CGA Chapter 69

Chapter 69 1 vs 21

Living as a human is very simple. If you are happy with a little thing, then all you need are just little things. If you can’t be happy with a lot of stuff, more likely you will never be happy even if you buy everything in this world.

The art of happiness must begin  from one’s heart. This is all about inner peace. When you have it, nothing from the outside can take your peace and happiness.


“You!” Patriarch Huo Xie stared at Jaime and his anger hit the peak. “Never have I thought that I would meet you here. Good, good, good, since the Double Moon Sect disciples were all cowards and hid themselves like a turtle, boring me. I chose to return, never did I think that I would meet you here.”

Jaime sighed and wave his hand boringly, “Stop talking, are you ready for a fight little huo huo? Don’t cry on me this time! The last time I met you, I remember three hundreds of my disciple kicking your face and caused you to cry like a baby! Yet I don’t really remember, did you eat my pee that time?”

The People and Huo Clan’s disciples couldn’t even speak a word. They were dumbstruck beyond belief. It turned out that this young man they thought was a mere street performer was a man who had even wasted Patriarch Huo Xie.

Kuang Li Yin was looking at Patriarch Huo Xie and whispering a kind of mantra targeting him. “Curse oh mighty curse. Give him a curse… the worst curse!”

One Elder of Huo Clan who was hidden in the forest for a long time couldn’t hold his anger anymore. “That little young man is too much, putting the  Huo Clan to shame. He must die!”

He took out a silver needle, smearing it with dark poison from his porcelain bottle. He channeled his spiritual energy and secretly launched his hidden weapon at Jaime. “Eat this,  poisoned silver needle!”(en:pffffft poison)

At the same time, Patriarch Huo Xie couldn’t hold his anger too and launched his body to attack Jaime too.

The Elder of Huo Clan’s eyes bulged and shouted. “No!”

The silver needle which was thrown at Jaime, was suddenly aimed at Huo Xie’s back. Because Huo Xie made his move suddenly, his back blocked the needle’s path.

Suddenly Huo Xie felt the attack on his back. Never in his life did he believe someone would throw at him a secret weapon in Huo Clan’s land and he didn’t even sense a killing intent of the enemy.

Being distract for a mere second, Jaime’s hand successfully landed on his dantian. This caused him to vomit blood and faint.

“One hit,” said people in disbelief. “He only needed one hit to defeat Patriarch Huo Xie.”

“OMG,one punch man!”

Huo Xie’s body collapsed to the ground and no one dare to help him. Jaime moved to the formation wall defense and put a stance of wanting to give  one punch.

“Do you think this little formation can hold my one punch!” said Jaime lightly. “I got this martial art from the Book of Karma, so guess its power!”

Jaime launched his one punch and it hit the invisible wall with an explosive sound.

The invisible wall let out a sound of cracking and suddenly the wall formation collapsed.

[The art of One Hit. It is a simple martial art which was created by the Titan. A simple one hit will used 50% of the user’s power. By using this martial art, the speed of attack will be five times from normal attack speed. The attack power will be triple from its normal. If the attack failed, more likely the user’s life will be in danger. The Titans dared to use this art because of their body defenses are really high. This attack is famous because they rarely miss the target and causes the enemy to  faint by the shock.

Exchange with 30 levels and 3000 mental energies.]

Jaime had exchanged the Art of One Hit when he was in the market. As what was his level at the moment? Every time he hit his enemy’s dantian, he broke their dantians which contained a lot of spiritual energies. He sucked all of them for sure. A lot of he Huo Clan’s disciples, more than twenty Elders and Patriarch Huo Xie had replenished his energy and raised his levels.

He had planned this attack for a very long time, to use them as his milking cow to raise his levels.

After Jaime broke the invisible wall with one hit, a lot of people suddenly woke up. This was not a play to find a great man to marry wives. This was simply an enemy moving alone to conquer The Huo Clan.

There were ten thousand people who followed Jaime and just realized this harsh reality after Jaime defeated Patriarch Huo Xie with one hit and destroyed the formation wall.

“This young man will take down Huo Clan to it’s core,” said one person whispering.

“Today, maybe Huo Clan will end.”

“Is there no one that can stop him?”

As the formation wall broke down, 21 Elder with swords on each hand jumped to circle Jaime in arranged seven star formations.

“It is not fair,” protested Jaime with sullen face. “I am all alone without weapons and you are ganging up on me with 21 people and using swords.”

“Shut up, you dare to cause trouble to Huo Clan. Your future is only death,” answered an elder in rage, wanting to chop Jaime’s into pieces.

“People of Huo Clan! Don’t you think this is unfair? I am a mere young man who came here to find a great man for a one on one fight. Now 21 elders are determined to gang up on me. Don’t you think it is simply putting down the Huo Clan’s name?”

Thousands of people there didn’t dare to speak like before any more, even they thought it is not fair. Still, that young man could defeat Patriarch Huo Xie in one hit. He was dangerous to the core. He must be removed at all cost. So no one spoke.

If Hou clan didn’t use that formation, maybe Huo Clan would be no more tomorrow.

“So all of you think it is okay about ganging up? Great, great, great.” Jaime laughed hardly. “Do all of you think I come here without preparation? Don’t you think I would bring my friend too?”

Jaime yelled loudly. “21 Elders ganging up on me, 21 brothers please come here to help. It is not time to be polite any more, since they are not polite to me. I know you are there, please come.”

Suddenly there were 21 shadow movements from the forest and flashed through the crowd. 21 big guy wearing dark clothes and only showing their eyes jumped in the sky, landing to circle the 21 elders.

The thing that shocked everyone was that the 21 black clothes people were on Patriarch Realm.

“Now, this is what I call fairness, 21 one versus 21. Brothers please take them down!” shouted Jaime.

The people’s eyes bulged out, it was totally unfair. 21 Patriarch Realm’s martial artists fighting with 21 Elder Realm’s martial artists, it was simply bullying! The Elders of Huo Clan looked at the people in black and wanted to cry but there were no tears.

Just one hit from each of the Patriarch Realm’s martial artists and all of the Elders stuck to the ground with an ugly posed. They couldn’t even move even an inch.

Jaime moved slowly to hit each of their dantians. After finishing with the last elder, he shouted, “Patriarch of Huo Clan come down here, if you want to use your minions don’t you think I have my minions too!”

21 people on early Patriarch Realm shot their aura and caused all of the people there to kneel at their feet.

“Who dares to cause trouble to Huo Clan!” An angry voice shouted from the top of mountain and shaken every one there, it was sure from Patriarch Huo Tuo.

“I am coming to f**k your nine generation ancestors, don’t you want to come here and stop talking bullshit! Show yourself maggot!” shouted Jaime loudly. “You are alone, I am alone! What are you scared of, great man! You are scared of me, a 15 years old boy? You put the Huo Clan to shame! Keep hiding in your turtle shell!”

“Enough!” shouted Huo Tuo from the top of mountain. “It is time to kill!”

“Master.” One elder knelt in worry. “Your old wound, will it be okay?”

Huo Tuo stood majestically. Twenty years ago, he fought with people from the Ice Wind mountain, that dangerous fight gave him a big scar. Even after twenty years had passed and his scar has been cured, but at random times, the yin energy that clogged on his meridian suddenly relapses. “It is okay, in this five years the scar never relapsed even once.”

Huo Tuo flew to the sky and rushed to Jaime’s place. He stood in the air and looking down at Jaime. Huo Tuo was an old man, 160 years old with wrinkle, deep black eyes, white hairs, long mustache, and big wavering white clothes. He seemed like a hermit from mountain.

Many people there quickly kneel when they saw Patriarch Huo Tuo.

“Who are you boys, why do you attack Huo Clan?” said Huo Tuo releasing his Patriarch aura.

21 black people on early Patriarch Realm trembled. Huo Tuo was on seventh Patriarch Realm. Even if he faced 50 people on early Patriarch Realm, he would still be okay. It would be like a martial artist in the black belt, fighting 50 people martial artist in the white belt. A little difficult but he would win.

“All of you move back!” commanded Jaime and 21 people in black quickly moved back. Jaime walked step by step in front of Huo Tuo,  it seemed like the patriarch aura didn’t do anything to him “You, old man, you asked me who I am and why I attacked you?”

“Yeah!” Huo Tuo used his aura to pressure Jaime. Wanting to force him to kneel by his aura pressure.

“When you dare to command people to attack Double Moon Sect, did you ever think that they will also send someone to take your neck?” Jaime’s body was slowly floating to the sky and raising his aura.

People watched Jaime’s action quickly tremble in fear. “He is from Double Moon Sect.”

“He is Patriarch Realm!

“Double Moon Sect? Who are you?” asked Huo Tuo. “No one from Double Moon Sect except someone called Meng is on Patriarch Realm. You are not from Double Moon Sect!”

“Patriarch Meng from Double Moon Sect, show yourself!” shouted Jaime as he stood the same height as Huo Tuo in the sky.

One person in black rushed to the front and kneeled. He opened his masked and showed his face. “Patriarch Meng, from Double Moon Sect, answers the Master’s call.”

“Do you know this old man?” asked Jaime looking at Huo Tuo.

“He is Patriarch Huo Tuo from Huo Clan. I met him several years ago at the kingdom’s meeting.”

“Did he or did he not attack our Double Moon Sect?”

“Report to Master, Huo Clan had sent several thousand of their disciples to conquer Double Moon Sect. I have tried to negotiate but they won’t stop till we completely surrender to them without any condition.”

“Good,” said Jaime looking at Huo Tuo. “You surrender your Huo Clan to Double Moon Sect without any condition, and I will release you!”

Huo Tuo anger rose to his peak and he completely released his energy. Patriarch Meng on the early Patriarch Realm was completely pushed away.

Jaime locked his eyes on Patriarch Huo Tuo and without releasing his own aura. He shot to attack Patriarch Huo Tuo with his one fist attack.

Patriarch Huo Tuo used the highest martial art of Huo Clan. “The Huo killing deity!” There was an illusion of a big flower behind Patriarch Huo and suddenly the flower destroyed into millions of small petals and shot at Jaime.

When all of the people looked at Patriarch Huo attack, they were in awe. But, Li Yin was cursing Patriarch Huo Tuo non-stop since the beginning.

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