CGA Chapter 51

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Chapter 51 My Name is Jiang Fen Xhi

Being a human in this world means you will face hardship, runaway from trouble, and sometimes even be crushed by a problem. It was really tiring, it was really troublesome. I have a friend who told me, “This life can’t crush me anymore, because I am already crushed flat on the ground! This is the lowest part of my life.” Life, sometimes really sucks. At some point of my life, I never thought to be the happiest garbage or a NEET.

At that time I suddenly realized, life was harsh when we want something more than what we can achieve and to make it worst we think that we can achieve it or it was worth to have it. We help ‘live’ to crush our own happiness. And the worst was the motivators! Taking their chance to enter our lives and force me to run in a game that we would never be able to win in, chasing our infinity desire.

To make everything simple, just imagine a monkey dream about the moon. And the monkey thinks its life is useless if it can’t achieve it. It doesn’t want to be like other monkeys , because the monkey thinks it is born to be special. Then came the motivators, they said, “You can be whatever you think!” and robbed its banana. After ten years of jumping from the highest mountain peak, breaking bones, spirit, and wasting time. It suddenly realized, life is harsh. So the monkey cried and curse life because it was not just. Why was it so hard being a monkey? All it wanted was to be a monkey on the moon.


“My honorable judge what is my charge?” asked Jaime diplomatically without bothering with General Long Chang and Long Yu’s presence.

Judge Bao, who wore black clothes with a lot of golden line, hit the table. “You are accused of being a robber who stole from General Long’s residence!”

Jaime nodded without changing his face, “My honorable Judge, on what point, that I am accused of being a robber.”

“First you were just a lowly beggar a few months ago, and now you have a lot of money to pay for General Kuang’s residence taxes. Second, Long Yu stole your space storage and you stole their residence as revenge! You even left words at their residence. Third, you don’t have any family background, how is it possible that you have a lot of money to pay 500,000 spiritual stones for General Kuang’s taxes.”

Jaime nodded again and smiled lightly. “Those points were enough to accuse me as robber, I won’t deny it!”

“So you admit you are guilty?” asked  Judge Bao a little shocked. He thought this would be his fastest solved case, since the robber admits it.

“Of course not,” said Jaime humbly. “First I admit I have a bad hobby of dressing like a beggar. How could a mere beggar own a space storage pouch so  Long Yu could steal it from me? And how can I, only in the elementary realm,  enter General Long’s residence? That place is full of people there in the Elder Realm and even the General Realm! Without them  noticing me? As for where my money came from and who am I, only one person from this city can recognize me. If my honorable Judge Bao invites him to come here, he will recognize me and defend for me.”

Long Yu stood, “No need to call people to defend him anymore, they must be only his crew. Just force him to tell us where he hides our money!”

Judge Bao carefully inspected Jaime and realized, that kid was only in the elementary realm. “Who is the person you want to invite?”

“The City Lord, himself,” said Jaime slowly and caused all of the people to be shocked. The City lord was the highest authority in the whole city. General Long’s face changed slightly.

“Don’t play with us!” yelled Judge Bao loudly and hit his table again. “Are you just trying to fool us and extend the time?”

Jaime quickly bowed, “This lowly one will never dare to do something reckless on the court. If Judge Bao doesn’t believe it, then I can’t do much. But once City Lord knows who  I really am, all of us will face his rage.”

Judge Bao tried to probe Jaime carefully.

Who is this young beggar’s identity?

“If the City lord doesn’t want to come here after hearing my name, just execute me on this spot.” Jaime spoke firmly.

“Then what is your name?”

“My honorable Judge, my name, I have kept secret for years. If you allow, please give me an ink and paper, I will write it for only Judge Bao may read it.”

“Give him paper and ink,” commanded Judge Bao. One official staff gave Jaime the paper. Jaime wrote fast and flip paper. The paper was taken to Judge Bao.

The judge opened the paper and read the words inside. His face became horrified. He hurriedly closed the paper and looked at Jaime. “It is really you?”

Jaime bowed, “My father said to me, the name is given not only by my parents but also people who sworn life and blood with my father. They were people who watched me when I was born.”

Judge Bao hit the table and shouted. “Case closed. He is not a thief!”

“Why?” General Long Chang asked in surprise. He didn’t know how can the table turned so fast.

“He is just on the elementary realm and you accused him of stealing from your residence, where you are a General Realm and have hundreds of guards from Elder Realms to Senior Realms?”

“He may be one of the robbers of my residence,” protested General Long.

“Then find someone above Elder Realm to be accused! Not someone on the Elementary Realm. Am I not clear enough?”

“Please process him, maybe we can get something from his mouth.”

“Maybe? Who do you think I am? Your underling to help you? First your son stole his space storage pouch and then accused him as a robber!” Judge Bao simply disliked General Long’s attitude. “I want to process your son for stealing a space storage pouch from him. Guards take Long Yu to prison!”

Long Yu faced turned white. “Father!”

“If you dare to take my son, all of you will have to face me!” said General Long Chang, standing up angrily and releasing his terrifying aura.

Judge Bao also stood and awesomely walked to face General Long Chang without any fear, “No need for all of us. Do you dare to face me!” Judge Bao’s aura was also released and it caused everyone inside the courtroom to be shaken. Including General Long Chang. “I am Judge, but once I have followed City Lord through ten thousand battles! I was his Vice General! I dare you to fight with me!”

General Long Chang was never a stupid person. Even if he was able to win the fight with Judge Bao, he wouldn’t be able to run from City Lord and his people. He chose to stand down. “Judge Bao, please excuses us. We are not accusing that beggar anymore. We will leave this place.”

“Then go away! Don’t show your face here anymore or I am going to throw your son in prison. Leave this young man alone if you don’t want to cause trouble!” Judge Bao glanced at Jaime. “Young man, I hope you really know what you are doing? If you lie to me, I am going to kill you and put your head on the wall.”

“This one would never dare to lie to Judge Bao.”

“Who are these two?” asked Judge Bao while observing Xu Tie and Su An.

“They are people of Thousand Treasure Pavilion. They helped me to buy General Kuang’s residence.”

“Why do you want to buy that cursed place?”

“My father has died but his dream must stay alive. He left me with not much money, but I want to return my family’s glory.” Jaime’s eyes burst into tears.

Judge Bao gazed admiringly up at him. “Good Child. Good child. City Lord will help you, come with me. He has been missing you for six years and always in worry.” Judge Bao called one of his assistance and said. “These two people, give them one of the shops in central market we have confiscated as compensation. Both for their injuries and for the suffering we had caused.”

Su An’s sadness vanished like a miracle and her mind had quickly counting how much she can profit from this accident. A shop in central market was the hottest and the most expensive place in the whole city. If she can get money this easy, she was more than willing to do it for thousands more times.


In an impressive and yet intimidating room, Jaime was standing in front of Judge Bao and a white clothed handsome general in his sixties. Both of them sat in beautiful wood chairs. The General hairs were all white and his face seemed to be in never-ending trouble. The general hand’s were shaking as he read the paper.

“Jiang Fen Xhi, son of Jiang Te Wen.” His voice was shaken. “What kind of joke is this? Tell me who you really are or I will kill you. Who is the person that sends you here?”

“The person who sent me was the person who was always saying, ‘Born in chaos time, two poor people of the same name became brothers in war. Share glory equally and die for the kingdom.’ But that person has died because of the kingdom itself. Before he died he told me to come to his brother. Because he had left one thing to his brother, the key to return the glory of Jiang’s family if something bad happened to the family.”

The City Lord glared at Jaime intensely, trying to find something wrong for the young man in front of him. “What stuff are you  talking about?”

“A small space storage ring that only can be opened with the blood of Jiang’s Family.”

“Huahahaha.” The City lord laughed loudly yet he hid the trembling body. “Truly funny. Now tell me, you said that you are Jiang Fen Xhi, for your knowledge , the whole family of Jiang’s family has already been dead six years ago. Tell me who you really are?”

“I am Jiang Fen Xhi. If City Lord doesn’t believe it, I have nothing to say anymore. My family had died tragically by Prime Minister Ang in a power struggle between him and the king. This one, only could blame for my family’s bad luck.” Jaime tears fell down in front of them. “My father’s sworn brother didn’t want to recognize him anymore; this lowly one can only blame his father. He had put the wrong trust to his brother.”

The City Lord hit the wood table beside him and crushed it into small pieces. His face turned red and showed real anger. “Shut your mouth or I will kill you!”

Jaime sighed sadly. “The Jiang’s family last hope has gone, what is the difference being alive or not. If you can kill me now, it will count as your kindness to let me meet my family faster. Living in this world is too hard for this lonely one.”

“You said Jiang’s family  was killed by Prime Minister Ang. No one knew about it, how could you make up a story? Don’t you want your head anymore? Please explain.” Judge Bao carefully asked Jaime.

“General Ouyang Gi, my father’s brother in law, worked with Prime Minister Ang to clean up the Jiang’s family and took over all the Jiang’s family power and property under Prime Minister Ang’s help.”

Judge Bao closed his eyes but the City Lord had stood and walked to destroy one more table. “That Ouyang Gi, I  was supposed to kill him long time ago. No wonder he raised his position in the capital this quickly. Tell me everything you know.”

Jaime hid his smile and told a story like the Book of Karma had given to him. Giving Jaime one day in prison to check The City Lord weakness was like giving a dragon one thousand years to grow wing and have hundreds of cubs. How could he not use that chance to fiercely attack the City Lord weakness and gain some profit for himself?

Someone has to compensate for his horrible experience in prison!


Jiang Te Wen was a great general from the capital city of White Lion Kingdom. When he was young, he met Liu Wen, and since they had the same last name, they quickly got along together. They became sworn brothers through thousand of battles with the Wu Imperial from south continent. Both of them became generals after twenty years in the battle ground.

Inside White Lion Kingdom, there were two factions that kept struggling for power in silence, the King’s Faction and the First Duke’s faction. Jiang Te Wen and Liu Wen were mere peasants. Those that grow up with  loyalty to the king! They stood in the king’s faction. After the last blood of General Kuang was dismissed, leaving only Kuang Li Yin, the curse bringer, there were no City Lord in White Eagle City, the king gave that place to General Jiang Te Wen.

But General Jiang gave that city to General Liu Wen with a message, “The King gave me The White Eagle City, in hopes that the city will always be in the King’s Faction. But, the palace’s condition seems not too good. I will stay here at the king’s side to protect him, but if everything turns bad, I will quickly take the king and run to White Eagle City. You and White Eagle City mustn’t enter the power struggle or you will be targeted. That city is one of our last hold. You must protect that city! Keep the enemy’s eyes out from the city.”

Six years ago, the First Duke’s faction, leaded by Ang Hu Jin succeeded in killing some of the king’s loyal generals, including General Jiang and his family. The king is still in his position, but doesn’t have any power anymore. The real power holder of White Lion Kingdom in the Central Continent is the Prime Minister Ang Hu Jin.

Jiang Te Wen and his whole family were totally wiped out clean in one night by the insider, Ouyang Gi, his own brother-in-law. Ang Hu Jin promised if Ouyang Gi can help the cleanup from the inside, Ouyang Gi would hold the General Jiang’s position and properties.

Ouyang Gi was a person who moved by power and money, he killed his own wife and left no one of General Jiang’s family, including Jiang Fen Xhi, son of Jiang Te Wen. But before the wipe out, Jiang Te Wen had smelled that possibility; he put his family entire possession into the space storage ring and sent it to General Liu Wen with a fast night-bird. He wanted to move his family secretly to White Eagle City under General Liu Wen’s protection.

What he didn’t put in his mind was Ouyang Gi would become a traitor, leaked his plan and killed his entire family on that night.


General Liu Wen or the City Lord didn’t take Jaime’s bullshit easily. He became aware after General Jiang’s family killed, Prime Minister Ang must have been targeting him for a long time. Since he didn’t actively take part in the power struggling like general Jiang advised, Prime Minster Ang had been lenient to him. Thinking of him as one of those dukes in a neutral party. But he was always in caution. The young man in front of him maybe just a spy sent by Prime Minister Ang to test him or even remove him from the position.

The City Lord took out one ring from his space storage ring and tossed it to Jaime. “That ring can only be opened by Jiang’s blood. If you can’t open it in three breaths, and prove that you are Jiang Fen Xhi……. If you can’t do it, you will never be able to walk out from here alive.”

As Jaime touched the ring, he knew one thing. “He won’t be able to open it by three breaths, even thirty breaths will be far too hard for him!”

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