CGA Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Tiger borrows pig 

Have you ever heard the tale of hungry tiger which walked down from the mountain to find a peasant for borrowing a pig and promised to return it with some interest? Will someone lend a pig for a hungry tiger?

It’s kind of a dilemma though,if  you don’t lend the pig to the tiger, it will eat you. If you lend the pig to the tiger, we both know what will happen to the pig.

Suddenly one pig walked to the peasant and tiger, “Peasant I see you have a tiger, can I borrow your tiger?”

The peasant was surprised. “Why?”

“My master bought a new male pig. He pampered and used that bastard to impregnate all the female pigs. I want to take my position back; I promise you I will return your tiger with interest.” Yet, some pigs are brave enough to borrow a hungry tiger.


“So are you ready to take the third trial?” asked the headmaster with a wide smile. “I hope you can be the first to get the perfect score in this whole academy.”

“600,000 spiritual stones for the perfect prize?” asked Jaime.with a lazy smile.

“Don’t worry about it,” saying the headmaster laughing cheerfully. “I have promised the City Lord, of course I will give it to you.”

“Can I see the money first?” begged Jaime.

Headmaster frowned. “You haven’t even tried it yet.”

“But, if I see the money, I will get more motivation. Please,” Jaime was begging. “I won’t go into the trail if I don’t see the money.”

The Headmaster wanted to say no but the City Lord poked his nose into it. “Oh come on headmaster, let my son-in-law see it. Don’t be stingy; it is not like we will take it and run away. Just seeing it won’t make the money decrease. Give him some motivation. He is my dear son in law.”

The Headmaster sighed in his heart and used a sound talisman to call the academy’s chief treasury. “Come to the general exam’s third trail ground and bring 600,000 spiritual stones here.”

Not long after that, one old man named Khu Ou rushed from down hill to the headmaster. He took out one big iron box from his space storage ring and put it on the ground. “There are 600,000 spiritual stones inside.”

“Show it to this young boy so he can get some motivation.” The Headmaster locked his eyes on Jaime.

When the big iron box moved near Jaime, without shame Jaime took the whole box into his space storage pouch and made everyone there surprised. Even the headmaster eyes bulged.

“You!” Old Chan couldn’t hide his anger at Jaime. “How dare you!”

Jaime innocently took out one golden map. He laid and opened it on one big wood table  which his followers had bought with them just now.

“The Map of heaven!” shouted the City Lord and headmaster in disbelief looking at a golden color map with size of a meter and two meters long.

“Son in law, how can you have this map of heaven.” the City lord checked the map surprisingly.

“I bought it from the Ten Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s auction house, I paid them 500,000 spiritual stones, locked with an ancient formation that time. Now, its price maybe has reached a few millions spiritual stones.” Jaime channeled his spiritual energy to the map and let the map resonance its wave to its surrounding. The map had a function like sonar and detected everything out there.

The opened empty map was slowly changing. There was a line moving to draw a landscape of its surrounding and showed a dot for every person which was hiding inside the cave or on everywhere on its sonar range. The map clearly showed everything.

“It worth millions of spiritual stones,” said the City Lord nodded, even his elite soldiers were amazed by that map. “Truly, a legendary item.”

Jaime moved to the headmaster and bowed politely. “Headmaster, I can show a detailed map of the surroundings and where the academy staff is hidden. I had cleared the third trial perfectly; don’t you think I am worthy of having the money?”

The headmaster, Old Chan and the Chief Treasury couldn’t even speak a word. It was not even a bet since the beginning; it was clearly robbing money from the academy in front of everyone’s nose and they couldn’t do anything to prevent it.

Old Chan’s hand were shaking hard, his anger made his whole face into red. “I am going to kill that boy right now, I don’t care about anything anymore. He tricked me again and again.”

The Headmaster moved his hand to block Old Chan. Even with the rage boiling inside his body, he wouldn’t show it in front of the City Lord. He took a glimpse at the map and his eyes lit up.

Jaime could spot that and quickly took his Map of Heaven. “Father in Law, this map I present it to you.”

“Why?” The City Lord surprised.

“You have acknowledged me as your son-in-law and I haven’t presented you anything. Let this Map of Heaven and that unknown stone be a gift to you .I believe that stone is a hidden treasure.” Jaime intentionally spoke out loud so the headmaster and Old Chan could hear it.

“Son in law, you don’t need to present it to me.” replied City Lord quickly. Even he liked the Map of Heaven. All generals were willing to sell their city to get it, still he couldn’t take his son-in-law belonging.

“That is right,” The Headmaster poked his nose into it. “Usually a father in law gives something to the son-in-law, not the opposite.” The Headmaster knew clearly if the stone went to the City Lord’s hand, there will be no hope in taking it back. “How about letting those items go to the academy? We are going to research them for academic purposes. Now after everyone know you have that legendary map, it could cause some danger to you if you keep it. We will return it to you when you need it.”

Jaime sighed sadly, “Yes, headmaster is wise and correct. Lately I kept feeling danger, like someone is trying to kill me.”

The City Lord hastily touched Jaime’s shoulder in panic. “Is that right? Someone tried to kill you? Tell me who they are? I will clear out their whole family and clan. Tell me.”

“But, I am not really sure if they are my enemy.”

The City Lord hit his chest. “No need to be sure. I am the law here, when I say they are wrong, so they are wrong! Just tell me a name and ten thousand soldiers will be at their front door! I will send each of them to meet their ancestors.”

Jaime took one paper and wrote one name secretly. The City Lord couldn’t see it, but the headmaster and Old Chan could see it clearly, since Jaime purposely showed it to them. “Father in law, inside this paper is a name of those who I think is my enemy. They are trying to kill me for no reason, they even have tried to poison me. But please don’t open it right now, when I face danger, or am hurt by someone, even just my single hair, you can open it and clear all of them for me.”

“Alright, I promise,” said the City Lord still in worry, “But if I know of anyone who tries to harm you, even just looking at you with enmity. I will open this paper and clear them for you.”

“You are truly a father that I never had.” Jaime’s eyes burst into tear. “Thank you.” That voice was coming from deep inside his heart.

“Don’t cry.” City Lord showed a gentle face. “I am your father too. I will do everything for you. When you have hardship, just tell me. I will be there with you, even to kill a god.”

“Thank you…” Jaime softly spoke. “Father.”

The City Lord’s face quickly bloomed into a beam of satisfaction.

The Headmaster and Old Chan’s faces turned pale. The City Lord definitely was pampering Jaime to the bone. And what made it worst was Jaime definitely wrote The Academy of White Lion inside the paper. They can’t touch Jaime without causing tragedy to themselves.

“Ah, if the academy wants the Map of Heaven and the unknown stone,” said Jaime smiling at Old Chan and headmaster. “I am thinking of having a bet with you again.”

“What kind of bet?” asked headmaster in a hurry.

“Unknown stone, Map of heaven and 600,000 spiritual stones will be belonging to the academy if I can’t get a perfect score for the fourth trial.” Jaime smirked. “But if I get a perfect score, I will get two million from academy.”

“Two million?” asked Chief Treasury. “That is almost half of this academy treasury. No!”

“Yes,” said headmaster shocking everyone who heard it. “We take the bet.”

“Why?” asked Chief Treasury.

Headmaster laughed cheerfully, “If we can give motivation to our disciple to aim for a better result and make our academy proud,  the academy is willing to pay with everything.”

“True,” said Jaime and the City Lord at the same time.

“Headmaster,” said Chief Treasury.

The Headmaster waved his hand to stop the Chief Treasury and continue, “But, for making it fair and for Jaime’s own development, I want this fourth trial free from the City Lord’s help. What does the City Lord think about it?”

City Lord knew about the fourth trail. “I will help my son-in-law with all my might!”

“Then the academy can’t agree with the bet. Since the fourth trail will be intervened by the City Lord.” The head master smiled. “Although I want Jaime to be the academy’s pride and am willing to give everything, it just not fair for the others.”

“I agree,” said Jaime to them.

“Son,” said the City Lord quickly. “Do you know what the fourth trail of being the general is?”

Jaime nodded. “I know it. It is to get my own 5,000 soldiers, 1,000 war-horse, 500 demonic beasts, and get approval and support from at least 30% of White Lion Kingdom’s Dukes.”

“I don’t agree,” said the City Lord quickly. “You know there are 156 Dukes of White Lion Kingdom, each of them at least own a city and province. With my help, I can give you half of my soldiers and 30% of the dukes’ approval. Some of them are my friends, they won’t say no to me. Forget about the bet. You can finished your fourth trial tomorrow and progress to fifth trail, to conquer a city and province and give to the king as your merit for this kingdom. So you can be the youngest general ever!”

“Father in law,” said Jaime confidently. “I want to build my own army and so I can help you when you are in need. I want to prove myself as a man and be a general not by my parents backing, but by my own hand. Please grant me that wish.”

“Son,” the City Lord tried to convince him to forget his stupid idea. “To build an army isn’t easy, you will need a lot of money, five millions or maybe ten millions of spiritual stones are needed to hire soldiers, buy their equipment and horses, build land, and feed them daily. It is not easy for people without city and province to achieve it. Son, I care about you.”

“Believe me Father.” Jaime walked to the headmaster. “I accept the condition, since first I am not a guy that depend to his family background to reach his goal. I want to prove to everyone here that without City Lord’s backing, I will be the youngest general ever. None of the first, second or this third trial I used my father in law help, so the fourth and fifth trials too.”

Headmaster nodded. He knew the victory already within his hand. Without support from City Lord, Jaime will never get any approval from other dukes. Prime Minister Ang only needs to write a letter to every duke and no one will dare to say no. Jaime will never have a chance to get 30% of 156 duke’s approval. “Then your fourth trial is starting from now, the time limit is one year. Do your best. City lord will be the witness about our bet.”

Jaime nodded. After a little chat between head master and City Lord, they walked their own way. City Lord moved close to Jaime and whispering. “Son in law, I have four millions spiritual stones on my secret saving, I will give you when we are at city. You can use it to build your army.”

“Father, no need I have money myself.” Jaime politely refused.

City Lord laughed and hit Jaime’s back. “Don’t say it. I am your father, let me help you, even the headmaster forbade it, I don’t even care a slight. Come to my place tomorrow.” He drove his demonic beast to the city, left Jaime and his followers.

Jaime looked at the City Lord’s back, he never had a father, not in this life or the life before. He was orphan as long as he knew. The warmth, attention and the protection that City Lord gave him, caused a warm feeling in his heart. He almost cried by that feeling. Jaime looked at the City Lord back and bowed sincerely, “Thanks, I will never forget this kindness you gave me, even in my death.”

From Jaime’s follower, walked out one fatty guy with very expensive clothes, he came to Jaime. He is about twenty years but still have a red baby face, short and always smiling. “Brother, I knew right from start you would finish the third trail without fail. Now, about what we were talking this morning. You must accept me as your right hand.”

“Who are you again?” asked Jaime.

“I am Ku Li or you can call me Fatty Ku like others. I am one of successor candidate for Gold Formation Sect. Fourth major sect of this continent and advance in trading and making formation, the Patriarch of Gold Formation Sect is my great grandparent.”

“How many candidate for the successor?” asked Jaime showing a bit of interest.

“Er, I think about 243 candidates and still adding at this moment.”

“Good luck to you then.” Jaime waved his hand to Fatty Ku and moved away. One skinny guy suddenly stopped Jaime.

“You?” Jaime acknowledged him. The one, who paid one spiritual stone for watching Jaime’s 3D show. “What do you want?”

“I want everything,” said the skinny guy and gave Jaime one recording jade. “See what is inside.”

Jaime took the recording jade and channeling his energy to see the recording inside. Jaime’s face suddenly turned pale.

“I know what really happen inside the second trial,” said the skinny guy smirked. “I record everything. You never fought with the mechanical soldiers! If this record fall to headmaster, you will be dead.”

Jaime knew, if this record falls to the academy or Old Chan, he will be killed in second. His entire plan will be destroyed. “What do you want?”

The skinny guy smirked; he has waiting for this kind of chance for five years. And his time finally has arrived; it is time for him to advance. He will make Jaime as his horse to take his ambition into reality. “What I want is very simple… I want…”

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