CGA Chapter 65

Chapter 65 No More Loli

Never speak wisdom with someone that doesn’t  like it. Keep it for yourself. Wisdom, it is an art of living well by doing the simplest way. Being wise means understanding more about life and its meaning. Sometimes, some people only can be taught by time to be wise. Some learned from a harsh life. Some smart enough to learn it from others.

Jaime was shocked as he found himself on the middle of a loli harem, or girls’ academy.

“What are you doing there!” A young pretty girl with a very big sword on her back was running towards Jaime with angry face. “It is restricted area!”

“Me?” asked Jaime in confusion. His cloth was full of dirt and looks like a beggar. “I am digging a hole.”

The pretty girl crossed her arms. “So you are digger? This is not your place, go away to the digging site.”

“Digging site?”

“Follow me,” command the pretty girl. Jaime still didn’t know what happen and decide to follow her. They moved to the other area near the forest, there were a lot of people there. All of them using simple tools like hoe to dug a dry river. Once there was a natural river flow from the forest to the Heaven Garden. At the time when General Kuang’s were conquering the White Kingdom, he commanded his soldier to block the river with stone and earth. It was to cut the water supply to the city.

So there were about five hundreds slave working hard to clean the pile of earths and stones.

“Guards,” said the pretty girl with big sword to young one pretty girl with muscle on her body. “One of your diggers ran to the restricted area.”

“Really?” asked the muscular young pretty girl. “I think they are 521 here, no one missing. He is not mine. Maybe a new slave.”

“Maybe, slaves keep coming every day. Go take him with you. You can add it on your report later.”

“All right,” The muscular girl looked at Jaime. “Take the hoe and follow me, we must finish cleaning this river in three days.”

Before Jaime could speak, the muscular girl pushed a hoe to him and had pulled Jaime to the digging side. “Go dig there.”

Don’t know what to do, Jaime used the hoe to dig the earths together with 521 people. Some people were digging, and some were delivering the earths and stones somewhere. “Work here, Work there, it will be same as long as I work for my own place,” Jaime continued his work without bothering anymore.

At the time for lunch, the muscular girl rang the bell and shouted, “Lunch time. Start queuing.” One by one they put down the hoe and the bamboo backpack for carrying the stone and earth. They started to queue, including Jaime. Some young pretty girls dug some kind of porridge for him.

“Just porridge?” asked Jaime surprisingly.

“Eat if you like and don’t eat if you don’t like,” said the young pretty girl with red hair who wanted to take Jaime’s food.

“Eat, eat, of course I eat.” Jaime took his porridge to one empty place and sat. Not long after that, on old man sat near him and a few more.

“Young man, let this old man give you advice. Maybe you are just being sold as slave.” The old man has a lot of scar on his body and face. “As a slave we don’t have any choice, we eat what they give to us and we do what they ask us to do. Having porridge it already good enough. Tell me what are you before you are slave?”

“Me?” Jaime looked around some people waiting for his answer. “Beggar. A happy one. How about you?”

“I am Kuo, once I was a soldier. Now I am no one. Just a slave after my tribe lost the war,” replied the old man with sad eyes.

“Me too,” said the other.

“Me too,” said another one.

“Hei, since I am new here,” asked Jaime. “I want to know, why there are a lot of young pretty girls in here.”

Kuo’s eyes shone bright. “I heard, our master turns out to be a lolicon and wants to make a harem loli. All the guards and people with ranks are loli.”

“Who is our master?” asked Jaime.

“I don’t know, I have been here for twenty days and never see him. I heard he is a general.”

“Yeah I heard something like that too.” Other people quickly agree with that opinion.

Jaime sighed and watching the young pretty girl in silent.

“What are you thinking bro?”

Jaime sighed heavily. “You know, if our guards are sexy mature girl, big boobs, perfect curve on her body and perfect ass, I think I will work very hard. 200% of my power. Just seeing all that loli, it kind of turn me off. They need to wait three or four years more. I want an elegant, mature and angel’s face as guards. Damn the general, I want to see his pervert face!”

Some slaves there began to laugh hard. “I agreed to you bro!”

“Nice saying!”

“Completely agree.”

At the night, all the workers were sleep on the ground. When it was rain, the formation wall will be turned on, so none of them will get wet. Jaime used that time to use movement of the wind and tried to walk out the digging site. He had the complete information about the guards and believed no one will stop him.

He moved to Guan Pi Yi’s office.

“Where do you think you are going?” A young pretty girl with big sword suddenly appeared near Jaime and swung her sword to Jaime.

“Wooow,” said Jaime evaded the girl’s sword. “How can you know…” Jaime stopped his talk after seeing the girl’s eyes were shone silvery in the dark, like a cat eyes. Jaime had breached the guards on their weak points, and believed no one in this dark would able to see or catch him.

“Go back to your place or don’t blame me for not warning you. I don’t want to hurt you,” said the young pretty girl. Jaime quickly check the abnormal girl.

[An Tie, 13 years old, level 24, Fifth Junior Realm. Slave. She was born in Guri Tribes. In chaos time, an Asura/demon from leopard’s tribe fell in love with a human and they run away from demon and human’s place to build their own place on deserted area. They were the ancestor of Guri Tribes. Duke of Ou from White Lion Kingdom attacked them in expedition to expand his land. All people of Guri Tribes has been captured, killed and sold as slave. She has abnormal strength, speed and senses. She was sold at seven years old to mercenary and have killed 236 people since that time.]

“So An Tie, do you know that I am not a slave but the master of this place?” asked Jaime.

“Well, I am the mistress of this place too!” answered An Tie.

“Uhuk, I know, I am handsome and cool,” answered Jaime in surprise. “It will be too fast for you to propose.You know.” Jaime checked her figure carefully under moonlight. Dark long hair, small figure but can consider as pretty girl. Her eyes were sharp and silvery in color. Her nose was small and cute. Her ivory skin was shone under moonlight. She was a pretty teenager overall. “Well, I can’t say I don’t  love you since you are pretty. Maybe next four years you will grow into a perfect girl for me. Purpose me again on that time will you?”

“In your dream,” said An Tie in angry. “Go back to your place or I will kill you.”

“Hei! You are the one who asked me about being my mistress, not me. Anyway you won’t kill me.” Jaime continued his walk. “Slave can’t kill slave. You kill me, you will be punished by the master.”

“If I let you go, I will be punished too. So don’t make stuff complicated just go back.” An Tie released her killing intent which were so high and scared Jaime. Her killing intent was much alike with demonic beast but on higher level.

Jaime moved back. “Easy girl, you scare me. How many people had you killed to have such a high killing intent?

“Not your business.”

“Two hundred maybe or more?”

“Shut up!”

“Alright, I am going back.” Jaime turned around and walked to the digging area slowly. An Tie was following him at the back.

“Do you love me?” asked a very soft voice. An Tie was whispering so soft.

Jaime turned his head, “Did you say something?”

“No,” said An Tie quickly turned her head at somewhere else. “Keep walking!”

Having no answer, An Tie suddenly found Jaime had gone from his front.


“A mere Junior Realm want to stop me, if not because I am careless you will never be able to stop me, your master is in True Human Realm.” Jaime flashed to Guan Pu Yi’s office. His level was on early True Human Realm or level 40. He raised his level by cultivated inside the training chamber, since he was exposed with spiritual energy every day and used pills from General Jiang inheritance, he quickly raised his level. If anyone knows that he is capable of raising 20 levels in a month, then no one in the continent will dare to say they are talented.

Jaime always used skill to cover his real cultivation, and people will only see him at Elementary Realm.

Inside one of the building, Jaime saw a light. He knocked the door.

“Who is there?”

“It is me,” said Jaime.

Guan Pu Yi recognized that voice. “General!” He rushed to open the door. “At last you walked out from your seclude.”

“How about the building progress?” Jaime entered the room and sat at one chair.

“Some material needed to be delivered from capital city. I can say it is 80% finished. The work for inner decoration took more time than I thought.” Guan Pu Yi poured tea for Jaime. “But in two week our place will be ready to invite whole Dukes of this kingdom.”

“Any problem so far?”

Guan Pu Yi gave one book to Jaime. “Our expenses were bigger than we predict. Your six millions had gone in three weeks. Fatty Khu took 3 million for the slave and this over all building cost about 3 million.”

“Then we don’t have money anymore?”

“General, City Lord came two week ago. Since you were in secluded he didn’t want to bother and sent 4 million spiritual stones for you to be used. Without your agreement, I used that money.”

Jaime’s eyes became soft. Accepting kindness was not something usual for him. “We surely must return this kindness to him.”

Guan Pu yi nodded.

“Will we lack on money in future?” asked Jaime.

“No, from my estimation, after building Heaven Garden, equipment for our soldiers, demonic beast, horses and supply for one year, more likely we will still have one and half millions of spiritual stones.”

“Good,” said Jaime. “Give one millions for Fatty Khu to buy some families of the high quality slave . I have made the list, just send it to Fatty Khu.” Jaime gave jade information to Guan Pu Yi.

“Do you think it is needed? Most of their family are not worth for us.”

“Some slaves here are really high quality, If their family here, more likely they will loyal to us. Their wife, kids and parents, we will take them as our villagers.” Jaime saw Guan Pu Yi, and smile lightly. “Do you know we have three slaves on patriarch realms here?”

“No way,” said Guan Pu Yi surprised. “I had checked each of them, the higher realm of our slaves were only on Elder Realm. Only two of them.”

“They conceal their cultivation really good, but can’t hide from my eyes, one was a great general, one was king of tribe and the other was a really loyal servant. I want three of them to follow me. So get in touch with Fatty Khu and buy their whole tribe and whole family. Except them three there are some people with secret skill and lot of potential we must keep at any cost. We will buy their tribe and family too.”

“Will do,” said Guan Pu Yi. He know if Jaime speak truth, their army will be a super power army.

“And, care to tell me why there are a lot of loli on the Heaven Garden?” asked Jaime in unpleasant tone.

“Well, it is Fatty Khu,” answer Guan Pu Yi quickly. “He thought General love loli and buy them all.”

“Asked him to stop it, even I am just 15 years old, that does not mean I love people around my age. Please tell him to get more mature and sexy girls. When the invitations are spread out, we will need some high quality beauty to accompany our guests on heaven Garden. I don’t want it become loli Heaven Garden!”

“Alright!” said Guan Pu Yi with cold sweats.

“And please asked Fatty Khu to add a few thousand pretty female for our men slave before they touch the loli. Tell the entire slave if they dare to touch any loli, I will kill them.” Jaime sighed. “The loli are not on the age to be married yet.”

“Sure they won’t dare, I have told them that all loli’s are General’s. No one will are to touch what belong to General.”

“Damn, are you two are plotting to torture me! Tell Fatty Khu I want some mature and sexy girls to sleep with not some loli! If he dares to bring anymore loli, I will exchange every pretty girl of his with my loli!” Jaime sighed. “And please put meat on slave food. Porridge is not enough for them.”

“Alright, but General, if we buy more slave and add more food expense we will run out of money.”

“Don’t worry, tomorrow I will go to get a few millions spiritual stone.” Jaime smirked with bad plan.

“From where?”

“Huo Clan. It is time to trample that Clan and show all Dukes if any of them dare to reject my invitation and not give me any face.”

“How many soldiers you will need?” ask Guan Pu Yi.

“Me, alone will be enough.”

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