CGA: Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Ugly Bitch


“Here, I am happy~~ There, I am happy ~~Wherever I am, my heart always feels happy~~~~” Jaime was running speedily and humming while being chased by a demonic beast. He made a jump and the demonic beast fell into the pitfall-trap. “F**k! Like I am going to be happy in this place being a slave, all day long being chased by stupid demonic beasts.”

This feeling was like a neighborhood beauty having an affair with someone else but then her husband knocks at your door, drags you out, beats you to a pulp and sends you to  jail without justice. In that small shitty room, the priest comes and say, “Be happy… imagine this small room as a paradise, even if your body is confined, you still can let your heart be happy. Forgive him and free yourself from hate and anger…”

Well, you can do whatever you want to do with the priest. Anyway you are already in jail.

Jaime looked at the sky and checked his biological clock, it’s already 16:00, the market closes around 18:00. He had reached level 10, Elementary Realm, by killing around eight demonic beasts. It was time for him to buy some ingredients to make pills, a cauldron and some herbs.

Jaime sighed; working hard was truly very tiring. Besides being hunted by demonic beast, he also had to deliver those 28 pig’s food and water. It’s okay though, every parent would like their son to work hard when they grow up. Working hard and not getting paid was okay too. Some parents would say, ‘Keep working hard and don’t give up. Your luck is just not good yet. Someday you will be rich and successful. Everything will be beautiful at that time.’

Self-pity and self-comfort is the best thing in the world.

The moment he walked out of the gate of bamboo peak, a silhouette flashed and stopped him. The cold girl stood like a stone, she was wearing a black veil to cover her face.

“You dare to run away!” The killing intent was so thick, causing Jaime to pour cold sweat. Xiao Yun had already regretted letting Jaime escape with his life.

“No… No… No… Please believe me, I just want to go to the market and buy things to make pills for you. I don’t have a cauldron and herbs with me right now. Even if I have three legs, I won’t dare run away from you. I was already searching for you for thousands of years. This man may run because of a demonic beast, but I will never run away from you before making you happy.”

Xiao Yun stared coldly. “I will follow you.”

At the market, Jaime felt an ice-cold chill at his back wherever he moved. He took out 58 demonic beasts and sold them for 58 spiritual stones. Then he entered a shop that had the sign, “Millions herbs”.

A short old woman full of wrinkles stared at Jaime and coldly said. “What do you want?”

“I want a cauldron, the cheapest in this shop.”

“800 spiritual stones.”

Silence for a long moment, Jaime suddenly knelt.

“Please just kill me; I can’t endure this hardship in life anymore.” His eyes full of tears. “I just want 200 spiritual stones for two ceramic sets, now I need 800 stones just for a cauldron, in two days I will die. Please just kill me, save me from this shitty world.”

“Young boy! Have your parents never taught you not to be a shame to the world! It is better for a man to shed floods of blood then to shed a drop of a tear. Better die than being humiliated” The old lady yelled angrily. “You piece of shit!”

“My parents are already dead, leaving me nothing but wise words. A man is better to shed floods of tears than shed a drop of blood! Better be humiliated than being killed! Life is the most important in this world!”

The old lady was stuck dumbfounded, hesitantly said, “You will live a very long life young boy. If only my husband, my son and my grandson would think like you. They wouldn’t die young…” Her face showed a deep feeling of regret.

“I will die….”

Xiao Yun moved to the old lady and threw thirty medium size spiritual stones. Each of them have a value of 100 small spiritual stones, so it was around 3,000 spiritual stones. “Buy what you need.”

In Jaime’s eyes, Xiao Yun’s body suddenly shone very brightly. “You are an angel of my heart, my life saver. A future wife of….”

The killing intent suddenly spread out so Jaime closed his mouth quickly.

“Old lady, this lowly slave of miss Xiao Yun also wants Blood ginseng, Flame heart leaf, Yin Moon Flower, lots of Dragon fruit seeds …” Jaime asked for about thirty more herbs, making the old lady a little confuse.

“Are you going to make a healing pill, strengthen pill, and a Yin pill?” She had been a shop owner for near fifty years, she knew every herb’s effect. But she was at a lost with some of the herbs she didn’t know the effect of. “People only look for dragon fruit because it is the most important ingredient to making the [First Dragon pill] to break through the Senior Realm bottleneck. Ten dragon fruits can make one pill of the First Dragon pill. But only a few hundred of dragon fruits can be harvested each year. That is why only ten  first dragon pills appear in a year.  The seeds of the Dragon Fruit are useless because it is very hard and no one knows what it can be used for. Why do you need these things?”

Jaime wanted to laugh. From the great grandmaster pill maker’s experience, he knew that the most important thing from dragon fruit is not the meat, but the seed. That dragon fruit grew like demonic beasts, having their own beast core. The Dragon Fruit seed is not the real seed but its core. One seed could be made into ten first-grade dragon pills. But of course, the way to extract the seed is top-secret.

Jaime put on a stupid face in front of the old lady.

“Who will make the pill? You or the miss over there?” asked the old lady knowing she asked the wrong person.

“This lowly slave only doing chores for Bamboo Peak inner disciples.”

“Alright, tell them, if they succeed in making pills, this shop will be happy to buy it at the market price.” The old lady took care of the order. “The total price is 5,700 spiritual stones.”

Jaime turned his face to Xiao Yun. “You know I don’t have money. When I finished the pills I will pay you back with 5% Interest.” Jaime thought that Xiao Yun was very rich, so he put orders for making a lot of pills and space storage pouches too. He would take any opportunity while he could.

“Don’t have anymore. That was the last of my savings.” Xiao Yun coldly answered, causing Jaime to be frozen. Xiao Yun looked at Jaime and sighed. She threw a jade bottle to the old woman.

“A First Dragon Pill! It is priced at about 3,000 stones at the market place. I will take it for 2.900 stone. So you will still have 200 stones left.”

Jaime looked at the real pill in the old lady’s hand. He couldn’t hold himself back. He grabbed the First Dragon pill in the old lady hand and sniffed it.

“This is not a first dragon pill!” said Jaime.

The old lady hit Jaime’s hand and sneered. “This is the real First Dragon pill. How can a lowly slave like you know the value of this pill!”

He knew it because of his grand master pill’s experience. He had made a lot off first dragon pills and sold them like fried peanuts. The First Dragon pill in the old lady hand only had 1/10 of the real First Dragon pill’s affects. Suddenly,  Jaime understood what must have happened. The real First Dragon pill is usually used for Senior Realm’s disciples to reach the True Human realm. But here, their first dragon pill is used for Junior Realms to reach the Senior Realm. Making 100 First Dragon pills will only need one dragon seed. Jamie looked at the one hundred dragon seeds and smiled.

I am rich, baby!

“Do you have any food ware ceramic sets? I want to take two sets.” Jaime added. Xiao Yun coldly stared at him. “You know miss. When making pills, one’s heart has to be pure and have no distraction. With having two set of ceramics, my heart will only be thinking about you and your health.”

Xiao Yun suddenly felt an urge to kill Jaime but turned around and walked out of the store. Back at Bamboo Peak, Jaime hid all the items he bought in Xiao Yun’s cave. Luckily Xiao Yun was one of the most talented Bamboo Peak disciples; she owned her own yard and cave which was far from the other disciple’s caves.

“Miss, this lowly slave only needs one more thing to complete everything.” Jaime smiled at Xiao Yun. “I need a fire elemental beast which at least on the elementary realm. I need to extract their fire element to make fire for making pills. A fire fox is enough.”

“Hunt it by yourself!”

“Miss, I asked because I can’t do it. You know I am only at the early elementary realm. Most fire elemental beasts are fast and have  high intelligence. I won’t be able to hunt them alive. Please, with your level, it is very easy to capture one of them alive. If you insist on my death, I will go and find some beasts to eat me.”

Xiao Yun said no more and walked out of the cave.

Jaime smirked and took out a jade bottle labeled as Dragon Ink. This ink was made with low ranking dragon blood, herbs and a demonic beast core. It was very effective for drawing formations. He drew a cycle  formation on his stomach near his dantian, the place to collect earth and heavenly or spiritual energy in his body.

Finishing the formation cycle, he poured his mental energy and spiritual energy into the formation and the symbols inside started moving in a circle faster and faster. The formation shined then disappeared. Checking his dantian, Jaime could feel a space near it.

He walked to a flat ground and drew a big formation cycle on the ground. Nearly one hour later Xiao Yun came back. Throwing a big bird at Jaime, she walked into the cave while saying nothing.

Jaime checked the fire bird. The bird was a fire elemental beast, but its level had already reached the junior realm.

Sh*t, I asked for an elementary realm’s beast! How can I control a Junior Realm’s beast!

Hesitating for a moment, Jaime clenched his fist and tied the bird in the middle of the ground formation.

“It will be do or die!” Jaime poured his mental and spiritual energies into the formation then made the symbol inside active. The bird screeched with pain as the symbol started to ram on its body. The fire element essence was sucked out from the bird’s body and flew into the small formation inside Jaime’s dantian. It caused Jaime to feel like his body was burning. All of his meridians, meat, and bones were boiled by the fire element essence.

Soon he fainted because of the intense pain, but the process did not stop. The big formation symbols kept squeezing the fire element essences out of the bird’s body and pushing it forcefully into Jaime’s dantian.

The progress had been running for four hours, until the all of the fire element essences was gone from the bird. Inside the space near Jaime’s dantian, there was a core of fire which kept burning.

He fainted for the rest of the day. When he woke up, his body still felt warm. With the sensation of burning in his stomach, he knew that he succeeded. At night, Jaime made a big fire inside of Xiao Yun’s cave. He put the cauldron on the fire and started to refine some herbs. “Today is still a full moon, the moon essences will help to refine Yin Meridian pills.”

Xiao Yun was sneakily watching Jaime work. After five hours, drenched with sweat, Jaime succeeded in making 30 small pills of low-grade Yin Meridian energy pills. With the experience of the greatest grandmaster pill maker , he easily controlled the fire, the herbs, and his mental energy when processing the pills. Truthfully, he even could do it while sleeping. Making low-level pills, for him, is like boiling eggs. Yet, his low level is killing him.

“You should eat 3 pills of Yin Meridian pills every day and cultivate. The Yin meridian pills will help you to eliminate the Yang energy that runs amok in your meridians. After a week, the Yang energy should be cleaned out and at that time you can start cultivating with the First Dragon pill to break through the Senior Realm’s bottleneck. I will make sure the pills will be ready before next week.”

Xiao Yun took the pills and moved to a deeper part of the cave, which had a smaller private cave. She started her cultivation while Jaime passed out just like that. His mental energy totally ran out and he had already used up all of his energy to create the pills with his low level.

I will need to hunt more demonic beasts to raise my level to make my work smoother.


“So you delivered the ceramic set?” Third senior sister named Xia Xia glared at Jaime like a snake staring at a rat.

”Yes, with miss’s prayer this lowly servant hit a big luck and successfully got a ceramic set for miss.”

“How much did it cost?”

“It cost 100 spiritual stones.”

“How can you obtain it?”

“This lowly slave without thinking of his own safety and only thinking the happiness of miss, wrecked a war with a hundred demonic beasts. This one won the war and sold the cores to buy the ceramic set.”

“Hahaha….” Xia Xia laughed happily. “Do you think this miss is a new-born baby? Stupidly believing in your dirty mouth? Tell me the truth or I will kill you right now.”

“The slave was with an angelic heart, goddess of kindness Miss Xiao Yun. She knew my hardship and decided to lend me money to buy a ceramic set.” Jaime quickly knelt.

“That frozen stone?” Xia Xia shocked. “You dare  lie to me! If I don’t kill you now I am not Xia Xia!”

Xia Xia moved her foot hurried and kicked Jaime’s chest. The poor guy’s body flew eight meters back and hit the ground. He threw up a mouthful of blood. It was really painful and for a second Jaime’s eyes flashed with anger but quickly turned back to normal.

“This lowly servant won’t dare to lie by using Miss Xiao Yun name. Miss Xia Xia can directly ask Miss Xiao Yun.” He tried to kneel.

“So you are in good term with that frozen stone.” Xia Xia showed a cruel smile. She never liked Xiao Yun. Before that girl came, she was the number one most talented girl disciple and the most beautiful in Bamboo Peak. When Xiao Yun came, everything changed. Elder Fan gave more attention to Xiao Yun, and ignored Xia Xia. The other inner disciples also tried to attract that frozen stone attention. That girl even had an higher cultivation then her. Xia Xia just reached level 26. Xiao Yun is 5 years younger than her but was already in a half step into the senior realm. “Do you want your life or not.”

“I want it,” replied Jaime fast.

“I want you to steal Xiao Yun’s First Dragon pill!” Elder Fan was supposed to give Xia Xia that pill, before Xiao Yun appeared, but the pill fell into Xiao Yun’s hand.

“Er, I am not that close with her for me to be able to possibly steal her stuff.” Anyway the pill had already been sold.

“You useless…. “ Xia Xia threw a small bag at Jaime. “When you deliver food for junior little sister Xiao Yun, put that thing inside her food. You only need to put it in little by little for a month.”

“What is this?”

“That is a good seasoning for little sister and helps her cultivation. She will be happy, but keep it as a secret between us.”

Jaime checked the small bag and suddenly something popped out in his mind. “Tasteless Bone poison!”

He spoke very softly but it entered Xia Xia’s ears.

“So you knew what that thing was. Who are you? Are you sent by Xiao Yun to spy on me?” Xia Xia killing intent rose and made Jaime feel suffocated.

“No, I am not.”

“So will you put that seasoning in Xiao Yun food?”

Jaime was stuck in a dilemma. He may be a coward and had no honor, but he didn’t care for that stuff nor did he put it in his eyes. Yet he knew one thing, whoever does good deeds to him, he will return tenfold. Whoever does evil deeds to him, he will return tenfold too.

He stood up majestically and didn’t show any weakness or a self-ridiculous pose. He threw the poison bag at Xia Xia’s face. “Ugly bitch! You can eat that poison by yourself!”

Even if he was a lowly slave at level 10 and will face a level 26 disciple, Jaime didn’t show any fear.

“You will die, pig!” Xia Xia clenched her fist.

“Who do you think you are? You want me die so I will die? F**k your granny. You are the worst ugly bitch. Every time I talked to you, I wanted to vomit because of your ugly face. You smell like shit and this…” Jaime took the ceramic set and smashed it. “I dare you to kill me Bitch! Come on!!!”

Xia Xia exploded with anger. She had never in her lifetime had a person dare to throw worst words at her, right in front of her face. “Die!!!!!” Xia Xia used all her power to give a one hit kill. “Double moon fist crush the mountain!”


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