CGA Chapter 54

Chapter 54 Destroying Academy

Sometimes, we lead a messy life. Really, a messy one I mean, but don’t you think that is why we live? Learn from our mistakes and move forward to the blank new future. We are trying to learn the right thing in this life so we can return to where we were from.

Life itself is a place to study, to grow, to make mistakes, and live to tell the story. Who we are, what we are, what we really want, what we really mean to be, that is why we live. Not to be perfect but to learn. Life is a job and we are very good at. Good at making more mistakes.


Jaime turned his gaze again at the iron bars. He was trapped inside a small and smelly prison alone in the darkness.

“Prison again,” sighed Jaime heavily. “Why don’t you put me in some pretty and lonely girl’s room? Damn the author, you are a S!”

The last word left to him, from the disciplinarian who sent him on the prison, was, “This is the tightest prison in the academy. You will be here till Teacher Jo Ji knows what to do with you. If Gou Jie is willing to pay for your death, you will never live to tell a story again.”

Teacher Jo Ji was an elder and leader of the disciplinarian committee inside the academy. He was also known as a greedy person. With the right amount of money, he could be bought to pull some nasty stuff. Rich kids usually use him to torture their enemies. As for whoever was captured by the disciplinarian committee, it only means suffering or pay to be freed.

Alone now, Jaime opened his eyes and yawned. “It is time to return to my room and sleep. This place is too hard for me to sleep.” He used the Book of Karma to get the complete information about the prison, the location, and the guard. He took out General Jiang’s sword and swung at the iron bars. The sword easily cut the iron like a hot knife penetrating butter.

“Truly a good sword.” Jaime was amazed and returned the sword to his back hand. With the space storage on his back hand, no one can take his items away. Putting him inside the prison with all of his items was like giving a key to a thief. Without any problems, he managed to evade any guard and used the secret passages to escaped from the disciplinarian committee area.

He walked out in the middle of the night, looking at the starry night and walked to his residence. The residence that the academy had reserved for him when the City Lord enrolled him into the academy. It was in the VIP area, which was only for the most influential families’ kid to stay. The City Lord had used everything he had to push Jaime inside the academy.

In front of one of the big gates to enter VIP area, Jaime grabbed a token which he got as proof that he is the academy’s student. The token shone and let an invisible wall hanging on the gate  open. The token was used as a student ID inside the academy and can be used for many other things.

Inside the gate, there was a very large and beautiful garden. Jaime made his way through many paths and entered one house with a large yard.

His house.

“I will never walk out from this house before I reach Senior Realm!” So he secluded himself inside the house. He will be safe as long as he inside the house.


On the night Jaime escaped from the prison, one young man rushed himself to meet the City Lord.

“What made you rush here so quickly Bao Lian?” asked the City Lord to the son of Judge Bao.

“Sir, you sent me a message to take care of someone named Jaime.”

“Yes, did something happen to him?” asked the City Lord.

Bao Lian stammered, quickly kneeling. “Unfortunately yes. This one has disappointed you.”

“Tell me what happened!” Worry hanged on City Lord’s face.

“I received your message too late, for by the time I moved out to search for Jaime, he was already inside the prison of the disciplinarian’s committee waiting for his death penalty.”

“Death penalty?” repeated City Lord with disbelief faced. “Who dare to give my son-in-law a death penalty?”

“It is the Elder of disciplinarian committee, Jo Ji.”

“Why did he put Jaime in the prison?”

“The teacher Jo Ji accused Jaime of killing seven people who mostly are on Senior Realm. Although it was strange for Jaime in Elementary Realm to kill them, but it is also known for academy people, that Jo Ji never bothers with that kind of thing. He captured whoever he likes and throws them in the prison. If someone wants to be freed, they must pay a lot of money, but if someone pays more for the death, the prisoner will be killed instantly. I heard Gou Jie was willing to pay Jo Ji for the death of Jaime.”

“That Gou Jie, is he from the Gou Clan in the capital city? The lapdog’s clan of Prime Minister Ang?”

Bao Lian nodded, “I heard Gou Jie is the successor of the clan.”

“So this is what it is all about. No wonder Jaime had been prisoned on his first day in the academy. Prime Minister Ang wants to wipe out my people. Good, good, truly good.” The City Lord laughed hard with a cruel face. “I, Liu Wen, never made a move before and they already think I am a herbivore. Eating grass and always lowers my head to them. Good, good, good. If I don’t eat their meat, they will never know who I am.”

City Lord took out a voice talisman and put it near his mouth. “Assemble all of our soldiers and be ready to move this morning. All generals must obey my call as the Marshall. If a general doesn’t obey my call, tell them to get out from my city.”

“Sir what are you doing?” asked Bao Lian with disbelief.

“I am going to flatten the academy.”


In the early morning a guard yawned and greeted the other guard. “Just another boring day.” But the other guard stared out front without giving an answer. “What are you looking at?”

There were a thousand of soldiers on war horses and demonic beasts. Behind them there were tens of thousands of foot soldiers. All of them were marching to the academy gate with killing aura. Three of the generals leaded the front. General Liu Wen the City Lord, General Song, and General Guan.

“What is happening?” the guard stammer and rushed to the corner of gate and rang the metal alarm. He had worked at the academy for twenty years, this was the first time he rang the metal alarm. The metal alarm was created by a rare material and had complex inscriptions on its body. The sound of the metal alarm with support of spiritual energy can easily reach fifty kilometers.

“Quickly close the gate!” Ten  guards were quickly closing a seven meters door’s gate. As the heavy wood door closed, two big guys rushed from the City Lord’s back. They stood in front of the gate and launched their weapons; two very big iron hammers. The big iron hammers slammed at the door and the door exploded. The fragment of the wooden door shot at the guards and injured some of them.

The City Lord and two others generals entered the Academy with their thousand of soldiers.

“What is this all about?” One teacher rushed to the gate. As he found City Lord, he changed his attitude and bowed. “City Lord, please explain what is this about?”

“Who are you?” asked City Lord in disdain.

“My name is Kok Hui, we already informed the headmaster and the vice headmaster, they will be here soon.”

“Call out someone named Jo Ji and tell him to bring out my son-in-law!”

“Jo Ji?” Teacher Kok cursed. What kind of trouble he invites this time!

“Jo Ji is here!” a small and fat belly teacher appeared. He landed from his flying sword with some of his disciples. One by one, teachers of the academy started filling the field, answering the emergency call. “What trouble makes City lord come for me?”

“Are you Jo Ji the leader of disciplinarian committee?” asked City Lord with anger in his eyes.

“I am Jo Ji,  the one and the only one.” The small man bragged to himself.

“You prisoned my son-in-law, I want you to take him out now!” The City Lord released his General Realm’s aura to pressure Jo Ji.

There was a deep furrow in Jo Ji’s brow. He saw that all of the teachers were looking at him, wanting an answer. “City Lord, I don’t really understand. But if I prisoned someone in the academy, he must be a disciple of the academy and broke the academy’s law. Like you know, inside the academy, the only rules are academy rules, even if you are a king, I can’t let him go. You must respect the academy. This place is not something like your power can touch.”

The City Lord laughed but anger was written all over his face. “Good, good. My son-in-law is only on Elementary Realm and you accused him of killing seven people mostly on Senior Realm. You gave him a death penalty and you said to me that I can do nothing to your academy? You asked me to bow to the academy rule, while you are the leader of the academy’s rule? You asked me to bow to you!” The City lords killing intent caused everyone near that place to chill.

“I didn’t mean it that way!” said Jo Ji in hurry. This time he caught the wrong person and hit a hard iron. “The academy must protect its dignity so people will never look down on the academy. Even if this academy is only a branch from the capital’s academy, it is still  the biggest academy of this kingdom and backed by the royal family and Prime Minister Ang.”

The City Lord’s rage reached a new peak. “So, when you use the royal family’s and Prime Minister Ang’s name, I am supposed to backed off and let you do whatever you want?” The City Lord moved his demonic beast to make his way to Jo Ji. “Take Jaime, my son-in-law, out from prison. I want to meet him here, now! If you did something to him, you will pay with your life.”

Jo Ji glared back to the City Lord. “I am not scared of you at all. I will let you meet your son-in-law but the  justice of seven people he killed must be up righted.” He commanded some of the disciplinarians to take Jaime.

One of the disciplinarian whisper to Jo Ji with a pale face. “Teacher, last night we founded that Jaime had fled from his prison. We have searched for him  all night and couldn’t find him.”

Jo Ji’s body trembled and said to the City Lord. “On second thought I can’t let him  meet you. Academy rules must be followed.”

“Take my son-in-law out here! NOW!” said the City Lord angrily.

Teacher Kok saw the City lord’s anger and quickly said, “Teached Jo Ji, don’t make a small thing into big trouble. Please just take Jaime out and we can think of how to process him after he is here. Let make small things into nothing.”

The other teachers spoke of the same opinion.

Jo Ji fell under pressure and spoke. “Jaime has  fled from the prison last night and I don’t know where he is.”

The teachers and everyone there stilled in silence.

“You… You…” The City Lord pointed at him. “Do you think I will accept that answer easily. I know you want to kill Jaime because Gou Jie has paid you. Or you have killed him right now and can’t show him for me!”

“Sir, I really don’t know where he is!” Jo Ji protected himself.

“Or you want to ask for money from me?” City Lord nodded. “Good, good, good I never lack of money. Take Jaime out now, we can talk about money. You know, I have  very little tolerance right now.”

“I really don’t know!” replied Jo Ji in a loss. He saw the City lord had made his way to him closer and closer. “What do you want? Do you think you can hurt me here? Do you think you can use force to bend the rules? You will regret it if you want to make me or the academy as the enemy.”

“Regret?” asked the City Lord. “What I regret was letting you guys take part of my city to build an academy! What I regret was letting my son-in-law enter this academy! What I will regret is, if I do nothing for my son in law. I will kill you.”

“Do you want to make an enemy of the royal family and Prime Minister Ang!” yelled Jo Ji in frightened.

“All Generals and soldiers hear my command. Destroy the entire academy and kill everyone who dares to stop you! From this time on, the academy is not allowed in my city!” yelled City Lord with all his power. “Archers!”

Thousands of archers raised their bows and arrows. The arrow’s heads was burning with fire.

Jo Ji, the teachers, and the student of the academy watched the soldiers aimed at them in horror.

Jo Ji watched and thinking, “It is really happening just because I caught one person on elementary realms? To an avoid headache?”


Thousands of arrows flew to the academy building, sticking to the wooden wall and burning everything. The students started to run away and the teachers still didn’t know what just happened.

“Kill everyone who tries to stop you! Charge!” The City Lord lead tens of thousands of soldiers to destroy the academy. He rushed his demonic beast to Jo Ji and swung his big halberd to attack.

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