CGA Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Art of lies and deception

In the art of lies and deception, one must remember there are three layers of it. First layer of this art was for you launch a frontal attack of lies and deception to your targets. The targets are beaten black and blue; eat your lies and deception till they forget their own parents. After that the target will hate you for their life time. Just imagine you step on someone’s hand and they become angry wanting to hit you back when they meet you again.

Second layer of this art was for you to seduce your targets with lies and deception. You steal their kindness and good sides. Force them to eat your lies and deception. Even after they know you have lied and deceived them, they won’t be angry at you. They would just say, “Ah well, it is okay, he needed it. But it will be the last time.”  Just imagine you step on someone’s hand and they look at you. “Well, it is okay, but no more next time, okay. I know it is just accident.”

Third layer of the art of lies and deception was truly a master piece of art. You will come to help your targets, you will steal their hearts and souls, sing a lullaby of lies and deceptions to make them happy and feel great inside. Even after a lot of people told them that they have been lied and deceived, they will turn to hate those good people. They would even willingly ask their family members and their friends to be like them. Imagine you step on someone’s hand and they told you, “Please step on me more, step on my body, my head and please step on my daughter too.” They even will give their daughter to you.

If you can master the third layer of the art of lies and deception, you will be the greatest man alive! Cause the greatest histories of the world were built on the third layer of the art of lies and deception.


“This ring…” Jaime, as he accepted the ring, stammered, kneeling defenseless on the floor. His face turned to deep misery. “At last the ring of my family is back to me again!” His tears brimmed over and fell on his cheek.

“Book of Karma quickly tells me about this ring!”

Three breaths had passed, but Judge Bao and City Lord let Jaime cried. They tried to understand Jaime’s feeling.

Book of Karma gave Jaime the complete information about the ring and the formation locking on the door to the space storage. It is like a strong box with a lock. The lock can only be opened with the blood of the Jiang Family. The lock was also a very complex formation.

“Quickly find a way to open this ring!”

“Father, this one has walked a very difficult life since you left me. I lead a beggar’s life, hidden everywhere. Hungry and cold accompanied me. No one care about me. I missed you father.” Jaime pinned the ring, his hands shaken and his body knelt. He cried miserably.

Book of Karma gave Jaime 101 ways to open the strong box. Jaime quickly searched for the best option, the fastest and the easiest. Unfortunately, there was none like that. So Jaime must choose one method to slowly crack the lock’s formation.

“Why it is hard enough to open the protected formation?”

Judge Bao and City Lord’s eyes burst into tears. They were touched, as Jaime was really filled with longing for his father and family.

“Father, mother, you son didn’t let you down. I survived through a lot of hardship to keep the dignity of the Jiang’s family.”

Jaime began to let his spiritual energy seeping into the formation and erasing the symbols inside one by one, and undid the weakest part of the lock’s formation.

“Fu*k how can it takes so long just to open the ring. How long must I play a solo drama?”

“Ancestor of the Jiang family, only with all of yours blessing I could be here. Let me give you one hundred kowtows to show my deeply gratitude.” Jaime started to kowtow.

Judge Bao and City Lord exchanged glances.

“Do we need to wait for one hundred kowtows?”

“He is really a loyal kid to his ancestor,” said City Lord with sympathy face.

Jaime’s body was soaked in sweat. His spiritual and mental energies were pouring into the ring formation.

“Damn, if i knew it would be this hard to open the ring, I supposed to say one thousand kowtows!”

After a long wait, as Jaime slowed his kowtow and had added a few line for his solo drama, he tossed the ring back to City Lord. “I have put my blood on it, you can open it now and check the thing inside.”

City Lord felt a sense of happiness seeped into his chest. The feeling which will slowly poisoning him from within. He almost wanted to shout. With tremble hands he took out one familiar sword from the storage ring. “The sword of General Jiang!”

His eyes locked at Jaime, “So you are really Jiang Fen Xhi?”

“One and the only one!”

The City Lord checked the space storage inside. “Only one sword inside?”

“My father didn’t have enough time to put anything except the sword. At that time, Ouyang Gi and his army had started the killing. My father hardly helped me escaped with little money. But all I need is just the sword, so my father dream will never die. That one sword is everything of mine, the dignity of my Jiang’s Family!” Jaime hid the truth. At the moment the space storage ring was in his hand, he cracked the formation and removed a lot of stuff inside—three millions  spiritual stones, some pills, talisman and more—into his space storage and return only the sword. If the City Lord wanted to keep the ring and the sword, it has no used for him. He had taken all the best.

“Jiang Fen Xhi.” City Lord said while looking at the sword. “I apologize for being harsh to you. The eyes of Prime Minister are everywhere and watching me. I had to pretend that I don’t care about the king and General Jiang. It even looks like I don’t care about my brother. But I always dreamed that someday General Jiang Te Wen will come here. I, Liu Wen…” The City Lord tears fell. His eyes became soft and full of emotions. “Have live with these burdens all these years, couldn’t hardly feel at ease in eating and sleeping, always worrying about my brother’s family. It is truly wonderful you are still alive, I still have face to meet my brother in the after life.”

Jaime knelt and leaked crocodile tears.

Of course I know you are still loyal to General Jiang’s family. It was why I chose this scenario to hit your very weakness. Also…

Liu Wen softly said and raised Jaime on his feet, “Please sit and tell me about your life in these past six years. Sure it was hard.”

“Uncle, I have  gone through a very harsh life. If it was not because of my father last wishes, that I must meet you, I would have followed my father to heaven.” Jaime poured as much of his crocodile tears as he could muster. He needed every drop for his last attack.

“Now you have met me, everything will be okay.” Liu Wen swore on it.

Jaime shook his head. “My father asked me to meet you neither for my safety nor for my happiness. It was to deliver what my father last wished.”

“What is that?”

“My father said I must deliver two things. I have destroyed those things but I have memorized both carefully, because my father had paid with all our family wealth for this information.” Jaime continued with proud and his eyes shone brightly. “Before my family faced trouble, he luckily met one person from Ice Wind Empire in North continent. He gave three millions worth spiritual stones only to get the cultivation of Yin Heart and the pill of Yin Meridian.”

City Lord heard those two things, immediately stood and almost fainted. “He… he…he really got those two!”

“My father said, Uncle has a wife and daughter who are born with Yin meridians. Woman with Yin meridian can’t live for long. They need to have a Yin meridian pill to live like a normal person and if they want to live a longer life and be a phoenix in this continent, they must learn the cultivation of the Yin Heart. But both are top secrets that only royal families from Ice Wind Empire have. Yet, once my father got in touch with these two secrets, he didn’t even have any hesitation to change it with all our family wealth.” Jaime stood awesomely and spoke in high voice. “My father last saying was, ‘The Jiang’s Family can perish but Liu Wen’s family must lead a happy life.’ That was why I must survive till I gave you my father last wished. After that, I can die without regret.”

City Lord’s body was trembling. All the troubles in his life had left as he met this young man. For his whole life, what really trouble him were his wife and daughter, after that the Jiang’s family. Now, the Jiang’s family had left one successor and even brought a hope to his wife and daughter. How could he not feel so grateful and want to pay the kindness to the young man in front of him with everything he had?

He couldn’t hold his tears and his body shook hardly. “Brother Jiang Te Wen, really you are my brother. I will take care of your only son like my own son. I will make him be a dragon of this continent!”

Jaime smirked!

Once I have targeted you and your whole family, no one could escape from my palm! All hail me! You and this whole city will be my third troops!

“Son, when I first met you, I didn’t believe you because you don’t look like Jiang Te Wen at all.” The City lord said honestly.

“Don’t I look like my father?” answered Jaime.

“How can you look like your father? Your father was ugly, short, short nose, thick lips, slanting eyes, curly hairs and has dark skin. Look at you, you are handsome, tall, long nose, wide eyes, smooth hairs and have  bright skin. Who would think you are your father’s son! Even I, who looked at you when you were born didn’t recognize you. But the ring of General Jiang has proven you are authentic. Also the information about my wife and daughter having Yin problem, not many people know it, only Jiang Te Wen and this Bao.” City Lord sighed happily. “Truly wonderful, it just like a saying, everything will be beauty at the time. I waited and waited for so long and the time has finally come.”

“Yeah, finally you got scammed!”

“If you can give me a jade, I can transfer the information of those two into the jade. The Yin Meridian Pill and The Cultivation of Yin Heart.” Jaime got those two information from the Book of Karma, of course they are authentic and will do great to Liu Wen’s wife and daughter.

“Why must we be in hurry, we just met…” Even the City Lord had wanted the information so bad and had been waiting for years, it just didn’t feel right to rush the young man in hurrying for his own trouble.

“Uncle I definitely am not in a hurry but I have waited this for six years, how can I wait a second longer to fulfill my father last wish?”

“Good boy, truly a good boy.” The City Lord really saluted the young man in front of him. Even Judge Bao nodded in agreement. He gave Jaime a jade.

Jaime appeared desperately squashed all of his spiritual energy and his might to fill the jade with the information. After he finished, a tear fell down from his eyes. “Father, it took six years for your son to fulfill your last wished, but your son didn’t disappoint you at last. Will you accept me if I go to where you are now? This life is too tiring for a lonely soul.”

The City Lord immediately embraced Jaime. “Son, you are now my son. I will be your father to take care of you. Don’t say something like that again. I will give you everything. I owe your father and your family.”

Jaime smirked, his third layer of the art of lies and deception had attacked fiercely and successfully killed the target  spot.

“You, right your age should be sixteen by now, I will give you my daughter so we can be a truly family!”

And his target forced his daughter on him. The art of lies and deception 100% success! Jaime smirked again.

I had mastered the art of lies and deception


Three days after the meeting with the City Lord, Jaime was forced to enter the Academy of White Lion.

“Jiang Fen Xhi, since your real name is quite dangerous, I will agree with your cover name, Jaime. In replacement of your father, I will nurture you to be the best general on this continent. Someday you will have to make Jiang Family’s name spread through the continent again. Feared by enemies and respect by friends. You must enter the Academy of White Lion and get the general’s course. The Academy of White Lion is the best academy in this continent. I will arrange everything for you. Just sit and do nothing, it is time for me to reply to the Jiang’s family kindness!” Suddenly the City Lord became a busybody old man.

Well, Jaime must admit the City Lord, Liu Wen, was a good person and wanted everything to be the best for him. But, what the City Lord didn’t count was putting Jaime inside the academy was same as putting Jaime in a lion’s cages.

The first day Jaime entered the academy, even before he was able to sees his residence inside the academy, Gou Jie, the Gou Clan successor had found him.

“Slave! Finally I meet you after searching for months. It is time for pay back, you won’t be able to run now. I have asked two of the Elders from the Gou Clan just for you.” Gou Jie brought ten people with him. “You will pay after you dared to hit me!”

“Brother Gou Jie, it is nice to meet you. Truly nice, I heard that students aren’t allowed to kill each other inside the academy.” Jaime said while carefully checking his all of the enemies and his escape plan.

“Don’t worry about it.” Gou Jie laughed. “I will kill you and blame it on the others! I have a lot of followers to take the blame.”

Jaime’s voice shook a bit, his level was only 10 at the moment, his 15 levels was  exchanged with the two information of the Yin Meridian pill and the cultivation of Yin Heart. He slowly crawled back into level 10 in these pass three days. He couldn’t hardly cultivate with that busybody old man around. “You know, I am with the City Lord now, he will be angry if you touched me.”

“What the Fu*k with the City Lord? The Gou Clan is with Prime Minister Ang, if the City Lord dares to move we will wipe him out together with you.”

The two elders of the Gou Clan moved to Jaime. “So you are the person who broke Gou Jie’s teeth and legs?” The two ugly old men full of wrinkles locked their killing intent on Jaime.

Jaime sighed, “Seem like this time I must show my real power! But Gou Jie, this will be the first time you will know what is regret.” Jaime stared at Gou Jie, seven of his loyal followers and the two elders. “Lot of people will die today, run while you can! I will not escape this time.”

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