Hello readers! Unfortunately, the power in my apartment complex has gone out, yay!!! The manager is out on vacation and who knows when an electrician will take care of this mess. I won’t be able to post or translate since I keep everything online and use my computer to do the translations. I’ll update y’all when things get repaired.


Thank you,


4 thoughts on “Announcement

    1. Paul

      Hi, I’m the KR translator and only work on TFH here on Wuxialover and The World After the Fall on Lightnovelbastion.

      I personally can’t say for sure how the CN novels will turn out, but let me assure you that the project won’t just be dropped without someone from the team conveying an announcement. The translator, Celly, is going through some very, very rough times at the moment. 2017 has NOT been a good year for her. It’s not my place to outright tell the public what’s been up with her irl, but let me just say that everything can be summarized with the words deaths, near-deaths, hospitals, and other series of unfortunate events pertaining to herself and her loved ones. She has expressed to me that she does not plan to abandon the site and the projects and just needs more time to sort things out and bring her life back to the status quo. I’m not sure when we had the pleasure of you joining us on this journey, but back in the day, Celly was highly devoted and would put out at least one chapter a day for CGA, Q11, or DGM. Please be patient, I know that it’s been a very long time since any updates have been made regarding those series. I know that we’re really reaching far when asking you to be patient considering how long it’s been. But, thank you for being with us this far and please stick with us for a bit longer.

      Thank you,


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