CGA: Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Secret makes a man man


“I am a man! A man fears no one!  I fear nothing, so I can walk the Kang Ow with pride. I’ll meet God, then kill God! Face the Demon, then trample the Demon! Meet the beautiful princess, then snatch her heart! Thousands of people worship me; ten thousands of people kowtow to me and are waiting for me to be their Master. As for demonic beast…hmm…” Jaime looked at the Ten Thousand Centipede. “Even if you are in the patriarch realm, level 63, and my level is only 32, I won’t step back even one step! I will face you with a single hand! Behold my true power!”

Jaime moved his hand as fast as he could, not attacking the Ten Thousand Legs Centipede, but aiming at the small stone beside the cave. Before the Ten Thousand Legs Centipede was close enough to attack Jaime, the boulder of the cave started closing. The Centipede knew if it kept attacking its head would be pinned by the boulder. So, it moved back and let the boulder close the cave.

Jaime stared blankly at the big boulder; he realized that he almost died by that beast. His body was full of cold sweat and his legs were shaking. Luckily, it’s already night and he wear big white clothes that cover up all of his legs.

Fatty Chen and the others were also staring blankly at the closed boulder. When the Ten Thousand Centipede shown its patriarch realm aura, all of their legs lost power and caused them to tremble with fear. Some of them already wet their pants. All of their faces turned really pale.

Jaime looked at their face and wanted to say,

I think I almost died! Look at how scary that Centipede is! Damn, it is so big! Did you look at its fangs and horns? It is full of poison don’t you know! Ahh.. my legs are still trembling  just remembering it!

Yet as Jaime opened his mouth, he only said. “All of you are weak! So weak, that small demonic beast already caused you to be scared to death! Look at your trembling legs, your pale faces. How can you walk the Kang Ow if you are already so scared with that small centipede? Some of you have even wet yourselves. All of you put shame on your Master’s name! Tell me what is your Master’s name?”

“Jaime The Great!” shouted all of the disciples in unison.

“What is my title?” Jaime shouted!

“The King of Three Realms!”

“What will I do!”

“Kill the Gods, Trample the Demons, be the Emperor of the Universe!”

“Good! Remember, you are my disciples! You will follow me in killing the gods and trampling the demons. All of you will lead the front line in the war! Raise your spirit and don’t be afraid of that small worm!”

“Master.” One disciple couldn’t stop himself from trembling in fear. “What is that creature? I can’t breathe in front of it.”

“That small worm is named the Ten Thousand Legs Centipede.”

“What is that demonic beast cultivation?”

“Patriarch Realm!” Jaime waved his hand like it was a small matter. But all the disciples felt like they were going to faint. For their entire lives, they had never seen a demonic beast in the patriarch realm. Even ten elders in the Elder Realm wouldn’t be able to kill that creature. And all of them knew, as the demonic beast reaches the Patriarch Realm, it will become the demonic beast ruler of a small area.

“Master, that centipede is the king of all the demonic beasts in Double Moon Mountain,” said Fatty Chen full of sweat. “Let’s leave from here….”

Jaime nodded his head. This place is too dangerous to stay. “I agr…”

“What the hell are you talking about!” shouted one disciple to Fatty Chen. “How dare you insult our Master! Our master is the strongest under heaven, how can our Master be scared of that centipede!? Even if it is in Patriarch Realm, haven’t you heard what our Master called that Centipede? A WORM!”

Jaime and Fatty Chen glanced at the disciple.

“Do you really know why our master showed that worm to us? It is to test us, to test our weak heart. Master already knew there was a demonic beast in the Patriarch Realm inside and wanted to show it to us. It was to make us stronger by knowing what we fear. Look how cool our Master was facing that king of demonic beast. Didn’t you see? The centipede even backed off when facing our Master. Didn’t anyone see it before the boulder closed?” Almost all of the disciples were convinced. All of them nodded their heads in unison.

Jaime nodded his head too.

What the f**k are you talking about. I didn’t know there would be a monster inside there! It almost killed me! Just shut your mouth up and let us go somewhere before that things get out. Quickly…

“All of you! You showed your weakness and how pitiful all of you are. Even if we are weak, didn’t any one of you have faith in our Master! That our Master is the greatest under heaven! Our Master will kill gods and trample demons! What could that little worm do to our Master! Instead, our Master will butcher that worm and let us eat its meat. Patriarch Realm beast will nurture our bodies and bones! That is the reason why Master showed it to us. Have faith in our Master! Have absolute faith in our Master!” The disciple raised his voice and asked the others to join in. “Have faith in our master. Have  absolute faith in our master!”

One disciple overcame his fear and stood shouting really loudly. “What is our Master!”

“The king of three realms!” shouted the others and stood.

“What does he do!”

“Kill the gods! Trample the demons!”

In no time at all the disciples stood and shouted with boiling blood.

Jaime became dumbfounded. He didn’t know what just happened.

“Have faith in our master!”

‘F**k if you have faith in me, but who do I put my faith in!’

“He will kill the beast and let us eat the meat!”

‘Easy for you to say. Just kill it by yourself, and let us see if the beast eats you or you eat the beast.’

“Master, we as your disciples apologize. We are weak and have so little faith in master. Please forgive us and let us eat the meat!”

Jaime laughed and cried in his heart. “I am here with you, what are you scared for! Tomorrow morning I will kill that worm and share it with all of you! Its meat will be good for all of your bodies! As long as you have faith in me, you will face no trouble! Let us go to sleep for now.”

Tomorrow, I will find a place to escape!


In the morning, the sun rose and a new day had come; Jaime was pushed in front of the Patriarch Cave.

“Master, now I really have faith in you. I was scared of nothing and kept dreaming of the Patriarch Realm Demonic Beast’s meat. Look, I keep drooling!” All of the disciples said the same things. Some disciples had started heating the furnace, ready to cook the meat.

“All of you really have no shame at all.” Jaime checked one closer disciple and said. “Give me your sword, I will kill that Patriarch Realm’s beast and be back as fast as I can. I won’t let all of you go hungry for long.”

“Now all of you move back 100 meters. A fight between Patriarch realms is not something the likes of you can handle.” Jaime took the sword and opened the cave.

Since all of the disciples moved back, they couldn’t see what was happening inside the dark cave. Some of them couldn’t help remembering the terror last night. The aura of the Patriarch Realm was still causing nightmares to some of them. Some of the women disciples face turned pale and one of them whispered. “What will happen if Master dies?”

That question cause fear and panic in some hearts. Some of the girls couldn’t help sobbing.

Only ten breaths of time since Jaime entered, they saw a figure walking out.

“Master is out…”

All eyes were locked on Jaime, their mouth opened in awe. They looked at their master walking and dragging a very big beast, the biggest they ever seen. Jaime walked slowly like he was just taking a stroll in a garden in front of a house, but his left hand was on the horn of the Ten Thousand Legs Centipede. He dragged the king of the demonic beast carcass out from the cave.

Slowly but surely Jaime appeared in front of them and return the sword to the disciples. “This beast is weaker than I thought; it can’t even handle one move of mine. So lame.”

All of the disciples looked at the head of the centipede which was almost three meters, and its body reaching fifty meters long, full of horns and fangs. The liquid on the fangs was full of poison. It looked so scary.

Most of the female disciples burst into tears, they cried really hard. Almost all of the male disciples looked at their master with very big eyes, teary and full of pride. In their hearts, their master is the most awesome human ever alive.

Their king, their god, their master!

All of them with one heart and in unison knelt again. “We will have unshakeable faith in our master till the end of our time! We will follow our master to heaven and hell! Kill the god, trample the demon.”

Jaime looked at them and smile. “Good. This beast head is full of poison, none of you can handle it, so I will take it.” Jaime waved his hand and shout in low voice. “Crimson Full Moon Behead!”

An illusion of the Crimson Full Moon appeared and rush at the beast head. As the illusion passed the head fell down. Jaime put it into his storage pouch and looked at the bleeding carcass without head.

“Collect its blood and meat. Keep it in your storage pouch. The blood can help temper your blood and meridians, its meat can help nurture your bones. Its skin can be used as armor. Leave nothing behind. I need to meet the other disciples and teach them about Double Moon Sect’s dignity. I will be back this evening.”

After saying that, Jaime flashed and left nothing but a mirage.

The disciples’ eyes were full of tears.

“Our master just needs one move to kill this beast on Patriarch Realm! No one in this Dragon and Phoenix continent ever did this!”

“He needs only one move to behead the king of demonic beast!”

“We are truly lucky to meet such as master!”

“He is already so powerful and unreachable. Not even our elder can do something like this. Yet, he is willing to take us as his disciples. My life and my soul is his!”


“Our life is his!”


Jaime was on the way to Rainbow Peak field, where he asked Gong Na to assemble all the Rainbow Peak disciples. There was a smile on his face. Of course he didn’t really fight with that Patriarch Realm’s demonic beast. He did something to that beast last night. A very smart trick!

Suddenly Jaime laughed loudly. He was so smart and so awesome! He couldn’t believe that he was that cool. Maybe now some of the women disciples on that peak mountain would be willing to let him sleep with them. Jaime still remembered the way they looked at him. Some of the women disciples were really pretty. Soft skins, tender lips, sexy bodies, maybe he could get a threesome, foursome or even tensome and twentysome! Jaime started drooling.

As Jaime headed to the middle of Rainbow Peak, there was a large open field which more than four hundreds disciples were already there waiting.

He jumped in the middle of them and shouted. “Each of you will get two punches on your head. If you can avoid it, I will let you go, if not, all of you will be going through hell training with me. You will be my dogs, you will be my pigs! When I am finished with you, all of you will only have bones left. But you will have the dignity of being a human!”

Jaime’s level was now more than 35, facing most of the disciples at level 3 to 9, it just like a wolf running among hundreds of chickens. Most of the disciples became scared.

A full moon appeared in Jaime’s upper body and he shouted “Double moon thousands fist!”

As how Jaime killed that ten thousand legs centipede, it will be told later. Hee Hee. Doesn’t a secret make a man, man!

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Editor’s Note: Jaime has created a cult. They are thouroughly brainwashed tsk tsk tsk. lol.


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