CGA Chapter 70

Chapter 70 I am the King!

How can you blame people for not loving you, if you can’t love people from the depths of your heart? And how can you blame people for cheating, for loving others, if all you want is to be loved without bothering to give anything in return for love. You have to fight, kill and die for love.

Even the stupidest peasant knows that fighting, killing and dying are the easiest way to prove something stupid. But the truly hardest way is ‘living’ as a show of proof. Growing love is like growing wheat. It’s not enough if you just you sow the seeds. You have to take care of them, you need to water them everyday, you must work on them with your heart and only then you can get a great harvest.

How can you get love if you never sow it? Just because you are a beautiful princess, a drama queen, must all people love you? Well, you will get love too. But maybe people will say you are a beggar or a thief, since you want something without giving anything back.


As Patriarch Huo Tuo launched ‘The Huo Killing Deity’, millions of petals with sword essences shot to attack Jaime. Facing the attack without anyway to escape, Jaime shouted loudly, “The power of expensive armor!”

Well, with Xu Tie’s help, before going to Huo Clan, Jaime bought an expensive armor from Ten Thousand Pavilion, which cost him about 200,000 spiritual stones for a complete set. The armors were not some legendary items but they were the most expensive there.

Many of the petals with sword essences couldn’t penetrate the armor and only some managed to scratched Jaime’s skin.

Patriarch Huo Tuo sneered and changed his attack into, “Huo regian Universe!” The petals illusion changed into star-shaped illusion and shot back to Jaime. At that time Patriarch Huo Tuo’s heart suddenly started throbbing. His meridians were suddenly clogged by ice energy and his spiritual energy could not be channeled anymore.

“Not this time,” cried Huo Tuo in pain. “This is not the time to relapse!”

As the Huo Tuo’s attack diminished, Jaime’s punch landed smoothly on Huo Tuo’s dantian.

Huo Tuo vomited blood and cried with eyes full of utter dejection. He could never accept that he lost to a young boy just because his old wound relapsed suddenly. Heaven was not just to him. “Huo Clan must….” He fainted and fell to the ground in front of all Huo Clan’s disciples and people.

The Crowd kept staring at Huo Tuo, waiting for him to move or do something. Yet nothing happened and they didn’t know what to do. One thing was for sure, there would be a lot of changes in the Huo Clan.

Li Yin seemed tired but there was a smile of a winner hanging on her face. “Never ever look down on the power of cursing!” She fainted and An Tie quickly held her body. Li Yin had worked really hard since the beginning, by channeling her spiritual energy to the black orb for producing curse energy.

Jaime stood in the air and released the Patriarch Realm’s Aura which looked really majestic. He didn’t release his whole power yet. “Listen to me, you maggots! Your Huo Clan has angered me by attacking the Double Moon Sect. So I attacked him and turned him into a cripple! This is his KARMA. Never hurt anyone if you don’t want to be hurt! Love and you will be loved. Respect me and I will respect you!”

Jaime yelled with all his power, “From today on Huo Clan no longer exists! Bow to me and you will live or stood in front of me and you will be trampled! Now all of you kneel in front of your king!!!”

In fear of the mighty aura of Patriarch Realm, a lot of people quickly knelt down. But some stood high and majestically. Twenty people in black clothes rushed towards the people who were still standing.

They grabbed those people’s hands, head, shoulders and threw it to Jaime. One by one, all of them were flying in the air and were thrown to Jaime’s direction.

In front of Jaime’s eyes, all of them flew in slow motion. He hastily flew to their bodies, hit their dantian one by one and shot them to the ground, and made a small hill of fainted human beings.

Seeing this fast action by Jaime, a lot of people quickly knelt. After fifty people got thrown to Jaime, no one dared to stand anymore.

“In three hours! 54 Family heads of Huo Clan and their whole main families, elders, and people in authority and power must come here. If any of them dare not to come here, I will massacre their whole family!” said Jaime. “If any of you dare to leave Huo Clan’s land tonight, I will massacre all of you too! So keep anyone from getting out from Huo Clan’s land. Understand!”

An elder who released the silver needle stood angrily and yelled, “You dare…”, but before he even finished his sentence, one guy in black cloth had kicked him hard and launched him to the sky.

Patriarch Meng jumped and hit the Elder with the “Double Moon ‘Ten’ Thousands Swords”. The Elders body simply exploded and his blood turned into a small red shower that fell on the thousands of people. Some little parts of the Elder’s meat and bones fell on random people and caused them to faint.

“NEVER! NEVER tell me what I don’t dare!” yelled Jaime loudly. “You are maggots, you are worth nothing in my eyes. I can wave my hand and my 21 brothers will start massacring all of you and turn this land into red mountains. Just start thinking how you will help me and prove your worth so I won’t start killing all of you. Understand?! What all of you need to do is KISS MY ASS!”

No one laughed, no one dared to answer, in front of more than ten thousand people, no one dared to speak a word nor dared to look straight at Jaime. All of them knelt, looking at the ground in fear and scared that their lives would be taken like that of an animal. Their lives seem to be of no worth in front of Jaime.

“Now go, hide at your home, tell all your people to hide. No one gets out from the city or out from Huo Clan’s land. Tonight the only scream you will hear is from Huo Clan’s families that don’t want to listen to me. So stay away from the road or you will die.” Jaime flew to the top of the mountain and shouted, “Elders of Huo Clan, come follow me, or should I come to you?”

About ten elders quickly rose and followed Jaime from behind. At first, there were 54 elders of Huo Clan who represented 54 Head Families of Huo Clan, but Jaime had wasted 43 of them and turned them into cripples, while one was killed by Elder Meng. So there were only 10 elders left.

Patriarch Meng flew beside Jaime and spoke, “Master, I rushed here as soon as I got your message. Thank God, I didn’t arrive late. But Master, who are these other brothers in the Patriarch Realm? They seem to be lacking of experience.”

“They are just some people wasting a large amount of spiritual stones.”

“Are they hired mercenaries?”, asked Patriarch Meng.

“You can say it like that,” said Jaime. “You know, there are some secrets that I hold to make this story interesting. The only way to know who they are, is following the story till the end. Huahahaaha…”

“I understand master.”

“By the way, Patriarch Meng, why did you kill that Elder?” asked Jaime full of regret.

“That Elder of Huo Clan was just too despicable. He was Patriarch Huo Xie’s right hand man and spoke a lot of nonsense to taunt Double Moon Sect last month,” said Patriarch Meng angrily. “Just because we held ourselves inside the formation, he dared to spit on us. Master if you don’t approve the killing then I am sorry. I am not supposed to follow the rage in my heart.”

Jaime sighed heavily, “It is not like I don’t approve the killing. Living in Kang Ow is harsh and not many people can stay alive without killing. As for myself, I have promised a girl not to do something like killing people. It is my own problem. I just want to say that, if we sold him in the slave market, it would bring about 2000 spiritual stones. Even if you have to kill him, don’t you think, you must let go of the storage pouch he had? You even attacked the storage pouch and turned it into dust, that made my heart cry out in pain.”

“Understood Master, next time I will spare the storage pouch and give it to Master.”

“Yeah, never forget the three steps of being a good disciple. Put it in your heart, you know, your master will not always be on your side. So, learn wholeheartedly.”

“Yes master.”


In span of three hours, a lot of people rushed in hurriedly to the Top of Huo Clan’s Mountain.

At the Top of the mountain, there was a large field area created by smoothing the mountain stone. There were a lot of torches around the field and about 1,867 people were gathered there.

They were the people who were in charge of the city and of Huo Clan’s land, people from Huo Clan’s main families, and people who were working for Huo Clan.

Huo Clan had 54 main families in power which occupied the Huo Clan’s land. All of them were part of Huo Clan’s main family and were controlled by the Patriarch of Huo Clan. At the top of the mountain, each of the main families seemed to have send the head of their families, future successors, their sons, daughters and some elders.

Exactly after three hours, Jaime walked to the field and sat at the high stone chair, which was usually used as the throne of Patriarch Huo Tuo, and looked at them boringly.

The entire people gathered there could feel that the aura of Jaime was even more powerful than Patriarch Huo Tuo. They were looking at Jaime in silence, waiting for something.

“Kneel!” Jaime only said one word and all 1,867 people were shocked.

Some of them quickly knelt, but some of them didn’t seem to be willing to kneel. They stood with pride over there.

One big guy with bread spoke, “I won’t kne…” His head was suddenly removed by Patriarch Meng’s sword. Blood spurted from the empty neck and shocked everyone there including Jaime.

Some of the people who stood just now, slowly lowered their knees and knelt. Yet there were still 565 people who stood without speaking anything.

Jaime looked at them deeply, smiled lightly and waved his hand to the left. “Since you have stood, why not moved aside at the same time. I will take care of you later.”

They were people with pride and loyalty, they didn’t want to be at same place with those people kneeling, they despised them. One by one they moved to the left, making a new group of proud people.

Jaime took out a Heaven Contract Stone and showed it to all of them. “This is a Heaven Contract Stone, if you know what to do then do it and go back to your place and family. I won’t touch anything of yours.”

All of their faces turned pale. Some of them quickly hit their forehead and drew out their soul essence. The soul essence had a color of red and was as big as a bean. It is used for soul contract. As long as Jaime had that soul essences, their lives were in Jaime’s hand.

Some soul essences were quickly sucked by the Heaven Contract Stone. Usual contract stones can only hold a few soul essences, like ten to hundred at the most. Heaven Contract Stone was a special item and could be considered as one of the legendary items, because it can hold millions of soul essences and be used as a soul contract.

Some of the people who had given their soul essences became pale.

“I can assure you, as long as you don’t do something to cross me, you and your family will be safe. So just do everything like you usually did and there will be no problem. Keep the people safe and act like usual, it is only  about the changing of the ruler. For a peasant, as long as they can eat well, sleep well and work well, they won’t bother who is the ruler. Right? Now all of you are tired, so please go home and sleep, there is no problem.”

Some people quickly bowed and said, “Thank you Master.” Then they returned to where they came from.

The process of giving the soul essence took only a few minutes. Yet, some of the kneeling people seemed hesitant to give their soul essences. So they kept kneeling without doing anything.

Jaime sneered, “If you are not going to give your soul essences, why not stand like them, at least you can make yourselves look better and full of pride?”

“I am giving, I am giving,” said some of the kneeling people. They knew they didn’t have a way out except giving their soul essences.

Yet after all finished, there were 215 people kneeling but refusing to give their soul essences and 565 people who stood.

Jaime smiled to them, “We are moving on to the main show.”

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      No, i think those people would become his men. Look at their unwavering loyalty, some are willing to kneel to live but not because they have given up. But because they are loyal to something. They have the pride to not surrender completely, making them good men. Why would Jaime give good rescources to those without heart? If they are afraid of death, then wouldn’t that mean that they are protential traitors?

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      1. How are they loyal when they chose to kneel? You say they have pride yet when they were told to make the contract they remained kneeling. Indecisive and cowardly. They’ve been give two choices. I can accept those who succumbed and swallowed their pride for their family. I can accept those who knelt before yet stood up after facing the hard condition (565). But those that refused both in that situation aren’t that useful (215).

        They might not be bad people but it’s wiser to kill them imo. If he can win over those left standing, it’d be perfect though.

        Jaime sneered, “If you are not going to give your soul essences, why not stand like them, at least you can make yourselves look better and full of pride?”

        “I am giving, i am giving,” said some of the kneeling people. They knew they didn’t have a way out except giving their soul essences.

        Yet after all finished, there were 215 people kneeling but refusing to give their soul essence and 565 people who stood.

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  2. Light

    dantien -> dantian (right? you made this error twice so I’m not 100% sure if you meant to do that)
    Thanks for the chapter. I wonder what level Jaime’s at now, and how many levels his current power is worth since it seems like the late patriarch realm levels are worth many times more than the normal ones which in turn were worth at least 10 normal level each.

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