CGA Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Primitive Man

Saying love was forbidden was the same as saying it was forbidden to be a girl. Saying fighting was forbidden was the same as saying it was forbidden to be a boy. Saying arrogance was forbidden was the same as saying it was forbidden to be a god. Saying freedom was forbidden was the same as saying it was forbidden to be a demon. Saying hate was forbidden was the same as saying it was forbidden to be a  human! You can hit me and I can’t hit you. What kind of logic is that!

The logic of humanity was when you stab me once; I will stab you ten times! I will give bonus kicks and spit too!

Jaime glared angrily at the big guy. Even if his level was a big zero, in his past life, he had learned something like Aikido, using no force to moved a big force, using no strength to conquer great strength. With the right movement he can easily waste a big guy with knife.

He waited for the big guy to come closer and grab the right timing to…

Jaime’s eyes became focus as the big guy got closer. As the timing got nearer, Jaime moved his legs and quickly knelt.

“Don’t kill me, please don’t kill me, let me survive, you can make me your slave or sell me as a slave too, just don’t kill me.”

The big guy stopped his movement and scratched his head. “You know, I didn’t aim at you. I am a hunter in this place, when I saw you, I thought you were an animal. So I shot an arrow. I am so sorry. I am rushing with my knife  to take the arrow out from you, because it is poisoned. I must quickly take it out or you will….”

He checked Jaime, who showed no poisoning signs. “Are you okay?”

“Of course not, you see that arrow  stabbing my thigh!”

The big guy scratched his head. “That poison is supposed to paralyze you… But you still are active like a haughty animal.”

“Do you have any medicine?” protested Jaime checking the arrow on his thigh and blood flew out.

The big guy checked if Jaime was okay, no sign of poisoned. “You are a man and have big balls, can’t you hold the pain?”

Jaime sighed sadly. “What are you talking about? Even if ten arrows stabbed me, I still can run for a day. It just, this one, if it is not cured soon, it will leave a scar and cause my wife to be angry and kill me. You know, my skin is merchandise. If it has a scar, it will lower its value. I usually rent per hour.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” The big guy gave Jaime two leaves.

“What are these?” asked Jaime in confusion.

“Your medicine, you chew it and put on your wound.”

“No pill or something like ointment?”

“I don’t have something expensive like that!” The big guy looked around and sighed. “Night will come, I don’t have any animal with me, little brother, as an apology, please let me take you to our tribe.”

Jaime nodded and agreed. He didn’t know about this place and the Book of Karma gave no response after he had used his last mental energy. He didn’t have a level, spiritual, or mental energies. He tied his thighs tightly with a dried root and put the chewed leaf on the wound. Randomly get a stick to hold his body and he was ready to travel with the big guy.

“My name is Do Mu, what is your name?” asked the big guy with a stupid face.

“I am A Niu,” said Jaime to hide his identity. He didn’t know from which tribe this Do Mu come and need to be careful. They walked near an hour through a dry forest before Do Mu stopped and said proudly. “Welcome to our tribe.”

Jaime saw a very small village on the savanna. There were twenty tents and girls that don’t have clothes on the top. They only covered their lower bodies with some leaf or animal skins. The guys were the same as Do Mu, only wearing pants and unknown worthless jewelry on their necks. They looked like a nomad tribe.

Do Mu brought Jaime to one very old man. “Tribe head, I found a primitive human in the forest.”

“Primitive?” asked the Tribe head and Jaime at the same time.

Jaime never before saw anyone more primitive than this tribe, yet he was more primitive?

“Tribe head, city people have clothes, they are modern, we are normal. We have pants, this one has nothing, and is far more primitive than us.”

Jaime nodded his head. “Tribe head, the truth is I am a rich person. Bandits robbed me clean. If you can borrow for me, one spiritual stone, I will reply you 100 times.” Jaime could open his space storage if he had a spiritual stone to channel the spiritual energy.

The eyes of the tribe head opened wide like a big ball. “Spiritual stones, that legendary item!? We don’t have even if we collect all of our tribe’s properties. It won’t reach one spiritual stones!”

‘How poor can this tribe be!’

“Then I need you to take me to the nearest village, I will pay you one spiritual stone if you can take me to the rich people there.” Jaime believed once he had a spiritual stone, he could take out everything, millions of spiritual stones from his space storage.

“One spiritual stone?” The tribe head looked in awe, he never got such a profitable business like this before.

“Two spiritual stones if you do it now.”

“But it is already dark, you should wait for one more night, tomorrow we can move to the nearest city.”

Jaime didn’t know where the nearest city was, but he didn’t want to be here any longer. What he really wanted was to open his storage space, take his flying beast and fly back to  White Lion City.

“Four spiritual stones, I will give it to you. My life is the guarantee.”

“Ouuuooouuuooouuu!!!” The tribe head suddenly yelled loudly and used an animal’s horn to blow a high sound. All of the tribe members looked  shocked. They quickly assembled to the Tribe head. “The rich guy want us to escort him to the city and will give us four spiritual stones! What do you think?”

“What does the shaman say?” asked one person.

“Find the old shaman.” said the tribe head.

“I am here, no need to find me.” A small old woman full of wrinkles made her way through the crowd.

“Great shaman, what do you think about this young guy.”

“He is handsome,” said the shaman shyly and glanced to Jaime. She gave a smile with only one hanging tooth.

The head tribe spoke hastily. “He asked us to escort him to the nearest village or city, he will give us four spiritual stones. What does great shaman think?”

As the many people heard four spiritual stones, they quickly became happy and talked to each other with great enthusiasm.

The great shaman checked Jaime carefully, her eyes were slowly crawling his body from up to the middle, her eyes locked on Jaime’s bird. “He has a big one, he can pregnant many women and gives healthy babies. I think it is profitable to follow him. He will bring our tribe to prosperity!”

“Hurray, The Great Shaman has spoken! We will escort him. Escort him!”

Jaime really wanted to move his hands to cover his lower body, but that lower body had saved him.

“We will follow!”

“We will escort him.”

“Yeah, we will.” The crowd scattered and back at their tents, quickly took down and packed their tents. They worked really fast, or simply, because they didn’t have many things to be packed.

At first, Jaime surprisingly looked at the one hundred forty people finishpacking their stuff, put it on their backs, and moved with the Tribe head to him. “Little rich guy, all of us will escort you to the city. Since your thigh is bleeding, please ascend to the carriage, we will take you to the city.”

Jaime climbed to one flat carriage and eight people raised the carriage on their shoulder. One whole tribe, moved out to escort Jaime.

“Wait!” Jaime shouted immediately.

“What is it!” asked the tribe head.

“Don’t you think you are suppose to give me some pants or clothes to cover my big balls? Your tribe women have looked at mine hungrily. I still love my balls!”

The Tribe head laughed. “Oh rich young master. Don’t be shy, if you have any woman you like from our tribe please tell, I will let them serve you.”

“No need,” said Jaime quickly.


“I don’t like women.”

The Tribe head was shocked but soon recovered and nodded. He replied with a low voice, “We have guys too!”

“I don’t swing that way too.”

“So what do you like?”

“I only love myself, I am too handsome!”


“The second is money…”


“So, your tribe can’t help me. No one from your tribe is more handsome than me and they are poor.”

The Tribe head nodded. “Yeah I think so.”

Hundreds of people moved quickly as the night started to come. They lit up a fire torch and escorted Jaime to a very big city.

“Brother!” Do Mu suddenly walked close to Jaime. “You know this one really apologizes for what I have done.”

“Don’t mention it.” Jaime checked his wound, it appeared to be regenerating at high-speed. The Titan’s body effect was really awesome.

Do Mu spoke in a low voice. “ Brother, this one has one stuff I kept secret from the tribe. I think it is very special, would you like to buy it for one spiritual stone?” Do Mu took out one red orb.

“What is this thing?” Jaime checked the orb and didn’t know anything, without the Book of Karma, he was really blind for now.

“I don’t know too. I found it in the forest while hunting. The bushes around the orb were burned out. It is a red beautiful stone. Will you buy it? Half spiritual stone is okay too. So I can buy some animals to marry Yu Na.”

Jaime looked at the orb and felt nothing, he looked at Do Mu, this guy already help him so much. He won’t treat people good to him in the worst way. “When we reach the city, I will give you a spiritual stone. If this orb worth more, I will add it later.”

“Thank you brother, you really are a good guy.” said Do Mu happily.

Jaime kept it on his pants. Not long after that, they came to cross a city.

“I think I know this city.” Jaime stared at the city. “What is this city named?”

“City of Fire!” The Head tribe said. “The biggest city here.”

As they moved closer suddenly three thousand soldiers appeared from nowhere and quickly surrounded them. They lit up torches and made the night bright like  day.

From the city gate, twenty Witches of Fire came out and faced the whole tribe.

“Young master,” said the tribe head, shocked with a trembling body. “I never knew you would be this famous. They welcome you with a very high honor ceremony.”

Jaime nodded and replied “I never thought that I will be this famous too. So, we must quickly turn around, maybe they are waiting for other people, and we are just trapped in the middle.”

“Good idea,” said the Tribe head and tried to turn around with all of his tribe’s people, but the soldiers looking at them with angry faces. They  wouldn’t let them move even a step.

“Where are you going in a hurry?” asked one general.

Jaime checked where the voice came, he saw a guy and recognizes this general well, General Tu Xi, but how can this general be freed from the Kingdom of Deserted Forest. As Jaime looked carefully all of the soldiers looked like soldiers that attacked Deserted Forest Kingdom.

When he was gone, he had made sure the invisible wall would still hang for at least one month, but how long has he been sleeping in the cocoon, more than a month? So the general can free himself?”

“General Tu Xi,” called Jaime bowed politely. “Long time no see. May I know what happen to the Kingdom of Deserted Forest?”

General Tu Xi laughed loudly and sneered. “There is no more Kingdom of Deserted Forest! People already long forget its name! There is only a Kingdom of Liberty now.”

Jaime shocked, seems like he has been sleeping too long, maybe years? What about Chu Mie? Did she find her knight in shining armor?

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