CGA Chapter 46

Chapter 46 No More Single

I am getting too old to Dream
Not old enough to not dream.

I’m going to wither before bloom
So take my honey before time rapes me
Heart and age wait no more

Love, if the one forgets
Will you still remember us?
Once you bind us together
In perfection of love

Time scratch wrinkles on me  
Eyes see no more,
Together with love,
I still wait for you,

The one I have entrusted my heart
Do you still remember me?
The one you stole a kiss
The one you promised to come back

Body has moved no more
Will you come before my time?
Will you still love me…?
And hug me like you used to

I am not pretty anymore
Wrinkle takes my beauty
Yet my heart still young
Like the first time you take me to meet love

Prettiest then everything you said,
Will you still see it?
Heart that longing for you eternity
Heart which stolen by your deep eyes

I am the one
Who dream to be one
With you the only one
In time of eternality one

written by Nie Sa, The witch of water ( 9 years old )

“The king will return to his throne, escorted by a thousand people. Claim his throne and lead the people of his country to prosperity, which no one has ever see in a thousand years.” Nie Sa sat on her bed and her eyes shone with a bright blue color. “That country will be just a small little land than what he will rule and conquer. He will fight, he will strive for glory and I, his wife will be together with him, riding a dragon and phoenix across the universe. He will see me deeply and kiss me with great passion, he will tear my clothes and…Aucchhh!” Nie Sa glared at her servant. “Why did you hit me! It is hurt!”

“Simply because you are moving way too fast for a runny-nosed little girl!”


Twenty witches of fire launched their fire attack at Jaime, twenty fire balls shot from their sticks to Jaime in terrific speed. Before Jaime could react, the fire balls  reached a step from his face.

Yet, before Jaime even blink the fireballs suddenly disappeared without any trace. The face of the witches turned shock. One of them immediately said to the guard, “Ring the alarm, quickly! The enemy of Agni has appeared!”

Before Jaime and the tribe’s people could understand what was going on, the whole City of Fire had turned into chaos. Thousands of soldiers were running and stood at the top of wall with high alert, the torch lit up quickly and made the whole city bright like a sun in the night.

The Tribe head near Jaime spoke in awe, “If one man can cause the whole big city to be in chaos, he can die without regret! He can call himself a hero and he is truly a dragon among men.”

Jaime shook his head, “A dead person is just a dead person, who needs nothing and is worth nothing. If one man can turn the whole big city in chaos, surviving and escaping from the chaos and live to brag his deed to others, then he can call himself a hero, because he is truly a dragon among men.”

“So what should we do?” asked the Tribe head agreed with Jaime.

“Find a way to be the dragon among  men and live to brag his deed to others!”

The Tribe head nodded. Suddenly, from the city gate, thousands of soldiers were rushing out with fifteen people as their leaders.

The Tribe head’s face turned pale and said, “No need to be dragon, I think a living worm is much better than dead dragon.”

“I think so too,” said Jaime in agreement.

“So what we do?”

“Do what we supposed to do then.”

Jaime exchanged a glimpse and nodded, seem like they have known each other for a long time and had understood each other.

As the big armies were rushing nearer and nearer, both groups stared at each other full of intense and one witch of fires looked at Jaime and shouted, “No mistaken, he was the one who fought god of Agni!”

The Tribe head quickly raised his voice in a high pitch to warn his people. The witch of fire also raised her voice and yelled out a strange voice.

Suddenly both group knelt in unison. Everyone there was kneeling on the ground including the soldiers.

“Don’t kill us! We surrender!” shouted the Tribe Head.

“We welcome our king!” said the witch of fire in a high voice.

“Please forgive me!” yelled Jaime in hurried.

An awkward silence followed and fell over the whole place. They looked at Jaime with dumb faces. All of them were kneeling and it was all very confusing. The witch of fire and the other leaders began to doubt their hasty action. Jaime caught that doubt from their eyes and quickly stood.

Be the first one who was standing in the confusing situation.

He knew, in chaos and confusing time, who was able to be the first one to make a move will be the winner. Jaime totally knew it and forced his mind to grab the slim chance.

He raised his voice and hit his chest. He yelled, “Indeed I am your king, the only one and the mighty one! Meet god, I kill the god! Meet demon, I trample the demon! Meet humans, they bow under my awesomeness. I am the future king of three realms! Never doubt me! I am your Great king! Believe in me.”

Jaime secretly watching the leaders of the soldiers eyes. He completely didn’t know who they were referring to as ‘our king’. But how can Jaime let go of this chance? His motto was always take everything free and if it is not good, it is never too late to throw it away. For now, he will gratefully answer the call to be their king! If next time they realize he was a liar, he will be already far away from them.

The leaders regained their trust and a relief smile hanging on their face, yet some leaders still in doubt. Jaime understood that and said, “Just now, I asked forgiveness from all of you.”

“It is deep from my heart,” Jaime touched his heart and looked at them with great pain in his face. “Please forgive me for being so late to come, and let all of you suffering in harsh condition. But I promise you, as I am your king, I will bring all of you into prosperity! Everyone will eat to their fullest, everyone will own a big home, everyone will have a steed and the most important thing is, everyone will be a couple and married! No one will be left single anymore! The harsh days of being alone is no more!”

“Horray!” answered old and young soldiers loudly. Some of them bow deeply and their heads knocked at the ground.

“Ah! My time has finally come!”

“Woman! I need woman!”

“It has been forty years since a woman ever smiled to me!” He cried.

“All hail our new king!”

Jaime nodded and felt really proud. ‘Eat my bullshit! It is free. I colored your life with hope and dreams and I will never be the one who is responsible for the pain of an unfulfilled dream.’

The leader of the fire witch stood and raised both her hand. “We never doubt you are our king, please granted us a sight of The Heart of Agni! The prove of our king!”

The soldiers were cheered loudly and wildly enthusiastic.

Jaime blinked at the witch, astonished. ‘What the f*ck is the heart of Agni!’

The witch of fire felt Jaime didn’t want to show up the heart of Agni and continued her speech. “The heart of Agni is a symbol of our king. The red orb represents the wild-fire to conquer the enemies! The ball shape of the orb represents the universe. Whoever has the heart of Agni will have the power to conquer the whole universe! The heart of Agni itself is the king of all fire, no fire will be able to show its mighty in front of the heart of Agni, they will bow and dismiss themselves.”

Jaime nodded, ‘So it is only a red orb, luckily I have one with me.’

He took out a red orb from his pants and raised it into the sky. “This is the heart of Agni you are looking for, the almighty king of all fire!”

All witches of fire bowed deeply and soldiers cheered louder and louder.

Do Mu shocked and closed to Jaime and whispered. “It is the real Heart of Agni?”

Jaime kept his smile and raising the orb. He replied in low voice. “I don’t know, they want a red orb and I have one, why? Do you want me to return the orb?”

“No,” said Do Mu hastily. “The thing has been bought, cannot be returned.”

“So what?”

“I was just thinking, that stuff has a lot of function. I want to raise its price to ten spiritual stones!”

Jaime painfully kept his smile. “Do you know what I want to do now?”


“I want to smack this orb on your head!”

“Well, it will cost you 100 spiritual stones!” Do Mu slowly moved his body away.

One old woman step forward and shouted, “We also want to see The Sword of Mother Earth!”

Jaime checked the old woman and recognized her. “Oh witch of wood, it is a long time since we meet, please come closer.”

The witch of wood made her way to Jaime and bowed, “What does the king want to ask for.”

Jaime whispered to her, “You want to see the Sword of Mother Earth right?”


“Then give me one spiritual stone, no, ten spiritual stones.”

“But,” The witch of wood protested.

“No but, you want to see, then you have to pay!”

The witch of wood looked at her surroundings, if Jaime couldn’t show the sword, she will be put to shame too. In agony, she took out three spiritual stones and gave it to Jaime.

“Only three!” Jaime looked in disdain.

“Only three you said, it is already all my tribe’s possession!”

Jaime shook his head, “How poorer all of you can be?” with spiritual stones in his hand, he channeled the spiritual energy from the stone  into the back of hand, his space storage pouch’s symbol. He easily  took out one big and yellow sword and raised it into the sky.

“It is The Sword or Mother Earth!”

“He has The Sword of Mother Earth and The Heart of Agni, He is the chosen one, our great king.”

“The witches’ prophecy was right!”

“He came to unite the kingdom!”

The leader of the witch of fire and nine leaders bowed and shouted in unison, “The ex-kingdom of Liberty and its ten tribes swear its loyalty to our king!”

The witch of wood and tje four leaders bowed and shouted in unison, “The ex-kingdom of Deserted Forest and its five tribes swear its loyalty to our king!”

“The Enemy attack!” The panic sound of one soldier quickly turned everyone into alert.

All leaders and soldiers looked at the source of sound and they got a terrible shock when they saw thousands of soldiers walking out from the dark forest. They wore complete sets of armors and brought weapons. Their face appeared tired.

“Who are they?” asked Jaime to the witch of wood.

The old woman said, “They are the sworn enemy of Kingdom of Liberty. In this place there are three powerful small kingdoms that are supported by the surrounding tribes, Kingdom of Liberty, Kingdom of Deserted Forest and Kingdom of…”

Before the witch finished her words, one of the leaders of the enemy, very big guy, was riding a horned demonic beast. He yelled in deep and loud voice, “We are coming here to kill the king! Who dare to stop us will die, who help the king will be killed. Surrender your king to us now or we will massacre all of you!”

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