CGA Chapter 38

Chapter 38 Fated One

To glory you live
To war you die
For country you live
For loved one you die

Two people dive into war
Crushing each dream to live dream
Kill a father to save a son
Take one soul to live a soul

We are living in hell
Burning everything we touch
Thinking we are making heaven
For loved one to sleep in peace

When this war will end
When love will bear fruit
When heaven come to the earth
Will I stay alive to see that time…

-People of Deserted Kingdom

“Hold the gate! We will survive today!” A Captain, dragging his broken leg and let his blood spill along the road, his hands forcefully brought a boulder  to hold the shaking gate. “Don’t lose your spirit before you lose your life! Keep moving, don’t let fear consume you! Consume your fear and kill your enemy!”

One little young man with tattered armor was crying miserably, with an arrow penetrated through his legs from the front to the back. The Captain grabbed his clothes and dragged him back to the wall.  “Rise my son, you are my only son. Go to the war, and die with dignity! When this gate breaks, your wife, your mother and your sister will be raped and killed. Don’t let that one tiny arrow stop you! Take a bow and arrow, keep shooting to at you enemy! Return the arrow to them.”

The young man with shaking hands, held a bow and shot an arrow to the sky. His eyes full of tears and his body couldn’t stop trembling. “What I want is only a little land to grow wheat and hug my love! Why is it so hard…”


A few hours ago, Jaime charged into five people from Kingdom of Liberty. “Brothers! Wait for me, I am thinking to raid you clean, what do you think about it? Will you let me  you do it? Let us sit and talk in peace! Please don’t be in a hurry!”

“Who are you!” A person in the Elder realm locked his eyes with Jaime.

“I am your future king!” Jaime flew in front of them and stopped their demonic beast’s movement. “Go down and kneel to your grand daddy!”

“He was the man with Princess Chu Mie at the auction house, our enemy!” Two of them took their sword out. “Kill him!”

“People with culture will talk with their mouths and logic, not swords and blood. Since you love to talk with swords, I will company you!” Jaime smirked and wagged his pointed finger.

“Just at the Elementary Realm and you want to talk…” Suddenly an aura of Patriarch Realm smacked them. Their face turned pale, their bodies couldn’t move, caused by the terrific aura. Jaime easily flashed around them and hit some of their body’s meridians with his pointed finger. That finger attack did not only lock and blocked their nerve movement through  the brain, but also sealed their meridians and caused stiffness to their muscles and bones.

Their bodies stopped in their various poses. They couldn’t even move a finger.

“I will not be the one to decide your lives.” Jaime waved his hand and found two storage pouches from the Elder Realm’s person. Inside the storage pouch, there were around five hundred thousand spiritual stones, one green bow and some useless stuff. “This green bow is at least on grade five, truly a treasure.”

Jaime took their stuff and put it on back of his left hand. A storage pouch’s formation on his left hand shone and swallowed the items. As for the five demonic beasts they rode, Jaime used the back of his right hand to swallow them. Jaime’s right hand storage space was created for living beings. Both the formation were written with King Chameleon’s blood and core, it was undetectable and untraceable.

“Stay here!”


With Chu Mie, Jaime returned to the place where he left them and scratched his head in confusion.

I didn’t rob them clean, I let them have their clothes and let them posed coolly on the side of the street. Their meridian must be locked for a day. How can they be tied on the tree naked?

Chu Mie swung her sword to the neck of her mortal enemy. “Tell me where did you get the Sword of Mother Earth. It was always with my father! Speak or I am going to kill you.”

“Brother, you should tell her or she will  kill you.” Jaime patted them and without Chu Mie’s knowing, he released their talking meridian.

The man smiled with a mocking face. “Do you think I will talk? Do you think I am scared of you? You can kill me but you get nothing from me.”

Jaime touched Chu Mie’s shoulder. “I don’t want to disturbed your beautiful reunion. Giving my opinion if you want to interrogate someone, then you must remember, never talk to the one with big balls!”

“Big balls?” asked Chu Mie in confusion.

“You know the bigger the balls, the bravest he is. So choose the smallest balls.”

“How do I know if they are brave or not without…!” Jaime stopped Chu Mie’s reply and pointed to the balls.

“They are naked, you can see their balls.” Jaime pointed to one person and showed his pinky finger. “He has the smallest gutsy, go interrogate him.”

Chu Mie swung his sword to that guy.

“No, no…!” the guy was shaken and his balls started to sink even smaller and suddenly hot water leaked out. “I will talk, I will talk, don’t kill me.”

“Then talk!”

“What do you want to know?”

“Who are you? How did my father’s sword come with you and where my father is?”

“Your father, I don’t know. The sword? We get it from Black Hawk Guild.”

“What is Black Hawk Guild?” Chu Mie asked.

“They are a merchant guild used to transport items using hawk and storage pouch on its leg. They have  their branches from Kingdom of Liberty to White Eagle City. Our Lord usually uses their service to transfer item for us.”

“Why does your lord send you the item? Who are you?”

“We are here to represent our lord and our kingdom, we have been staying here for three years and sold the item that our lord gave us, then transfer back its money to our lord. Sometimes we bought stuff that our lord needed and sent it to Black Hawk guild to transport it to our lord.”  The unlucky guy kept talking with a trembling body. “This time, we got commanded to sell that sword and buy rations enough for hundred thousand soldiers, as what it is for, I really don’t know.”

Chu Mie moved her sword and near that guy’s balls. “Talk! What do you know about what those rations are for! Or I cut you manliness now.”

“I don’t know, really don’t know. Please don’t kill me I am still a virgin, I never touch a woman even once, please don’t let me die in agony.” The young man crying sadly.

“Hahahaha…” Person on Elder Realm laughed. “Our lord has moved all of our soldiers to attack Deserted Forest! Your father had fallen when he tried to stop us with his army. Right now, all of your people are like chickens hiding behind the city wall to avoid a hundred thousand wolves. While we are talking, maybe your kingdom is gone and all of your people already died or  are being sold as slaves! Hahaha… release us so we may let you flee.”

Chu Mie’s eyes turned red, without talking anymore, her sword moved and cut the Elder Realm’s person neck, causing blood to spurt from the space where his head used to be. Like spring water.

“Owner less energy!” Jaime hurried to suck the energy from the dead body of an Elder Realm. Yet his level was still stuck at level 68. Elder Realm’s energy didn’t give much effect for him on the Patriarch Realm.  

Chu Mie immediately threw her sword away, she looked on in shock and her face turned pale.

One person suddenly rushed to Chu Mie, “Miss, miss, please don’t kill them. I beg you, please! They are my future!”

“Who are you!” Jaime locked his eyes on a young man with dirty clothes. A few minutes ago, he jumped from a horse cart and rushed to them and kneeling. He was just a normal human without any cultivation. Typical lowly peasant.

“Young master please don’t kill me, the men you want to kill is mines.”

“How can they be yours?” Jaime felt something wrong here.

“Today my grandfather met them on the road, stiff and unable to move, so he stole their boots and went to tell my father. Then, my father came here and stole their clothes, and went to tell my big brother.”

“My big brother came and stole their pants and everything he could take. Only after that, he told me.” The young man said sadly.

“So you get nothing?”

The young man shook his head. “I think I got the best from all of them, so I tied them to the tree and went to borrow house cart from Uncle Che.”

“What will you do to them?”

The young man grinned, “I am taking them to the slave market!”

“You are really smart! You can sell them!” Anyway Jaime never liked to kill people, selling them as slaves may be the best way. “They are cultivators and dangerous. Their meridians will opened tomorrow, you better sell them quickly and let the slave master to give them poison for binding them.”

“Thank you Young master. Thank you Young Master!” The young man hurriedly took the four guys to the horse cart and moved away. Leaving the one without a head hanging on the tree.

“Chu Mie, are you going to your kingdom or not?” Chu Mie still knelt in shock. “If you don’t like to kill, then don’t kill. Or use your other hand to kill.”

Jaime sighed.

“I am sorry.” Jaime walked to Chu Mie’s back and hit her neck, causing her to faint. Gracefully, Jaime brought her to the flying beast. “Fly quickly, we are running out of time. Hope we will have enough time to save the Deserted Forest Kingdom. Or… the Kingdom of Liberty will be my new troops! Ah… which one it is, I don’t care. However I am determined to take them both since the beginning.”


“General! What will we do?” A major with clean armor bowed in front of one old general. “We only have ten thousand troops and only five thousand can fight. Our enemy has at least one hundred thousand troops surrounding us. We can’t fight this war! Our king has fallen and lost his sword. Please give a signal to surrender.”

The old general grabbed the neck of his major and threw him out from the wall. This cause the entire soldiers to be shocked. “Three days of fighting in a dire situation and his armor has no blood neither his skin was cut! Just simply a coward!”

“All of you listen!” The general stood with blood on his armor. “As long as this old corpse is still breathing, I will never surrender! I better die to meet my ancestor rather than selling my own people!”

“All of you! Open your ear! Kingdom of Liberty is never willing to take us and protect us even when we surrender. They will turn us into slaves and sell our family for money! Have any of you wanted your daughter and wife be a sex slave and your son to eat like an animal!”

“We only have one way to survive! It is to protect this city wall from them to enter!”

One major knelt. “But General, till when will we protect this wall, we can’t protect it forever! And we have no allies to help us. We are all alone waiting to die.” His eyes burst in silent tears.

The old general sneered. “We will wait till they moved back and leave us alone, or till every one of us die!”

“General, some of the tribes have started to rebel and wanted to open the gate to surrender. Since the sword of Mother Earth is gone, they don’t like to work with us anymore.”

The old general sighed. “Then we will kill our enemy and kill our own people till heaven kill us!”

Suddenly inside the city there was a big commotion.

The old general waved his hand. “Go find out what is happening there! Why they are making ruckus. Prepare the soldier if they want to rebel!”

Before any of them moved, one soldiers rushed to the old general in ecstasy and crying. “General, the leader of Wood Tribe, the Witch of the Wood, has said her prophecy just now!”

“What is the prophecy?” asked the old general with shaken body. He was waiting for it for so long already, to hear the Witch of the Wood prophecy.

“She said, the Sword of Mother Earth had safely reached the hands of our future king.” The soldier was shaken and cried, yet he still yelled with all his breath. “Our future king is making his move to save us in a hurry! If we are able to hold this city for one week, the fated king of three realms will come to save us. He will take our country to the sky and heaven. Bring prosperity to our kingdom, where all children will eat till their fullest and all families can smile at the night without worry.”

“Good! Good! Very Good!” The old general laughed loudly. “Then it is more reason for us to hold this city for one week. Let us welcome our future king, the fated one to be king of three realms!”

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  2. “Owner less energy!” Jaime hurried to suck the energy from the dead body of an Elder Realm. Yet his level was still stuck at level 68. Elder Realm’s energy didn’t give much effect for him on the Patriarch Realm.

    So… Something has been bugging me really much. He buys stuff with levels, but every level only seems to have the value of “1 level” from that book of karma, even when the level uses millions of times as much energy as level 2, it will still only be worth 1 level when exchanging it? Or what? It seems really screwed up if you can get something for 20 levels when you’re level 21 and the karma book takes away 20 levels so you’ll be level 1, but if you’re level 71, it would still take away 20 levels so that you’d be level 50, but those 20 levels are worth way more than the ones at lower tiers. It’s clearly mentioned before that the karma book takes the spiritual energy of the levels, but at every level the spiritual energy increases, so it’s extremely weird that the level cost isn’t reduced according to which level you are…

    The author should make a system so that a set amount of spiritual energy represents one level or something… Perhaps it gets raised one each level, so level 1 is worth 1 level and level 71 is worth 71 levels, then level 70 is worth 70 levels or something like that.


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