CGA Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Chu Mie’s Dungeon Heart

You are the chosen one, you are fated to be the king and dragon among men, which is only born in one million years. You are fated to be the richest man in the universe. You will have power to build a harem! Will you accept your amazing fate? And believe in fate? Good! Because there are some following fates, you are fated to marry with the ugliest person in the whole universe, ugliest heart, ugliest attitude and ugliest body! You are also fated to have premature ejaculate or can’t even have an erection in front of a thousand beauties from the universe! So accept your fate!!

As for Jaime, he believed everything in life was fated. Just like he knew from the deepest part of his heart, today was the fated day. Where he will lose his virginity for the first time of this life. His little brother was on fire and stood real hard at attention. Chu Mie was totally naked and deliberately letting Jaime see everything of her.

Am I just having wet dream with a dark-skinned beautiful girl, who looked incredibly sexy, with a perfect curve in three parts of her body. Erected breasts, slim waist, and amazing buttocks! Heavens, is she the goddess of beauty? No she is the goddess of sexy!

Jaime was drooling and the wolf inside of his body was ravishing for a touch.

“A Niu, tonight please embrace me and give me your love. I don’t want to think anymore, just hug me and make love to me!” Chu Mie made her way next to Jaime. “Will you?”

Jaime got a terrible shock and quickly nodded stupidly with his eyes locked on Chu Mie.

At last, the goddess of fortune laid her eyes on me! After chasing girls for a hundred years; persistently, bloodily, and painstakingly but never ever succeeding to pushed down even one of them. Today a girl will push me down! Aye…Aye … Ma’am … please push me down and treat me kindly, this is my first time!

Chu Mie hugged Jaime, with his bare hands she let Jaime feel her naked skin.

Heaven, you create the masterpiece of all arts, woman!


How could this heaven shaking event occur?

At the night, after they left White Eagle City and moved to the west of the continent, Jaime made a fire camp in a jungle and cooked demonic beast meat. He threw the meat to the flying beast for its dinner and looked at the million stars in the sky.

Chu Mie woke up, walked out from her tent and looked around. “Where are we?”

“We are one day closer to your home town.”

“I want to wash my body.”

Jaime could see dry blood on her clothes and face. He lightly smiled. “Fifty steps to the north, you will find a river. I am going to sleep first! I am too tired after driving your flying beast.” Jaime stood and entered his tent. “Don’t play too long in the water in the middle of the night, or you will catch cold. Eat quickly and tomorrow we will have a long journey to your home town.”

Chu Mie nodded in silence.

In the middle of his sleep, Jaime awoke from a drop of water on his face. “Chu Mie?” He saw that girl sitting beside him with  wet hair. His new talisman at the corner of his tent was shining brightly, letting him see Chu Mie’s face completely.

“What are you doing here?”

“A Niu, do you love me?”

“Love?” Jaime was slightly confused. “What do you mean about love? Like I love demonic beast’s meat? Love myself or like I love money? Well, telling the truth, I love you when you are sleeping, you didn’t annoy me much at that time.”

Surprisingly, Chu Mie hugged Jaime. “Today I killed a man.”

“I know it, I saw the neck without a head and the blood pouring.”

She shook her head fiercely, wishing to forget that memory. “I don’t want to go back to my kingdom, please help me.”

“What?” Jaime surprised. “I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Deserted Forest Kingdom consists of five tribes, my father is from the Earth Tribe and had been trusted from generation to generation for taking care the Sword of Mother Earth. When we lost the sword, especially to our enemy, we had already failed to do our responsibility. As for the punishment, we will be banned from the Kingdom. That was the agreement between tribes. I have lost my rights as a princess; my father must be dead right now, because no way my father will stay alive and let our treasure fall to the enemy. I am no one. Please tell me what to do!”

“Hei, don’t be sad.” Jaime caressed Chu Mie’s head. “We don’t really know what happen to your father, the most important thing is to see your kingdom and decide what to do after that.”

“A Niu, what if the kingdom is already gone, what if my father and all of my families are already gone, what if…” Chu Mie started to cry. She was freaking scared. “I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to lose anything anymore. I killed a human, I am a bad girl. I am not a princess, I am no one! A Niu promise me you will not leave me. I need you. Please…”

“I…” Jaime secretly moved his hand on Chu Mie’s back, he was going to make that princess faints again. It is much better if this paranoid princess sleeps. Before Jaime moved his hand, Chu Mie immediately stood and took off her clothes.

“A Niu, I love you. You will be with me forever. I am willing to give you my everything, just don’t leave me. Make love with me now!” Chu Mie knelt beside Jaime and forcefully opened Jaime’s clothes. “Please make me forget everything!”

Suddenly Jaime stood quickly and pushed Chu Mie aside. “Who do you think I am! I am a man of honor, I am not moved by love nor sex! I am only moved by money! You want my service, you have to pay me.”

Chu Mie glanced at Jaime with teary eyes filled with dejection.

“For you, my friend, Since this is the first time you are using my service, I will give you free charge! I will be the one who push you down and give you satisfaction so you will forget all of your sadness!” Jaime moved to embrace Chu Mie.

No crocodile will refuse a dead chicken.

Jaime’s lip slowly closed on Chu Mie’s lips. She smiled lightly and closed her eyes waiting for  Jaime to embrace her. She will let Jaime do whatever he likes so she can run away from everything.

As Jaime kissed Chu Mie, or he thought he did, he suddenly found himself on a very large desert. The sun shone so bright, the temperature was so hot, and there were only sand  everywhere.

“Damn! I already knew my luck would not be that good!” Jaime looked around and sighed. “Chu Mie’s Dungeon heart!”

He continued to made his way and after a few hours of walking in the middle of the desert, he found a big city wall. It was made by yellow stone, like the color of sand.

“Chu Mie,” he shouted at the gate. “Don’t hide anymore, I am here to give you service. Please open the door for me.”

“I am not allowing you to enter my heart!” One sexy girl appeared at the top of city wall. She was Chu Mie with sexy clothes.

“Why don’t you let me enter? You know, you were willing to sleep with me, to let me take your first time. We have passed the shy moments, lovely dopey moments, and went straight to the bed moments. Please just open it, I am so thirsty!” Jaime shook his head.

“I gave you my body. That doesn’t mean I am willing to let you have my heart!”

“What do you mean?” Jaime was confused. “You told me you love me, you want to be with me, never going to leave me, and seduced me. Now you are going to ignore it and dump me! At least let me have your first time before you dump me! This is simply not fair! Girl make up your mind.”

“I won’t open it for you!”

He sat in the sand and sighed. “I know one story. A woman told her servant, ‘Today, a handsome man will come to repair the electricity. If you heard me shouting, ‘Stop, don’t do it. Help me…’, it means you have a day off. So the servant let the repairman enter the room with her miss. Suddenly after a few minutes, her miss shouted, ‘Stop, please don’t do it. Help me…’ The servant walked out of the house and had a day off.”

“You woman, what is inside your mind? Your kind is really confusing? I am going crazy!”

Chu Mie laughed, “I forced you to enter this dungeon heart because I don’t want you to dirty me! If you want to win my heart and walk out from here, then you must fulfill the requirements to win my heart!”

“What requirements?”

Chu Mie watched the blue sky and sands in the horizon. “Since I was small, I have known my destiny; to protect my people and be a good princess. So I can marry a knight in shining armor!”

“Knight in shining armor?” Jaime sneered. “This is a Wuxia story, girl! You are playing in the wrong story. Find some western story and come back later.”

“I don’t care, you have to wear a shining armor, save my country from a dire situation, win the war, win my father and my family’s heart and kiss me when you finished all of that!” Chu Mie went back  behind the wall. “My body will sleep forever and only can be awaken by the kiss of a knight in shining armor after killing the dragon.”

“You are too selfish, girl!” Jaime protested.

“I don’t care! I have chosen you! Don’t make me regret!”

“Then, choose another!”

“Too late, I have taken a liking to you since the first!” Chu Mie let her head appeared. “Please conquer me. Win a kingdom to win my heart! Or I will kill myself!”

Jaime opened his eyes widely. “Easy to say! I better choose to buy a handbag and some jewelry to win a heart then win a kingdom for a girl!” Surprisingly, he already went back to the camp and found Chu Mie’s naked body in his embrace. Chu Mie didn’t move one inch, no matter how Jaime called her.

“Looks like I really have to conquer a kingdom for this selfish girl.”

He hastily rushed to continue his journey, using Chu Mie’s flying beast and his own flying beast—which he got from stealing from General Long’s resident—as substitute. Jaime began his journey before sunrise and continued his journey through the darkness—if the weather was suitable for a journey.

He slept and rest on the flying beast’s back. The journey of one week was slashed into four days.

As Jaime reached the destination, there were one hundred thousand soldiers surrounding a city wall. The city wall was hanging in a very dire situation. One city wall had broken and only need a few hours to penetrate inside.

Jaime took out one big map with a golden cover and opened it. Only a blank page could be seen. He injected his spiritual energy into it and the map gave a wave-like sonar radiation to its surrounding. After ten breaths and twenty waves, the blank page starting to glow and some pictures and colors appeared slowly.

There was a complete map of the Deserted Forest Kingdom. Inside the map, the city wall was color in black, and all of the soldiers in red dots could be seen.

“It is time for me to shine!”


“General! We can’t hold it any more, the east gate will be penetrated soon!”

“Move three hundreds soldiers to intercept it.” The old general shouted.

“We don’t have any soldiers to move anymore!”

“I will go there.” The old general quickly made his way to the east gate. There were one thousand enemies rushing madly and only one or two hundred soldiers waiting there to blocked them. The old general hardened his grip on his big halberd and charged the enemy. “Today is the good day for me to die, company me through one thousand battles and follow me to  heaven, my enemies!”

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