CGA: Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Double Moon Thousand Swords


“Every man is born to be a king. If he can’t be a king of country, be a king of a province. If he can’t be, then be a king of a city. Be a king of a sect. Be a king of his family. If all those can’t be achieved then be a king of his own life! If you have a weakness, trample that weakness! If you have nothing, find something. Don’t ever let others control you!” Fatty Chen yelled in an ear-splitting shout and stood at the selling pill’s table. “Li Xing you are a frog in a well! After five years in rainbow peak, you already feel you are the best in the world. In front of my Master you are nothing!”

“You don’t believe in Master? It is your stupidity, I can’t change it, and you will only die like your mother pig. But I and my fellow brothers want to change our lives. We want to be strong and have a strong heart. Be a king of our lives! We refuse to be a lamb in front of a tiger! We choose to believe in the fact that master can change our fates. It is our cleverness. You can’t change it. What do you have till you think you can stop our journey to be the strongest under heaven! Do you think me and Master’s future disciples are someone you can trample when you like! Do you think we eat grass? I tell you what! We are tigers that will eat your meat!”

The eyes of the future disciples shone very brightly. Their blood was boiling and they were suddenly ready for any action! They were craving for blood.

“All of my dear brothers and sisters! Master taught us to have a strong heart and trample our weakness. It is time to show it now! We were never meant to be weak, we are born to be strong and shine! Use sword!s Use bare hands! Use teeth! Use our lives to protect our dignity! One hundred twenty brothers and sisters! One for all and all for one! Gang up on Li Xing together! Attack!!!!! It’s time to show who we are. Today, we or he will die!”

“Huaaaaaaaa!!!!!!” Hundreds of disciples ran to Li Xing with red eyes.

Li Xing’s face turned really pale; he never thought that he would become the target. This time he really kicked an iron plate. “Brothers please help me. Protect me!”

He turned around and ran for his life very quickly. At that moment, some random fists and sword have started attacking his body. His friends tried hard to protect him and stop the movement of Jaime’s future disciples. They already forgotten Jaime’s presence. Two sides hitting each other with all they had. Teeth fell, blood fell, and bodies fell but Jaime’s side kept attacking hard.  

“Show our loyalty to our master!” Fatty Chen was running to Li Xing and started kicking and attacking, there were ten people ganging up on Li Xing, turning him into a terrible condition. “Trample Li Xing! Steal his belongings! Steal his fellow’s belongings!”

Jaime used that chaos to hide himself amongst the crowd and ran to Fatty Chen’s hut to hide. The first thing he wanted to do was make healing pills. The demand would be higher in the next few days.

Li Xing’s group fought half-heartedly since they had no reason to figh. Most of them moved because Li Xing had asked them to. However, Fatty Chen’s group was like a hungry lion wanting to prove themselves. They were ravaging wolves wishing to be strong and fought with their lives at stake. One of them could stand with three of Li Xing’s guys.

When Li Xing’s guys got to bleeding, they laid down and cried. When the future disciples got attacked and bled, they ignored it and return the attack twice or thrice fiercer. After that, they started looking for another enemy to strike.

In one hour, Li Xing and his entire group had been wasted and lying naked on the ground. They were beaten up till their parents wouldn’t recognize them and gotten robbed clean, left only with their naked skin.

In Rainbow Peak, Li Xing and his group were the most powerful and took control of Rainbow peak, but now, Fatty Chen and his hungry wolves group were scarier.

An outside disciple looked at the fight and asked his friend. “Fatty Chen’s group won their fight, but why do they look sad and run like hungry wolves after the fight? Where are they going?”

“You don’t know?” The other answered. “They weren’t satisfied with the robbing, so each of them ran to Li Xing and his group’s huts determined to rob their huts clean.”


Some of the Rainbow Peak disciples looked down at the fight from a peak mountain. “Have you checked that fake Master’s identity?”

“Yeah, some of Elder Meng’s disciples recognized the face of the drawing you sent. He was a village survivor from a village the Demon Sect attacked and brought by Elder Fan to Bamboo peak’s as a slave. He wasn’t any disciple and knew nothing about cultivation. He only reached the early step of elementary realm.”

“So they are really getting scammed by that slave!”

One disciple turned back his body. “It has nothing to do with us. If he causes more trouble to the eighth division, it is much better. Just ignore him and his stupid group. Let those hundred pigs get scammed by that lowly slave!”


“Master, winning really tastes so sweet!” Fatty Chen gave Jaime a tribute. “This is our winning tribute, Master. Present it to our dear Master as three good steps of being a disciple.”

Jaime laughed so hard and took the tribute. It was about 5,000 spiritual stones. “How many disciples fought Li Xing and his groups?”

“There were a hundred and one. Nineteen future disciples asked for a refund of their money. They are just a bunch of cowards.”

“Good, give their money back, we don’t need them.” Jaime threw a storage pouch to Fatty Chen. “Yesterday, Liang Xi already sold some of my First Dragon pills and exchanged the with herbs. I personally finished making a batch of healing pills and strengthening pills; you can give those pills to each of the disciples as my gratitude. When they kill a demonic beast in front of me, I will ready cleaning meridian and bone pills for each of them.”

“Thank You Master!”


“Master! Quickly come here!” Jaime rushed to the pit-trap, where some disciples were surrounding a hole with a pitiful demonic beast inside. “Dong Lie will kill his first demonic beast!”

A boy at seventeen raised a sword and stab at demonic beast. Jaime used that time to take its free energy. He understood that after the demonic beast died; he only had 5-10 seconds  to take their free energy or it will be gone forever.

“Good! Fatty Chen will record your name, please help your friends to get their demonic beast!”

In a day there were almost 20 demonic beasts falling into the traps and killed. Once they knew how to kill demonic beast in a very easy way, they became hungry for more.

Jaime laughed. “Kill, kill more and raise my level, be strong and be my hard-working ants. Huahahaha… I won’t be polite to use all of you…”

In that time, Jaime made a few storage pouches to keep demonic beast carcasses while waiting for the time to pass. In the storage pouch, the carcasses won’t decay because the time stopped inside the space.

After a week, those one hundred and one disciples killed more than 200 hundred demonic beasts. That shocked Jaime a little, since they protested at first. Jaime’s level rose from level 10 to level 34 entering the senior realm. To get the Dragon and Phoenix cultivation, he had  to pay 20 levels which willl cause his level to go back down to level 14.

Before getting Dragon and Phoenix cultivation, Jaime wanted to use his current level at the Senior Realm with tremendous spiritual and mental energies to smoothly create more space storage pouches and pills, as much as he could.

In that time, some disciples used their families’ connection to send them a few herbs that was needed to make [Sun and Moon] cleaning meridian and bone pills. This pill was a two grade higher than [Cloud Mist] cleaning meridian pills which was sold by Double Moon Sect. Only a few ancient grandmasters knew the recipe of this four grade pill.

When a cultivator took a [Cloud Mist] pill to clear their meridian, their cultivation may raise by 30%. As for the [Sun and Moon] pill, it can clean meridians and bones, it will open all the meridians and bones capacity in taking spiritual energy to the maximum and raise their cultivation and talent by 60%.  For a disciple, this was a heavenly gift to boost their talent.

This was the pill that would put them at the same level as the other talented cultivators. The problem was, Jaime suddenly realized that the [Sun and Moon] pill could only be taken by people with at a least an early Elementary Realm, so they could put the pills in their dantian and slowly release the effect to their meridians and bones over time.

Most of Jaime disciples were still in the normal human realm, leveled from 5-8. He needed to think how to boost their levels up. The answer was to lay on spiritual stone.

Spiritual stone at the size of a thumb is worth 100 taels gold for a normal human. Inside that small stone, there was a spiritual energy nurtured by a thousand years of heavenly and earth energies. It had the same effect as hundreds year old ginseng. But the hundred year old ginseng’ price will be higher, because normal humans can eat it and feel the effect right away. As for spiritual stones, which are mined from places with high concentrate of heavenly and earthly energy, it would need an art of cultivation to extract the spiritual energy from the stone and nurture their bodies.

One or two spiritual stones could easily boost a normal human into the elementary realm. Their lives would easily reach one hundred years. That would be the first step in entering the process of becoming immortal. The hardest part was having the art of cultivation. Every sect and clan had their own art of cultivation from their patriarch or ancestor. They guarded their cultivation as secrets and kept it like a treasure. The people who were able to get the art of cultivations were mostly disciples of a sect and people who make contracts with famous clans or a famous master.

There was a saying; a young one owes their life to their parents, a disciple owes their soul to their master.

Jaime, of course had no cultivation method with him. He couldn’t teach anything he didn’t know. He checked the Book of Karma and he decided to take  the Double Moon Sect Cultivation and the experience of Fu Gu Chai, the founder of Double Moon Sect. The reason? Because the cultivation only needed a small level to exchange and that cultivation would soon become trash as he obtain the Dragon and Phoenix cultivation. As to why he didn’t just rush to get the Dragon and Phoenix Cultivation, he still needed his levels for some work.

Having a level 34 or being in the Senior Realm, even Zhou Wei won’t dare to look for trouble, let aside the disciples of Rainbow Peak.

“Book of Karma, I want to take the skill and experience of Fu Gu Chai and his masterpiece, Double Moon Cultivation.”

Quickly, Jaime’s level became 32 and he experienced a hundred years of Fu Gu Chai’s life experience in a few seconds. The experience caused him to feel like he was the maker of Double Moon Cultivation and the founder of this sect. He suddenly had a lot of information, not only about the arts of cultivation, but also the information of the Double Moon Mountain and its surroundings.

One hundred and one disciples were asked to assemble in the Rainbow Peak field. Jaime appeared in front of them and said, “You have strong hearts and had proved it to me! It is more than enough for me to take you as my disciple. Now it is time for me to let you see the truth about me. Follow me!”

Jaime lead his disciples to the Rainbow Mountain’s peak and caused Fatty Chen face  to darken. Where Jaime went was the peak of Rainbow Peak, the top of the mountain peak.

“Master, inside that peak mountain, there is a group named Hyena and their leaders, Gong Na. Li Xing always thinks he and his brothers are the strongest in Rainbow Peak, but they never dare to touch Gong Na’s place.”

“Why?” asked Jaime.

“Cause they are the real deal, the strongest group in Rainbow Peak. I heard from a rumor that they were the eyes of fifth division; they are the traitors of eight division. Most of them have a high cultivation. That is their lair. We can’t enter it as we like.”

Jaime laughed out loud. “Listen, all of you! Inside Rainbow Peak, that mountain peak has two hundreds cave for disciples to do close cultivation. The mountain peak has the highest density of heavenly and earth energies in all of Rainbow Peak. I think that place will be the most suitable place for us to cultivate!”

“Why do you think that we can’t take it as our place? Elder Huang even had  closed cultivation there. If it is the best place in here, we who are the best here, must have it. It will be our headquarters to dominate the world!”

Fatty Chen and some disciples knew the danger of Hyena’s group became dead silent. They kept moving with a lot of burden in their minds. Most of them suddenly became scared, even after they killed the demonic beasts. But most were killed because of traps and ganging up. Facing the group of Hyenas which had about two hundred people and known as having high cultivation, they were sure they would be the one get ganged up on and traps won’t work on them.

“What are you doing here, this is not your place to enter.” Two disciples stood on the road showing their angry faces and shouted arrogantly, “Go back to your cave! Or this daddy will take your head!”

Jaime sneered. “You watch dog, go bark to your boss and tell him, we are going to take this place. If you have a problem than you can talk to my sword!” Jaime took out his sword, causing all of his disciples to become shocked. Their master wants to show his skill.

Both Hyena groups disciple looked at each other. “Ring the alarm!”

One of them quickly ran to the nearest tree and hit a metal bell alarm quickly. Its sound waved to the whole mountain peak. In a few minutes, almost two hundred disciples of Hyena group assembled.

“Leader, they want to take our place.”

A big guy called leader looked at Jaime and his disciples. “All of you want to take my place? Hahahaha … do you think we are like that weak Li Xing or demonic beast?”

He laughed very hard. “Do you know that your Master has no knowledge about cultivation? He is just a slave of Bamboo Peak and a scammer! He is only at an early elementary realm!” Gong Na suddenly felt something weird, he can’t sense Jaime’s level like before.

I am already in the fourth elementary realm, why must I be scared of that lowly slave, two weeks ago, he was just on the first of elementary realm.

Jaime smiled and walked closer to Gong Na, the leader of Hyena group. “Enough of that bullshit and chit-chat, we are not women using their mouths to fight. A man uses their swords and blood to talk. If you still want to talk, just go back to your mommy and wear woman’s clothes. Get out from my face.”

Gong Na’s anger exploded. “Good, I really want to know what you have till you are so arrogant.” He moved a step and Jaime laugh loudly.

“Don’t move alone, asked all of your two hundred brothers and sister to come together. I am too lazy to face you one by one. All of you are not even enough for me to complete one move! If all of you attacked me together and I used more than one move, I will behead my own head and present it for you!”

That saying caused Jaime’s disciples to shout in unison and feel very proud. This of course caused Hyena group’s anger to reach the sky.

Gong Na face became red and filled with killing intent. “All of you encircle him, don’t let him get away!”

Jaime walked slowly into the Hyena Group and two hundred of the group moved to encircle him in the middle.

Gong Na shouted, “All of you use the best move you have and kill this pig. He is just a scammer! Force him to use his second move and make him eat his own words. Let him take his own head!”

Jaime closed his eyes and spoke very softly, the name of the move that will be able to kill all two hundred people of Hyena group five times in one move.

“Double Moon Thousand Swords!”

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