CGA Chapter 42

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Chapter 42 Human Fighting God

Her soul swooned slowly as she knew that the fated future king of three realms was moving majestically to conquer the universe and majestically trembling upon all the living and the dead.

“If I were younger, I would write the history of a human conquering heaven and hell; and I would let my story help destroy the universe as it is.” She sighed in her little world. “Oh my mighty king, in your gallantly chair, by your window dreaming, shall you long, alone. In your dreaming-chair, by your wisdom, shall you dream such happiness as you may never feel.”

“I shed no tears for my lost youth,” She raised her head to the silvery moonlight and was flooded by the memory of a dream to end all dreams. “It was a fine cry—loud and long—but it had no bottom and it had no top, just circles and circles of sorrow. I am soon borne away by the waves of sorrow and lost in darkness and distance, without one. King of three realms quickly come along, steal me to the moon and bring me along to all universes. Dance with the millions of stars and pleasantly sleep on your warm embrace.”

“Princess, you are the only successor of the Witch of Water, please don’t be sad and care about your health.” A beautiful servant gracefully made her way to the princess, “Before traveling to the moon and all universes, please finish your milk first.”

The princess glared angrily at her servant.

“What? You are just a nine years old brat trying to be a thousand years old witch, go to sleep or I will spank your butt!”

She pulled out her tongue and hurried to hide under animal fur blanket. “The fated one to conquer three realms, will soon face the god of fire, Agni. May you tell who will come to victory?”

“I don’t care.” The servant raised her shoulder.

“Argghhh…” The little princess hugged herself. “To calamities you survive, to my heart you win, fulfill the destiny before life, you and me together as one. Come my prince, quickly conquer my sorrowful dungeon heart, before I wither by age.”

The servant rolled her eyes, “Kids nowadays!”


“Hattchhii…” Jaime sneezed. “Who is talking behind me?”

After a two hours journey in the air, Jaime reached the City of Fire, the capital city of Kingdom of Liberty. It was still three hours before sun rise. “Alright, let’s have a briefing about our plan.”

Jaime was talking to himself. “To kill the king is easy, to conquer the country won’t be easy. Because when the king dies, his successor will take the throne. So, before taking down the king, it is better to capture his generals and ministers.”

“Most of his generals and ministers are the tribe’s leaders. Kingdom of Liberty has a total of ten tribes. Hmm… the idea is sneaking and attacking them one by one and use a soul contract to make them docile in one week. After that, I will take down the king and have the kingdom with their support. Perfect plan, perfect plan, I am the smartest person alive.”

Jaime’s level now was 71 in the King Realm. Two days ago his level was still on 68 and he exchange 3 levels to get one of the coolest martial arts techniques.

[ The art of tiny fairy. Tiny fairy has a secret technique which was only passed down for their own kind. It is an eating energy’s technique and was created because they don’t like to kill. When they take down their enemy, they let them live, but sucking their cultivation energy dry.

Exchange with 30 levels (normal) and 3000 mental energies. Or 3 levels when in the Patriarch Realm and 3000 mental energies.]

Jaime starting to understand, Book of Karma exchange was not based on the level, but with the spiritual energy that raised his level. Imagine, to reach level 30, a normal person needs about 3,000,000 points of spiritual energies and in the Patriarch Realm, 3,000,000 points of spiritual energies only can raise 3 levels. Because the higher the level the harder it is to level up. The Book of Karma will only deduce that 3,000,000 points to exchange it with information. It is for stabilizing the accounting of karma in the universe.

When he kidnapped the Great General Tu Xi, Jaime used this technique to hit his dantian ( one-two inch below the naval, it is place where cultivators confine spiritual energy inside their body ). When Jaime’s attack hit the general Tu Xi’s dantian, his dantian shattered and Jaime sucked all of his spiritual energy into his body and raised his level again.

Well, he raised his level to 71 after kidnapping the other generals, major generals and other free energy pouches.

“City of Fire, welcome your future king to your kingdom. Huahahaha….” Jaime snickered, with a lot of bad ideas in his mind about how to kidnap each tribe’s leader. As he snuck into the City of Fire in the middle of the night, suddenly the top of wall lit up. Hundreds of torchlights appeared and thousands of soldiers had bows and fire arrows aiming at him.

“Shoot!” The general commanded to attack.

Thousands of fire arrows flew at Jaime. In a millisecond, Jaime’s movement stopped. His mind recorded his surrounding and move real fast to find a way out from this catastrophe. Since his mind move faster than  real-time, it seems like everything froze.

After three to four simulations in his mind, Jaime found the best way to protect his lovely flying beast. He quickly let the flying beast enter his storage space on the back of his right hand and faced the thousand arrows alone.

“I was thinking to use my flying beast to cover me and use its back as stepping to fly higher on the sky, but my lovely bird would die because all of you.” Jaime was boiling with rage. “It is a thousand times better to lose my arm than losing my property!”

A hail of fire arrows ascended from the walls and towers aimed at Jaime. The arrowheads  burning with fire, had small pouches hanging on it. The arrows shot fast. When it was one meter away from Jaime, one old Witch of Fire hit her staff to the ground and screamed loudly. “Explode!”

The thousand arrowheads detonated together. A huge flame was exploded, blazing  the dark sky. Jaime found himself immediately surrounded by raging blue fire and a thousand explosion attack. The flame’s heat crazily hit Jaime from all directions, leave him no way out.

King of Liberty, Dong Gi, harden his fist and smiled. “Even if you are on the King realm, you won’t easily get out without injuries. That fire can easily melt metal and carried a poison! Fated king of three realms, you are just a cockroach in front of me.”

A black charcoal human body fell from the sky and crushed one house.

“Soldiers capture him!” shouted the general.

Hundreds of soldiers rushed to the broken house. Before reaching the house, one by one surprisingly knelt and fainted. One black body walked out from the broken house.

“Do you think I bought a complete set of high-grade armor at heart-attacking prices for nothing?” Jaime moved difficultly, his body swayed and blood was on his lips. There was the Sword of Mother Earth in his hand. Even if his armor could hold the flame, the exploded waves had hit his body hard and there were about a thousand waves that rammed his body spontaneously.

“Prepare the arrows! He will die with the second attack.”

Jaime stabbed the sword to the ground and let his King Realm aura spread further. The low-level soldiers couldn’t resist the aura and knelt. “I am your king! Kneel at my presence!” Jaime was holding a rage inside his body and tried to control it. His aura really was terrific and caused some witches to scram far away.

Dong Gi, King of Liberty, the strongest person in the kingdom and leader of Fire Tribe, jumped high and used his long spear to hit Jaime.

“Die you insect!”

“A mere Patriarch Realm dares to show your face at me!” Jaime released his rage and swung widely his sword. He launched an attack at Dong Gi without caring for his own life. The King of Liberty was surprised, he was brave enough to launched attack because he thought Jaime was fatally injured and poisoned. What he met was a furious wounded Lion. Dong Gi rapidly shifted his spear for defense.

If he continued attack, they would hit each other and of course with Jaime’s armor and his attack as a King Realm martial artist; Dong Gi will perish in millisecond.

The Sword of Mother Earth met Dong Gi’s spear with a loud bang. Dong Gi’s feet sank a few centimeters to the ground, his hand’s bones broke and his spear bent like a bow; the edge of sword cut his shoulder and caused his back to be crushed to the ground. Dong Gi vomited a lot of blood, he was fatally injured just by one attack. He never thought that he would face such a tremendous power.

“You think I don’t have rage inside me! I almost had killed twenty people when I was young. But that caused Ye Xiu to cry painfully. So I hid my anger this long!” Jaime’s king aura exploded again and hit the other generals who wanted to save their king. The generals pushed back without being able to do anything. A lot of them vomited blood and felt their breath become heavy. A death shadow hanging on their face. “I am going to massacre all of you right now!”

Suddenly an image of Ye Xiu crying flashed in his mind. Jaime’s eyes which were full of anger suddenly abate. He quickly controlled himself and simmered down his killing intent. Letting the people around him feel free from the pressure.

“Die For me!” Jaime moved at high-speed and punched Dong Gi’s dantian. Dong Gi screamed out loud, he felt like all of his cultivation shattered in millions of pieces and were gone in the thin air. As for Jaime, he roared as his level rose to level 75. His aura had become more majestically and no one could stand in front of him anymore. His hand speedy stole Dong Gi’s space ring.

“Kneel in front of your king or die!” Jaime roared again and the surrounding houses broke by his sound wave. All of the soldiers were shaken to their bones, some willingly and  fully laid down ong the ground, begging for their lives.

Some witches far away had thrown the last one thousand slave into a big fire. “Our mighty god of fire, come and save your descendant from misfortune!”


“It is starting!” The little princess screamed happily, Witch of Water sat on her bed. Her both eyes shone brightly in blue color. “Oh my bravest knight, walk the hardest path to be the king, under millions stars convene the god of fire to win over my heart. Arrghhh…. you are melting my heart~ ~ ~”

The position of the Water Kingdom was hundred thousand miles from Jaime’s place. Yet, she could see everything in front of her blue eyes.


“You a mere human want me to kneel to you!” A very loud voice caused the earth to shaken. Its roar was a hundred times stronger than Jaime’s. Even Jaime in the King Realm vomited blood, caused  by the voice’s aura and wave.

A five meter giant of fire made its way to Jaime. Houses and barns in a one hundred meters radius of the giant fire, suddenly blaze up in flame. The fire surrounded Jaime and the giant fire. Some soldiers burned and scream miserably. Everything quickly turned into total chaos. The city became a sea of fire.

“My name is Agni, the god of fire!” The giant stopped closer to Jaime. “I am the king of all fire!”

Jaime locked his eyes and was shocked reading its status.

[ Agni, the god of fire, level 405 God Realm. The Witch of Fire were direct descendant of Agni. They have a secret ceremony method to call over the God of Fire to the universe, exchanged with one thousand souls under fire. The only way to return Agni to its realm is to extinguished all of the fire in one kilometer radius of Agni.]

The giant’s body radiated a very high heat and the fire was burning on its body incredibly. “Little human, are you the one threatening my descendant? A mere insect in my presence, kneel now!” Its god aura spread like a hurricane, houses around him crushed into pieces and flew to the sky. The fire exploded and rampaged wildly.

Jaime felt his knees trembling and a mighty force was strongly pushing him to kneel. “F*ck you! I only kneel in front of rich people who give me money and the Creator. A mere god like you!” Jaime hardened his feet and his fists “Little Agni! Kneel in presence of your king! Or you will regret it forever.”

Agni launched a tornado flame to the sky and roared. He rushed at Jaime and made his big fist attack  Jaime. “Die Human!!!!”

Jaime also swung his Sword of Mother Earth to meet Agni’s big Fist. “Die little god!!!”

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  3. Narosh

    Its against his character to try to do something impossible. I wonder what shameless method he has prepared to defeat the ‘giant angi’ which he calls “little agni”.
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  4. “It is starting!” The little princess screamed happily, Witch of Water sat on her bed. Her both eyes shone brightly in blue color. “Oh my bravest knight, walk the hardest path to be the king, under millions stars convene the god of fire to win over my heart. Arrghhh…. you are melting my heart~ ~ ~”

    Really, these witches seems to be real pains in the ass, knowing the future and everything… And acting like they’re really old when they’re just teenagers or not even that…


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