CGA: Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Building Fortress


“Being strong is the dream of every martial artist. They train hard and cultivate for hundreds of years! But do you ever ask yourself, why do all of you study martial arts? Hurting yourself and put your life in danger? All of this for only one purpose… when you are needed. You can use your martial arts to protect or to kill whoever wants to harm you and your loved ones.

At that time you will look down on your enemies. You will feel like an adult facing kindergarten children, even if there are a thousand of them. It will be very easy for you to make them cry and bow down to you. After that you can do whatever you want to them! Hit them, punch them, touch them, kick them, seduce them, you are the king! Huahahahaha….!”

Jaime raised his spiritual energy from his dantian and converted it to fist energy. The Double Moon Illusion appeared and shattered into a thousand brilliant lights, then shot into every disciple’s face. In a few seconds, all of them fell to the ground screaming and crying.

Gong Na got angry and started to throw a tantrum while his nose was bleeding. He had saw the attacks coming and was taking full care to avoid it, yet the attack still got through to his face and made him almost faint.

Jaime was the only one still standing in front of his four hundred new disciples. “Now! All of you will obey my command! All of you are the Double Moon disciples, so I have the responsibility to make all of you strong. So people won’t look down on our sect when you walk the Kang Ow. Everyone of you will learn about the dignity of being a Double Moon Sect’s disciples! In two months, all of you will learn three moves, Double Moon Thousands Sword, Double Moon Fist Shattering Mountain and Double Moonlight Flash Movement.”

“With these three moves, you will be able to take care of anyone that looks down on our sect and keep our dignity high in outside!”

“Who are you that you can force me to learn things I don’t want!” A guy with an arrogant face stood and pointed his finger at Jaime.

“I am your granddaddy, why couldn’t I teach you?” Jaime flashed to his front and slap him.

“You! You! If you dare to hit me again, I will tell my father! Don’t you know who am I? Who my father is? Even a king wouldn’t dare to lay his hands on me! You will die!”

“Oh, really?” Jaime smiled as he proceeded to kick him very hard to ground. After that, Jaime stomped on his hand, causing him to scream like a pig being butchered. “If you act so arrogant again, I swear I will go out and find your family. Kill them one by one. Do you think I don’t dare to do it? Keep your arrogant attitude to yourself or you’ll cause your family to be terminated. You useless pig! When you entered this Sect, your life was already mine! Even a king won’t be able to help you. Understand!?”

“Arggh… let me go! I am the son of the great general Tian! You will die!”

“What kind of pig you are I already know! You are Tian Hu, a good for nothing young master. Your mother is Lian Xi, fourth wife of your father. Do you know why they sent you to Double Moon Sect and not Wu Imperial sword sect like your father and all of your brothers? It is because they want you to die here! Do you understand or not! You are just a useless pig, what do you have that it makes you so arrogant in front of me? I will kill you right now if you keep trying my patience!” Jaime stepped on one of his legs causing his bone to break.

“Aaaaah…alright… I understand!”

Jaime let him go. “This Double Moon Sect is not your playground, where you can play and have fun. This is the place to study martial arts. Make yourself strong, make you undefeatable under heaven. For now, you are just cockroaches, pigs, dogs and shit. But when I finish with all of you, every one of you will become dragons amongst men and phoenixes amongst women! ”Jaime shouted fiercely then thought quietly,

All of you will be my new lackey dogs! And do the three steps of being good disciples till you die. No… Till your sons and daughters and your grandchildren have to kiss my ass too! I won’t let all of you go easily.

“Stand Up!” This time no one dared to complain. All the disciples stood up as fast as they could. Jaime looked at them and shouted. “To become strong, one must have a strong heart, have a strong mind and have a strong body. First I will train your body!”

Jaime moved to a big stone which was 3 meters high and 4 meters wide. Jaime took a sword from a random disciple. Putting spiritual energy into the sword, he waved it and easily penetrated the stone, creating a flat standing wall. At that wall, Jaime used the sword to carve a Rainbow Peak surrounding map.

“We are here!” Jaime pointed at a single dot on the wall map. “All of you will make twenty groups and start clearing this area!” Jaime drew a big cycle on the map, Rainbow Peak Mountain’s peak as the core. “Clean the bushes, pick the herbs, kill the demonic beasts and put a stone, a size of a meter is the minimum, for every ten steps!”

Jaime took out a green jade as big as palm. That jade could record information and if someone put their mental energy in the jade, the information would be transferred to one’s brain. It cost 100 spiritual stones for one jade. It is very useful. Jaime had 10 of them. “This jade has information about the herbs you can collect. Put spiritual stones on the jade and it will record the information to your mind.”

Most of the disciples haven’t reached elementary realm yet, they didn’t know how to use spiritual energy. If they need to operate an object that needs spiritual energy, they could just use the spiritual stones by placing them on top.

“Master…” said one disciple. “We don’t have the tools to clean the bushes and pluck the herbs…”

“Then what is the sword on your hips used for!” Jaime sneered.

“But this sword is my family ancestor’s sword used for killing and drinking blood!”

“Don’t you know, when people eat only meat, it won’t do any good for the health. Your sword has eaten meat and drunken blood too much; it is time to make it healthier by being a vegetarian. Go cut the bushes and pluck the herbs. Your sword will feel better.” Jaime took a stone as big as his palm, filled it with his energy and threw it to a 2 meters stone. The big stone broke in half, causing all of the disciples to be afraid. Jaime then took another small stone and posed to throw the stone at the disciples. “Don’t you agree with me? If you have other opinions please feel free to share with me! I am a very open-minded master.”

Jaime eyes showed a different meaning. If you don’t agree, you can eat this stone and go die!

“I think my ancestor’s sword will be happy to be vegetarian for a while.”

“Good!” said Jaime while he carved twenty dots on the wall map. “This will be the starting points for each of your groups. The whole cycle is approximately 60 kilometers; each group will be responsible for 3 kilometers. Remember you must at least clear the areas 20 meters wide! All of you must finish it within three days. The group who finishes it within three days will get the cultivation of Double Moon and can starting to cultivate. For people who collect the herbs, they can choose to have cultivation or to study in making pills! And for groups that don’t finish their work within three days….they can keep working for the rest of their lives! I am doing this for your own good. It is for training your weak body! I care about you!”

This Rainbow peak will be my stronghold to take down entire Double Moon Sect, I will make a big defense formation here! If it finished, even the elder won’t be able to charge inside. So work hard and lay the foundation for me!

“Gong Na!” Jaime shouted and Gong Na walked out. “You will be in charge of this training! Do you have any question?”


“Good, just prepare your head if they can’t clear it in three days!” Jaime lightly smiled.


As Jaime went back to the peak of the mountain, he found Fatty Chen and his disciples have completely cleared the Ten Thousand Legs Centipede.

Fatty Chen rushed to Jaime. “Master welcome back, we already separate the demonic beast meat, blood and its skin neatly. We put it inside forty storage pouches.”

“Have you shared it between you?”

“Master killed this demonic beast we as disciple, didn’t dare to take it for ourselves.”

Jaime laughed. “Good, good, all of you are good disciples. To tell the truth because all of you have not yet reached elementary realms, having patriarch realm demonic beast’s meat and blood will do more harm to your body then good. I will keep this stuff with me, once you enter elementary realm I will prepare it for you!”

“Thank you master,” said all disciples in unison.

“Now, I see some of you have cleared your own cultivation cave. I want each of you to cultivate a Double Moon Sect Cultivation so you can extract the spiritual energy from spiritual stones and raise your level up to at least third level of elementary realm.”

“It is important because all of you definitely can’t take the [Sun and Moon] pill to clear your meridian before reaching elementary realm. I will give each of you 21 chapters of Double Moon Cultivation and five spiritual stones to cultivate.”

“We obey Master command!” Some of the disciples burst into tears. Once, they paid five spiritual stones to be accepted as disciples. Truthfully, it was quite pricey for them. When they found out their master real strength, they never regretted their decision, they even think of it as the best decision they ever taken.

But now, their master was willing to give them back their five spiritual stones for their cultivation. They felt loved and touched in the way they never could imagine.

A master that care about them! Tears fell.

Jaime glanced at his disciple’s faces and smiled.

Good, good, good. Remember how I care about you, how I will buy your life and your soul!

“I will imprint the cultivation to your brains; only after you finished the first chapter then the second chapter will show its information to you and so on. Once you reach elementary realm, you can ask for the [Sun and Moon] pills from me,” Jaime put his hand on Fatty Chen head and with his mental energy, imprints the complete Double Moon information to his brain. One by one the disciples got the imprint, they took five spiritual stone and closed their self into each cave and started their cultivation.

In the afternoon, Fatty Chen walked out from his cave with a silver bird that looks like an eagle but three times bigger. “Master, the tasks that Master gave to me two weeks ago is already finished without much trouble.”

Fatty Chen opened two storage pouches which were tied on to the bird legs. This bird is Fatty Chen’s messenger bird which is used for him to maintain contact with his family. Fatty Chen was from a very rich family background and had hundreds of stores throughout the whole Dragon and Phoenix continent. They usually use this bird to share information.

Two weeks ago, Jaime asked Fatty Chen to sell 70 [First Dragon Pills] and exchange it for herbs for producing the [Sun and Moon] pill. Jaime knew if he sells 70 pills to Double Moon’s market, he would be targeted by all the elders, also for buying herbs in large portions inside Double Moon’s Market is simply will cause trouble.

“The pills sold for 200.000 spiritual stones, which already excluded 5% selling fee. As for the herbs, cauldrons and all the stuff Master asked me to buy in bulk, it cost 190.300 spiritual stones. This is all the stuff, please checked it.” Fatty Chen gave two storage pouches to Jaime.

Jaime checked things inside and satisfied. “With all of these, we can start our plan to take down the entire sect!”


At Black Crow peak, an old guy read a small written message and suddenly became angry. “A mere ant wants to take an entire sect. He really doesn’t know what he is facing. We must kill him as fast as we can. Gu Fei did you check his identity?”

A black clothes man appeared and knelt. “Master, that boy name is Jaime. He was a village kid that was taken by Elder Fan months ago into this sect to become slave for his disciples. Zhou Wei tried to kill him but he escaped into the eight divisions.”

“This is impossible, Zhou Wei is already at fifth junior realm, and how he could miss in killing a mere slave. Do you have more information about him?”

“This one heard that Elder Fan wasn’t the first to discover that kid.”


“Elder Meng!”

The old guy suddenly stood. “So, it is Elder Meng, no wonder, no wonder!”

“What it is master?”

“That kid maybe one of Elder Meng’s core disciple!”

“He performed the Double Moon Thousand Swords and caused two full moon illusions, only disciples at the True Human Realm could cause that illusion. He knew our sect martial arts; of course he is one of us. From all the divisions only Elder Meng’s first division has core disciples at true human realm!”

“Why did Elder Meng plan this out?”

“Maybe he knew that we want to take over eighth divisions and sent that kid to stop our invasion. Have you ever asked Elder Meng about that kid?”

“One of our spy in First division asked Elder Meng but he only said that kid is the only survivor of village massacre. He knew nothing about that kid except that, that kid is only a normal kid without any cultivation!”

“Normal kid without any cultivation could perform Double Moon thousand swords and cause two moon illusion to appear? Who did he want to lie to! But if he pretended not knowing that kid, we will to! Send ten people to kill that kid right now! Wait no more; I want his head on my table tonight!”

“Yes Master!” Gu Fei stood but suddenly knelt again. “Master if that kid is already in True Human Realm, who will we send to kill him? Ten Senior Realm disciples can do nothing to him.”

The old guy laughed. “Elder Meng always thinks he is smart, he didn’t ever think that we also have hidden True Human Realm disciples! We will send our top ten best disciples to kill him tonight!”


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