CGA: Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Conquer Double Moon Sect


“On the top of a mountain, there is nothing but loneliness. Being the strongest and undefeated under heaven is the dream and life of all martial artists. They work hard, fight, live, and die! Climbing step by step, using blood and paying with their life to reach the peak of the mountain. Being number one under heaven! It is hard but this is the only way of life for them. But after the long and arduous journey, they will face loneliness.  At the top of the mountain, without enemies, without friends, and with no one that can understand them… I am the founder of Double Moon Sect!”

Jaime was usually very placid and doesn’t like to ever solve things with his fist or sword. His life from before was peaceful, he and the people around him used words and money to solved everything. No need to see blood or let fists speak. But after a week of having the cultivation and experiences of Fu Gu Chai, the Founder of Double Moon Sect, his heart changed.

Jaime wasn’t usually affected by the past experience of the people he exchanged with in the book of karma, but this Fu Gu Chai’s experience kept bothering him. Probably because he stayed in Double Moon Mountain, this entire place, even after a thousand of years, didn’t change much. It caused Jaime to feel nostalgic and he kept reliving Fu Gu Chai experiences. Making him feel the he, himself was Fu Gu Chai.

The experiences from the Book of Karma gave not only the cultivation, but also the process in founding the art of Double Moon Cultivation until its perfection. In Jaime’s mind, he already experienced the whole life of Fu Gu Chai. How this founder, in pain and sweat, raised the sect. Loving the Double Moon Cultivation as his masterpiece and even till his death, he was still lingering around his dream to be the number one in the world.

Jaime still felt he was the founder of this sect and suddenly became enraged.

“Fk! What is the number one under heaven?” Jaime wanted to cry. “Double Moon Cultivation, which was once known as the peak of all cultivation in the Dragon and Phoenix Continent, appears to be a defected cultivation, even being humiliated by the Dragon and Phoenix cultivation, the self-proclaimed best cultivation. Fk all their grandmothers!!”

Now Jaime eyes were teary, “The Patriarchs after the founder were not raising the Double Moon Sect! Nor upgrading the cultivation, they were declining it! Personally throwing away every last chapter because of fear of their own disciples! F**King useless disciples! What happened to the sect I raised so hard with my blood and tears!”

Jaime looked angrily at the Hyena leader and all of them. “Today I will show you what the real meaning of Double Moon is! Why we were known as the Double Moon Sect!”

The sword in Jaime’s hand began to shine brightly and suddenly an illusion of a full moon appeared on his upper body. This caused all of the people to become dumbfounded. They only ever heard of this when a martial artists really understood their movements and had complete understanding of the essence of martial arts. Only then would they cause an illusion to appear.

Right at the moment, Jaime moved his sword filled with his spiritual energy. The sword movement created a full cycle and caused an illusion of a second moon to appear. Jaime raised his sword and shouted powerfully. “Double Moon Thousand Swords!”

The illusion of the full moons shattered into a thousand pieces. Each piece containing a sword intent and sharp energy shot into the surroundings.

Gong Na and his followers couldn’t escape from those thousand sword energies. In no time, all of them fell to the ground. Their legs and hands were showing injuries and blood was flowing out. It seemed like every one of them had four to five injuries each. All two hundred people of the hyena groups fell to the ground bleeding. No one was left standing.

Gong Na looked horrible. His open wounds showed his white bones. Jaime moved in front of him.

“Now tell me, are you willing to move out of the peak of this mountain or should I move you to hell right now?” Jaime’s sword met the skin of his neck.

“I’ll move out, it is your place now!” Gong Na spoke in a hurry.

“Then please forgive me for being impolite to you. Swords have no eyes, and this sword is really a bad sword. Luckily I have healing pills with me. Having one healing pill will make sure all of your injuries are cured in half a day. You can have it for 50 spiritual stones. Please buy one for your health, okay?” Jaime took out a pill.

“That is double the usual price,” said Gong Na in low voice.

“Brother, a glass of water in the desert has a different price with a glass of water near the river. Don’t you agree with me? 100 spiritual stones!”

Jaime killing intent heightened causing Gong Na to quickly take out his pouch to pay. “Thank you.”

Jaime moved to the next injured person, “You! You look so handsome and you are still so young. I am really concerned about your health. Your parents will be sad if you died or even have a scratch on your face. It will cause you to be unmarried for your whole life, please buy one pill okay? For your future baby.”

“No, my injury is very light, just putting saliva will be okay.” His legs had a long wound and was bleeding but it was not a deep wound. For a martial artist this kind of injury was just like a light scratch.

“Really? Let me check,” Jaime took his sword and stabbed that leg, causing new injuries to his legs. “It doesn’t look so good to me, but let me check deeper.” The sword moved deeper and caused the unlucky guy to scream.

“I’ll buy it! I’ll buy it!”

“Thanks, your wounds will be cured in no time! You just saved your future.” Jaime smirked and moved to the next one. “How about you? Your injury looks so bad.”

“Please, I don’t have money!”

Jaime moved his foot to stomp the unlucky fellow’s injured leg, causing the unlucky fellow to scream pitifully and loudly. “You don’t have money, then it is okay, but you must not lose hope of life! When people are sick, they must cure it! No matter how much it’ll cost! You have a friend, brother and a sister. You must learn how to borrow money from them. Please scream louder and maybe one of them will be willing to lend you some money for your life.”

“Alright, alright, alright! Brother Gong Na, please lend me some of your money. I will return it later!”

“Thank You!” Jaime threw a pill to him. “Now, Fatty Chen! You already saw enough. Please choose some disciples and sell our healing pills to them. Help them to gain their health and show our kindness as well. Selling at normal price will be okay. We don’t kill our fellow disciples. Please take their swords or belongings if they have neither money nor friends to shelter their pain.”

“Yes Master!”

Jaime looked down at Gong Na. “Tomorrow, you must gather all of the disciples of eighth division on the Rainbow Peak’s field, your group, Li Xing group, dumb shitty group, Everyone! Understand!”

“Yy…Ye…Yes…” said Gong Na painfully. “But, I never did anything bad to you, why are you targeting us.”

“Did you think I didn’t know about you? You and your brothers are spies of other divisions! All of you causing trouble for eighth division. It is not like I want to protect this division. I want to protect this sect which I worked so hard to build. You can cause trouble and even kill people from a different sect. But to target your own sect, this is really humiliating! Really shameless! You traitors of your own blood! If not for us being in same sect, I would have already killed you into a thousand pieces! Collect all the disciples tomorrow morning. I will teach you all about the dignity of Double Moon Sect!”

Jaime’s flashed to the peak of the mountain leaving only his shadow and a wavering flash of light. All of the disciples stared blankly.

“Is that not a Moonlight flash’s step! Like only the Elders ever shown?”

“He is Indeed a super senior disciple. He knew all the best movements of Double Moon Sect!”

“Our Master!”

“Our Master!”

After a few minutes, the Hyena group disciples started throwing tantrums. “You are robbing us blindly! 100 stones for a pill! Your master already said sell at a normal price just now.”

“Yeah, master said normal price, but we, as his disciples, must show the three good steps of being disciples. 25 stones are the real price of the pill. 25 stones to show our obedience, 25 stones to show our loyalty and 25 stones to kiss our master’s ass! So give me your money and whatever you have!”

Jaime reached the peak of the mountain and looked at his surroundings. Laying his eyes on the mountain peaks his tears began to fall down.  This is his first time at this place but after having Fu Gu Chai’s experience, he felt like all of this place already belonged to him and had been his home for his whole life. He stood for a long time, remembering his past life’s memory.

Fatty Chen and the other disciples finished their business and found their master standing at the peak of the mountain. They said nothing because their master seemed to be in deep thought. They just knelt there, waiting for their next order. As the sky darkened, Jaime didn’t move. So they didn’t dare to bother him.

Jaime suddenly shouted loudly following his heart, “This place is my home. This place is my land. This is my place where I planted my dreams with my brothers and sisters! We shared our dreams and hope for our future generations! This place was where our story began! Long live Double Moon Sect till the end of the world!”

Jaime couldn’t hold his tears and shouted as loud as he could.

When they heard their master shouting, they didn’t know what to say. Their master loyalty to the sect seemed deeper than any elder they knew. The elders they knew kept fighting each other and kept planning to do bad things to each division.

“You!” Jaime raised his voice and pointed to the disciples. “All of you will be my new brothers and sisters. We will take over this entire Double Moon Sect and raise it to become the number one sect in this Dragon and Phoenix continent. A thousand years ago, Fu Gu Chai, our founder at this place shared his dream to his brothers and sisters; to swear to take this sect fly to the sky, to become dragon of all sects. BUT!!!!… Those fucking no loyalty brain dog successors. THEY!!!”

Jaime was angry. It caused the illusion of twelve moons to shine brightly all over his body and brighten the dark sky. “There were 12 divisions when Double Moon Sect was first founded. After one thousand years, it became eight and soon to be seven! At first, Double Moon cultivation had 21 chapters and after one thousand years it only had 13 chapters left. A thirteen Holy Double Moon Cultivation My ASS! Double Moon Sect was once the best in this continent. Number one! Now it is number six from six big sects. Those damned successors only can cause this sect to walk backwards!”

“Are you with me?!” Jaime shouted very angrily.

“We are with Master till our body’s death!” All the disciples knelt.

“We will take over all of this Double Moon Sect in 5 years! Can you do it?”

“We will!”

“I will give all of you 21 chapters of Double Moon Cultivation. Also I will give you the cultivation of Dragon and Phoenix. All of you will be the new legends of this continent. All of you will reach the realm of demigod and half demon! But you have to swear your loyalty to me! I will be the king of three realms! Can you!”

Once some of them were a bit wary but after today, when Jaime showed his power, more of them can fathom. And now, their master’s aura seems like a very ancient and powerful being. Their hearts were moved. If Jaime asked them to die now, they would be more than willing to do it because of the atmosphere. They are young, full of dreams and willing to try their limits to reach the sky! With their brothers and sisters, to share their dream, their willingness or maybe their stupidity rose to whole new level.

“We swear our loyalty to master!”

“Good, follow me!” said Jaime. He made his way with his disciples to one big closed cave which was already full of bushes, weeds and plants. “Fatty Chen, do you know what cave this is?”

“Master, this lowly one has heard that the closed cave was only ever used by the first Patriarch and the other Patriarchs of Double Moon Sect from the ancient time. It has already been 500 years. No one has been able to open the closed cave including the Patriarch of this sect. So it’s left behind.”

Jaime sneered, “Of course except the Patriarch no one can open this cave, because it needs a martial art in chapter 17 of Double Moon Cultivation to open it. But the chapter is already long gone!” Jaime touched a small stone which positioned right beside the boulder that closed the cave door. He moved his finger drawing a small formation on the surface of the stone while putting in his spiritual and mental energies. A small formation shone brightly and caused the big boulder which closed the cave to start moving.

All of the disciples there got a surprise.

“He can open the boulder.”

“Our Master! There is nothing he can’t do!”

“Is our master the Patriarch of the Double Moon Sect?”

“Stupid! Double Moon Sect has no Patriarch because no one has reached Patriarch Realm yet. We only have eight Elders on Elder Realm. I heard Elder Meng is already at level eight Elder Realm, he will be a patriarch soon!”

“But how could our master opened the cave which only patriarchs can open it?”

Jaime looked at the Patriarch cave. This cave has the highest density of heavenly and earthly energy, so it is the best place for cultivation. As Jaime wanted to enter the cave, a smell of demonic beast rushed to his nose and he stopped his step.

A very big-headed centipede started moving towards Jaime. Its head was already as big as three horses, as for its body? Jaime couldn’t see it because of the darkness but it must be at least forty-fifty meters long.

“What is it!” asked Jaime to the Book of Karma and in an instant information came, exchanged with his mental energy.

[Ten Thousand Legs Centipede, a level 63 demonic beast, Patriarch realm. King of all demonic beasts around the Double Moon Mountain range; has hidden itself for 400 years in the cave to nurture its body. Very aggressive and loves to eat human meat.]

The Ten Thousand Legs Centipede moved fast and attacked Jaime fiercely. It showed its many horns and fangs, Jaime could see dark liquid falling from the fangs and horns……. poisoned fangs and horns…..


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9 thoughts on “CGA: Chapter 11

  1. Jaime suddenly shouted loudly following his heart, “This place is my home. This place is my land. This is my place where I planted my dreams with my brothers and sisters! We shared our dreams and hope for our future generations! This place was where our story began! Long live Double Moon Sect till the end of the world!”

    …Yeah, I must say that I don’t like how the chapters actually change his personality and influences his decisions… After absorbing more and more life experiences, he would become a raving lunatic who doesn’t know who he is anymore… Well, the author won’t really change his personality that much though, he’s just using it to propel the story forward.


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