CGA Chapter 68

Chapter 68 Storming Huo Clan

Aren’t people chasing their dreams? Big and Small dreams. But where will their dreams take them to?

Sometimes, dreams are hurtful and are torturing them, not giving them a chance to return to where they are from. Sometimes, dreams force them to see something high in the sky and not letting them  sit, take a breath and rest. Sometimes, dreams bind them and pressure them to keep running with tired and bleeding legs.

It is okay to let go of your dream and be peaceful with your heart, just never stop walking the best path and do the best every day. You will reach the point sooner and later, just the path is less torturing.

-a sage’s saying


When the sun was right on the top, the human stack became a small hill that then became a middle level human hill .

“You, what are you doing there!” A head city guard with twenty guards rushed to the open stand after they had gotten a report from some people about the commotion. “Everyone disperse and you, young man, follow me to the office!”

The young man bowed. “If you want to take me, you must defeat me first. Are you ready?”

“Shut your mouth. Guards take him!” The head guard was quickly giving command. Twenty guards rushed to attack, but suddenly one of the guards with a spear fell unintentionally, the spear on his hand stuck in a hanging position and caused ten of the guards to trip. One guard unintentionally used his spear to hold himself, but the spear head shot to Head guard’s butt. “UARGGGH!!”

The young boy moved to hit their dantians one by one and stack them like human hills.

Crowds of people thought that when the city guard came, the show would be end. But, none of them thought that the young man would dare to fight with the city guard. Because all of the city guards were Huo Clan’s disciples. No one wanted to dare mess with them.

“Young man, you have caused trouble for yourself.”

“Huo Clan people will find you.”

The young man looked at them. “If I go to the Huo Clan, will there be a great man?”

Some people mock him. “Yo rascal, don’t know how high the mountain. It is the  Huo Clan we are talking.”

“You are a dead man. You don’t know how high the mountain is!”

“Where are you from? Deserted area? Never heard of the  Huo Clan? You will be killed”

The young man nodded. “I am Jaime, from a deserted area. If all of you said there will be a great man in the Huo Clan. I request you to take me there.”

That speech caused people to be in shock.

“Are you serious kid? It is not something you can play with.”

“You will die.”

Jaime bowed to them. “This young man learned martial artist since 5 years old. Living in the Kang Ow, fighting with bare hands. If one martial artist doesn’t prepare to exchanged life and live with blood. How can a person have a right to stand in the Kang Ow. Even If I have to fight with a three eyed cat and am full of flaws, my heart is still longing for a great fight! I want to go to the Huo Clan, is there someone willing to follow me and drag my carcass later?”

“Nice spirit kid, I will take you there,” said one hot-blooded man,

“Good! I will follow too. I will drag your carcass out if it is still intact.”

“There will be commotion, why don’t I follow.”

“Opening bet, opening bet, will that young man be killed or become a disabled? Put your bets in now. It is a live fight!” said one big man.

A pretty girl came to him and said, “If I win won’t you run away with my money?”

The big man looked at the pretty girl. “You are the young man’s wife. Do you want to bet too? I am Gu Xia, I have four gambling houses here, ask anyone if I ever didn’t pay them.”

“Good,” said An Tie. “My master bet 10,000 spiritual stones for his winning to all battles! Double his money for every battle. If he lose, you will get everything.”

“Wow, a lot of money you have there.” Gu Xia laughed. “Since you are insisting to give me your money, then I won’t be polite to take it! But first tell me, I know your husband is planning for something. Who is he really aim for? Depend on the target, I can open all my gambling houses to attract more money.”

An Tie smiled, “Patriarch of the Huo Clan.”

Gu Xia was dumbfounded for a second and laughed. He quickly called his followers, “All of you, quickly tell our entire gambling houses to open a bet for a young man who want to find a great man of the Huo Clan. This will be the best betting for this year! They can watch it live!”

Jaime with three hundred men marched to the main base of Huo Clan. It was on the north of the Huo City. The Huo Clan main base covered three mountains. Jaime walked to the base without fear. The banner has changed into “Looking for a great man!”

“Stop there!” command two disciples of Huo Clan. They were working to guard the gate. “From this gate beyond is only allowed for Huo Clan’s disciples. Please leave.”

“I am Jaime from a deserted place. I am here looking  for a great man to fight me bare handed. I will give my two wives and my ancestor sword if one can win from me,” said Jaime bowed politely.

“Leave, I don’t have time to play with your street performance.”

“Is there no great man from the Huo Clan? Then I will take my leave,” said Jaime and turned around. “Guys all of you lied to me, there is no great man inside this stuff you called Huo Clan.”

Some people protested to Huo Clan. “Come on Hou Clan, give that young man a lesson! Don’t be a sissy!”

“Yeah, kill him and show him how strong Huo Clan is.”

“Huo Clan, he hit your disciples in the market, wasted all of them and you did not dare to hit him? Come on what are you learning martial arts for? For bragging?”

More and more people spoke their opinion to Huo Clan.

“Sissy Clan!”

“Who dare to call Huo Clan sissy clan!” asked one guard in anger.

“Me!” said one old man. “If you are not a sissy then fight and kill that young man! Don’t put Huo Clan’s name to shame.”

“Yeah,” answered the other.

“You,” said the guard pointed Jaime. “You bring all these people here to mock Huo Clan, you better prepare to die.”

“I am ready!” said Jaime making a stance of Eagle wanting to fly.

“Just a junior realm want to fight with me,” said one guard walked slowly to Jaime. “HUGHHH!!!”

Jaime’s hand had sunk to his dantian.

“All talk!”

The other guard quickly ran away, leaving the gate.

Jaime walked through the gate without any problems, followed by hundreds of people and that kept rising in number. Since Gu Xia announced the opening of the bets, more and more people from the city went to the main base for watching the show.

“Stop there! What do you think you are doi…. UGHRGGG!” One unlucky person got hit and fainted.

Jaime moved fast to attack any disciple of the Huo Clan who dared to speak. “Damn, they fight with their mouths, I can’t handle it. Did they learn about bragging and attacking with their mouths in the Huo Clan for years?”

Some people became angry. They were living  under Huo Clan’s protection, and they thouht very highly of the Huo Clan. “Shut up your mouth young man. This is an outer disciple area, of course they are weak. If you dare, go to the inner disciple area.”

“Show me the way! I will walk even to heaven if I can find a greater man than me!”

More and more people followed Jaime into the inner disciple area.

“This is a restricted area! No one can enter,” said an Inner disciple guard.

“Oh shut up your mouth just kill that Young man, don’t put yourselves in anymore shame!” said the people following Jaime. “Yeah just kill him, I already lost so much money because of him.”

The inner disciple wanted to make a move but at that time, Jaime’s hand had entered their dantian. “All talk but has no power whatsoever! Shame, really a shame!”

“Fuck you!” said the following people in rage and anger. “Go deeper if you dare! There will be core disciples and elders, you will die! If You dare to humiliate Huo Clan, you will have to pay with your life.”

Jaime walked to the very front, followed by his wives, An Tie and Li Yin, then more than one thousand people from the city. Some outer disciples of the Huo Clan were also following the crowd in rage. The highest level of outer disciple was only Junior Realm, they totally were no match for Jaime.

“Who are you, to dare cause commotion in the Hou Clan!” Yelled an old man, standing in front of Jaime.

“Thank god, someone on Elder Realm. He will kill that young man.”

“Elder just kill him!”

“Yeah stop speaking just kill him!”

Jaime looked at the Elder and said, “Are you ready for a fight old man?”

“You are looking for trouble young man.” The Elder launched his attack. Yet at that time suddenly dirt which taken by wind entered his eyes. Just in that millisecond he winked his eyes, Jaime’s hand had enter his dantian. “Uhhhhhkkkk….” The Elder fell and fainted.

There was a very long silence after that.

People were looking at the fight in front of them yet, they didn’t believe what they saw.

“Jaime was only on Junior Realm, level 26 and the Elder was on Elder Realm, level 52. Yet, The Elder fainted by one mere hit!”

“Damn, tell me it is not real! I just bet all my money on the Elder!”

“One hit kill!”

“One hit kill!”

Jaime turned his body to the crowd. “I think there is no great man here, all the people here are sissies, can’t even hold my one attack. Tell me, should I go to another place or keep going to find a great man.”

“Fuck you, keep going bastard. Meet the patriarch if you dare!”

“Yeah! Hit the Huo Clan Patriarch if you dare!”

Jaime sighed, “Is the Patriarch of Huo Clan a great man?”

There was a long silence and almost all of the people there were filled with rage and anger. They were born in the Huo Clan’s land. Huo clan was like their god and father. They always thought of the Huo Clan as the greatest and strongest under heaven.

One Huo Clan’s elder came in a hurry and found his friend fainted. “Who did this?”

The crowd angrily shouted back. “Shut up, just kill that young man. He did all of this.”

“Yeah just kill him.”

The Elder frowned and looked at Jaime. “Who are you and what do you want?”

“Oh come on, stop speaking, just kill him! Damn you Huo Clan, all you can do from just now was speaking all bullshit! Kill him already!” said the followers.

“Stop putting yourself to shame!”

Jaime walked to the Elder, “Are you ready for a fight?”

“You are too arrogant kid!” said the Elder make his opening, moved his body in anger and suddenly he felt his rheumatic relapse. “Ugghhh..”

That time Jaime’s fist hit his dantian.

As they saw the Elder collapsed on the ground and fainted, the crowd anger raised to the new peak. “Useless, useless. Young man keep going to the top of mountain, that’s where the Patriarch of Huo Clan in seclude. Go there and die!”

One by one Elder of Huo Clan tried to stop Jaime but his movement was unstoppable.


At the top of Huo Clan mountains, three main elders was assembling. “What is happening down there?”

One disciple at True Human Realm knelt and spoke. “There is a young man who stormed the Huo Clan.”

“What realm is he? Why can no one stop him?”

“Master,” said the disciple in hurried. “He was on the Junior Realm, but at the time he moved to hit, his aura moved to the Elder Realm.”

“He covered his cultivation really well.”

“Who is he and what does he wants?”

“Master, he is a young man named Jaime. He wanted to meet a great man for his two wives.”

“Are you sure?” asked the Elder.

“I had followed him since he arrived in the city market and just now, he had defeated twenty of our elders. He is unstoppable.”

One Elder hit the table and caused the table to crack. “He must be killed at any cost, put out an alert to the entire Huo Clan. Our enemy has come. Prepared our defense formation and collect twenty-one elders to prepare seven stars formation to trap him. I will awake our Patriarch.”

“Where is Patriarch Huo Xie? He should have returned from conquering Double Moon Sect by now,” said one Elder.

“I have sent a transmission to him.”


As Jaime keep walked to the top of Huo Clan’s mountain. To reach its peak and also where Head Patriarch Huo Tuo stayed.

Suddenly a big wall formation defense occurred and stopped Jaime and two thousand followers.

“They turned on the defense wall.”

“The Huo Clan is getting serious now.”

“Too late, the young man had defeated twenty of Huo Clan elders. Who is he really?”

“Who dare to cause trouble to Huo Clan!” A loud voice shout to Jaime and all people there. A lot of them quickly shaken by fear. Some low-level cultivator fainted on the spot.

“It is the Patriarch Realm!”

A body flashed to stop Jaime and looked down on Jaime. “On your knees!”

“Patriarch Huo Xie. Patriarch Huo Xie has come. The young man will be killed now.”

“The Patriarch has come.”

Jaime laughed very loud without any fear. “Patriarch Huo Xie! Are you that great man they were talking? The last time I met you, I made you black and blue and you ran with your clipping tail.”

That answered caused all people there to be shocked.

“That young man made Patriarch Huo Xie  black and blue?”

“He even defeated Patriarch Huo Xie.”

“Who is he?”

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