Q11 and DGM

Well for those that didn’t know, I am on a hiatus. Hopefully, it will end soon. These last couple of months have not been kind to me. With family members dying and other personal issues, just me and translating wasn’t happening. I’ve broken a lot of promises with you all and I am truly sorry. When I restart, this will not happen again. On a Brighter note, those Q11 fans. The novel is now a Drama. So Check it out. It’s called Princess Agents. I won’t link though. Google Google.


Sincerely Celebration

11 thoughts on “Q11 and DGM

  1. Whenever you are ready I will be here waiting! ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Thank you for the chapters that you have done so far and hope all is well for you 😆😆😆😆

    Also thank for for telling us about Princess Agent because I wasn’t sure about it at first when u saw the trailer but now I am watching it and so far it’s pretty good I gotta say but the only thing that makes me nervous it is that it is 60 episodes and with how good it is in the beginning so far I’m afraid that is going to end up being draggy and not as good as how the first episode that I have seen are but I hope for the best because so far it’s pretty good it may not be like the novel but it’s ok to because the novel is pretty dark so thank you for the recommendations how to see you back real soon❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


  2. Chrystal

    Sorry to hear your having some difficulty. I hope everything goes well for you soon. Will be patiently waiting for your return.


  3. Ssim

    Sorry to hear about the sad news and the difficult time that you are going through now.
    Please do not worry about us and take your time to recuperate until you are ready to restart translating again.
    Meanwhile ,am watching Princess Agent thanks to your recomendaton.


  4. Novelcrazy

    Thanks for your notes and happy that you are going to continue.
    All the best and may you be blessed with sunshine & happiness.
    Take care


  5. Ale

    Please take care of yourself first. It saddened me to see you passing through so many obstacles and heartaches. I, as many of your readers, will wait until the time is appropriate for you to continue.


  6. Carrieann

    Sorry to hear your going through a hard time. I too lost a family member, i know how tough it is too come back from that. Take your time will be here waiting for you. all the best


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