Hey everyone, my finals will be done by the 10th of June, so expect some chapters to come out the week after. Thank you for your patience!



4 thoughts on “Update

    1. Paul

      😀 I translate Etranger and The First Hunter hahaha. However, the translator for Q11 has been dealing with some serious irl issues for basically all of 2017. It has not been a good year so far, so please be patient and wait just a bit longer,

      thank you for your support thus far,
      Paul ❤


    1. Paul

      DGM is one of the novels that we would like to push. The TL’er, Celly, is working out some issues irl atm, unfortunately. I won’t say since it’s not my place to do so, but you can trust me when I say that it’s pretty intense. Thank you for your interest though, we hope to work on it as fast as possible!


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