CGA Chapter 63

Chapter 63 Witch of Curse

Ego makes you believe that you did a right thing, yet sometimes or many times it is not really right.You don’t need to push anyone to believe that you did the right thing, so no one will fight and no one will get hurt. It is one of the arts to live peacefully, it is only that simple.

But if you can find your soul mate, the person who sees the world like you do, who laughs at the things you laugh at and wants the things that you want. Then you are lucky.


“Double Moon Sect?” Jaime was thinking deeply. “Why choose that sect?”

Guan Pu Yi started to explain, “In this continent there are six major sects, the strongest sect is Wu Imperial Sword on South Continent. The second strongest sect is Ice Wind Mountain on North continent, third is Desert Fire Clan warrior on South Continent, Gold Formation Sect is at almost every corner of continent, Huo Clan and Double Moon Sect on Central continent.”

“These six major sects are not based by their power, but by their long history in this continent. Each of them have had at least one thousand years of long history. In reality Double Moon Sect can easily be conquered by some random middle class sects or duke of province, since they have one patriarch realm person right now. But still old skinny Camel is still bigger then a fat horse. Their long histories had made them have a lot of affiliations with other dukes, generals and city lords. That will make it harder for enemies to conquer them without triggering their companion’s help.”

“Your point?” asked Jaime.

“Even I want us to conquer Double Moon Sect, but the information I got lately make me hesitated.”

“What is that?”

“The rumors say, they have a powerful hidden Patriarch on Emperor Realm. That hidden Patriarch put Patriarch Meng in charge and recreating the overall Double Moon Sect. They had called all their disciples on the continent to do closed cultivation for five years. Now, the whole area of Double Moon Sect has become a restricted area.” Guan Pu Yi looked at the outside. “Yet Huo Clan is making their move to attack Double Moon Sect. It will make the Huo Clan’s strength divided in half. So it is our chance to attack Huo Clan.”

“Why do we need to attack the Huo Clan?”

Guan Pu Yi laughed. “You have known the answer for a long time right? When headmaster agreed to your bet, you have known he will use his power to force dukes of each province to ignore you. By destroying Huo Clan, we can show the dukes, if they don’t support us, we might put them as our target.”

Jaime hit his legs. “Good! Good! I didn’t make a wrong decision to choose you. Do you think we can conquer Huo Clan easily?”

“Huo Clan has two people on Patriarch Realm. Patriarch Huo Xie is on second Patriarch Realm and Head Patriarch Huo Tuo is on sixth Patriarch Realm.”

“Huo Tuo is on seventh Patriarch Realm.”

“Really?” asked Guan Pu Yi.

“Believe me, I have a reliable source of information.”

“Then it will be harder to conquer them. In fighting, it is not only about how many patriarch realm’s martial artists they have, but also the level of the patriarch realm of the martial artist. Patriarch realm’s martial artist on level seventh, can easily defeat ten or twenty patriarch realm’s martial artists on early stage.” Guan Pu Yi frowned. “I think I need to rearrange my plan.”

“Don’t worry,” said Jaime stood. “Your plan is correct, we have similar thinking. Huo Clan needs to be conquered to show the dukes and also to get their disciples as our followers. Just let me handle Huo Clan so you can focus on other stuff.”

“You’ll handle Huo Clan?” asked Guan Pu Yi in disbelief.

“Yep, me alone is sufficient . I have planned it for a long time. It will be as easy as going to a garden and picking a flower. Huo Clan will fall to my hand.”

Guan Pu Yi was amazed by Jaime’s speaking. “Huo Clan has one thousand core disciples, ten thousand inner disciples and almost one hundred thousand outer disciples on the Huo Mountains. Do you really think to conquer them?”

“Alone?” asked Jaime. “Yeah sure, why not? I am enough, they are not that great. rest assure, give that clan to me. I only need one day to take them all.”

Guan Pu Yi started thinking.

Jaime took out map of heaven and showed the map of Kuang’s residence and its surrounding.

“What do you think of this location?” Jaime pointed at northeast of the Kuang’s residence where the high mountain and forest were located. “Long times ago, this place was used as Royal Families hunting ground, for centuries. It is a closed area for commoner.”

“The location is great, outside the place are high and steep mountains and some deep valleys, it is natural protection for us. Having a few soldiers on the top of the mountain is enough to drive away any kind of enemy. Inside the place is a wide forest it is a good place to build a few villages for our soldiers. Having our demonic beast ranch and farms will be perfect.”

“I agree.” Jaime gave the map to Guan Pu Yi.

“For me?” ask Guan Pu Yi in surprised.

“Of course not! Don’t dream too high. I lend it to you, since I need you to build a formation around this place and the forest.” Jaime gave him a jade disk.

Guan Pu Yi frowned and accepted the jade disk. Inside the jade, there was information about some formations. “They are formations for collecting spiritual and natural energy, formation for filtering and raising the quality of spiritual energy and natural energy, formation for a self-defense wall and attacking formation?” Guan Pu Yi sadly looked at Jaime. “It is a great formation but we don’t have spiritual energy in this place, I can’t even detect a few of them. Instead I feel like I am be cursed just by standing here.”

“Don’t worry about it, I will handle it.” Jaime waved his hand and gave him one storage pouch and another jade disk. “Your job is to create the formation around this residence. After that you have to build this place like the recording inside the jade disk. That will be your first job, I am counting on you.”

Guan Pu Yi checked the new Jade disk and was surprised because there was a recording of a very beautiful palace. It is like a heaven on earth.

“Did you make it?” asked Guan Pu Yi, although people can record their imagination easily, but giving imagination a very real like recording was a first for him.


“And the recording for the 3D show?”

“I have a very good memory and imagination.” Jaime smiled. “And don’t worry about your lover, I will handle it nicely, soon she will be here with you.” Jaime walked away.

Guan Pu Yi swallowed his saliva and felt excited.


“Kuang Li Yin,” called Jaime as he entered a big room with twenty workers busy in cleaning, repairing, and moving some furniture.

“Husband!” yelled Li Yin  excitedly, huggin Jaime’s arm intimately. “Look, this will be our room, look at the red big bed. I can’t help to feel excited about tonight. Our first night, remember you must treat me slowly and nice, I am inexperience. I’m scared of pain.”

Twenty workers there secretly looked at Jaime and cursed. “Lolicon.”

Jaime rolled his eyes. “Come with me, I am going to take you somewhere.”

“But, I haven’t finished arranging.”

“Let Xu Tie handle it,” Jaime dragged Kuang Li Yin out the room. Together they moved to the middle of Kuang’s Residence. It was full of wild bushes and looked like a wild forest already. There were also some ruins of ancient buildings which had moss growing on them.Jaime cleared some ruins, threw away some stones and found a small broken door which lead to a path in the lower ground. He took a red orb, channeled his spiritual energy and the red orb shone brightly. They slowly enter the path to the deep underground.

“What orb is that?” ask Kuang Li Yin full of interest.

“The heart of Agni, god of fire, I think. It is a good orb as source of light, right?” said Jaime.

“Yep,” said Kuang Li Yin. “What is it used for beside as a source of light?”

“For kids playing maybe? I bought it for ten spiritual stones.”

“Can I have it?” Kuang Li Yin asked hopefully.

“Sure just take it,” said Jaime easily.

Kuang Li Yin happily accepted it and played with the shining orb. She always slept in dark, thinking of having a source of light, made her feel really happy. “Today is my birthday, thanks for the present.”

“Your birthday?”

“Ennn..” Kuang Li Yin happily announced. “And our wedding day.” Kuang Li Yin never knew her birthday and no one had ever told her about it.

Jaime knew her real birthday’s date, but he chose to let Li Yin decide her own birthday’s date. “Then we will have a party after this, to celebrate your birthday party. Tell me want you want?”

“Really?” asked Kuang Li Yin. “A big party?”


“And your other present?” asked Li Yin.

“Promise you.”

“Kiss me now.”

“What?” said Jaime surprised.

“Kiss me now.” Kuang Li Yin deeply looked at Jaime. “A real deep kiss. Your present to me.”

“Here?” ask Jaime confused.

“Yep, you have promised me.”

“Ahhh… here we are…” yelled Jaime as they found a big room underground. “Look, this is the hidden ground, where the cursed formation was laid down for years. Li Yin…”

Li Yin pouted her lips invitingly.

Jaime unconsciously moved his hand quickly to hit Kuang Li Yin’s head. “Stop it now little brat.”

“Auchh…” Li Yin touched her head and sharply glaring at Jaime. “You have promised me.”

“I did, but not here.”


Jaime tried to think hard. “You know on a beach during the sunset and background with sea waves.”

“Beach? What’s a beach?”

“Well, it is white sand near a sea.” Since Li Yin never saw it, it will be hard to explain. “Alright let us make a promise, I will take you to the beach and we will have a very deep kiss there.”

“Why there?” asked Li Yin.

“Cause your first kiss must be special. There is a saying if you are kissing with your lover on the beach under the sunset, then the love will be eternity forever.”

“Really? Is it true? You didn’t lie to me?” Li Yin eyes shone brightly.

“Yeah, I am professional, of course I know it. But it must be your first kiss.”

Kuang Li Yin thought for a moment, “How about you, will it be your first kiss too?”

Jaime grinned widely. “Of course, it will be my first kiss with you.(-_-) I am excitedly thinking of the beach. But I must resist it for the sake of our deep eternal  love.”

“Alright, I will wait for it.” Li Yin nodded seriously. “For the sake of our eternal love. You have promised me.”

They looked at a dark room with size of 40 meters x 40 meters with 4 meters high. It was cold, damp and have unpleasant smelly. In the middle of the room, there were a very big cycle filled with complicated inscription and in the middle of the formation were a thousand of human skeletons.

“This formation was created by Heaven Palace’s witches. They sacrificed one thousand people to curse your families and this land.”

“If I destroyed it, will I be free from the curse?”

Jaime shook his head. “This formation is just an addition or support for the cursing effect. The real curse the witches created was using the thousand souls to create curse formation to the soul and blood of Kuang’s families. So it will be very hard to undo it. Your soul and blood already have a curse formation inside, and it will draw a natural energy of curse and cause bad luck to you.”

Kuang Li Yin stood silently.

“But, it will be your strength.” Jaime smiled lightly. “I will give you the art of controlling the curse. With that you can be the Witch of Curse and use the curse around you to attack your enemy.”

Li Yin stared at Jaime.

“Don’t you think it will be fun if you can curse your enemy?” Jaime exchanges 10 levels for the first art of controlling curse. For the next arts of curse will needs 100 and 1000 levels, which Jaime didn’t have at this moment.

Jaime’s hand was pointed into Li Yin’s middle eyes brows and slowly branding the complete information of the art of curse to her brain.

Kuang Li Yin opened her eyes and was shocked by the information, she quickly murmured in ecstasy, “I didn’t know I could use curse like that. Yep, definitely it can work, I can control the curse and launched it like that.” Since she was born, she was already exposed with the curse energy. It made her understand the curse energy better than most people. She just didn’t know how to use it. Now, she had everything she needed to be the worst curse bringer.

“This room is filled with curse energy, it is the best place for you to collect the curse energy and learn about it. This will be your secret training room.”

By curiosity, Kuang Li Yin moved to the middle of formation, looks at the stack of the human skeletons. She suddenly screamed loudly.

“What happened?” Jaime rushed to Kuang Li Yin in panic.

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    “The heart of Agni, god of fire, I think. It is a good orb as source of light, right?” said Jaime.

    “Yep,” said Kuang Li Yin. “What is it used for beside as a source of light?”

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