CGA Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Don’t Wake Me

If this is a dream I don’t want to wake up. Please don’t bother to wake me. I am more than willing to die here, even if all of this is just an illusion. Reality and facts are good, but if it is hurting me, I don’t want it.

The way you want to wake me up, by using the name of justice and truth, I don’t want that either. I will never hurt you, so you too, should never hurt me. You had already become a devil to me the moment you stuck your nose into my life. Just never bother me, or I will kill you.


Jaime grinned from ear to ear. He was in heaven right now. The beautiful Teacher Huo glanced at him shyly, and spoke softly “Quickly take off your clothes, I can’t hold it anymore.”

Jaime gulped, his adam’s apple moving up and down. “All my clothes?”

Chu Mie threw a shy glance towards Jaime. “Totally naked, neither of us can wait any longer. Please, do it quickly.”

“Are you two serious?”

Teacher Huo’s face reddened. “Don’t make us repeat it, just do it. We can’t hold it anymore, please, we beg you!”

“Heaven!” Jaime looked at the blue sky. “You have given me a harem!”


A few minutes ago.

“Chu Mie, do you know what is this?” asked Teacher Kok seriously.

“Just an usual demonic beast core, no?” Chu Mie inspected the core, and then suddenly, the core in Teacher Kok’s hand changed color and disappeared. “It is gone.”

“No, it changed its color to adapt to its surrounding.” Teacher Kok said seriously. “This is the core of a legendary beast, the King Chameleon Beast, and it’s also one of the Patriarch Realm!”

“Are you serious?” Chu Mie glimpsed at Teacher Huo, a serious look on her face. “Okay, I can see that you’re not joking. Then how much does it cost, it is mine afterall. According to the academy’s rule, any core a student comes across belongs to the student.”

“Normally, a Patriarch Realm beast core costs about ten thousand stones, but for this King Chameleon beast core, it may reach two hundred thousand spiritual stones, perhaps even more if placed in an auction! There would be a lot of powerful people with deep pockets who would want to get their hands on this core,” Teacher Kok sighed. “This core is only half the normal size, but still, its price won’t be any lower than one hundred thousand spiritual stones.”

“No way!” Chu Mie said, surprised.

“Did you kill the beast?”

“I don’t know. If it’s in my pouch, then I must have killed the beast somehow. How about you describe the King Chameleon beast, maybe I’ll remember it.”

Teacher Huo answered, “Honestly, no one really knows what the beast looks like. It is invisible and very agile. No one has ever caught one before. Only a very old book dated a thousand years ago has a record of it. The book recorded that only someone of the Emperor Realm or Ancestor Realm can kill it.”

“Wait!” Chu Mie suddenly screamed in a high pitch voice, “One normal demonic beast core is equal to one spiritual stone, but this core would usually sell for about one hundred thousand spiritual stones. That means I am the first place winner of this hunting ground event!”

“Most likely,” Teacher Kok said half-heartedly. Ultimately, the winner had no relation with Teacher Kok. “But, do you know where the other half is? I think this core was cut in half!”

“Another half?” Chu Mie exclaimed with a shocked expression, “A Niu. Maybe he has it. I will look for him since he was the one taking demonic cores from all my beasts.” Chu Mie ran with all her might.

“I will go with you!” Teacher Huo followed her.

“Me too!” Teacher Kok was ready to make his move.

“Sorry, but someone must stay here to count the beast cores!” Teacher Huo left him before Teacher Kok could answer.


Jaime had a shy expression on his face. “You two must understand, it may appear small, but with proper care it will grow tremendously, and … Ouchhh!!!!”

“Shameless!” Chu Mie kicked Jaime’s thing really hard.

Jaime’s face turned pale. He knelt, his hands covering his two golden balls, his face contorting in real pain. “You! You~~ You~~~”

“Cover your birdie before I go cut it and fry it!” Chu Mie faced away, “It was your mistake for actually going naked!”

Chu Mie sifted through Jaime’s backpack and clothes. Aside from one spiritual stone, Jaime owned nothing at all.

“What are you two doing? You’re not going to have sex with me? I almost…” Jaime sighed and slowly put on his clothes. What mattered most at this time was protecting his future generation.

“This core, do you recognize it?” Teacher Huo locked her gaze on Jaime, in her hand a half core starting to change its color,“Where did you get this?”

“The Changing Colors Core!” Jaime’s eye shone brightly, “Give it back! It’s mine! I got it from a demonic beast’s stomach that I cooked. That core is not Chu Mie’s, it’s mine. It disappeared from right under my nose! Please give it back.”

“It’s mine!” Chu Mie quickly answered. “I killed the demonic beast, so everything inside is mine!”

“No, it’s mine! You promised the bodies were mine,” Jaime protested, “if you want it, you have to pay for it like anyone else! One spiritual stone for one core. That is half a core, so you must pay me 50 taels of gold!”

Chu Mie sneered and threw a big pouch with bronze coins inside. “Take your 500.000 bronze coins. I’ll buy that core from you!”

“Deal!” Jaime grinned from ear to ear, and started counting the bronze coins one by one.

“A Niu, in the demonic beast’s stomach, was there only this half core?”

“Yeah, I already searched the whole body hoping to find the other half of such a beautiful core, but found nothing inside.”

“Where did you get it?”

“At the place where Chu Mie was killing demonic beast in the last three days,” Jaime replied, while showing a perverted face, counting every coin one by one. Looking at Jaime’s behavior, Teacher Huo and Chu Mie exchanged a glance. They had reached the same conclusion that that poor guy didn’t know anything about the core and its price. A legendary core may have been eaten by a demonic beast, falling into Jaime’s hand by coincidence.

“How long you are going to count those bronze coins?” Chu Mie gruffly asked, her patience reaching its end.

“I won’t stop until I count 500.000 bronze coins, or until you give me the entire sack of coins.”

“You can have it all! But from today on, you must follow me everywhere I go!” Chu Mie wanted Jaime to always be under her watch.

That brat might still be keeping the other half!

Chu Mie threw her gaze towards Teacher Huo, “Teacher, when entering White Lion Academy, a noble like me can bring one private servant with me. I’ve never had one before, this time I appoint A Niu as my private servant. Please allow him to enter the academy as a servant and study the servant’s course. I’ll pay for everything!”

Teacher Huo checked Jaime. “Well, the servant’s course is free of charge for a noble’s servant. He can stay with you at your place.”

With a smug look on her face, Chu Mie said, “From today on, you are my private servant. You should feel honored.”

“I refuse!” Jaime quickly replied.

“Why?! I am a princess of a kingdom!”

“You don’t look like a princess at all! Your skin is rough, you reek of sweat, you are too muscular, and your kingdom is small and poor. This one is dreams of becoming a servant to a pretty and beautiful princess who smells of flowers and owns a big kingdom! So, no! Don’t think I am so low as to be willing to be your servant,” Jaime stood high and hit his chest proudly. “I am still aspiring to be the best nerd and NEET ever, so please don’t butt into my life!”

“What is a NEET?”

Jaime gave a smug, wide smile, “Not In Education, Employment and Training Forever!”

Teacher Huo launched a sneak attack against Jaime’s back, causing Jaime to faint.

“This little guy has already walked down the wrong path. If this continues, his soul will be sold to a devil. As a teacher, I must bring him back to the right path. He will be your servant and undergo education! Helping him is a must!”


Jaime had just woken up from a deep sleep. Opening his eyes, the first thing he saw was Chu Mie.

“Good, you woke up at just the right time,” Chu Mie casually said while tossing over some clothes. “Be grateful, this princess bought only the best quality clothes for you.  Quickly wear it, we must go to the auction house!”

After a brief inspection, Jaime donned the clothes. The were white and blue, making him look like a handsome guy, “Surely these clothes were expensive.”

“80 taels of gold, I used your bronze coins.”

“You used my money?” Jaime exclaimed, shocked.

“They are your clothes, and you wear them. Surely you must pay for them. Just be grateful I had used my precious time to buy them for you!”

“I. Am. Not. Willing. To. Be. Your. Servant!”

“Of course you’re not,” Chu Mie said with a smile on her face,“ but I just want to help you out. You know, people who study at this academy have to pay 3.000 spiritual stones a year. Luckily, I have a vacant spot for a servant. And lucky for you, I have chosen you to fill that spot. Think of it as a goodwill gesture of mine since you already sold your half core to me. This is the housing for servants, it’s just behind my house. You can use it to your heart’s content.”

“So why must I follow you to the auction house?”

Chu Mie face’s became red, “I want to be your friend. If you think about it, I am a princess and am willing to be your friend, it’s already a great honor for you. You make me blush, don’t ask me again, just follow me as a friend.”

Jaime rolled his eyes, “You’re blushing? Your skin is so dark, you can’t blush or become red. A friend? Hmm… like I don’t know what you are thinking. If I am your servant, you have to pay me monthly, as a friend, you don’t need to pay me, and instead, you can ask me to pay for you! Plus you probably want me to cook for you for free!”

“Stop chit chatting! I want to buy some stuff from the auction house, follow me,” Chu Mie hurriedly said before walked out, Jaime tailing her from behind.

Together they went to the field in front of the house where a Golden Lion Hawk beast was sleeping lazily.

“You won first prize?”

Chu Mie smiled, “Thanks to that core.”

Jaime recalled that after the King Chameleon fell into the hole, it didn’t run away, and neither was he in a rush to go after it. At the bottom of the hole, Jaime had placed many spears whose spearheads had been coated in a tranquilizing agent. When he checked the spears, they were covered in streaks of blood, and he knew that the poison had entered the King Chameleon’s bloodstream. After a few hours, using the Book of Karma, Jaime found the beast again and killed it without much difficulty.

“Chu Mie, have I not told you not to take my beast?” A Bunch of people suddenly encircled them quickly. There were about sixty people, at one glance Jaime, felt that some of these people couldn’t be made light of, their levels were about thirty to forty.

“Gou Jie! You dare to cause problem inside the academy?!” Chu Mie hugged the Golden Lion Hawk beast tightly. “Da Xiu is mine! I will never give it to you.”

“Of course you will give it to me. Never in my life did I not get what I want!” Gou Jie couldn’t accept losing to Chu Mie.

“Just because you have money you think you can buy others?”

Gou Jie laughed, “Yeah, I can always just buy whatever I want, but if I can’t have something, you can’t either! All of you attack her and take the beast! You can kill her without any problem. My father will take care of it.”


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    1. Well, it’s written by some indonesian dude, so it’s not really chinese but rather someone parodying normal wuxia novels… Not saying that non-chinese people can’t write novels with the same style/content/cultivation system, but humor/comedy and ways of writing tends to differ greatly between countries because the culture and way of life is different, so this novel is bound to be pretty different from the chinese novels we are used to.

      I really like this novel, it’s refreshing 😛


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