About Us

This is a new place for people to translate and read stories. Hopefully, this site will grow to be a place  where people share more and more stories from across the world. I hope more and more people gather and share many stories. Translators and Authors are welcome. Regardless of what country you hail from. 

Editors and Proofreaders are welcomed as well. If I get more translators, I will need more editors. ^_^

Now meet the Team

Author of Conquer God, Asura, and 1000 Beauties

Adam Aksara,-he is an Indonesian Author and also author of some other books. You can
check his works on goodreads. His dream is to write a good novel that can win a noble prize in literature for his country before he is dead.
His quote, “I dream a very big one, so I could share dream to


Translator of Conquer God, Asura, and 1000 Beauties

Araska is translator and number one fans of Adam Aksara, Fell_D
self-proclaimed as number two fans. Translating Conquer God, Asura and
1000 beauties, also offline project is translating one of the author
master piece book, Children of Light, to English.


The Editor of Conquer God, Asura, and 1000 Beauties/ Writer of Moemphera/Administrator of site

Celebration here. I pretty much got pulled in by Araska’s (The Translator)pace. I am the inept one of the group…haha. But I also edit. This story has full permission from the author. I am pretty new to it, so corrections and complaints should be pointed at me. I am also the creator of this website. I am also new at this so criticism is welcomed. I will try my best. My novel is on the back burner. But I will work on it!!!

Always Celebrate LIFE!!! ~CelebrationMishca


Writer of Xian:

Hello, you can call me Deuxz,. Currently I’m still a noob writer and even though this is not my first story, it is my first story that somebody else other than my parents have read. There, of course, will be points which I royally screw up, but I do hope you all help me out down the line and give me your full opinions without holding back. Thanks everyone for reading!

Sincerely Deuxz


Editor and perhaps a translator in the future:

Hey all, I’m Paul. I don’t have the creative capacity to come up with a cool online handle, so Paul is fine. I’m an editor, and am brushing up on my Korean to help translate cool Korean novels. Thanks for visiting the site!



Writer of The Black Dynasty:

Hey there peeps, I’m Einy (yes I know its a girls name, long story behind it) I’m not one for long intro’s and speech’s so I’m gonna keep this short. I’m quite happy to be apart of a team with such friendly, helpful and above all talented individuals. This is the first book that I am ready to put my all into and I hope everyone can enjoy not only this book but all the other wonderful books on the site. Thanks for taking your time and seeing what we and the site is about, I hope you enjoy your stay!


Author of [Guardian]:

How’s it going, I’m DesulationIsComing, but you can call me Desu~. I joined this site to be an editor and potentially put out my own writings in the future, but with the urging of a few of our more vocal members who think I do pretty okay, I’ve decided to put my words to paper a bit early. I hope that everyone likes it, but please feel free to let me know what you think~


Translator of The Fall and Rise of the Flame Kingdom

Hello guys I’m Akhil I’ve worked on other projects as an editor here at wuxialovers and this is my first spear-headed project i hope to deliver to the best of my abilities if you have anything to share please do so in the comments section belowand I usually add my comments in italics so state your opinion on them as well

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. DramaMama

    Yes, please we are all waiting anxiously for the continuation of Agent 11 ,aka Chu Qiao Chuan in the drama series that just ended on 1 Aug 2017. Thank you for your hard work,


  2. DramaMama

    Yes, I am also waiting eagerly for the translation of Agent 11 ( called Princess Agents in the drama) from Chapter 38 onwards. Thank you for your hard work.


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