CGA Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Master of Shamelessness

Medicine to cure a broken heart was a new heart. Medicine to cure unhappiness and poverty was having a simple heart. Wanting less than what you earn was the key to being rich.

Wanting more than what you earn was simply the fastest way to ended your life in tragedy.

Except, you have mastered the art of stealing, make something from nothing, don’t try it at home. Your wife will divorce you, your girlfriend will kick you out, your pet will join forces with your enemy and even your stomach will betray you.


Jaime followed the path through the dark cave into a bright open area. It was a big dome inside the hill’s womb, brightened by the light from thousands of torches hanging along the dome’s wall. The dome was very big and could be occupied by ten thousand people without any problem.

Suddenly some iron chains, those hanging on the top of dome, started to move and caused a ringing sound.The Big stone door on the left wall opened with heavy sound and three hundred bronze soldiers marched out with heavy stomped voice. There were big hammers on each of their hands and all of them walked mechanically in an order.

The other stone door on the right wall opened, three hundred silver soldiers marched out with halberd on their hand. In the middle of the wall, stone door opened and three hundred golden soldiers with big sword marched out.

Nine hundred soldiers rushed to Jaime and from the top of the dome, one hundred big Elite soldiers fell down. Their size was bigger than the golden soldier. They didn’t bring any weapon with them, but their auras were much more intimidating than others. They joined the nine hundred soldiers and rushed to attack Jaime.

Jaime took a deep breath; he moved his hand slowly, opened his feet wide apart and made a shift with his body. He showed an opening stance of a famous martial art, like Jet Li as Huang Fei Hung in a Kung Fu Master’s film. His hand opened wide like an eagle soaring into the sky, his eyes locked on the one thousand soldiers. “Today I will teach you what it is called as Taichi!”

Jaime arrogantly waved his front hand to call all the soldiers to attack him. “Use Yin to conquer Yang, use black to conquer white, use weak to conquer strong. Use Elementary Realm to conquer Patriarch Realm. I am the king of all martial arts. Today this daddy will not hide his power anymore! Be my stepping stone to be the number one martial artist in this world!”

As for the poison, he has a body that was invulnerable to poison, a rakhsasa’s body.


Outside the iron door, hundreds of disciples were talking to each other, “Did he seriously face the King’s Trial? No one ever tried it since this branch academy was built.”

“He is a crazy one for sure.”

“Do you think he can make it?”

“What I know is, he has a perfect score on the first exam. He got 800 points and kicked Guan Pu Yi from his first position.” One disciple proudly announced his information and shocked a lot of people there.

“Do you think he will be number one for this second trial too?”

“Hard to say, he need to take down as many as soldiers and collected a gem from their head. For every gem he is collected will give him one point. The number one position on this second trial is 757 points. The record has been there already  for fifteen years, unchanged.”

“Do you think he will get a perfect score for this second trial?”

“1000 points? No one ever did that, even in the main branch! You know, to take down 100 Patriarch or General Realm’s mechanical elite soldiers is not easy! One must be at least at King Realm. What can an Elementary Realm do? I think he is already killed inside.”

Suddenly a thundering sound hit the iron door, surprising everyone. The ground near the hill was shaken with a little earth quakes, sounds like heavy objects falling to the ground over and over were heard.

“He is really fighting them inside!”

Almost all of the disciples’ faces changed into awe. Old Chan showed no response and was glaring at the iron door.

They waited for a half a day in front of the iron door to know the result.

Suddenly there was a long silence inside the cave, after a half a day of  being full of shaking ground and thundering noises.Not long after that, the iron door opened and an eagle flew out from the door and soared high into the sky. From the wide open iron door, Jaime walked out gallantly without any injuries.His clothes were clean without any scratches.Wind moved his clothes and hair, it gave Jaime a magical and majestic aura which cause people around to be astonished.

Some women there blushed without knowing the reason. They suddenly thought Jaime was very sexy, charming, and a very handsome man with an aura of great martial artist. Jaime looked at the girls, knowing he had become the center of attention, he smiled lightly and awesomely wink at the girls.

He saw one pretty girl and walked near her, gave her a charming smile. “Girl, you are so pretty. Come to my place tonight.”

“But..but..,” said the girl stuttering and lowering her head blushing. “I am not prepared.”

“No need to prepare your heart,” said Jaime coolly. “I will prepare it for you and everything you need. Just come to me, you are all I need.”

“Kyaaa!” The girl shyly ran away. Jaime had a look of satisfaction and moved to Old Chan.

“I got 900 gems.” He threw a dirty bag in front of Old Chan. “I think I passed the second trial.”

“You are cheating!” Old Chan raised his voice,  determined to kill Jaime. Losing the Heaven Contract Stone was not an option for him. It can destroy their big plan that had been prepared years.

“I can prove that I am not cheating. I recorded my fight on this jade as a medal of gallantry for my ten thousand grandchildren.” Jaime hit his chest proudly.

“Good, now follow me! I want to check it.” Old Chan grabbed Jaime’s hand and dragged him back into the cave.

“All of you can watch it together with me.” Jaime quickly added it. He definitely did not like to be alone with Old Chan.

Hundreds of disciples became happy and follow them.

“No one can come!” shouted Old Chan angrily to all of them. He wants to be alone with Jaime, so he can kill him and take back the Heaven Contract Stone.

Jaime smiled lightly to Old Chan. “If you want to kill me because of that useless stone, don’t waste your breath. I have sent it to City Lord.”

“Don’t lie to me!”

“You saw the eagle that flew from the iron door?” Jaime laughed hard. “Do you think I am that stupid to keep the Heaven Contract Stone with me? That eagle is the City Lord’s messenger, that he gave me last time he came.”

Old Chan quickly made a hand formation and concentrate. He had put his blood essence inside the Heaven Contract Stone, even if the item is inside the space storage pouch, as long as the item was around 100 meters from him, he could easily feel its presence. Yet, his face turned pale, he felt no presence.

“That eagle!” Old Chan jumped and soar into the sky in a hurry. He was determined to chase the eagle. He used all his power at the peak of the Elder Realm without hiding anything.

Jaime laughed loudly, inside the Heaven Contract Stone; there are a few soul contracts of some important spies in the palace. He knew it and had targeted it.

Since the Old Chan left, hundreds of disciples hurried to surround Jaime. They didn’t care about Jaime’s status as the academy crusher anymore.

“Please tell us how to pass the second trial, we need to pay 20,000 spiritual stones for every time we test.” One guy was desperately begging  Jaime. “I have tried five times and still can’t pass the exam.”

“Oh.” Jaime didn’t need to pay for the test because of his special status. “I will tell you my secret of passing this trial, but every one that wishes to watch my record must pay one thousand spiritual stones.”

“Deal!” Some rich people quickly answered and got their money out.

“Good,” said Jaime guarding the iron door. “Quickly move inside for people who have paid the ticket. The greatest show ever will be soon played. One thousand stones for a ticket.”

About sixty-four people entered without any problem. Jaime checked the others assembling in front of the iron door, without showing any sign to enter. “What are you waiting for? Go enter or you will regret for your life time.”

“One thousand spiritual stones are too expensive.” One disciple answered and the others quickly replied in agree.

“Ah, you.” Jaime pointed his hand to him. “Lucky for you, today must be your birthday. Half priced for all of you to celebrate his birthday.”

“It is not!” protested that lucky guy, but the other didn’t care. Some of them quickly took their money out and paid Jaime to enter. About forty-one people entered and left about fifty people there standing.

“Alright all of you, VIP seats sold out. Business seats are sold on 250 spiritual stones, quick take it now or you will regret it.”

Twenty five people paid and entered. The others didn’t move.

“Business seats sold out. Economy seats are sold on 125 spiritual stones! Only for 30 seconds take it now or regret it for your whole life!”

Twenty people hurried paid and entered, left only five people there.

“Alright you poor people, you will only need to pay 50 spiritual stones for Charity seat.”

Four people paid and entered, left only one small and skinny person. He smiled pitifully to Jaime.

Jaime looked at him and sighed, “Alright, don’t look at me with that kind of eyes. You can go inside for one spiritual stone but don’t tell anyone, okay. Just go inside.”

He smiled, paid and entered. Inside the cave, hundreds of people looked in astonishment. There were broken parts of many mechanical soldiers spread across the ground. Those parts were shattered into small pieces, very badly damaged. About hundred soldiers had half of their body stuck in the wall, ground and top of the dome. The situation inside the dome was totally wreckage.

“He fought with all of the soldiers?” asked the disciple in disbelief.

Some of the disciples face turned pale.

Jaime walked around the dome and put down some talismans that can play recording jade. “You have paid well, so this time I will give you the most amazing experience of watching movie, a 3D home theater just for you with Dolby stereo!”

The talisman usually only was able to play a recorded movie on the recording jade into 2 dimensions picture like a television or projector, but Jaime changed a little process of the talisman and put five of them around the dome.

Five talismans shot light to the middle of the dome and showed an image of one thousand soldiers and Jaime fighting in three dimensions. People inside the dome were shocked, it was their first time seeing stuff like this.

“Please enjoy, I record the sound too,” said Jaime as he  sat on the ground. People followed Jaime and sat on the ground looking at the image.

One skinny disciple secretly went to the dome corner and took out one hidden recording jade. He quickly returned to his seat before anyone notice.

In the image, one thousand soldiers rushed to attack Jaime.

Jaime with Huang Fei Hung’s pose started to speak, “Everything in this universe has a balance. Water can destroy mountain and wind can crush the tree.”

One big elite soldier jumped at Jaime and punched him. Jaime shifted his body elegantly like a wind deity, evaded the hit on a hair distance, his hand touched the elite soldier’s hand and drove the punch into other direction. The elite soldier’s punch hit one gold soldier and sent it flying and sunk to the wall with thundering sound.

“When you push, I pull you. When you pull, I push you. I use your own action to attack you and my enemy.” Jaime stuck to elite solider and when the elite soldier attacked, he drove the attack to the other soldiers. When the other soldiers attacked, he drove their attack to the elite soldier.

One elite soldier punched Jaime but his attacked was driven to its friend, caused the other elite soldier to be broken in pieces. “The more you use power, the more you will destroy your own friend.”

Jaime still there untouched .

“Except Taichi, I too will teach you about Ai Kido. It is the martial art of love.” One soldier attacked Jaime very hard but Jaime stayed cool and used his hand to pull the attack and caused the mechanical soldier to be thrown into the air and sunk half its body to the ground.

“As one mind in peace, nothing in his surrounding will be missing from his attention.” Jaime showed a movement like a master Taichi playing with wind, very elegant, appeared soft and full of peace. Although the other soldiers attack fierce fully, it didn’t change Jaime’s peace. “Inner peace will help you to conquer everything.”

One by one the soldiers were destroying each other. Jaime was still unscathed. “Have a simple heart and the world will appear simple in front of you. Control your desire so the desire won’t control you.”

Hundreds of disciples were watching the movie in awe. It was like watching a god of war fighting the whole universe; they were amazed beyond belief.

Jaime’s image while fighting started to speak. “Use little strength to destroy the almighty.” He sent elite soldiers to the top of the dome. “Use small stone to destroy mountain.” He caused one elite soldier to be broke into pieces. “Taichi and Ai Kido arts are available in 20,000 spiritual stones for each of you. Order now while it is still available. Discount 20% for first twenty people,” Jaime’s image showed a big smile, a dental smile.

“Damn, I am so handsome and cool, please throw me another oscar!”

All of the disciples were affected by the advertisement, and jumped to Jaime.  Only one person wasn’t affected by the play, he looked inside his secret recording jade that he retrieved secretly then looked at the image played in front of him. He sighed and shook his head, “Shameless, truly he is a master of shamelessness. His act of shameless is truly beyond belief, truly a god of bullshit. He entered this trial, only did one hit and slept for a whole time inside the cave. Yet he destroyed everything inside. He is even drooling and now stealing people’s money! Damn, I need to learn from him.”

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  3. He saw one pretty girl and walked near her, gave her a charming smile. “Girl, you are so pretty. Come to my place tonight.”
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