CGA Chapter 72

Important Announcement! Bows Head Hey all. Well I am double releasing today and it’s the end of the volume. I bring you bad news. The translator has quit. I doubt this story will appear on this site again. I am sorry. I don’t know what else to do.We do have other stories on this site for you to enjoy and I hope you still support us. Thank you for reading, at the very least at least this volume is complete. T_T

Chapter 72 I am your master

For a lonely soul, love is like an oasis in the middle of a desert. A little bit of love is like a glass of water in times of severe thirst. An act of love is like a beautiful princess who has come to love a single young man in his desperate lonely life. A touch of love would surely make him pregnant with hope and a beautiful dream.

Love will soon dominate the world! Make a heaven on earth! Love your God, love the other! All hail love!


Huo Bo Xiang was still confused. He didn’t really understand what just happened. The dark sky, the light from torches, the cold of the wind, nothing could help him. People around him had called him a Patriarch of Huo Clan, over and over. Yet he felt something amiss and sour at his tongue.

Suddenly there was a large crowd rushing from the lower mountains to the top, thousands of people running with nervous and excited faces. They were quickly making a ruckus as they reached the top mountain.

“It is for real? Huo Bo Xiang used a secret art and injured the young man!” asked many people in hurry.

“Huo Bo Xiang defeated the young man?”

“It is real?”

Suddenly, a person that had accompanied Huo Bo Xiang since the beginning, made a stand in front of the crowd and replied with loud voice.

“Everybody, please listen to me.” He was brimming over with happiness. “I saw with my own eyes, Patriarch Huo Bo Xiang, defeated the young man with only one hit. He is our Huo Clan’s truly hero. The young man had defeated Patriarch Huo Tuo and Huo Xie with one hit, so what? Our Patriarch Huo Bo Xiang defeated the young man with one hit too. Not any random one hit, it is the famous One Hit Conquer Heaven! He has protected the dignity of Huo Clan!”

Soon people quickly shared the awesomeness of the fight between Jaime and Huo Bo Xiang. As the hero himself, Huo Bo Xiang had walked to Kuang Li Yin and An Tie without many people knowing.

Huo Bo Xiang looking both of them and sighed heavily, “Little girl, what are you and your husband playing at?”

An Tie raised her hand and gave Huo Bo Xiang a small jade that contained information. “Master said if you check the information, you will know.”

Huo Bo Xiang took the jade and saw the information. It was verses that he had known. As he read the verse, his body uncontrollably shook.

Flower blooms to accept the sunlight

Following the law of nature

Take sun down to the root

Take water up to the leave


That verse caused a tremendous energy from within his body to rush up and down at the same time, and suddenly an explosion of energy occurred from Huo Bo Xiang’s body. The waves of energy shocked everyone at that place and put them in awe.

“Huo Bo Xiang reached the Patriarch Realm!” shouted one person in awe looking at Huo Bo Xiang.

Another person stuttered “He, he seemed like he had  hidden his real cultivation all  along!”

“A hidden dragon!”

“A real Patriarch of Huo Clan!”

“We have a Patriarch!” Many people of Huo Clan there had received information that Huo Tuo and Huo Xie’s dantians had exploded and had lost their cultivation. Which meant, Huo Clan didn’t have any martial artist in the Patriarch Realm anymore. Now, knowing Huo Bo Xiang had reached the Patriarch Realm, they didn’t hesitant to admit him as Patriarch. He was the highest level cultivator in Huo Clan right now.

“Patriarch Huo Bo Xiang,” yelled the crowd enthusiastically.

As Huo Bo Xiang himself, was still confused with what just happened. He read the information jade once more and there was a hidden message inside the jade which only could be accessed by Patriarch Realm energy.

“Well, if you can read this messages that means you have reached Patriarch Realm. For a long time, you were stuck at the Peak of Elder Realm. This was because Patriarch Huo Tuo didn’t give you the right cultivation of Huo Clan. He intentionally altered the cultivation of Huo Clan in a specific verse and caused your energy to be collected and thus you couldn’t break the Patriarch Realm’s bottle neck.

With the right verse of the Huo Clan’s cultivation, you would easily enter the Patriarch Realm which you were suppose to reach a few years ago, long before Huo Xie. Huo Tuo was always fond of Huo Xie more than you, since you were too honest and soft hearted. They even plotted against you and your family.”

As Huo Bo Xiang kept reading the jade information, his face changed from pale to that of shock, then to dumbfounded and suddenly he laughed really hard. All the people on the top mountain stopped their activity and looked at Huo Bo Xiang.

“For this long, I had hidden my true power to respect Huo Tuo and Brother Huo Xie, but in critical time when Huo Clan is in dangerous, how could I stay hidden?” Huo Bo Xiang yelled to all people, “The truth was for a long time now, I had reached Patriarch Realm and hidden my cultivation. I also hid the truth that I have a super art named One Hit Conquer Heaven! But after using this art, I will need to recharge it for five years!”

The entire Huo Clan’s people were looking at Huo Bo Xiang in awe and admiration.

Huo Bo Xiang sighed heavily, “Since Patriarch Huo Tuo and Huo Xie have been disabled, Huo Clan has reached the point without Patriarch, a man can die but a clan mustn’t live without a head even for a single day. So what do all of you as head of families suggest?”

“Be the Huo Clan Patriarch!” shouted many people in hurry.

“Patriarch Huo Bo Xiang! Patriarch Huo Bo Xiang!”

“Wait! We can’t be in hurry to take Patriarch Huo Bo Xiang as our patriarch!” shouted one head of family and it seemed like there were a group that stood by the same opinion as him.

They were still people who supported Huo Tuo and Huo Xie. “We need to clear out everything first and have all heads of families sit to discuss this matter slowly, you definitely can’t rush to make such a decision. Although we appreciate the fact Huo Bo Xiang has driven out our mortal enemy, but with all due respect, Patriarch of Huo Clan can’t be decided in such a rush and hurry.”

Huo Bo Xiang glanced at his son. Huo Bo Hui nodded and quickly yelled, “Since  all the heads of families are already here, why not make a quick decision? In critical times we need to make critical decisions, I don’t mean to be impolite. Please, all those who agree for my father to be patriarch of Huo Clan raise their hands.”  

From the 54 heads of families, there were 36 heads of families who raised their hands. They were mostly from Huo Bo Xian’s supporters families and neutral families.

“Good, then those who disagree with my father being Patriarch of Huo Clan?” asked Huo Bo Hui.

The head of family who protested just now, Huo Kui, replied in a hurry. “It is not we disagree, it just we need more time to discuss it.”

“I know you are from the group of Huo Tuo and Huo Xie,” said Huo Bo Xiang. “All of you never liked me. May I ask why you didn’t like me that much? Maybe I can change your opinions of me. For the sake of Huo Clan unity, I am willing to do anything.”

At the meantime, Hou Bo Hui had secretly passed a paper to 36 heads of families who supported Huo Bo Xiang. Every one of them read the paper secretly and were shocked.

Huo Kui, didn’t see that paper, said, “Well Huo Bo Xiang, all of us must remember the merits of our ancestors and the patriarch before. Let say Patriarch Huo Tuo, he did some work and decided the path for the bright future of Huo Clan. If you think you can follow what the previous Patriarch had decided for Huo Clan, I think we are going to support you as the Patriarch of Huo Clan.”

“And what is the decision, that I must follow?” asked Huo Bo Xiang calmly.

“Well, we can discuss it at my place, what do you think?” asked Huo Kui politely.

“Is it about the agreement of Huo Clan and Prime Minister Ang?”

Huo Kui got a little shocked and looked at Huo Bo Xiang.

“You animal!” shouted Huo Bo Xiang angrily. “How dare you sell Huo Clan to the kingdom! You want us to become Prime Minister Ang’s attack dogs! Don’t you have any shame towards our ancestor?”

“What are you saying?” Huo Kui tried to evade.

A paper was thrown in front of him and his group of 19 people. One of the Huo Clan’s head of family walked out. “That paper records your pledge to Prime Minister Ang. Patriarch Huo Tuo, Patriarch Huo Xie, you and your entire group have sold us and the entire Huo Clan to Prime Minister Ang. You use our young generation to run errands for that bastard Ang. Including attacking Double Moon Sect because they don’t want to pledge to Prime Minister Ang, and his dogs inside Double Moon Sect, Elder Hu and Elder Fan had been killed! You…You.. I am going to kill you!”

Huo Bo Xiang stopped the angry head of family from attacking Huo Kui. “Don’t fight between same blood and Clan.” He raised his patriarch realm aura in front of everyone. “I as the new Patriarch of Huo Clan, give my command, 19 head’s of families of Huo Clan, Huo Tuo and Huo Xie are caught red handed. They had sold the Huo Clan to Prime Minister Ang. The punishment is that, their status as heads of family will be stripped off and their families will be merged into other families!”

Huo Kui and his group were glaring at Patriarch Huo Bo Xiang, there was no fear in their eyes, or regret too. “Where did you get that paper from? Aren’t you just blaming us to clean out those who didn’t support you?”

“I got it from Patriarch Huo Tuo’s space ring, and the paper was signed with the blood from your thumb. We can check the blood essence to confirm it!” said Huo Bo Xiang as he stepped closer to them. “Want me to prove it?”

“No need,” said Huo Kui waved his hand lazily. “We signed it, so what?”

That announcement caused the other heads of families to be angry.

“What are you angry for?” asked Huo Kui to them without a shred of guilt on his face. “Prime Minister Ang has a lot of power, even the king is under his control; soon he will be the Emperor of the whole continent. Why does Huo Clan not support him? We are thinking about Huo Clan’s future, don’t you realize? It is for the goodness of our Clan.”

“You are forgetting, Huo Clan never bowed to anyone. Huo Clan never wants to be the Kingdom’s dog! You are selling Huo Clan under the hands of the kingdom and yet you don’t feel any guilt!” Huo Bo Xiang launched his attack on Huo Kui. But Huo Kui didn’t evade it, he smiled and caught the attack easily. Huo Bo Xiang’s face turned pale. “You, You are not at the Elder Realm!”

Huo Kui laughed really hard, “Do you think only you had hidden your cultivation? If you didn’t waste that young man, I would have done it secretly and  took control of him. But now since all of you don’t want to listen to Prime Minisiter Ang, I will take Huo Clan by force!” Huo Kui lunged forward and gave a blow to Huo Bo Xiang. It caused Huo Bo Xian to fly backwards, his ribs were broken and he vomited blood.

All of a sudden Huo Kui’s eyes both become black and his body turned bigger and the muscles ripped his clothes.

“Demon Blood, he used demon blood to raise his cultivation!” said someone.

“He sold his soul to demon!” said another.

“Traitor of humans!” shouted one old man angrily.

“The entire group too!” said one person looking at how 19 people of them turned bigger and their eyes turned black.

“All of them are in the Patriarch Realm!”

“Huo Kui turned out be in the King Realms!” This caused the entire people there to be shocked and frightened. It was beyond everything they had believed.

Huo Kui moved to Huo Bo Xian and slapped him hard. Huo Bo Xiang’s body was slammed to the ground with a lot of injuries. “A mere Patriarch Realm? Huhhh.. Now, I am in control of Huo Clan, all of you must give me your soul essence or die! I don’t care, you have forced me to do this.”

Huo Kui’s group started making their move. While laughing hard, they used their aura to threatened everyone there to give them their soul essence for the soul contract.

“It is impossible,” said one person. “We don’t have soul essence anymore for ten years! We just gave it to the young man! If all of you force us to give anymore soul essence, it will harm our soul and cultivation, we may die!”

Huo Kui laughed, “I don’t care, if you die then you are not of any worth for me. If you live then you must follow me.”

“You animal, how dare you betray your own clan!”

“I don’t care about this shitty clan. The Prime Minister will give me more than just this small clan. My cultivation and everything is from him. Do you think our clan can give us all of this?” Huo Kui kicked one of the heads of families and his body exploded into pieces. “Follow the Prime Minister or all of you will die.”

“It’s better to choose to die!” shouted one hot blooded man. Two groups started to fiercely attack each other. Still, Huo Kui and his group were massacring their enemies one by one.

Patriarch Huo Bo Xiang stood up with great difficulty and looked the fight and burst into tears, “Huo Clan is being destroyed by their own people. Killing each other. Will be slaving their own blood for the other person.”

Huo Bo Xiang looked at the dark sky and said, “I, Huo Bo Xiang will take The King of Three Realms as my master, please help my Huo Clan!” Then he knelt.

Up in the dark sky, there was a bright light shooting at high speed straight into the Huo Clan’s fight. The bright light fell in the middle of the fight with thundering sound and the wave caused everyone there to be drifted back and stopped the fight immediately.

“I accept you as my disciple!” said Jaime to Huo Bo Xiang while looking at Huo Kui and his group. Jaime stood majestically and released his complete aura, The King Realm’s aura. “This will be my third troop! Put your hands out of here.”

Twenty Patriarch Realm’s people in black clothes dove down from the sky and each arrived with thundering sound, all of them surrounded Huo Kui and his entire groups.

“Shall we begin?” Jaime smirked at them.

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