excitement, caused by such possibility.

“It will all depend on how hard you work.” Jaime remembered nostalgic memories of Fu Gu Chai when he was leading his first disciples. There isn’t anyone who could fight the power of youth. They were still full of dreams.

“I want to warn you about this method. I will give it to you by branding it into your brains and you won’t be able to share it with others, because you will forget everything when you try to share the information. You will forget about me, your brothers and sisters and everyone here.”

Jaime wasn’t trying to make them scared, it is just that every sect has its own way of keeping their cultivation methods in secret. They wouldn’t want their enemies to know how to get stronger. Because of this, after Dragon and Phoenix cultivation method is given to the disciples, they won’t be speaking about it or else they will forget everything. Including the first time they got it.

“All of you, are you ready to learn this cultivation method and take me as Master? I am not talking about power this time, but it is all about sharing the fate together. My fate is to conquer the three realms in one hundred years. The truth is, 21 chapters of Double Moon Cultivation I had given to you, will be enough for you to be the best in this continent and you can easily live more than one hundred years in happiness. But once you are bonded by fate with me as Master and disciple, you will have to share my fate, which may be full of blood and hardships. I, as your Master, can’t always protect you. What I can promise is that I will do my best for all of you. If any of you want to go back now, I won’t forbid.”

Fatty Chen said with teary eyes. “Master, without you, all of us were fated to be a useless trash in this continent. You have already gave your best to us in a few weeks. Even though we couldn’t give back anything, you still thought about us. People live once and die once. This Fatty Chen’s life this time will be shared with his Master’s. Let me be your hands, be your legs, be everything you need.” He stood and looked at the other disciples. “Who else will be my brother or sister to share the fate with Master? We will go through the glory and pain together! When our Master asks us to climb the heavens we will conquer it! When our Master asks us to go to hell, we will kill the King of hell and put our Master on the throne! Who else will be with me?!”

“ME! ME! ME!”, One by one, all of the disciples stood up and shouted. Their eyes burst into tears and their chests were full with pride! Their blood was boiling to the level they could never imagine. Suddenly they felt a sacred feeling and understood somehow, that this was the meaning of their lives, to follow their master till the end of the world or to the end of their breath without regret.

Jaime stood and shouted. “So be it! All of you will share glory and blood with me. No one in this life, nor god nor demon can break this bond between us! I will be your Master and you will be my brothers and sisters! Let Heaven acknowledge this bond, my dreams will be your dreams and your dreams will be my dreams! When I conquer the heavens all of you will be there with me!”

Most of the disciples burst in tears.

That night, Jaime branded Dragon and Phoenix cultivation method on their brains. As for pill makers, Jaime gave them cultivation methods and recipes of a few pills that will help them break through Junior Realm, Senior Realm, True Human Realm, Elder Realm, even Patriarch Realm. “Use this recipe for your brother and sister’s goodness.”

After he gave everyone the cultivation method, Jaime took out a storage pouch. “In this storage pouch you will find 200 spiritual stones, [Sun and Moon] pills, low level [First Dragon] pill for Senior Realm, Real [First Dragon] pill for True Human Realm and [True Dragon] pill for elder realm each. There are also some healing pills, strengthen pills, Patriarch Realm Demonic Beast’s meat and blood, which I had refined, you can eat it whenever you like.  Every one of you will have one storage pouch with these items inside. Think of it as a gift from me.”

Fatty Chen and other disciples were trembling, for each of them knew the meaning behind these pills. For inner disciples, a master only gives First Dragon Pill to a chosen one. And inner disciples were killing each other to get that pill. As for pills for True Human Realm and Elder Realm, they must depend on their luck in Kang Ow. As for a storage pouch, not even an elder can have it easily.

“I am sorry that I can’t give you more than these. When I have more, I will give you more.” Jaime already worked so hard to produces these kinds of pills in the last few days and sold some for spiritual stones.

The disciples said nothing when they took the gifts for each of them. They just paid with silent tears when they were taking the items.

“Now, all of you are prepared, go to your cave and do closed door cultivation. Maybe we will meet in the next 5 years. At that time, I don’t know what your level will be, but I only want all of you to remember. All of you are Double Moon Sect disciples. Family and sect are things that you mustn’t betray in your life.”

“Masters are like your parents. They will not harm you. They will protect you and give you the best. They are the happiest person when you achieve something bigger. For me, your master here, I want to take down all the elders for the sake of Double Moon Sect’s well-being. We don’t want elders of each division to start killing each other, making this sect going backward again. This sect has so much meaning for me, more than my family and parents.”

After saying that, two hundred disciples bowed , went to their own caves and closed the doors. They will stay there for five years, full of determination to get stronger enough to support their master.

Jaime smiled; his first force in conquering this realm will be ready in the next 5 years.


The next morning, Jaime went to the rainbow peak field where the disciples were assembled with confusing faces.

“What happened?”

“Master!” Li Xing bowed his head and said quickly. “All the divisions of Double Moon Sect moved to the Moonlight Flower Field.”

Jaime knew that Moonlight Flower Field is located in the east of Double Moon Mountain, it is a flat land for three kilometers and usually used for the sect meetings or celebrations.

“What are they doing there?”

“They are having an annual tournament for the new disciples!”

“Annual Tournament, so what to make fuss about it?” Jaime didn’t get excited by things like that.

“Master, this time it’s not only the new disciples, but as long as the disciples under 30 years age, they can join the tournament. The winner’s prize is our eighth division!”

“What!” Jaime shocked. His plan—to dominate the world by having Double Moon Sect as his first stronghold—was not ready to bloom yet, but was already being forcefully dug out.

“You are not making a mistake, are you?”

“No master, everyone already know this!” Li Xian face turned pale. “What do we do Master?! We will lose this place.”

“Of course we will go there and cause trouble as much as we can to protect this place from being taken from us!”

“But we would have to face all the seven divisions!”

“We will face the entire Double Moon sect if it’s needed!” Jaime’s eyes shone.

The time has come to cause the biggest trouble ever to this sect.


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