CGA Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Bigger Plan

Life was something that you hate , but you love it at the same time. Even if you hate life, sometimes you may miss it and want to come back to a happy time. You may want to meet again with people who are kind to you and enjoy life together. Find some happiness, search for real love, and sink into millions of stars and laugh hard. Many people want to live their life to the fullest.

Yet, some people stay with their past. Their bodies move on, but their minds and souls were longing for the past. Some don’t want to move at all and are hung up on the past or a tiny shell.

Some don’t want to be anything.

Some, are just lost in the life.


The City Lord rushed his demonic beast to  Jo Ji and swung his halberd fast. Jo Ji used all his power to evade as fast as he could, still the halberd sliced his right arm and cut it off from his body. Blood spurted out rapidly from the wounded hole.

“A mere Elder Realm wants to provoke General Realm! You are a dead man!” The City Lord directed his demonic beast to face Jo Ji. Forcing the beast to advance and waved his sharp halberd, this time aiming at Jo Ji’s mid body.

“Stop!” An old man in yellow clothes, suddenly flew to block the City Lord’s attack with a golden stick in his hand. The attack caused both of them to stop.

“Headmaster!” Jo Ji showed a relief face. His life had been saved by a mere second.

“So you came at last!”The  City Lord sneered.

“Why did you start the killing?” asked the headmaster furiously. He saw that the academy buildings that were close by had been destroyed rashly by thousands of soldiers. “You better have a good explanation.”

“I showed you my kindness and gave you people land to build an academy, but this is how you repay my kindness? Killing my son in law on his first day in the academy without giving me a proper explanation? Tell me why I should’nt kill all of you.” The City Lord channeled all his might to his halberd and forcefully threw the headmaster away.

The headmaster’s body flew away and he quickly launched ‘one thousand pounds weight’ to sink himself. He landed with his two foot sinking in the ground. He glared at Jo Ji. “This time, what kind of mess have you invited to the academy!” He had known Jo Ji as the leader of disciplinarians committee very well and for his bad habits too.

“Headmaster, I detained a disciple after he killed seven people!”

“A disciple you have accused is just on Elementary Realm and you detained him for killing seven people mostly in the Senior Realms!” The City Lord added with a sinister undertone in his words.

“Is that true?” asked the headmaster. He looked at Jo Ji sharply.

Jo Ji was frightened by the glare and bowed, “Yes, because he was near the scene. I just detained him for investigation purpose.”

“Then take him out now!” The City Lord yelled loudly.

Jo Ji didn’t answer it.

The headmaster didn’t want more trouble for the academy, especially because of one person in Elementary Realm. “Jo Ji take the guy out from prison, now!”

“I can’t,” answered Jo Ji in a frustrated rage. Pain! His wounded empty arm gave him so much pain. “He ran away from the prison last night.”

“An Elementary Realm person ran away from your prison with at least a hundred of Senior Realm guarding it!?” The City Lord moved his beast near Jo Ji with killing intent. “You have sold him to the Gou Clan! You have killed him!”

“Wait!” The headmaster moved to cover Jo Ji. “I can track down your son in law ‘s where-abouts. As long as the academy token is with him, I can locate where he is. Please give us time, and stop your soldiers. If he is dead we are willing to pay with everything we have.” The headmaster couldn’t ignore his surrounding and let the thousands of soldiers crash and burn hundreds of academy buildings. Some of the teachers and disciples were already either killed or badly injured.

“I’ll give you ten minutes!” said the City Lord and made his way back to command all his soldiers to stop the charge. “If I find something wrong with my son in law, your academy is no more.”

“Jo Ji!” The headmaster checked the injury arm and threw medicine on it. “Have you killed the City Lord’s son in law?”

“Not yet, Gou Jie had paid ten thousand spiritual stones to kill him this morning. But I didn’t have enough time to execute it. His escape was out of my plan.”

“Good, good.” The headmaster sounded relieved and suddenly he lunged his finger to hit Jo Ji’s meridians.

Unable to avoid the attack, blood suddenly flowed out from Jo Ji’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth. “Brother, what have you…” He knelt and collapsed on the ground with horror in his face. Dead.

“You useless pig, just for ten thousand spiritual stones you almost destroyed my ten year plan to conquer this whole city. I don’t want to let you stay alive and interrupt my big plan anymore.” The headmaster coldly looked at his brother’s dead body. “Teacher Kok, clean out Jo Ji’s body.”

“Acknowledged.” Teacher Kok quickly appeared beside Jo Ji’s body.

“Have you identified who is the City Lord’s son in law?”

“His name is Jaime, his academy’s token number is 65412.”

The headmaster took out one big jade stone, he let his spiritual energy flowed to the stone. Inside the jade, there was a small light suddenly lit up. “He is in the VIP area, seems like his own room. Send people to escort him here.”

“Right away!”

“Starting from now, tell everyone to treat him good. We don’t want anything happening before we execute our plan.”


“Knock, knock, knock…”

“Who is there?” Jaime walked to the door and checked with his Book of Karma. As long as the people behind the door were not from disciplinarian committee, everything will be okay. He slowly opened the door.

“You? The slave?” Teacher Huo was surprised as she found Jaime in the VIP place. She was sent out to escort the most important person that almost caused the whole academy to be annihilate. “Are you the City Lord’s son in law?”

Ignoring Teacher Huo question Jaime answered, “Teacher Huo, what made you come here? Really, you are beautiful like always. Ah, your eyes are like sparkling stars , you are pretty like a goddess of beauty. I wish I can marry you and bring you to meet my parents.”

“Cut that bullshit!” She grabbed Jaime’s hand in a hurry.

“Wait, my heart isn’t ready yet. Don’t forcefully kiss me. My lip are virgin, please take  slow steps.” Jaime rashly covered his mouth.

“You little brat! Stop talking.” Teacher Huo wanted to hit Jaime’s head hard. “You almost destroyed the entire academy, quickly follow me!”

“Me? How can I?” asked Jaime in confusion. “I only broke the basin in the bathroom. It was totally unintentional You know, I slipped. How can the basin destroy the academy.”

“Listen kiddo!” Teacher Huo pointed her finger on Jaime’s chest. Their bodies were really close to each other and Jaime could smell a flower fragrance from Teacher Huo’s body. “If it was not because of the headmaster, asking me to treat you good, I would have smacked you a thousand times. So shut up and follow me.”

Teacher Huo immediately took Jaime and flew to escort him to the front gate.

“Wow!” Jaime saw ten thousands soldiers in front of him and hundreds of academy building broken or burning in fire. Some dead bodies on the road and sadly no more spiritual energy left “Are you guys doing a wild party in here?”

“Son in law!” The City Lord spotted Jaime and rushed to him with shining eyes. He grabbed Jaime’s shoulder, almost wanting to embrace him. “Are you alright? Nothing hurts? Did they do something to you? Just tell me, we are going to destroy this whole place if they hurt you even for a scratch.”

“Father in law, I am okay. They sent me to the prison yesterday but some kind spirit released me because they knew I didn’t do any wrong.” Jaime replied in confusion.

“Good, good, let get out from this shitty place.”

“I totally agree with you my lord.” Jaime nodded and walked with him to the gate.

“Wait!” The headmaster and some teachers appeared near the City Lord.

“What do you want?” asked the City Lord in disdain. He had destroyed a lot of buildings, killed some people and yet, he didn’t care at all. If the headmaster asked for compensation, he will wipe out the entire academy as compensation.

“Sir, this time our academy has wronged the City Lord. Please let us redeem it?” The headmaster bowed, which shocked everyone there.

“How can you redeem it?” asked City Lord.

“Jo Ji has regretted his mistake. He has been fired as an academy teacher and returned to the city’s capital.”

The City Lord felt pleased and smiled lightly. “Go on.”

“We will put a priority on the City Lord’s son in law. We will give him all the best he needs. So he can graduate from this academy and become a great general like the City Lord. No need to pay any fee to the academy and he can stay as long as he wants. Please don’t let him out of this academy, his future will be affected. Don’t you want him to be a general and a dragon among people? The academy can give him the fastest way!”

The City Lord thought deeply for a while and looked at Jaime. He also knows the fastest way to be a general was to study in the academy and pass the general’s exam. To be a general from a soldier’s path, it would take a very long time to collect the merit in the military. “I think your future will be better if you are in this academy.  Anyway, they won’t dare to do harm to you anymore.”

“But…” Jaime doesn’t really want to be in the academy.

“All of you!” yelled the City Lord to everyone. “This Jaime is my son-in-law. If you dare to touch him, even for one hair, I wil kill your entire families! If my son in law wants to kill you, then let him kill you! Or I will kill your whole family! Do you understand what I have said?”

All of the disciples looked at Jaime and carved his image into their minds. That person was untouchable. It was far better to never cross  paths with him or a disaster will fall to them and their whole family. That person can bully them but can’t be bullied, what kind of logic that was.

The City Lord felt satisfied. “Jaime, you stay here and be a great general. I am going to clean out Gou Clan’s roots from this city. Their place, shops, markets, and everything. They dare to touch you, they will have to face me! I will give them a lesson they will never forget!”

The entire army turned around and marched away from the academy.

Teacher Kok whispered to the headmaster. “Why didn’t we let Jaime leave the academy? He may destroy our big plan again.”

“Have you seen how the City Lord cared about him? He will be our leverage, if our plan fails. We will keep him with us. Just give him a good time in the academy and he will never bother us.” The headmaster locked his eyes on the City Lord. “Only a few months more and the whole city will be ours! Never do something stupid again or I will kill you all like I killed my brother Jo Ji.”


At night, ten of the teachers assembled in the hall.

“How is the preparation?” asked the headmaster.

A skinny teacher walked up , “About a hundred thousand demonic beasts will be soon ready to attack the city. They have destroyed some villages to feed themselves. They are hungry for more blood.”

“Good!” The headmaster laughed. “Once the demonic beasts attack  the city, all of you must use that chance to kill the City Lord and all his generals.”

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