CGA Chapter 61

Chapter 61  Take me with you

People live once, die once and falling in love once. Will they find one true love in their life before they die? And be faithful till the end of time?


“Kuang Li Yin is dead?”

Xu Tie hastily called for an opened horse cart to take them into one corner of the city. “Brother, you’ll know when you see her. It is not my fault. I walked away from her after a month and it seemed like her bad luck was getting worse than before. Everyone in the city was frightened to death by her.”


On one busy road, a person walked in the middle of the road and the people there, no matter how busy they were, quickly opened a way for the person to pass.

That person walked arrogantly and bossy, spoke out of loud. “What are your eyes looking at? You want me to kill you? Scram away!” A lot of strong martial artists there chose to turn around and hide their tail.

“Your granddaddy is here, where is my food? Want me to go inside and destroyed your place?” yell that person in front of the busiest restaurant.

The shop owner hastily rushed out and bowed pitifully, “Please, please wait for a while. We are making it for you. Please don’t go inside and cause a ruckus.”


A few servants put a table and a lot of expensive dishes on the table. The person grabbed all of them and put into space storage pouch. That arrogant and bossy person walked across the road. Every shop owner hastily walked outside their shop and presented everything they have for that arrogant person.

Gold, silver, food, expensive clothes, everything that person wants, no one dare to say no. That person mighty was well known by everyone on the city, even before that person was born. That person even scared the City Lord. Making the City Lord allow that person to do whatever that person liked and be the little king inside the city.

“I like your clothes, opened it and give it to me!” said that person to one hell big guy. That big guy was thrice big that person. Yet, the big guy opened his clothes in rush and presented it to that person with forcefully smile.

That person stood at the one middle of market and yelled. “It is time for every market here to give me everything you sold here or I am going there to break your shop!”

Shop owners and market owner quickly rushed to present everything they sell, a vegetable, toy, meat, chicken, pig, and no one dare to say no.

That person step on one table, put hands on hips and laughed very hard. “I am the little king of this place, if any of you didn’t like me, just tell me! I will show you what is called regret.”


Xu Tie and Jaime watched the show. Xu Tie sighed, “That person killed the Kuang Li Yin we knew. A small girl with black clothes and black veil is no more.”

Jaime stepped out from the cart and walked to that person. He yelled, “I am the future king of three realms, you little king come to accept me, or you will face the biggest regret ever.”

“Who dare to speak like that to me!” The person turned around angrily and got surprised. “You!”

“Me,” said Jaime with wide smile looking at the little brat in front of him. “Kuang Li Yin how are you?”

The person was Kuang Li Yin, she listened to Jaime’s word and used her curse to her benefit and mocked everyone in the city. All the merchants don’t want to let her come near them, or their shops will get bad luck and have no buyers for a whole week. There were already some merchants made as an example. Once there was a big hotel who didn’t want to pay anything to her, so Kuang Li Yin, cursed the hotel seven times and suddenly the hotel collapsed and burned to the ground. She was the worst curse bringer ever and she knew it.

A tear rolled down Kuang Li Yin’s face. Saying nothing, she hurriedly ran to embrace Jaime.

Suddenly Jaime felt heavy in his breathing and his heart almost stopped. There were two elders realm martial artists not far away which fighting tensely unintentionally let their swords flew to attack Jaime. Ten of crazy dog suddenly rushed out to bite Jaime. Five of flying demonic beast dove down to attack Jaime.

“He will be dead while standing!” said people on market.

“The curse bringer hugged him. He will die miserably.”

“Poor guy.”

Jaime, between life and death, hurriedly open the connection to the Book of Karma. “Book of Karma quickly takes my level for canceling Kuang Li Yin’s curse for a while!”

Both of their body shone. Kuang Li Yin embraced Jaime tightly. Some elite guard of the City Lord suddenly appeared to protect Jaime from the martial artists attack, dog and flying beast. Yet one of the bird feces fell to hit Jaime’s clothes.

“Why did it takes you so long to come back! I am missing you day and night!” cried Kuang Li Yin. “From now on where ever you go I will follow you. I am already strong enough.”

[You detected Kuang Li Yin’s Dungeon heart. It is opened widely for you. Will you choose to enter it?]

“No!” said Jaime quickly. He didn’t want to harm his life into unknown dungeon heart.

“Husband never ever leave your wife again,” said Kuang Li Yin crying. “You have bought me and my house without my knowing. Why did you  never tell me that you have fallen in love with me at the first sight? Tonight we will do Dragon and Phoenix cultivation together. I have readied my heart weeks ago. Just take me.”

All the people there and the city lord elite guards looked at Jaime with bulged eyes. Even the two martial artists at Elder Realm stopped their fight and looked at Jaime.

“My enemy, he is a lolicon right?”

“Definitely a lolicon, my hateful enemy!” one martial artist nodded in agreement.


In a faraway country a little girl with blue eyes was non-stop cursing. “She appeared! My worst rival, the witch cursed. She will be bugging my relationship with my husband in the future. She will give her curse to me to separate us. Hateful, hateful, hateful. I must go there now!”

The little girl jumped out from her bed gracefully and walked to meet her parents.

“Dear Father, your only daughter wants to go to the Central Continent to chase her future husband, please grant me permission.”

His father was eating and opening his mouth widely without able to close it for a long time. “But you are just nine years old.”


In a horse cart, Kuang Li Yin sat beside Jaime and hug Jaime’s arm. She was smiling widely. Jaime used Book of Karma to check her.

[Kuang Li Yin, 12 years old, level 25, Fifth Junior Realm, The only successor of General Kuang’s bloodline. As General Kuang destroyed the Kingdom of White Cloud, thousands of people including witches—in hate, angry, sadness, agony and ravening for revenge—sacrificed their soul to create the worst curse to clean General Kuang’s bloodline. Everyone who shows kindness to his bloodline or want to protect them will die miserably by the curse. As the last bloodline of Kuang’s family, Kuang Li Yin will die by the curse at age of 14, the highest limit of lifetime that allowed by the curse.]

Nothing changed in Kuang Li Yin status except she was on level 25 now. It was a very quick raising cultivation.

“Seems like you cultivate diligently?” praised Jaime.

“Are you happy?” said Li Yin happily. “I cultivated diligently like you told me.”

Kuang Li Yin has a very white skin, since she was rarely to get exposed by sunlight. Her tresses of silky dark hair were curly neatly. She has deep dark eyes, a small cute nose, light red lips surrounded her small mouth and dimples. Her soft and skinny hands with long fingers colored in smooth ivory. Small chest and have a perfect curve body of teens. She is totally a stunning pretty girl with an aura of mysterious and cruel at the same time.

She will grow into a beautiful girl and cruel at the same times I think.

The horse cart drove along a very long wall and reached one big gate. It is a gate with two red gigantic doors.

“Husband we are home!” Li Yin jumped full of spirit. “Come on let me show you inside.”

Xu Tie shocked and said to Jaime. “Two months ago this place was like a haunted house, without any door. Now the wall is clean and there are two big beautiful doors.”

Li Yin smiled smugly and looked at the big door. “They were from the biggest construction company in city. If they can’t do something simple like this, they will face my anger.”

They opened the big doors together and entered Kuang’s resident. Kuang Li Yin’s both eyes shone brightly. “They really created a garden!” She ran along the path dancing lightly. At the both side of the path, there is truly a heavenly like garden. Flowers with many colors swayed by the wind and butterflies flew around the garden.

Xu Tie shocked beyond belief. “I came here two months ago and there were wild bushes everywhere, broken stone path and everything was in wreck.”

“That is the best garden maker in the city for you.” Kuang Li Yin laughed happily.

“You never come here right?” asked Jaime.

Li Yin said nothing.

“Now show me where you stay and never hide anything from me, I know everything.”

Li Yin nodded, she grabbed Jaime’s hand and walked out from the gate. They followed the wall and stop into one small door that already broken. Li Yin entered that broken door, walked slowly into hidden path, which has filled with wild bushes.

They walked a few minutes and found a decrepit old house. The house was so bad and could down anytime. Li Yin with sad face went inside the house. Jaime saw a lot of hole on the roof and one small broken mat in the corner of the broken wall. Some wet water still puddle on the ground.

“This is where you stay?” asked Jaime.

Li Yin nodded in silence. Jaime wanted to ask why, but seeing sadness in Li Yin’s eyes, he used Book of Karma. With the curse, when she opened that big door, the door broken by accident. When she sleeps at good place, the place ruined down. So she chose to stay here.

“Kuang Li Yin,” said Jaime grabbing her hand. “As long as I am here, you will never feel any hardship and pain again.”

Kuang Li Yin tears brimmed over and fell on her cheek. Her body shaken, “You promise?”

“I promise you with my life.”

Li Yin walked really slowly to Jaime, with uncertainly and fears she braced herself to embraced Jaime. Then she cried really loud. There is a lot of emotion those hold inside her heart for a very long time suddenly burst out.

She never cried nor shed tears before, when her father and mother died, her servants left her alone. In hunger, sickness, and pain she endured it and  bit her lips until bleeding but never shed tears.

This was the first time in her life she cried out of loud.

Jaime hugged her and patted her with love. After crying for a while, Jaime suddenly found himself inside a wide empty place. Only Kuang Li Yin stood there facing him.

It is Kuang Li Yin’s dungeon’s heart.

Kuang Li Yin walked closer to Jaime, saw Jaime in intense and said, “I only need one thing you promise me.”

“What is that?” asked Jaime.

“My parents died one by one and left me alone, so when you die, please take me with you.”

Jaime didn’t know what to say. So he nodded, “I promise.”

Kuang Li Yin smile softly and widely. “I am yours.”

[Congratulations, one dungeon’s heart has been conquered, nine hundreds ninety-seven more to go. You now can perform the secret of the heart.]

[You have share life and heart with Kuang Li Yin, her curse will be shared to you. Kuang Li Yin’s fate has been changed and won’t die at 14 years old. Now she can perform the hidden art, the witch of curse.]

“Her curse is shared with me!?” said Jaime in shock.

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